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Immigration lawsuit revives DREAM Act debateupdated: Fri Aug 24 2012 15:47:00

Gaby Pacheco calls herself an aspiring U.S. citizen who is compiling the paperwork and trying to get the $465 needed to apply for a two-year reprieve from getting deported.

Is Ryan an immigration pragmatist?updated: Fri Aug 24 2012 14:27:00

Immigration groups, Obama surrogates, the media and the Democratic Party have a message for Latino voters, who some say could swing the election because they are heavily represented in four battleground states -- Colorado, Nevada, Florida and New Mexico.

Immigrants show up at Gov. Brewer's doorupdated: Fri Aug 24 2012 14:27:00

Immigrants showed up at Arizona Gov. Brewer's office after she signed an executive order denying deportation relief.

Ten ICE agents file suit against policies on illegal immigrant removals updated: Thu Aug 23 2012 19:50:00

A group of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents filed suit Thursday against new policy directives on removing illegal immigrants.

Court blocks provisions in immigration laws, lets some controversial ones standupdated: Mon Aug 20 2012 21:39:00

An appeals court on Monday sided with the federal government in blocking several provisions in Alabama and Georgia's controversial anti-illegal immigration laws, while allowing other key parts of those laws to stand.

Undocumented immigrants line up for relief from deportationupdated: Fri Aug 17 2012 10:40:00

Long lines formed at help centers and lawyers' office across America Wednesday as thousands of young, undocumented immigrants began applying for relief from deportation.

For young young immigrants, avoiding deportation to cost $465updated: Sat Aug 04 2012 11:11:00

Young illegal immigrants can start applying on August 15 for two-year deferrals from deportation, but will have to pay $465 in fees, a top immigration official announced Friday.

'Illegal immigrant' is the uncomfortable truthupdated: Fri Jul 06 2012 11:18:00

What's in a name? For my friends and simpaticos in the immigration reform community, enough to go ballistic at the mere mention of the phrase: "illegal immigrant."

Arizona's 'show-me-your-papers' law rolls out a day after Supreme Court rulingupdated: Wed Jun 27 2012 07:26:00

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision upholding a piece of Arizona's controversial immigration law portends such a "huge" increase in policing for one department that the chief wondered Tuesday if his agency will be able to handle the workload.

Romney, GOP struggle with immigration issuesupdated: Tue Jun 26 2012 17:04:00

Mitt Romney spent the presidential primary campaign trying to convince conservatives of his right-wing credibility on immigration issues.

Romney's view of Arizona immigration lawupdated: Tue Jun 26 2012 17:04:00

Mitt Romney said states have a right to secure its borders, and that Pres. Obama has not presented an immigration plan.

Court's ruling a detour from basic rightsupdated: Tue Jun 26 2012 12:15:00

The nation is inching toward a new consensus on immigrants and America, but on Monday, the Supreme Court divided us.

Toobin: Guidance from court not clearupdated: Tue Jun 26 2012 12:15:00

John King and Jeffrey Toobin discuss the politics of the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's immigration law.

A changing national mood on immigration?updated: Tue Jun 26 2012 11:20:00

The judicial equivalent of white smoke has risen: The Supreme Court has ruled in a split decision rejecting most of Arizona's controversial immigration policing law, SB 1070.

Official: Obama administration will enforce its priorities, not Arizona'supdated: Mon Jun 25 2012 19:24:00

Obama administration officials said Monday the federal government would not become a willing partner in the state of Arizona's efforts to arrest undocumented people -- unless those immigrants meet federal government criteria. And they said the administration is rescinding agreements that allow some Arizona law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration laws.

Top court's decision on Arizona will affect other states, tooupdated: Mon Jun 25 2012 13:57:00

The Supreme Court's decision on Arizona's attempt to legislate immigration is likely to have far-reaching effects on other states' efforts to enact similar legislation and underscores the need for federal action, experts said Monday.

Republicans refine immigration message after Obama's scoopupdated: Tue Jun 19 2012 16:35:00

Caught off guard by the Obama administration's shift in immigration policy last week, Republicans on Tuesday refined their response in an effort to lessen any political bounce for the president at what had been a tough time in his campaign.

Mexico's president praises Obama's immigration shiftupdated: Mon Jun 18 2012 13:21:00

President Barack Obama received praise Monday from Mexico's president for the decision last week to stop deporting some young illegal immigrants.

Obama administration to stop deporting some young illegal immigrantsupdated: Sat Jun 16 2012 12:13:00

In an election-year policy change, the Obama administration said Friday it will stop deporting young illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children if they meet certain requirements.

