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Thousands protest at scene of S. African mine shootingsupdated: Sat Aug 18 2012 18:39:00

Sibongile Sikhuze pointed to his bandaged right knee, showing where a bullet entered and exited. He then raised his right palm, struck by a rubber bullet when he tried to surrender.

Gunfire erupts at S. African mine strikeupdated: Fri Aug 17 2012 13:37:00

Graphic video shows gunfight between S. African platinum miners and police, leaving 18 dead. Nkepile Mabuse reports.

South Africa shocked by police shootings at mineupdated: Fri Aug 17 2012 13:37:00

The headlines Friday in South Africa spoke of a bloodbath, of war.

African Union elects its first woman leaderupdated: Mon Jul 16 2012 08:04:00

The African Union has elected Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to lead the 54-nation bloc after a hotly contested election.

ANC ending lawsuit over portrait showing S. African leader with genitals exposedupdated: Wed May 30 2012 09:47:00

South Africa's ruling African National Congress said Wednesday the party would drop the lawsuit it filed over a portrait of President Jacob Zuma that shows his genitals.

Lawyer's tears in controversial Zuma painting court caseupdated: Mon May 28 2012 20:54:00

A lawyer breaks down sobbing in court. The president's children sit in the public gallery. The secretary general of the ruling party, the African National Congress, sits behind them. Outside, military veterans and riot police hold back crowds dancing in support of the president. This is no normal high court case hearing.

Zuma penis portrait artist death threatsupdated: Mon May 28 2012 20:54:00

A risque portrait of President Jacob Zuma continues to stir emotions in South Africa. CNN's Robyn Curnow reports.

Controversial Zuma portrait prompts South Africa marchupdated: Mon May 28 2012 20:31:00

Thousands of people are expected to march Tuesday in South Africa to protest a portrait of President Jacob Zuma that shows his genitals.

South Africa's ANC expels youth leaderupdated: Tue Apr 24 2012 17:51:00

South Africa's ruling African National Congress denied Tuesday the appeal of its youth leader, Julius Malema, expelling him.

ANC to rule on Julius Malema's appealupdated: Tue Apr 24 2012 17:51:00

CNN's Nkepile Mabuse takes a look at the career of South Africa's controversial politician, Julius Malema.

South African president marries fourth wife updated: Sat Apr 21 2012 07:13:00

South African President Jacob Zuma married his longtime fiancee in a private ceremony at his rural home, making her one of his four current wives.

ANC bans youth leader Malema over criticismupdated: Wed Apr 04 2012 12:57:00

South Africa's ruling party banned its controversial youth leader Julius Malema from taking part in any party activities Wednesday, after he gave a speech that was critical of President Jacob Zuma.

Nelson Mandela in "satisfactory condition" after hernia surgeryupdated: Sat Feb 25 2012 18:37:00

South African anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela successfully underwent hernia surgery Saturday, a family member told CNN Saturday.

South Africa's assembly passes 'state secrets' lawupdated: Wed Nov 23 2011 12:13:00

South Africa's National Assembly passed legislation Tuesday that critics say is a threat to journalistic freedom and anti-corruption efforts.

S. Africa passes 'state secrets' lawupdated: Wed Nov 23 2011 12:13:00

S. Africa's nat'l assembly passed legislation some say is a threat to journalistic freedom and anti-corruption efforts.

South Africa's Malema suspended from ruling party for 5 years updated: Thu Nov 10 2011 07:35:00

South Africa's ruling party Thursday suspended its controversial youth leader for five years after a disciplinary committee found him guilty of sowing divisions.

Zuma's political rival to lead anti-poverty march updated: Thu Oct 27 2011 04:47:00

Security will be stepped up Thursday ahead of what is expected to be one of the biggest anti-poverty protests since democracy came to South Africa in 1994.

