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Thousands of revelers in shades of green jammed Manhattan streets to the tune of bagpipes Saturday for the 251st annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

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Quirky St. Patrick's Day destinationsupdated: Tue Mar 15 2011 09:55:00

Drinking green beer at your local pub is one way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Watching Irish belly dancers strut their stuff or walking across the world's largest shamrock is quite another.

Head to the pub for soulful Irish musicupdated: Tue Jul 20 2010 09:22:00

The Irish seem born with a love of music. At social gatherings, everyone's always ready to sing his or her "party piece."

Irish music plays proudly on St. Patrick's Dayupdated: Wed Mar 17 2010 16:00:00

The fiddles and bagpipes are playing Irish music all over the country on Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day, but there's more to the songs from the Emerald Isle than renditions of "Danny Boy" once a year.

Healthy recipe: Beef and Guinness Stewupdated: Wed Mar 17 2010 08:17:00

Long before the first band marched in South Boston's now-famous -parade, and long before Chicago colored its river green, Irish Catholics quietly honored St. Patrick on March 17.

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