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This is what happens when politics starts looking like a cult: Jeb Bush gets attacked for being a traitor to the conservative cause.

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Predicting Romney's VP choiceupdated: Tue Apr 24 2012 13:32:00

CNN's Paul Steinhauser takes a look at some of Mitt Romney's prospective GOP running mates.

NRA's Marion Hammer stands her ground updated: Sun Apr 15 2012 09:20:00

Marion Hammer was 5 when she first held a gun in her hands. Her grandfather handed her a .22 bolt-action single-shot rifle and told her to hunt down a rabbit or a squirrel for dinner. She practiced first, aiming at cans lined up on the wooden fence.

'Stand Your Ground' tested in old caseupdated: Sun Apr 15 2012 09:20:00

CNN's Randi Kaye reports on "Stand Your Ground" law in Florida and why one widow says it's a free pass for murder.

Romney's big day marred by Etch A Sketch remarkupdated: Thu Mar 22 2012 05:37:00

Mitt Romney picked up a highly prized endorsement Wednesday from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush after a convincing victory the night before in the Illinois primary but then saw a top adviser's televised comment provide new ammunition to his trailing rivals in the Republican presidential race.

GOP knight in shining armor isn't going to happenupdated: Mon Feb 27 2012 12:41:00

About that knight in shining armor -- the Republican candidate with the quick-witted, pugnacious style of Newt Gingrich; the blue-collar conservative values of Rick Santorum; the cool business acumen of Mitt Romney; and the passionate supporters of Ron Paul.

The Campaign Trailupdated: Mon Feb 27 2012 12:41:00

A close up look at some of the best moments from the 2012 GOP race.

Carville: GOP adults want 'children' to behave themselvesupdated: Fri Feb 24 2012 19:13:00

Memo to the "adults" of the Republican Party:

We need to fix No Child Left Behindupdated: Fri Jan 06 2012 14:58:00

Ten years ago, "No Child Left Behind" became the law of the land.

Why the GOP field is so weak updated: Fri Dec 09 2011 09:53:00

As usual, Professor Paul Krugman's piece in the Monday morning New York Times is causing a great deal of chatter among the political types. Krugman points out just how inept the Republican field is. In some cases he takes a scalpel (and in others a machete) to surely the weakest field of presidential aspirants any party has offered in modern American history (see my earlier CNN column comparing this field to 1980). I believe I can explain why this field is so inept. In order to proffer this explanation I am going to utilize Professor Krugman's field of economics.

Gov. Jeb Bush impressed by Romneyupdated: Thu Oct 13 2011 12:48:00

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush tells Piers Morgan why he continues to be impressed with Mitt Romney Lauren Bush and David Lauren Tie the Knotupdated: Mon Sep 05 2011 17:51:00

The couple wed in a lavish ceremony at Ralph Lauren's Colorado ranch

Hispanic conservatives keep close eye on Republican debateupdated: Sun Jun 26 2011 00:29:00

As Republicans gear up for Monday's presidential debate in New Hampshire, some conservative Hispanics say they'll be watching closely -- and they're hoping to see more than the current field of candidates has offered so far.

Miami school's turnaround wins Obama's attentionupdated: Fri Mar 04 2011 17:04:00

You could barely hear the dismissal buzzer over the sound of the pressure cleaner. But as school officials tried to spruce up their campus a bit, the buzz inside the hallways was almost as loud.

Pressure for school reform is buildingupdated: Wed Feb 23 2011 12:13:00

Even before Gov. Scott Walker began headlining the national news and teachers walked off their jobs and joined protests en masse over Wisconsin's budgetary reform measures, the country had been engaging in a serious dialogue on meaningful education reform.

They say they're not running in 2012updated: Wed Feb 09 2011 14:01:00

Political reporters are like market researchers -- always looking for the next big thing.

2012 undecided candidatesupdated: Wed Feb 09 2011 14:01:00

CNN's Candy Crowley reports on those who keep saying they don't want to play in campaign 2012 for the White House.