Obama plans to relax deportation policyupdated: Sat Jun 16 2012 12:13:00

President Obama says the plan is not amnesty but part of his effort to fix a "broken immigration system."

Joy, skepticism at immigration policy moveupdated: Fri Jun 15 2012 13:17:00

Jose Luis Zelaya shed tears of joy Friday morning.

Dominicans weigh blocking illegal immigrants from public schoolsupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 22:29:00

A proposed regulation in the Dominican Republic could stop illegal immigrants from studying in the nation's public schools.

Obama's immigration policy a shell gameupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 08:26:00

The Obama administration calls its policy on illegal immigrants "prosecutorial discretion." In reality, we're finding out, it amounts to business as usual, deporting huge numbers of hard-working immigrants.

What Latinos want from candidates? Respectupdated: Fri Jun 01 2012 08:16:00

For anyone who wants to make a serious play for the Latino vote -- and not just go through the motions -- here's what you need to know: Latinos are single-issue voters.

Alabama legislature passes new immigration billupdated: Wed May 16 2012 21:46:00

Alabama lawmakers passed a new bill Wednesday aimed at improving the state's controversial immigration law, but critics said the new measure might make things worse.

Romney's stance on immigration issuesupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 13:19:00

Where exactly does Mitt Romney stand on immigration issues? As CNN's Anderson Cooper reports, it can be tough to tell.

When Romney faces Latino votersupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 13:19:00

A month after defending the health care law, the Obama administration again confronted the buzz saw of skeptical Supreme Court justices on Wednesday -- this time on immigration. But come November, Republicans may very well be on the losing end of the argument.

Other states watch for Arizona immigration rulingupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 12:52:00

Lawmakers across the nation closely followed Wednesday's Supreme Court arguments over the fate of Arizona's tough immigration law

Brewer: I left Supreme Court encouragedupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 20:49:00

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer talks to CNN's John King about the Supreme Court hearing on her state's tough immigration law.

High court appears to lean toward Arizona in immigration law disputeupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 20:49:00

Parts of Arizona's sweeping immigration law received a surprising amount of support from a short-handed Supreme Court Wednesday.

2010: AZ governor signs immigration billupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 05:36:00

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says she will get tough on illegal immigration and racial profiling. CNN's Casey Wian reports.

Ruling on immigration laws on holdupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 05:34:00

A federal appeals court in Atlanta announced that it will wait until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on Arizona's law.

Outside influences on the Supreme Courtupdated: Tue Apr 24 2012 08:58:00

Former Solicitor General Ken Starr and Neal Katyal weigh in on Healthcare, immigration and the Supreme Court.

What if justices let states make immigration policy?updated: Tue Apr 24 2012 08:58:00

As recently as six years ago, it was conventional wisdom among lawyers, legislators and policy advocates that the states had no role in setting immigration policy. Since then, there has been a federalist revolution of historic proportions.

Justices to hear Arizona's appeal over controversial immigration lawupdated: Mon Apr 23 2012 12:09:00

The Supreme Court is poised to decide whether Arizona can enforce its controversial immigration law over the strong objections of the Obama administration. Oral arguments will be held Wednesday.

Controversial Mississippi immigration law dies in state Senateupdated: Fri Apr 06 2012 22:58:00

Less than a month after handily passing Mississippi's House of Representatives, a controversial immigration law died this week in the state's Senate.

GOP version of Dream Act holds promiseupdated: Thu Apr 05 2012 07:36:00

You may have heard that a group of Republicans in Congress -- including GOP rock star and possible vice presidential pick Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida -- are getting ready to introduce their version of the DREAM Act.You also may have heard that Democratic lawmakers and liberal advocacy groups despise the Republican alternative and derisively label it "DREAM Act Lite."

Human rights group cites violations on U.S.-Mexico borderupdated: Wed Mar 28 2012 20:58:00

Latinos, immigrants and Native Americans experience "a pattern of human right violations" in the American Southwest under U.S. immigration policies, Amnesty International said in a new report.

Massachusetts senator pushes bill for Irish work visasupdated: Fri Mar 16 2012 20:29:00

The luck of the Irish may not be enough to push ahead special legislation introduced by Sen. Scott Brown, R-Massachusetts, to grant 10,500 special work visas for Irish immigrants.

Mississippi lawmakers pass controversial immigration billupdated: Fri Mar 16 2012 05:34:00

Another controversial immigration bill is on the horizon in the South, a regional battleground that has seen a number of states pass reforms on illegal immigration.

