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U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned hostile remarks toward Israel and the denial of the Holocaust in Iran Thursday.

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Iran takes on U.N. at global meetingupdated: Sun Aug 26 2012 11:20:00

Iran kicked off a meeting of more than 100 countries on Sunday by slamming the "adverse consequences of the current world order" and demanding change from the United Nations, state-run Press TV reported.

Bank scandal: Criminal charges coming?updated: Thu Aug 16 2012 08:02:00

Attorney Alan Abramson tells Richard Quest "prosecutions not only possible, but likely" in Iran bank laundering case.

Iran searches for quake victimsupdated: Sun Aug 12 2012 11:04:00

Iran officials are searching for victims of a pair of quakes that killed hundreds Saturday.

Rescue operations end after Iran quakes kill 250updated: Sun Aug 12 2012 11:04:00

Rescue operations have ended in Iran after two strong earthquakes that killed at least 250 people, the semi-official Fars news agency reported Sunday.

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Dozens killed, hundreds injured in Iranupdated: Sat Aug 11 2012 16:27:00

At least 87 people were killed and another 400 were injured in two strong earthquakes that jolted northwestern Iran.

Report: Iran 'successfully' fires missile capable of hitting targets 185 miles awayupdated: Sat Aug 04 2012 22:44:00

Iran has "successfully" test fired its newest version of the Fateh-110 missile, state media reported Saturday, touting the accomplishment despite international concerns about Tehran's growing military capabilities.

Iran improves its ballistic missilesupdated: Sat Aug 04 2012 22:44:00

Pentagon says Iran is improving the killing power of its ballistic missiles. Retired Gen. James "Spider" Marks OutFront.

New Iran sanctions hit banks in China, Iraqupdated: Tue Jul 31 2012 16:06:00

President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced new U.S. sanctions targeting Iran's oil industry as well as banks in China and Iraq, warning that Tehran faces "growing consequences" for refusing to answer international questions about its nuclear program.

Judge says al Qaeda, Iran, Taliban should pay $6b for 9/11 updated: Tue Jul 31 2012 15:37:00

A federal magistrate judge has ruled that al Qaeda, the Taliban, Iran and Hezbollah should pay more than $6 billion in damages to the families of victims killed on September 11, 2001, for supporting the attacks.

Iran arrests suspects in 2011 killing of nuclear scientistupdated: Mon Jul 23 2012 11:12:00

Iran has arrested suspects in connection with the July 2011 killing of a nuclear scientist, semiofficial media reported, citing Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi.

2 indicted for allegedly trying to supply Iran with nuclear-related materialsupdated: Fri Jul 13 2012 14:56:00

A federal grand jury in the District of Columbia has indicted two people for their alleged attempts to supply Iran with U.S. materials for gas centrifuges to enrich uranium, the Justice Department said Friday.

U.S. imposes additional sanctions on Iranupdated: Fri Jul 13 2012 08:12:00

The United States on Thursday placed additional sanctions on what it called Iran's nuclear proliferation network.

Iran threatens U.S.updated: Fri Jul 13 2012 08:12:00

Iran says it can launch attacks on U.S. bases within minutes. How strong is Iran's military? Jill Dougherty reports.

Gunmen kill 18 in Pakistan atttackupdated: Fri Jul 06 2012 15:05:00

Attackers on motorcycles killed 18 Pakistani day laborers traveling through Pakistan's Balochistan province on their way to Iran on Friday, according to Home Secretary Naseebullah Khan Bazai.

Iranian sanctions full of holesupdated: Mon Jul 02 2012 05:44:00

International sanctions designed to force Iran to drop it's nuclear program aren't as tough as they seem.

Blasts erupt near Syrian ministry; Clinton in Russia for meetingupdated: Thu Jun 28 2012 22:21:00

On the eve of a key gathering of world diplomats, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet Friday with her Russian counterpart in a bid to find common ground on the crisis in Syria.

Iran hopes to sell oil on black marketupdated: Wed Jun 27 2012 04:28:00

CNN producer Tim Lister says Iran is trying to get around sanctions by selling its oil on the black market.

Little headway in Iranian nuclear talksupdated: Wed Jun 20 2012 01:41:00

Iran's senior nuclear negotiator and representatives of international powers emerged Tuesday from two days of talks on Tehran's nuclear program without having reached an agreement.

Israel warns Iran: Time running outupdated: Wed Jun 20 2012 01:41:00

Israeli President Shimon Peres explains why 'time is running out'' in efforts to stop Iran's nuclear program.