Bush says some NATO allies let U.S. down in Afghanistanupdated: Mon Nov 15 2010 13:03:00

Former President George W. Bush defended his administration's handling of the war in Afghanistan on Sunday, telling CNN that some NATO allies who contributed troops to the conflict "turned out not to be willing to fight."

Paging Jeb Bush -- for 2012updated: Mon Nov 15 2010 11:25:00

Americans are horribly divided over the legacy of our 43rd president: George W. Bush. These factions locked horns when Bush was in office, and they're at it again this month now that Bush has released "Decision Points," a memoir of his personal and political life.

Crowley: Trying to get Bush to reveal what he hasn't alreadyupdated: Sun Nov 14 2010 04:04:00

Who wouldn't take a company-paid trip to Florida in November? So I'm going but, no beach involved.

2008: President Bush on his presidencyupdated: Sun Nov 14 2010 04:04:00

Candy Crowley's 2008 exit interview with George W. Bush on his presidential legacy.

Political family names bring shame as well as fameupdated: Mon Aug 10 2009 11:03:00

For some families, like the Kennedys, the Bushes and the Roosevelts, politics runs in the blood. But as history shows, coming from a powerful political family doesn't mean a free ride to the top.

Romney strikes back at Steeleupdated: Wed May 13 2009 13:02:00

CNN's Paul Steinhauser on former Gov. Mitt Romney hitting back at RNC Chairman Michael Steele over his Mormon comments.

Family feud roils Republican Partyupdated: Wed May 13 2009 13:02:00

President Obama poked fun at the travails of the Republican Party last weekend, telling the party's chairman that no, the GOP does not qualify for a bailout, and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh does not count as a troubled asset.

Barbara Bush expected to make good recovery, surgeon saysupdated: Thu Mar 05 2009 16:52:00

The surgeon who performed heart surgery Wednesday on former first lady Barbara Bush said Thursday that she is recovering well from the 2 1/2-hour surgery in which her aortic valve was replaced with a pig valve.

Wistful ex-President Bush says goodbye to White Houseupdated: Mon Jan 19 2009 20:35:00

On their son's last night as president, a melancholy former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, made an impromptu visit to the White House's press briefing room and told reporters how much they'll miss the building.

Senate Republicans brace for ominous 2010updated: Thu Jan 15 2009 15:22:00

The 111th Congress has just barely begun as Senate Republicans brace for more grueling elections in 2010 that threaten to further weaken the party's influence in Congress.

Jeb Bush considering Senate runupdated: Wed Dec 03 2008 13:37:00

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is considering a bid for the U.S. Senate, Republican strategist Alex Castellanos told CNN. Can Florida Avoid Another Election Day Meltdown?updated: Mon Nov 03 2008 18:00:00

The Sunshine State has come a long way since the butterfly ballots and hanging chads of the 2000 recount. But there are still potential pitfalls for what promises to be a very tight race. GOP Targets Dem 'Scandal Babies' updated: Tue Jul 08 2008 18:10:00

Democrats who sneaked into Congress two years ago on the wave of revulsion at Republican scandals are seen as vulnerable

The father of lethal injectionsupdated: Thu Nov 01 2007 18:24:00

The inventor of lethal injection gives his view of the controversial method of execution. CNN's Carol Costello reports.

Florida court ruling puts executions back on calendarupdated: Thu Nov 01 2007 18:24:00

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday denied a death row inmate's request to stay his execution, saying the state's lethal injection procedures are not cruel and unusual punishment. What's Wrong With Florida's Prisons?updated: Wed Oct 17 2007 05:00:00

The acquittal of seven guards and a nurse charged in the death of a teenage boot-camp inmate has renewed calls for reform of the state's troubled corrections system

Justices to decide if lethal injection is 'cruel and unusual'updated: Tue Sep 25 2007 14:59:00

The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to delve into a divisive controversy over capital punishment -- whether lethal injection causes excruciating pain and violates the Constitution's ban on "cruel and unusual punishment."