Selma marchers take up immigration causeupdated: Fri Mar 16 2012 05:34:00

Selma civil rights marchers take up the cause of immigration. CNN's Gustavo Valdes reports.

Romney is vulnerable with Hispanicsupdated: Fri Feb 03 2012 11:09:00

On the eve of the Nevada caucus, here's some advice to Newt Gingrich: If you still want to draw contrasts with Mitt Romney over immigration, don't toss in your cards. Double down.

Latinos won't forget Romney's 'anti-immigrant' talkupdated: Tue Jan 31 2012 08:29:00

Responding angrily to a campaign ad from Newt Gingrich accusing him of being anti-immigrant, Mitt Romney insisted during last week's Republican debate at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville that he has no problem with immigrants.

'Soccer mamis' could sway Florida race, affect general electionupdated: Fri Jan 27 2012 11:47:00

When it comes to courting the Latino demographic, there's a demo within that demo that might be worth listening to.

Going after Florida's Latino voteupdated: Thu Jan 26 2012 12:18:00

Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney fight for the key constituency in Florida. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

GOP, don't blow it with Florida's Latinos updated: Thu Jan 26 2012 12:18:00

On behalf of all those Latino voters who have figured out that the Obama administration is the most hostile to Latino immigrants of any administration in the last half century and who are looking for an alternative, let me say this to the Republican presidential candidates: "Bienvenidos to Florida! Now, behave yourselves."

Is the GOP shifting on Immigration?updated: Fri Dec 30 2011 05:25:00

John King, Rep. Brian Bilbray and Dana Loesch discuss if the GOP Presidential candidates are shifting on immigration.

Obama administration sets up new hotline for immigration detaineesupdated: Fri Dec 30 2011 05:25:00

In the latest volley between the federal government and states pushing anti-illegal-immigration laws, the Obama administration announced Thursday it was establishing a new hotline for immigration detainees who feel they "may be U.S. citizens or victims of a crime."

Despite immigration reforms, many young immigrants still in limbo updated: Sat Dec 24 2011 09:30:00

It wasn't until his senior year of high school in North Carolina that Monji Dolon found out about his murky immigration status.

States ask courts to halt appeals in immigration law casesupdated: Thu Dec 15 2011 17:39:00

Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina asked judges Thursday to halt proceedings in cases challenging the states' immigration laws.

Justices accept Arizona's appeal over controversial immigration lawupdated: Mon Dec 12 2011 12:04:00

The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether Arizona can enforce its controversial immigration law, over the strong objections of the Obama administration.

2010: Feds vs. state over immigrationupdated: Mon Dec 12 2011 12:04:00

CNN's Casey Wian takes a look at who's fighting Arizona's immigration law, and who's fighting for it.

Gingrich: English as official languageupdated: Tue Nov 29 2011 09:24:00

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich outlines his plan to control illegal immigration once he takes office.

Justice Department sues Utah over state immigration lawupdated: Tue Nov 22 2011 19:00:00

Utah has become the fourth state sued by the Justice Department for passing an immigration law that federal officials claim is unconstitutional because it pre-empts federal enforcement of immigration.

Auto exec's arrest a new flashpoint in Alabama's immigration debateupdated: Tue Nov 22 2011 16:36:00

Fierce critics of Alabama's controversial new immigration law -- and one of its staunchest supporters -- are pointing to the arrest of a German Mercedes-Benz executive last week to make their case.

U.S. makes case against Alabama's immigration lawupdated: Wed Nov 16 2011 08:25:00

Alabama's immigration law is unconstitutional and aims to threaten "the most basic human needs," the U.S. Department of Justice said in a court filing.

U.S. sues South Carolina over immigration lawupdated: Mon Oct 31 2011 21:39:00

Justice Department officials pressed their campaign against an immigration law in South Carolina on Monday, saying the measure passed there this summer unconstitutionally pre-empts federal authority.

U.S. judge dismisses Arizona claims against feds on immigration lawupdated: Fri Oct 21 2011 21:33:00

A judge on Friday ruled against Arizona, dismissing its claims "in their entirety" against the federal government over its enforcement of immigration laws.

U.S. deportations reach historic levelsupdated: Tue Oct 18 2011 16:22:00

Nearly 400,000 people were deported from the United States in the past fiscal year, the largest number in the history of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, the government announced Tuesday.

