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4 missing after 2 boats collide on Mississippi Riverupdated: Sat May 19 2012 12:59:00

Four persons are missing after two boats collided shortly after midnight Saturday on the Mississippi River, said fire department officials in Burlington, Iowa.

CNNMoney: High-speed trains get new U.S. fundsupdated: Thu Oct 28 2010 11:53:00

The Department of Transportation awarded $2.4 billion Thursday for high-speed rail projects, though a lot more money is needed to make the project a reality.

Study: Popular people get flu firstupdated: Wed Sep 15 2010 14:36:00

As any teenager will tell you, being popular is totally awesome. But it has a downside: According to a new study, popular people tend to catch the flu first.

Horses stampede at parade kills 1, hurts 20-plusupdated: Mon Jul 05 2010 04:51:00

An Independence Day parade in Iowa descended into chaos when when two horses went out of control and took their wagon with them, running into crowds of celebrants and leaving more than 20 people injured, according to authorities.

Money Magazine: 4 ways to get cheaper dental careupdated: Wed Jun 09 2010 06:49:00

Dental care can really take a bite out of your wallet. Even if you have insurance -- and just over half of people do, says the National Association of Dental Plans -- the typical co-insurance is only 50% on major procedures such as root canals, bridges, and crowns, which run $750 and up. Stefan Fatsis: Nate Kaeding explains lonely life of kicker, looks to reboundupdated: Mon Feb 01 2010 08:51:00

Until second-year New Orleans kicker Garrett Hartley's dead-center, 40-yard, overtime missile won the NFC Championship Game last Sunday, kickers had been a storyline and a punch line this postseason. In 10 playoff games, kickers have made just 20 of 33 field goal attempts (60.6 percent). You have to go back 25 years to find a worse postseason performance.

Flannery O'Connor: A 'contrary' woman's legacyupdated: Thu Aug 20 2009 18:45:00

Flannery O'Connor did not expect to become the subject of a biography. She thought the narrow borders of her life -- lived "between the house and the chicken yard" -- wouldn't give a writer much to work with.

Flannery O'Connor bioupdated: Thu Aug 20 2009 18:45:00

A new Flannery O'Connor biography showcases the life of the great southern writer. Author Brad Gooch tells the story.

School: No shortage of volunteers for swine flu vaccine trialsupdated: Sat Jul 25 2009 21:33:00

Days after the U.S. government announced upcoming trials for an H1N1 flu vaccine, Saint Louis University has been inundated with phone calls and e-mails from people volunteering for the study.

CNNMoney: 13 cities post unemployment above 15%updated: Wed Jun 03 2009 17:35:00

There were 13 unlucky cities with unemployment rates topping 15% in April, and another 93 saw joblessness climb above 10%, according to a government report released Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Unemployment: 109 cities at 10% or higherupdated: Wed Apr 29 2009 15:27:00

Unemployment rates in 109 metropolitan areas reached 10% or higher in March, almost eight times more than a year earlier, according to a government report released Wednesday. Iowa Meatpacker Fined Nearly $10M for Violationsupdated: Wed Oct 29 2008 18:00:00

Iowa on Wednesday fined a kosher meatpacking plant that was targeted by a federal immigration raid nearly $10 million for alleged violations of state labor laws Child Labor Charges at Meat Plantupdated: Tue Sep 09 2008 16:00:00

The Iowa attorney general's office filed child labor charges Tuesday against the owner and managers of the Agriprocessors kosher meatpacking plant, the site of one of the nation's largest workplace immigration raids 3 Killed in Medical Plane Crashupdated: Tue Aug 12 2008 13:00:00

A small plane carrying a patient to Boston for medical treatment crashed Tuesday in a grocery store parking lot, killing all three people on board

Develop a firm grip to get a jobupdated: Wed Aug 06 2008 09:00:00

Before you head out to the interview, check your suit for lint, your résumé for typos, your teeth for spinach and your hands for a firm grip. FEMA Gets Better Grades in Iowaupdated: Thu Jul 17 2008 14:00:00

The post-Katrina emergency management agency is doing better in responding to the Iowa floods. But there are still some complaints

Amid flooding, victims regret what wasn't savedupdated: Thu Jun 19 2008 18:08:00

Andrew Sherburne, flooded out of his Iowa City house last week, might like a do-over. Bush Tours Flooded Iowa Citiesupdated: Thu Jun 19 2008 16:00:00

Carrying the painful lessons of Hurricane Katrina, President Bush said on a tour of Midwest flooding on Thursday that he is listening to small-town concerns and understands the exhaustion of rescuers Midwest Flooding Takes Heavy Tollupdated: Thu Jun 19 2008 09:00:00

Neighbors in several towns that sit on the Mississippi River are doing their best to help each other, but there has still been a great cost Iowa: After the Flooding, the Waitingupdated: Mon Jun 16 2008 19:00:00

As the waters crest and begin to recede in some spots, the state's beleaguered residents brace for what they may find

Floodwaters breach sandbags in Iowa college townupdated: Mon Jun 16 2008 14:53:00

Floodwaters inundated Iowa City and the University of Iowa arts campus on Sunday despite what one official called a "Herculean effort" to hold back the water with sandbags. Iowa City New Front Line For Floodsupdated: Sun Jun 15 2008 11:55:00

Floodwaters were receding Saturday in Cedar Rapids, but as the Cedar retreated, waters in Iowa City had already invaded parts of the University of Iowa campus and weren't expected to crest until sometime Monday Iowa's Floods: A Midwestern Katrina?updated: Sat Jun 14 2008 15:00:00

Days after it rose out of its banks on its way to record flooding in Cedar Rapids, the Cedar River has forced at least 20,000 people from their homes Living Through the Iowa Delugeupdated: Fri Jun 13 2008 18:00:00

TIME's reporter in Des Moines reports on the calamities of seemingly biblical proportions that have pushed the stoic state to the breaking point Sandbagged Levee Protects Iowa Cityupdated: Wed Jun 11 2008 12:00:00

A sandbagged levee was preventing a swollen river from spilling over its banks and flooding a northeastern Iowa city, but officials on Wednesday asked for more help

CNNMoney: How soaring fuel prices hurt kidsupdated: Thu Apr 10 2008 16:41:00

The school buses in Dubuque County, Iowa, travel 4,900 miles each day ferrying kids to and from class. That's the equivalent of driving across the entire United States and halfway back again.