Commentary: 'English-only' debate rule lost in translationupdated: Mon Sep 10 2007 10:30:00

In politics, Hispanics are a bundle of contradictions.

Toobin: Cruelty-free execution is difficultupdated: Fri Dec 15 2006 17:43:00

After it took 34 minutes for an inmate in Florida to die by injection, Gov. Jeb Bush on Friday ordered a moratorium on all executions in the state. Meanwhile, a federal judge in California ruled Friday that lethal injection could be unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment and stopped executions in that state.

Boot camp teen's parents: 'It's a good day'updated: Tue Nov 28 2006 11:52:00

Eight former employees of the Bay County Sheriff's Office were charged Tuesday with aggravated manslaughter in the death of a 14-year-old at a Florida boot camp for juvenile offenders.

Hurricane watches shift to mid-Atlanticupdated: Tue Aug 29 2006 00:25:00

Hurricane watches have been dropped for most of Florida, as forecasters predicted that Tropical Storm Ernesto would not strengthen before landfall in the Florida Keys on Tuesday night, the National Hurricane Center said.

Ernesto on track for South Floridaupdated: Mon Aug 28 2006 01:29:00

Tropical Storm Ernesto shifted toward the northwest Monday, putting it on a possible track for landfall in South Florida by Tuesday, forecasters said.

Poll: Clinton gets high 'no' vote for 2008updated: Mon Jun 19 2006 19:37:00

With the presidential election more than two years away, a CNN poll released Monday suggests that nearly half of Americans would "definitely not vote for" Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose name repeatedly tops lists of potential 2008 Democratic candidates.

More of your information than you think might be onlineupdated: Mon Jun 12 2006 17:20:00

If you are worried about a thief stealing your identity, it's not your wallet that needs guarding -- it's your state and local governments.

When opposites attractupdated: Mon Dec 19 2005 14:43:00

The whole deal, as 42 might say, was 43's idea. Looking for a way to showcase the U.S. relief effort after the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami last December, George W. Bush wondered if his two immediate predecessors in the White House might be willing to suit up and hit the road. He asked his chief of staff, "Do you think they'd work together?" The easy, reflex answer would have been no. George Herbert Walker Bush and William Jefferson Clinton came from different generations, from different social classes and from opposing political parties. Their 1992 face-off wasn't exactly tea and sympathy: Bush once called Clinton a "bozo," and Clinton usually referred to his rival as "Old Bush." The 10 years that followed weren't much better. The 1992 defeat hit Bush so hard that friends say he needed half a decade to get over it, and an aide recalls that some of Clinton's angriest private moments during his impeachment were rants directed not at independent counsel Ken Starr but at the Bush family's aura of privile

What about Jeb and Arnold?updated: Mon Nov 14 2005 11:54:00

One is the brother of the president, a member of the nation's reigning Republican political dynasty; the other is a movie star who married into the nation's most enduring Democratic political dynasty. Between them, they govern two of the biggest states in the country. But while Florida's Jeb Bush and California's Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly have the highest profiles of any state leaders in the U.S., neither has been able to translate that celebrity into full-blown success. In fact, each has learned the hard way that star power doesn't help nearly as much after an election as before one.

Gas lines ease in Floridaupdated: Fri Oct 28 2005 11:55:00

Simple tasks like buying gas, cooking food and even turning on the lights got a little easier Friday, with power restored to nearly half the homes and businesses that lost it during Hurricane Wilma.

Gov. Bush: No gas shortage after Wilmaupdated: Thu Oct 27 2005 07:12:00

Gov. Jeb Bush told Floridians on Thursday there is no gasoline shortage, only a temporary distribution problem caused by power outages throughout the southeastern part of the state.

After Wilma, wait frustrates Floridiansupdated: Wed Oct 26 2005 01:11:00

Utility crews worked Wednesday to restore electricity to 2.5 million customers, and hundreds of residents waited in long lines for supplies two days after Hurricane Wilma battered the southern third of Florida.

Floridians face weeks without powerupdated: Tue Oct 25 2005 04:18:00

Many Floridians could be without electricity for weeks, authorities said Tuesday, a day after Hurricane Wilma plowed across the peninsula.