Zuma shakes up Cabinet in S. Africa corruption probeupdated: Mon Oct 24 2011 22:13:00

South Africa's president fired two ministers and suspended his chief of police Monday after they were implicated in the misuse of millions of dollars of public funds. Prince Albert: A Dowry for Bride Charlene?updated: Wed Jul 06 2011 14:30:00

"It's a South African tradition that a man pays lobolo," jokes South Africa's president

South African president blasts NATO actions in Libyaupdated: Wed Jun 15 2011 09:32:00

The president of South Africa lashed out Tuesday at NATO's enforcement of the U.N. resolution authorizing the organization to act to protect innocent civilians threatened by Libya's civil war.

South Africans pay last respects to anti-apartheid iconupdated: Sat Jun 11 2011 07:05:00

South Africans gathered at a stadium Saturday for the funeral service of a woman considered the mother of the nation's liberation struggle.

South Africa declares days of mourning for anti-apartheid iconupdated: Sat Jun 04 2011 06:59:00

South Africa declared national days of mourning Saturday to honor Albertina Sisulu, an icon of the anti-apartheid movement who died this week.

Libya: Zuma did not discuss Gadhafi 'exit strategies'updated: Wed Jun 01 2011 05:04:00

South African President Jacob Zuma did not discuss "exit strategies" with Moammar Gadhafi during talks about a possible African Union brokered cease-fire in Libya, according to a government spokesman.

South African leader arrives in Libyaupdated: Mon May 30 2011 19:40:00

South African President Jacob Zuma arrives in Libya to push for a ceasre-fire between Gadhafi forces and rebel fighters.

Fresh strikes in Libya as Zuma says Gadhafi is ready for cease-fireupdated: Mon May 30 2011 19:40:00

Fresh explosions rang out early Tuesday near Tripoli, hours after South African President Jacob Zuma held talks with Moammar Gadhafi and signalled he was ready to accept an African Union plan for a cease-fire.

South African leader to visit Gadhafi, push for cease-fire and talksupdated: Sun May 29 2011 18:24:00

South African President Jacob Zuma is set to meet embattled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Monday, his second visit to Tripoli since unrest started roiling the North African country.

South African president to meet Gadhafi next weekupdated: Wed May 25 2011 07:38:00

President Jacob Zuma will visit Tripoli next week for talks with embattled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, according to a statement on the South African leader's website.

Can African Union broker a Libya peace plan?updated: Mon Apr 11 2011 12:59:00

The African Union has emerged as a potential peace broker in Libya after it persuaded Moammar Gadhafi to agree to a mediation plan, but analysts say the body is unlikely to succeed unless it can overcome diplomatic disarray and distance itself from the Libyan leader.

S. African president: Gadhafi accepts terms of agreementupdated: Sun Apr 10 2011 18:58:00

Embattled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, in negotiations with the African Union, has agreed in principal to a deal that would end the conflict in the nation he's ruled for 42 years, South African President Jacob Zuma told reporters Sunday.

Zuma breaks impasse in Zimbabwe's fragile governmentupdated: Sat Nov 27 2010 10:18:00

South African leader Jacob Zuma was in neighboring Zimbabwe this week to rescue the seemingly crumbling power-sharing government of President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Pregnant woman turned away from hospitalupdated: Thu Aug 26 2010 12:10:00

A public sector workers strike causes misery for those seeking care in South Africa. CNN's Robyn Curnow reports.

Comment: Strike is devastating own goal for South Africaupdated: Thu Aug 26 2010 12:10:00

Six weeks ago South Africa was basking in the afterglow of hosting a successful soccer World Cup that lawmakers boasted would add millions of dollars to the national economy.

King, AIDS activists condemn Swaziland official's claimupdated: Thu Aug 26 2010 08:10:00

The king of Swaziland on Thursday distanced himself from a top adviser who has come under fire for saying the nation's AIDS epidemic is exaggerated to help benefit drug companies.

Zuma: World Cup is uniting South Africaupdated: Sun Jun 06 2010 17:50:00

Jacob Zuma insists the World Cup has already brought South Africa closer together, five days before the tournament begins.