Even state immigration laws have to face realityupdated: Mon Oct 17 2011 19:42:00

Change is never pretty. And the change that results when 50 states step in to take on a job Washington has tried and failed to do can be especially messy. This is what's happening -- with a vengeance -- on immigration. In the past five years, there has been a virtual revolution in immigration lawmaking. And the result is not just chaos -- it's a lot of bad policy.

Parts of Alabama immigration law blocked by federal appeals courtupdated: Fri Oct 14 2011 15:22:00

A federal appeals court has blocked enforcement of parts of a controversial immigration enforcement law in Alabama.

Napolitano: Record number of deportations expected in 2011updated: Wed Oct 05 2011 17:03:00

The U.S. government expects to deport a record number of people this year, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday.

Perry's immigration policy is different than GOP rivalsupdated: Tue Sep 13 2011 01:09:00

Texas Gov. Rick Perry found himself standing apart from his GOP rivals on a pair of immigration issues during a CNN/Tea Party Debate in Tampa, Florida, Monday night.

Federal deportation review comes too late for someupdated: Thu Sep 01 2011 15:09:00

Last September, Ana Maria Cruz waited in her minivan outside an immigration office, clutching her fiance's keys, wallet and cell phone.

Judge temporarily blocks tough Alabama immigration lawupdated: Mon Aug 29 2011 16:14:00

A federal judge temporarily blocked enforcement of a tough immigration law in Alabama on Monday.

Work permit immigration plan raises false hopesupdated: Thu Aug 25 2011 13:14:00

How cruel can the Obama administration be to illegal immigrants, as well as to their families and supporters?

Immigration reform in August: why now?updated: Mon Aug 22 2011 12:36:00

It's late August. Would you rather hit the beach or discuss immigration reform?

Administration says it will conduct case-by-case review on deportationupdated: Fri Aug 19 2011 05:44:00

In a move that could shake up the U.S. immigration system, the Department of Homeland Security is going to begin reviewing all 300,000 pending deportation cases in federal immigration courts to determine which individuals meet specific criteria for removal and to focus on "our highest priorities."

Will DREAM Act create 'better' America?updated: Fri Aug 19 2011 05:44:00

Kate Bolduan reports on debate over the DREAM Act, which would set a pathway to legalization for undocumented youth.

Arizona asks justices to accept appeal over immigration lawupdated: Wed Aug 10 2011 18:16:00

Arizona's governor has formally asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene and allow the state to enforce its controversial immigration law known as SB 1070.

Justice Department challenges Alabama's immigration lawupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 08:55:00

The Justice Department has filed suit challenging Alabama's new immigration law, which is set to take effect September 1.

Obama's double talk on DREAM Actupdated: Thu Jul 28 2011 09:54:00

It was something you don't see every day: the president of the United States being lectured by a group of self-declared illegal immigrants who were just out of puberty.

Obama: 'I need a dance partner' on immigration reformupdated: Mon Jul 25 2011 15:25:00

America's immigration system is broken, but only a bipartisan political movement can fix it, President Barack Obama said Monday.

CNNMoney: Need jobs? Bring in the foreign entrepreneurs!updated: Tue Jul 19 2011 13:22:00

Giving more foreign entrepreneurs visas could help lower unemployment and jumpstart the economy, a nonpartisan research organization said.

Civil rights groups sue challenging Alabama anti-illegal immigrant lawupdated: Fri Jul 08 2011 16:55:00

Several prominent civil rights groups filed a class action lawsuit Friday challenging Alabama's new anti-illegal immigration law, the latest such legal effort aimed at similar bills passed in various states.

New life for the DREAM Act?updated: Fri Jul 01 2011 09:53:00

About once a month, I'll hear from an illegal immigrant who wants to go to Harvard.

Democrats push DREAM Act despite Republican oppositionupdated: Tue Jun 28 2011 21:30:00

Ola Kaso, who was born in Albania and came to America at the age of 5, described her predicament in a Senate hearing Tuesday.

Common thread present in immigration law challengesupdated: Tue Jun 28 2011 15:16:00

With a federal judge striking down the most controversial parts of a tough immigration law in Georgia this week, a pattern has emerged of how such laws are being interpreted at the federal level, though their final fate remains uncertain.

Judge blocks key parts of Georgia immigration lawupdated: Tue Jun 28 2011 05:58:00

A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction Monday temporarily blocking key provisions of a new Georgia law that aims to crack down on illegal immigration, while allowing other parts of the law to move forward.

April 2011: GA passes immigration billupdated: Tue Jun 28 2011 05:58:00

The Georgia immigration bill puts tougher identification standards on employers.