Wilma rockets toward southwest Floridaupdated: Sun Oct 23 2005 04:03:00

Hurricane Wilma strengthened as it picked up forward speed across the Gulf of Mexico with landfall expected along Florida's southwest coast early Monday, forecasters said.

Why DNA exonerations may get rarerupdated: Mon Sep 26 2005 17:42:00

Justice, it seems, has an expiration date. Luis Diaz last month became one of a handful of Florida prisoners -- and one of 99 nationwide -- exonerated by DNA testing since 2000.

With Rita strengthening, Galveston orders evacuationupdated: Tue Sep 20 2005 01:42:00

With Hurricane Rita intensifying as it treks westward through the Gulf of Mexico, the mayor of Galveston declared a state of emergency Tuesday night.

Governor orders evacuation of Keysupdated: Mon Sep 19 2005 04:21:00

Gov. Jeb Bush ordered the Florida Keys evacuated in anticipation of Tropical Storm Rita, which was forecast to become a hurricane Tuesday morning.

Tropical Storm Rita gaining muscleupdated: Sun Sep 18 2005 06:32:00

Tropical Storm Rita gained strength off the Bahamas late Sunday, triggering hurricane warnings across the Bahamas, Cuba and southern Florida and prompting evacuations in the lower Florida Keys.

Katrina now Category 4 stormupdated: Sat Aug 27 2005 04:18:00

Hurricane Katrina was packing winds of up to 145 mph early Sunday as it approached the U.S. Gulf Coast, the National Hurricane Center said early Sunday.

Shuttle returns to spaceupdated: Tue Jul 26 2005 03:12:00

Discovery roared into orbit Tuesday in NASA's first shuttle flight since the 2003 Columbia disaster, and afterward engineers began evaluating pictures of falling debris to determine the chances of another mishap.

Dennis soaking Ohio River Valleyupdated: Mon Jul 11 2005 02:44:00

Remnants of Dennis soaked portions of the Ohio River Valley Monday after the former Category 3 hurricane left five people dead in Florida and Georgia.

Senior Bush plugs Jeb for president 'someday' updated: Tue May 31 2005 22:23:00

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush would be "awfully good" in the job of president, but the timing isn't right, his father and former President George H.W. Bush told CNN Tuesday.

Pope 'prayed not to be elected'updated: Mon Apr 25 2005 03:34:00

Pope Benedict XVI has revealed he prayed to God during the conclave not to be elected pope but that "evidently this time He didn't listen to me."

Vatican prepares to install popeupdated: Sun Apr 24 2005 04:26:00

Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, will officially take the helm of the Roman Catholic Church on Sunday before a crowd filled with dignitaries, members of his flock and a worldwide television audience of millions.

Health care: The stealth revolutionupdated: Tue Apr 19 2005 13:25:00

Lost in the fray of the public debate over Terri Schiavo, steroids and Social Security, a political revolution may be quietly taking hold this year, far away from the halls of Capitol Hill.

Fighting the axupdated: Mon Apr 04 2005 17:58:00

Governors and mayors across the country are lining up political firepower to keep their military bases--and the jobs and income they generate--off the Bush Administration's hit list.

Lessons of the Schiavo battleupdated: Wed Mar 30 2005 12:37:00

What the bitter fight tells us about politics, religion, the courts and life itself.

Politicians can't win in Schiavo caseupdated: Fri Mar 25 2005 15:06:00

No one can make political gains out of the Terri Schiavo case because any move that looks political is instantly discredited.

Cohen: Mental states are clearly definedupdated: Wed Mar 23 2005 18:23:00

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals twice denied requests Wednesday from the parents of Terri Schiavo, who are seeking to have the severely brain-damaged woman's feeding tube reinserted.

Florida: The new trendsetterupdated: Tue Mar 22 2005 16:40:00

Congress' historic -- some would say ill-advised -- action in the Terri Schiavo case this week symbolizes one of the most important but least appreciated new political trends of the last decade -- the emergence of Florida as a national harbinger of political trends and issues.