Fareed Zakaria interviews Ahmadinejadupdated: Mon Jun 18 2012 16:21:00

CNN's Fareed Zakaria interviews Ahmadinejad in Tehran, Iran

Talks over Iran's nuclear program resume in Moscowupdated: Mon Jun 18 2012 16:21:00

Negotiators for Iran and six world powers completed the first day of discussions on Iran's nuclear program Monday in Moscow.

Remarkable journey through Iranupdated: Sun Jun 17 2012 20:48:00

New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer what he learned on his 1,700 mile trek through Iran.

Courting Iran and the West, Georgia walks a fine lineupdated: Fri Jun 15 2012 04:53:00

For Iranian tourists strolling in the sun-drenched squares in the Black Sea town of Batumi, Georgia is a pocket of hospitality in a world that has largely closed its doors to them.

Georgia: Friend of the West and Iranupdated: Fri Jun 15 2012 04:53:00

Georgia walks a fine line with the U.S. as its courts tourists and energy from Iran. CNN's Paula Newton reports.

Syrian opposition group's new leader calls out Russia, China, Iranupdated: Sun Jun 10 2012 20:36:00

A central Syrian opposition group named a new leader Sunday and vowed new efforts to end the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Inside the Russian-Chinese allianceupdated: Fri Jun 08 2012 07:21:00

Professor Behzad Yaghmaian discusses the alliance between China and Russia and what it means for the rest of the world.

China urges pragmatism in Iran-U.N. nuclear talksupdated: Fri Jun 08 2012 07:21:00

China's President Hu Jintao urged Iran to take a "flexible and pragmatic" approach as it enters talks on its nuclear program Friday with the U.N. nuclear watchdog in Vienna, China's foreign ministry said.

The cyberwar may be headed to your computerupdated: Mon Jun 04 2012 10:05:00

The recently discovered Flame virus bears all the hallmarks of a cyberattack concocted by a nation-state. It's big and complex and pointed directly at a geopolitical hot zone, Iran.

Cyber-sleuths track Flame malwareupdated: Mon Jun 04 2012 10:05:00

CNN's Phil Black meets one of the experts who discovered Flame malware, considered the world's biggest cyber weapon.

Report: Putin, Ahmadinejad to meet before nuclear talksupdated: Sun Jun 03 2012 10:38:00

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in China next week before international talks are held on Iran's nuclear program in Moscow, Russia's state-run RIA-Novosti news agency reported Sunday.

New computer malware 'Flame' targeting Iranupdated: Mon May 28 2012 22:00:00

The discovery of a malicious computer program that appears to be collecting sensitive information from Iran and others indicates the global cyberwar has moved to a new level, warn security experts.

Inspection at Iran nuclear facility finds higher-level traces of uranium, U.N. saysupdated: Fri May 25 2012 15:18:00

Inspectors found a high level of enriched uranium in Iran, a U.N. report said Friday, as world powers attempt to work to stop the country from developing the capacity for nuclear weapons.

Iranian translator released from notorious Tehran prisonupdated: Thu May 24 2012 18:48:00

A prominent Iranian literary translator imprisoned since January on unknown charges has been released on bail, a source close to the family said Wednesday.

A lull in the drift toward war with Iran?updated: Thu May 24 2012 16:55:00

The Baghdad talks over Iran's nuclear program concluded inconclusively with a decision to continue negotiating in Moscow next month. How could they have ended otherwise? Too much suspicion, mistrust and too many complex issues to imagine an early breakthrough. At the same time, the uncertainties reflect something else too.

Iran, world powers agree to meet again on nuclear issueupdated: Thu May 24 2012 15:49:00

"Significant differences" remain between world powers and Iran in negotiations over its nuclear program, European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said Thursday.

Israel to Iran: Time is running outupdated: Thu May 24 2012 15:49:00

Erin Burnett tackles Iran nuclear negotiations happening this week. Are we at a tipping point for military action?

Surviving a pirate attackupdated: Thu May 24 2012 12:00:00

A third of all seafarers are from the Philippines. Kyung Lah meets hostage survivors who lead a perilous life at sea.

Iranian sailors chase off pirates attacking U.S. shipupdated: Thu May 24 2012 12:00:00

Iranian sailors helped scare off armed pirates who attacked an American cargo ship in the Gulf of Oman, Iranian state media reported Thursday.