Lawyer hopeful immigration law won't flyupdated: Mon Jun 20 2011 17:42:00

An attorney for the ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project says Georgia's controversial immigration law is unconstitutional.

Alabama Reps discuss new lawupdated: Fri Jun 10 2011 05:39:00

State representatives in Alabama discuss the immigration bill just signed into law by Gov. Robert Bentley.

Alabama governor signs tough new immigration lawupdated: Fri Jun 10 2011 05:39:00

Alabama's governor has signed what he billed as tough illegal immigration legislation, requiring police to check the status of anyone they suspect may be in the country illegally when stopped for another reason.

Rights groups file lawsuit against Georgia immigration lawupdated: Thu Jun 02 2011 21:11:00

Several immigrant and civil rights organizations filed a class-action lawsuit Thursday against a new Georgia law aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.

Georgia governor signs controversial anti-illegal immigration lawupdated: Fri May 13 2011 16:43:00

Despite protests outside his office and boycott threats, Georgia's governor signed into law Friday one of the toughest anti-illegal immigration measures enacted by an individual state.

Obama pushes immigration system overhaulupdated: Fri May 13 2011 09:35:00

CNN's Dan Lothian reports on President Obama's El Paso visit and his push to overhaul the country's immigration system.

Obama playing games with immigrationupdated: Thu May 12 2011 10:26:00

In August 2005, as part of a public arts project, David Smith -- aka "The Human Cannonball" -- was fired out of a cannon across the border from Tijuana, Mexico, to San Diego. He was caught in a net 150 feet from the border, and he had his passport in hand just in case he had to show it to the U.S. Border Patrol.

Take a ride with the border patrolupdated: Thu May 12 2011 05:50:00

Ride along with border patrol agents in Arizona and discover the many challenges they face.

Border arrests of undocumented immigrants down 58% in 5 yearsupdated: Thu May 12 2011 05:50:00

By at least one measure, illegal immigration is not the problem that it used to be for the United States -- the number of arrests of people trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally has decreased sharply in the last five years, according to federal statistics.

On immigration, nice words -- and not much chanceupdated: Wed May 11 2011 00:26:00

President Obama struck many of the right notes on immigration reform in his speech Tuesday, delivered along the U.S.-Mexican border in El Paso, Texas.

Spitzer: GOP needs new immigration tuneupdated: Tue May 10 2011 18:09:00

CNN's Eliot Spitzer says states don't have the resources to check the status of all undocumented people.

Immigration reform advocates urge Obama to take actionupdated: Tue May 10 2011 18:09:00

Activists on both sides of the immigration debate agree on one thing: The current system doesn't work, and states have stepped in with their own laws because the federal government hasn't done enough.

Obama calls immigration reform critical, blasts GOP opponentsupdated: Tue May 10 2011 17:36:00

President Barack Obama renewed his push for comprehensive immigration reform Tuesday, citing America's legacy as a nation of immigrants and saying that finding a solution for millions of undocumented workers is critical to the country's common future.

Immigration system overhaulupdated: Tue May 10 2011 17:36:00

CNN's Christine Romans speaks with Mayor of El Paso about immigration reform.

AZ takes immigration law to Supreme Courtupdated: Mon May 09 2011 18:01:00

From KTVK, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer makes her case on taking the state's immigration law to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Obama appears to rule out acting on his own on immigrationupdated: Thu Apr 28 2011 21:45:00

President Barack Obama on Thursday appeared to rule out acting on his own to implement some provisions of an immigration reform bill that failed to win congressional approval last year.

Obama holds White House meeting on immigration reformupdated: Tue Apr 19 2011 21:49:00

A broad group of government officials, business leaders, law enforcement officials and others met Tuesday with President Barack Obama to discuss how to build support for immigration reform in the face of congressional opposition.

New immigration laws get tougherupdated: Tue Apr 12 2011 06:28:00

CNN's Thelma Gutierrez reports on Arizona's five new immigration bills that some say are the toughest proposals yet.

U.S. appeals court OKs decision blocking Arizona immigration lawupdated: Tue Apr 12 2011 06:28:00

A federal appeals court on Monday affirmed a previous injunction of Arizona's controversial immigration law, another setback for legislation that has drawn sharp opposition from President Barack Obama's administration.

Groups plan immigration law protest for Georgia Capitolupdated: Thu Mar 24 2011 15:54:00

Two groups against a tough immigration law now before the Georgia legislature say thousands will show up at the state capitol in Atlanta Thursday to protest it.

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