Zuma launches health campaign by disclosing HIV statusupdated: Mon Apr 26 2010 06:18:00

President Jacob Zuma launched a program to combat AIDS in South Africa by making a public announcement that he is HIV negative.

South Africa murder controversyupdated: Tue Apr 06 2010 21:26:00

Racial tension was high outside a courthouse where two were charged in the murder of a white supremacist.

South Africa's neo-Nazis drop revenge vowupdated: Mon Apr 05 2010 17:56:00

A South African white supremacist group has retracted its statement vowing to avenge the killing of its leader, Eugene Terreblanche, a spokesman for the group said Monday.

Zuma appeals for calm after Terreblanche's deathupdated: Mon Apr 05 2010 09:49:00

South African President Jacob Zuma appealed for calm Sunday amid fears the killing of notorious white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche could stoke racial tensions in the country.

S. African leader looks to save Zimbabwe's unity governmentupdated: Tue Mar 16 2010 07:35:00

South African President Jacob Zuma is traveling to Zimbabwe on Tuesday to try to save that country's beleaguered unity government.

Mandela makes appearance as lawmakers honor himupdated: Tue Feb 16 2010 11:19:00

Former South African freedom fighter-turned-president Nelson Mandela made a rare public appearance Thursday as the nation's parliament met to honor him on the 20th anniversary of his release from prison.

Inspired by Mandela's 'stubborn sense of fairness'updated: Fri Feb 12 2010 10:08:00

Freedom lovers everywhere over a certain age recall the thrilling news 20 years ago that Nelson Mandela had been released from a Cape Town, South Africa, jail.

South African president apologizes for fathering illegitimate childupdated: Sun Feb 07 2010 02:55:00

South Africa's president has apologized for fathering a child out of wedlock after his admission prompted an outcry from critics who said he was undermining the nation's health campaign.

Zuma faces polygamy question at Davosupdated: Thu Jan 28 2010 14:25:00

South African President Jacob Zuma was forced to defend his right to have three wives Thursday, after he was put on the spot during an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

'Dawn of a new era' for AIDS in South Africa?updated: Thu Dec 03 2009 20:19:00

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma announced new policies to tackle the country's AIDS epidemic on Tuesday.

Zuma: We'll be ready for World Cupupdated: Fri Sep 25 2009 22:23:00

South African President Jacob Zuma acknowledged Friday that his country is beset by a high crime rate, but vowed it will be prepared to host the 2010 World Cup.

Zuma elected S. African president by parliamentupdated: Wed May 06 2009 10:51:00

The parliament of South Africa elected Jacob Zuma as the nation's president Wednesday.

Voting begins in South African electionsupdated: Wed Apr 22 2009 08:21:00

South Africans headed to the polls Wednesday, in elections that the ruling African National Congress is expected to win in a landslide.

South Africans voteupdated: Wed Apr 22 2009 08:21:00

A voter shares her feelings with CNN's Robyn Curnow about the ANC and a new player, Congress of the People.

Zuma for S. African Pres.updated: Tue Apr 21 2009 09:37:00

Jacob Zuma will almost certainly become South Africa's next president despite controversy, as CNN's Nkepile Mabuse reports.

S. African vote tests ANC's grip on powerupdated: Tue Apr 21 2009 09:37:00

The ruling African National Congress is expected to win Wednesday's elections in South Africa by a landslide, but polls predict it might lose its two-thirds parliamentary majority.

ANC's Zuma a free manupdated: Tue Apr 07 2009 08:16:00

ANC president Jacob Zuma will not be prosecuted for corruption. CNN's Nkepile Mabuse reports.

South African leader says he is innocentupdated: Tue Apr 07 2009 08:16:00

South Africa's ruling party president Jacob Zuma declared his innocence Tuesday after a court formally dropped corruption charges against him.