Iran, world powers offer proposals at nuclear talksupdated: Wed May 23 2012 21:51:00

Western nations and Iran broached solutions over Tehran's controversial nuclear program Wednesday, the latest push to end the saber-rattling over the Islamic republic's atomic aspirations.

What does Iran want from nuclear talks?updated: Wed May 23 2012 09:28:00

When Iranian officials arrive at the next round of nuclear talks in Baghdad on May 23, they will seek to advance several of their own goals, while only making modest changes to their nuclear program.

U.N. nuclear watchdog expects deal with Iranupdated: Tue May 22 2012 08:13:00

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency says he will sign an agreement soon with Iran over its nuclear program, a sign that Iran may have agreed to broader inspections.

Senate passes Iran sanctions billupdated: Tue May 22 2012 05:24:00

The U.S. Senate unanimously voted to tighten sanctions on Iran on Monday, three days after a dispute over whether to include the threat of American force stalled the legislation.

CNNMoney: How Iran could double its oil outputupdated: Mon May 21 2012 18:45:00

As Iran continues to grapple with the West over its nuclear ambitions, experts say the nation could double its already sizable oil output if sanctions were lifted to allow foreign investment into its oil industry.

Iran's nuke program a concern for Israelupdated: Mon May 21 2012 16:02:00

CNN's Jonathan Mann talks to Greg Thielmann, a senior fellow at the Arms Control Association, about Iran's nuclear plan.

Iran: Nuclear meetings paving way for negotiationsupdated: Mon May 21 2012 16:02:00

Iran's talks Monday with the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency helped lay the groundwork for progress in upcoming negotiations, the Iranian regime said.

Iran finance minister: 'Rest assured' record oil prices over nuclear sanctionsupdated: Sun May 20 2012 04:53:00

Iran's finance minister believes oil prices could rise as high as $160 a barrel thanks to sanctions over its nuclear program, a prediction that comes just as the chief of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency headed to Tehran on Sunday for high-level talks.

U.N. nuclear agency chief heading to Iranupdated: Fri May 18 2012 12:03:00

The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency plans to fly to Iran on Sunday to discuss nuclear issues with high-level officials in Tehran.

Death threats over Iranian rapper's workupdated: Thu May 17 2012 22:07:00

CNN's Reza Sayah reports on an Iranian rapper who is facing death threats over one of his songs.

Iran threatens to sue Google for not labeling Persian Gulfupdated: Thu May 17 2012 22:07:00

Iran is taking on one of the world's biggest Internet giants, threatening to sue over something that is not on its maps.

Senators tussle over new Iran sanctionsupdated: Thu May 17 2012 17:36:00

Republicans blocked an attempt by Senate Democrats on Thursday to pass new sanctions against Iran, complaining the final language in the bill, which they had negotiated for months, is not tough enough to deter Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapons program.

Man executed for attack on Iranian nuclear scientistupdated: Tue May 15 2012 06:21:00

Iran has executed a man who was convicted of killing one of its nuclear scientists, state-run Press TV reported Tuesday.

Turkish journalists detained in Syria released, fly to Iranupdated: Sat May 12 2012 06:27:00

Two Turkish journalists who were imprisoned in a Syrian jail were released and flew to Tehran on Saturday as part of what appears to be a prisoner swap between Turkey and Iran.

Iran says nuclear inspector killed in car crashupdated: Tue May 08 2012 21:59:00

A U.N. nuclear inspector from South Korea was killed Tuesday in a car accident in Iran, state-run media reported.

Part 1: Is the Iran threat cooling?updated: Mon May 07 2012 21:17:00

Former Israeli Prime minister Ehud Olmert tells Christiane Amanpour that military action against Iran is a last resort.

Iran accepts yuan for crude oilupdated: Mon May 07 2012 21:17:00

Iran is accepting renminbi for some of the crude oil it supplies to China, industry executives in Beijing and Kuwait and Dubai-based bankers said, partly as a consequence of US sanctions aimed at limiting Tehran's nuclear programme.

Israeli politics in tailspin over Iranupdated: Wed May 02 2012 08:29:00

Israel, by necessity, has developed one of the most able security and intelligence apparatus in the world. There has been no necessity to develop a world-class political apparatus, however, and it shows.

Israeli general: 'Rational' Iranian leaders not pushing nuclear bombupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 21:16:00

Israel's top general said Iran is led by "very rational people" and doesn't appear poised to build a nuclear bomb that would threaten his nation.