Supreme Court refuses to hear Schiavo appealupdated: Mon Jan 24 2005 10:42:00

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the husband of a brain-damaged woman on Monday by refusing to intervene in a Florida appeal to keep her alive with a feeding tube.

Annan to visit stricken regionsupdated: Sat Jan 01 2005 22:34:00

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan will visit tsunami-stricken areas in south Asia following a donor conference this week in Jakarta, the United Nations says.

Powell, Jeb Bush to lead U.S. teamupdated: Thu Dec 30 2004 18:07:00

A U.S. delegation headed by Secretary of State Colin Powell and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, brother of President George W. Bush, will travel to southern Asia Sunday to assess humanitarian needs, a White House spokesman said Thursday.

Gov. Bush appeals to Supreme Court on Schiavo caseupdated: Wed Dec 01 2004 16:40:00

Attorneys for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to become involved in the ongoing case of a brain damaged woman, Terri Schiavo.

The extraordinary triumph of President George W. Bush updated: Mon Nov 08 2004 11:47:00

Tuesday was the night the ghosts died in the Bush White House. There was the ghost of his last campaign, which Bush lost among voters but won in the court.

Bush, Kerry sprint to the finishupdated: Sun Oct 31 2004 00:43:00

With less than 48 hours to go before the presidential election, Sen. John Kerry and President Bush reached out to voters in key states Sunday.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says he won't run for president in 2008updated: Mon Oct 18 2004 08:40:00

Gov. Jeb Bush said Sunday he will not run for president in 2008 and defended his brother from critics who say the president refuses to acknowledge his mistakes.

Governor Bush seeks Schiavo rehearingupdated: Mon Oct 04 2004 17:41:00

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush filed a motion for rehearing Monday in the case of Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged woman whose husband has sought to allow her to die.

Jeanne eyewall hits Floridaupdated: Sat Sep 25 2004 03:01:00

Hurricane Jeanne, a dangerous Category 3 storm with sustained winds near 115 mph, began its assault on the east coast of Florida on Saturday night.

Florida in path of Hurricane Jeanneupdated: Fri Sep 24 2004 03:52:00

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush declared a state of emergency Friday as the state prepared for the arrival of Jeanne, potentially the fourth hurricane to strike the Sunshine State this year.

Florida court strikes down 'Terri's Law'updated: Thu Sep 23 2004 12:35:00

In a unanimous ruling Thursday, the Florida Supreme Court struck down a law quickly passed to keep a brain-damaged woman on a feeding tube despite her husband's opposition.

Court OKs Nader on Florida ballotupdated: Sat Sep 18 2004 01:15:00

Presidential candidate Ralph Nader will be included on the Nov. 2 ballot in Florida on the Reform Party line, after the state's highest court turned back a Democratic effort to get him tossed from the ballot.

Hurricane Ivan passes battered Cubaupdated: Mon Sep 13 2004 02:42:00

Hurricane Ivan, packing maximum sustained winds near 160 mph (260 kph), began moving away from western Cuba late Monday, toppling power lines, uprooting trees and causing extensive flooding.

Ivan's projected path shifts westwardupdated: Sat Sep 11 2004 13:49:00

Florida's Gulf Coast residents should spend Saturday stocking up on supplies or making plans for a possible evacuation as Hurricane Ivan follows an uncertain path closer to them, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said.

Bush's war record still in questionupdated: Thu Sep 09 2004 09:17:00

Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

Bush: Sad for 'trauma, tragedy' storm will bringupdated: Sat Sep 04 2004 18:39:00

As Hurricane Frances began to lash the Sunshine State on Saturday afternoon, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush spoke to CNN's Fredricka Whitfield about his state's preparations for the storm.

Hurricane Frances weakens slightlyupdated: Fri Sep 03 2004 03:41:00

Just weeks after Hurricane Charley tore through Florida, Hurricane Frances aimed for the Sunshine State Saturday morning, packing winds of 105 mph and bringing the potential for up to 20 inches of rain.