Corruption charges dropped against South African leaderupdated: Mon Apr 06 2009 08:03:00

Prosecutors dropped corruption charges Monday against South Africa's ruling party president Jacob Zuma, who is expected to win the presidential race later this month.

South African elections set for Aprilupdated: Tue Feb 10 2009 10:50:00

South Africans will hold general elections on April 22, the president announced Tuesday in Parliament, setting the stage for a campaign that will see the leading contender running despite his pending legal problems.

South African court postpones Zuma corruption proceedingsupdated: Wed Feb 04 2009 07:46:00

Corruption proceedings against Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa's ruling party, have been provisionally postponed until August 25, the High Court said Wednesday. In South Africa, the Party of Mandela Faces a Divorceupdated: Wed Oct 08 2008 13:30:00

Irreconcilable differences between supporters of ex-President Thabo Mbeki and those of his rival Jacob Zuma may lead to the creation of a new party South Africa's Ruling Party on the Verge of Splitting Up updated: Fri Oct 03 2008 14:00:00

An angry exchange of public denunciations between top leaders of the ANC suggests that some Mbeki loyalists may be planning to quit the party South Africa's Ruling-Party Turmoil: A Boost for Democracy? updated: Thu Sep 25 2008 13:00:00

Analysis: The political infighting between Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma has broken the ruling party's grip on the moral authority of a liberation movement South Africa's Next President?updated: Wed Sep 24 2008 18:00:00

Kgalema Motlanthe, a former political prisoner and middle-ground consensus-builder, is expected to become South Africa's interim leader as it transitions to a Jacob Zuma presidency

10 South African ministers resign with Mbekiupdated: Tue Sep 23 2008 12:42:00

Ten South African ministers and the deputy president have resigned as President Thabo Mbeki prepares to leave office.

Political turmoil in S. Africaupdated: Mon Sep 22 2008 07:19:00

CNN's Ralitsa vassileva talks to a professor about South Africa's political issues after President Thabo Mbeki resigned.

Sources: ANC to name Motlanthe as successor to Mbekiupdated: Mon Sep 22 2008 07:19:00

South Africa's ruling African National Congress party is to name deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe as the successor to President Thabo Mbeki Monday, two government sources have told CNN.

South African President Mbeki formally resignsupdated: Sun Sep 21 2008 23:34:00

South African President Thabo Mbeki announced his formal resignation Sunday during a televised address but did not say when he would leave office.

Analysis: Mbeki's departure 'the end of an era'updated: Sun Sep 21 2008 07:45:00

The leadership of the ruling African National Congress party in South Africa's call for President Thabo Mbeki to resign means the end of an era in South African politics. Why South Africa's Mbeki Resignedupdated: Sat Sep 20 2008 14:00:00

The ruling ANC forces the President's resignation amid fierce party infighting over a court case against his chef rival

South African President Mbeki to quitupdated: Sat Sep 20 2008 13:13:00

South African President Thabo Mbeki agreed Saturday to resign, clearing the way for his longtime political rival, Jacob Zuma, to run for the office next spring.

Zuma supporters celebrateupdated: Fri Sep 12 2008 11:10:00

South Africa's ruling ANC votes to oust President Thabo Mbeki as party leader and replace him with Jacob Zuma.

Judge throws out Zuma corruption chargesupdated: Fri Sep 12 2008 11:10:00

A South African judge has ruled Friday that the prosecution against African National Congress President Jacob Zuma was invalid, clearing the way for him to contest the presidential election early next year. South African Leader Back in Courtupdated: Tue Aug 05 2008 21:00:00

ANC president Jacob Zuma, frontrunner to lead the country, is facing renewed corruption charges

Defiant ANC leader fights corruption chargesupdated: Mon Aug 04 2008 14:33:00

Lawyers for Jacob Zuma, president of the African National Congress, urged judges Monday to declare Zuma's prosecution on corruption charges unlawful.