Iran comes to American's rescueupdated: Mon Apr 16 2012 19:52:00

An American who suffered a heart attack last week during a commercial flight from Dubai to Seattle, Washington, is expected to return to the U.S. Tuesday after being treated in Iran, State Department officials told CNN Monday.

Israelis sceptical on Iran talksupdated: Mon Apr 16 2012 09:36:00

As talks over Iran's nuclear program are set to resume Isarelis express scepticism about deal being brokered.

Obama rejects Netanyahu's claim on Iran nuclear 'freebie'updated: Mon Apr 16 2012 09:36:00

President Obama has firmly rejected a complaint by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran was given a "freebie" on its nuclear program.

Iran nuclear talksupdated: Mon Apr 16 2012 05:45:00

Nuclear talks will resume in May between Iran and the P5-plus-1 group of countries.

Israel: Iran given nuclear 'freebie'updated: Mon Apr 16 2012 05:45:00

Israel on Sunday slammed a decision by key world powers to place no new restrictions on Iran before the next meeting about its nuclear program in late May.

North Korea's message to Washington and Iranupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 11:44:00

Once again, North Korea has violated an important international agreement by launching a long-range missile. And like many times before, there is not much Washington or anyone else can do about it.

Iran nuke talks drawing closerupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 11:41:00

With talks over Iran's nuclear program looming, the negotiating platforms are emerging. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.

Iran nuclear talks to resume Saturdayupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 11:41:00

Iranian nuclear negotiators arrived Friday and began consultations with Chinese and Russian counterparts on the eve of international talks on the country's nuclear program, state media reported.

Assad e-mails show insight into regimeupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 09:03:00

CNN's John Vause reports on leaked e-mails from Syrian President Assad and his top advisers.

Iran woos oil buyers with easy creditupdated: Wed Apr 11 2012 22:27:00

Iran is trying to skirt US and European sanctions by luring nations to buy its oil on highly advantageous credit terms, say officials in the industry.

Iran says it will present new proposals at upcoming nuclear talksupdated: Wed Apr 11 2012 13:15:00

Iran said Wednesday it plans to present new proposals at upcoming talks on its controversial nuclear program.

Iran: Israeli operatives arrestedupdated: Wed Apr 11 2012 08:16:00

Iran said it has broken up an Israeli "terror and sabotage network" that was planning attacks within the country, making a number of arrests while confiscating weapons and equipment, state-run media reported.

1-on-1 with Israel's defense ministerupdated: Wed Apr 11 2012 08:16:00

Ehud Barak discusses the alternatives to attacking Iran with CNN's Fareed Zakaria.

Obama on Iran: 'Time is short'updated: Tue Apr 10 2012 07:09:00

President Obama addresses Iran's nuclear program ahead of the nuclear summit in Seoul, South Korea.

EU: Iran agrees to nuclear talksupdated: Tue Apr 10 2012 07:09:00

Nuclear talks will resume this week in Turkey between Iran and six world powers, the European Union reported Monday.

Iran detains 13 alleged pirates after clashupdated: Tue Apr 03 2012 18:24:00

Iran's navy snared 13 alleged pirates after a two-day clash in the Indian Ocean, Iran's semiofficial FARS news agency said Tuesday.

Iranian women undergo ninja trainingupdated: Tue Apr 03 2012 11:34:00

Around 3,000 Iranian women signed up to train in the art of Ninjutsu, despite previous bans on women in sports.

Iran bars Reuters over ninja 'assassin' errorupdated: Tue Apr 03 2012 11:34:00

Iran revoked the press cards of Reuters staff in the country after the news agency ran a mistaken headline saying Iran was training female Ninja assassins, Iran's official news agency reported Tuesday.

Saudi meeting, Iran sanctions coincidence, U.S. official saysupdated: Sun Apr 01 2012 00:19:00

President Barack Obama's Friday announcement that the U.S. will implement sanctions that could significantly cut sales of Iranian oil was not tied to a meeting the same day between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Saudi King Abdullah, a senior administration official told CNN.

What if Israel bombs Iran?updated: Fri Mar 30 2012 08:47:00

Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning and discover that during the night. Israeli planes had conducted a bombing raid on Iran. How would your world have changed?