Body found in charred SUVupdated: Wed Mar 26 2008 14:31:00

Police think a fatal, single vehicle crash might be related to the deaths of a woman and her four children in Iowa.

FSB: Hollywood on the Plains: No. 21, Iowa Cityupdated: Wed Mar 26 2008 09:57:00

When Stephen Jennings landed in California, he quickly shed his Iowan roots. His first job carried the only-in-L.A. title of "assistant flame artist."

Retirement is great time to strike up the band updated: Wed Feb 27 2008 12:09:00

Practicing the clarinet may be beyond tedious for teenagers forced into music lessons by their parents but for 70-year-old Joe Pedlosky it's a labor of love. Bill Trocchi: Drake, not Iowa or Iowa State, is best team in Iowaupdated: Sat Dec 22 2007 01:01:00

The best basketball program in Iowa doesn't play in the Big Ten or Big 12 and has not reached the NCAA tournament in 36 years. But after seven straight victories over Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa, Drake is now the king of the Hawkeye state. The U.K. Takes Green to the Extremeupdated: Fri Nov 16 2007 17:00:00

With a wildly popular $100 million eco-education theme park, and citizens who self-inflict carbon-emissions caps, Britain aims to show the world how green living is done Where Students Can't Hugupdated: Tue Nov 13 2007 17:00:00

Draconian bans on public displays of affection in a growing number of schools have parents and students up in arms. Has the concern about harassment gone too far? Are Rains Better Than Drought?updated: Thu Aug 23 2007 15:00:00

It depends on where you are, but for many drought-stricken farmers, the Midwest rains are alleviating a bad summer for soybean and corn crops

CNNMoney: Subprime risk: Most vulnerable marketsupdated: Wed Mar 21 2007 14:59:00

If the doomsayers are correct, as many as 2.2 million subprime borrowers are at risk of defaulting on their loans and losing their homes.

Secrets to living wellupdated: Mon Apr 24 2006 10:26:00

(CNN) -- We asked readers to share their secrets for living well and received many wonderful tales. Whether it's using your mind to cure what ails you or just making sure to laugh and smile -- you'll find some ideas that might help see you through the decades. Here is a sampling of responses, some of which have been edited for clarity and length.

Money Magazine: Where You'll Liveupdated: Mon Dec 12 2005 16:39:00

ese days and you'll see that the demographic landscape has changed: Seniors by the score are now mixed in among the dewy coeds, attending classes, queuing up for cultural offerings and just soaking up the energy. It shouldn't come as a surprise. For a large number of retirees, easy access to cultural events and educational opportunities has always been at least as important as year-round sunshine and well-groomed golf courses. And a collegiate environment has even more appeal in the new era of retirement, in which it's increasingly important to continue expanding your skills and knowledge base well beyond traditional retirement age. Many universities have responded by creating academic courses specifically for seniors. A decade ago, only a few dozen colleges offered such programs; today more than 300 institutions do. Other schools allow seniors to audit classes at little or no cost, fund community programs for older folks and even build housing for them. ...

Money Magazine: Where You'll Liveupdated: Tue Nov 01 2005 00:01:00

Until recently, anyone over 60 spotted around a university campus was presumed to be either a professor or an aging alum riding a nostalgia trip. But walk the streets of almost any college town the...

Express Line dispatch: Can politics heat up Cedar Rapids?updated: Thu Jan 15 2004 10:35:00

From Bob Franken, CNN correspondent:

Express Line dispatch: On the bus in Iowaupdated: Wed Jan 14 2004 10:06:00

From Bob Franken, CNN correspondent:

FSB: Straighten Up and Fly Right Technology is affecting every part of travel. It's time to get onboard.updated: Sat Feb 01 2003 00:01:00

You know the ones: The guys who don't chime in while the conference's breakfast-table discussion devolves into how slow the hotel room's dial-up connection was when you were checking e-mail that mo...

Fortune: HOW SMART IS YOUR CITY?updated: Mon Sep 29 1997 00:01:00

When FORTUNE asked the question two issues ago, we unfortunately gave the wrong answers, due to incorrect data supplied by Moran Stahl & Boyer, a consulting firm specializing in business-location s...

Fortune: HOW SMART IS YOUR CITY?updated: Mon Aug 18 1997 00:01:00

Iowa City, Iowa--hardly famous as an intellectual capital--has a higher percentage of college graduates than any other city in the U.S., as measured by Moran Stahl & Boyer, a consulting firm specia...

Money Magazine: THE POST OFFICE'S PRIORITY MAIL FLUNKS OUR FIVE-CITY TESTupdated: Wed May 01 1996 00:01:00

LAST CHRISTMAS, MY FRIEND SUZANNE in New Orleans sent a gift package to me in New York City by priority mail. The U.S. Postal Service advertises the two-year-old priority mail program as a "two-day...

Fortune: PATCHY APPLAUSE FOR CASH MACHINESupdated: Mon Dec 05 1988 00:01:00

In Iowa City students use automated teller machines to pay college tuition, transferring money to the University of Iowa's account. In Texas and Louisiana, SouthWest Airlines sells standby tickets ...

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