Zimbabwe crisis at critical level, warns Zumaupdated: Thu Apr 24 2008 19:04:00

Zimbabwe's election crisis will "explode" if other nations fail to take action, the leader of South Africa's ruling party said Wednesday.

Zuma backs unity governementupdated: Thu Apr 24 2008 19:04:00

CNN talks with Jacob Zuma about plans to form a unity government in Zimbabwe.

Possible human rights abuseupdated: Wed Apr 23 2008 12:34:00

CNN's Nkepile Mabuse reports on the continued political crisis in Zimbabwe.

Britain calls for Zimbabwe arms embargoupdated: Wed Apr 23 2008 12:34:00

Britain's prime minister Wednesday called for an arms embargo on Zimbabwe and urged condemnation of the country's recent elections as initial results of an opposition-decried recount showed in favor of President Robert Mugabe's party.

Elite police unit in spotlightupdated: Fri Feb 01 2008 15:58:00

Critics say the Scorpions, a police unit in South Africa, are a victim of their success. CNN's Robyn Curnow reports.

Corruption cases highlight ANC, Scorpions feudupdated: Fri Feb 01 2008 15:58:00

The embattled police commissioner in South Africa appeared in court Friday in a case that casts light on a controversy between the country's ruling political party and an elite anti-crime squad.

Zuma to run in S. African electionupdated: Tue Jan 08 2008 05:21:00

South Africa's ruling African National Congress said Tuesday that Jacob Zuma will be its presidential candidate in the 2009 national elections, despite his pending trial on corruption and other charges, the South African Press Association reported.

Influence denied in case against South African heir apparentupdated: Tue Jan 01 2008 14:26:00

South African prosecutors on Tuesday denied claims that President Thabo Mbeki influenced their indictment of newly elected African National Congress leader Jacob Zuma.

ANC votes for changeupdated: Tue Jan 01 2008 14:26:00

Despite a checkered political career, Jacob Zuma is elected leader of the governing ANC. CNN's Robyn Curnow reports.

Zuma cool on corruption threatupdated: Thu Dec 20 2007 18:35:00

Two days after he was elected leader of the African National Congress, Jacob Zuma brushed aside a threat by South Africa's chief prosecutor to charge him with corruption.

Zuma faces corruption chargesupdated: Thu Dec 20 2007 18:35:00

The new leader of South Africa's ANC urges unity but does not mention the cloud of corruption charges hanging over him. South Africa's Mbeki Repudiatedupdated: Tue Dec 18 2007 18:00:00

The triumph of Jacob Zuma in the race to lead the ANC marks a stunning veto of the course charted by its leader

Mbeki calls for ANC unity, supportupdated: Tue Dec 18 2007 00:05:00

Appealing for unity and taking a jab at his political rival, South African President Thabo Mbeki made a last-ditch attempt on Sunday to rescue his political career as he addressed a conference of the governing party. Final Punches in South Africa Brawlupdated: Sat Dec 15 2007 16:00:00

As the ANC gathers to elect its leader, a new round of corruption allegations are leveled against the leading contender, Jacob Zuma South Africa's Succession Fightupdated: Wed Oct 10 2007 17:50:00

The justice system becomes a battleground for a power struggle within the ruling party AIDS Fighter Ousted in South Africa updated: Fri Aug 10 2007 10:00:00

President Mbeki fires the health minister who has tried to bring some sense to the nation's war against the disease

S. Africa drops Zuma graft chargesupdated: Wed Sep 20 2006 08:07:00

The corruption case against former South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma has been thrown out of court, his lawyer has told CNN.

Mbeki ex-deputy charged with rapeupdated: Tue Dec 06 2005 04:14:00

Former South African deputy president Jacob Zuma has been charged with rape, prosecutors said.

S. African deputy president's aide jailedupdated: Wed Jun 08 2005 08:44:00

The former financial adviser to South Africa's Deputy President Jacob Zuma has been sentenced to serve 15 years in prison after his conviction on corruption charges.

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