U.S. sanctions shipping, engineering firms with Iran tiesupdated: Thu Mar 29 2012 06:00:00

The United States sanctioned two engineering firms Wednesday for their ties to an elite Iranian military unit that has been branded a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

Iran announces date for nuclear talks but not venueupdated: Wed Mar 28 2012 04:55:00

Stalled talks between Iran and world leaders over its nuclear ambitions will resume April 13 at a yet-undetermined venue, the country's state-run media reported Wednesday.

Iran's window of opportunity 'shrinking'updated: Fri Mar 23 2012 02:42:00

At a news conference, President Obama says Iran has little time left to negotiate the conditions of its nuclear program.

Asian nations slash Iran oil importsupdated: Fri Mar 23 2012 02:42:00

China, South Korea and Japan dramatically cut their oil imports from Iran in February following intense US efforts to persuade Asian buyers to comply with Washington sanctions on Iran's central bank.

Israel and Iran social media loveupdated: Thu Mar 22 2012 18:58:00

Graphic artists attempt peace between Israel and Iran through social media. CNN's Fionnuala Sweeney reports.

Can Facebook page help Israel, Iran toward peace?updated: Thu Mar 22 2012 18:58:00

In a picture posted on Facebook, a man in a white shirt holds his daughter in his arms. She holds an Israeli flag. The caption reads: "Iranians we will never bomb your country. We ? you."

Clinton tells Congress 11 countries are reducing oil buys from Iran updated: Wed Mar 21 2012 07:13:00

Eleven countries, including Japan and European nations, have significantly reduced their Iran oil purchases and should not be subject to new U.S. sanctions, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Congress Tuesday.

Concerns grow over high oil pricesupdated: Wed Mar 21 2012 07:13:00

A former U.S. Treasury official discusses how tense relations with Iran have driven up oil prices.

Iran, U.S. mark Iranian new year with blistering wordsupdated: Tue Mar 20 2012 19:39:00

Iran and the United States rang in the Persian new year Tuesday with distinctly different messages for the Iranian people.

Iran: Not 'pursuing nuclear weapons'updated: Tue Mar 20 2012 19:39:00

A top adviser to Iran's supreme leader says negotiations with the U.S. can help end the crisis over its nuclear program.

Timeline of Iran's controversial nuclear programupdated: Mon Mar 19 2012 09:30:00

Iran's controversial nuclear program began more than 50 years ago with aid from the West. Now, despite Iran's assurances that its program is purely peaceful, some Western countries, the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency say they're concerned that Iran wants to use the program to create a nuclear weapon. Here's a look at Iran's nuclear program over the years:

The Iran threat: Fact or fiction?updated: Mon Mar 19 2012 09:30:00

Many are sounding the alarm about Iran going nuclear. CNN's Reza Sayah reports on what's behind the rhetoric.

Iran vs. Israel around the worldupdated: Fri Mar 16 2012 09:36:00

CNN's Tim Lister reports on a shadowy war between Iran and Israel playing out in cities across the world.

EU steps up banking sanctions against Iranupdated: Thu Mar 15 2012 19:05:00

The organization that facilitates bank transactions around the world said Thursday it has been instructed to discontinue its communications services to Iranian financial institutions that are subject to European sanctions, effectively cutting them off from the global financial system.

Top Iran official calls for cooperation from West in return for 'transparency'updated: Thu Mar 15 2012 16:30:00

Iran says it wants more clarity from the IAEA before it allows inspectors into the Parchin military complex south of Tehran, one of Iran's most influential officials said Wednesday.

Sanctions choke off Iran oil outputupdated: Wed Mar 14 2012 21:12:00

Iran's oil production has fallen to a 10-year low and could drop to levels last seen during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s as sanctions over its nuclear programme disrupt an industry already suffering from years of underinvestment.

Azerbaijan arrests 22 it says spied for Iranupdated: Wed Mar 14 2012 18:18:00

Authorities in Azerbaijan have arrested 22 people they say were spying for Iran and plotting attacks on Israeli and Western targets, the government announced Wednesday.

Israel would face challenge in bombing Iran nuclear sites, experts sayupdated: Wed Mar 14 2012 13:11:00

It's late in Iran on a dark night, moonless or with heavy clouds. Suddenly the silence is broken by sonic booms, followed by the sound of jets roaring overhead.

Why U.S., Israel aren't neatly aligned on Iranupdated: Tue Mar 13 2012 07:48:00

Over the years, I've seen a good many meetings between U.S. presidents and Israeli prime ministers on big issues during critical moments. It usually takes a few days before we can begin to make sense of what occurred and what to expect.

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