Bush vs. Francesupdated: Thu Sep 02 2004 08:39:00

Exactly two months before Election Day, President Bush holds a theater-in-the-round in the Garden tonight, accepting his renomination while laying out "vision," etc.

Millions of Floridians told to evacuateupdated: Thu Sep 02 2004 03:02:00

Florida residents in the path of Hurricane Frances boarded up their homes and jammed highways and airports Thursday to escape the massive storm.

Jeb Bush could skip GOP conventionupdated: Thu Aug 19 2004 08:18:00

Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

CNNMoney: Picking up the piecesupdated: Mon Aug 16 2004 12:12:00

More than 370,000 Floridians are without power after hurricane Charley roared across the state packing winds of 145 mph.

CNNMoney: Losses mount from Charleyupdated: Mon Aug 16 2004 08:08:00

Insurers were trying Monday to sharpen loss estimates for Hurricane Charley, which could emerge as the second-costliest storm in the nation's history.

Help pours in for Floridiansupdated: Sun Aug 15 2004 07:05:00

Federal and state officials worked Sunday to hasten the arrival of aid, electricity and security to the thousands of Floridians left homeless and hungry by Hurricane Charley.

The politics of Hurricane Charleyupdated: Fri Aug 13 2004 16:17:00

There was lots of political turmoil this week. But suddenly, a bigger source of turmoil has moved in.

CNNMoney: Assessing the damageupdated: Fri Aug 13 2004 13:38:00

On Sunday, President Bush and his brother, Gov. Jeb Bush, trekked through southwest Florida, pointing at piles of debris, assessing the damage wrought by Hurricane Charley.

400,000 ordered to evacuate in Floridaupdated: Thu Aug 12 2004 00:29:00

Emergency officials ordered hundreds of thousands of residents along central Florida's Gulf Coast, including the Tampa Bay area, to evacuate Thursday as Hurricane Charley strengthened.

Missing linksupdated: Tue Aug 10 2004 07:32:00

President Bush and Arizona Sen. John McCain tour the Florida Panhandle today, stumping in GOP-friendly counties that Bush won by double digits in 2000.

Florida scraps list of suspected felons barred from votingupdated: Mon Jul 12 2004 15:32:00

Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood has decided to scrap a list that was intended to keep more than 47,000 suspected felons from voting in November.

Bush parachutes for 80th birthdayupdated: Sun Jun 13 2004 13:20:00

Former President George H.W. Bush celebrated his 80th birthday Sunday by parachuting twice onto the grounds of his presidential library.

Law keeping brain-damaged woman alive struck downupdated: Thu May 06 2004 12:38:00

A Pinellas County Circuit Court judge has dealt Florida Gov. Jeb Bush a first-round defeat by ruling that a law specifically intended to save the life of a brain-damaged woman is unconstitutional and a violation of the right to privacy.

Moore: Disney blocking film about Bushupdated: Wed May 05 2004 08:16:00

Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said the Walt Disney Company has blocked distribution of his new film critical of U.S. President George W. Bush.

Haitians flee to U.S. in boatsupdated: Wed Feb 25 2004 19:17:00

The U.S. Coast Guard said Thursday it has picked up more than 500 Haitians attempting to flee their troubled island home by sea and will send most of them back to Haiti, where a spreading rebellion has stoked fears of a new wave of refugees.

Fortune: The Man Who Could Be President George W. Bush isn't just the spittin' image of his dad. He's a popular governor, updated: Mon Mar 29 1999 00:01:00

First of all, it's George W. Bush. Not George H.W. Bush. Not Junior. Not Shrub. Don't confuse the governor of Texas with his dad. George the Younger speaks in complete sentences. He believes in tha...

Fortune: FALL ELECTIONS: IT'S THE ECONOMY, GOV!updated: Mon Sep 19 1994 00:01:00

With baseball in limbo, this fall's best races will be in the 34 statehouse elections around the U.S. Pocketbook issues may decide the major battles, in which three Democratic and two Republican in...

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