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The bomb and gun rampage that left 77 people dead in Norway last summer could have been avoided, an independent report found Monday.

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Norwegians value respecting killer's human rightsupdated: Tue Apr 17 2012 05:56:00

Anders Behring Breivik's defense counsel had warned that the self-confessed killer would show no remorse. And that was clear from the start.

Rampage suspect says he acted to save Norwayupdated: Mon Apr 16 2012 20:46:00

The man accused of killing 77 people in a bomb-and-gun rampage in Norway last summer said his actions were justified to save the country from multicultural forces as he went on trial Monday.

Saying he deserves a medal, Norway mass shooting suspect stays jailedupdated: Tue Feb 07 2012 05:27:00

A Norwegian court concluded Monday that Anders Behring Breivik -- the man charged with killing 77 people last July, an attack he claimed merited a medal of honor -- can legally be kept in custody until his trial starts in April, according to court documents.

Norway suspect claims he planned attacks on other targets, police sayupdated: Sat Jul 30 2011 09:32:00

The suspect in Norway's July 22 terror attacks has told police he had plans to attack other targets, Norwegian police said Saturday.

Norway honors victims of terrorist attacksupdated: Fri Jul 29 2011 19:29:00

Norway paid tribute Friday to those killed and wounded in two terror attacks a week ago with a somber memorial service in Oslo organized by the youth movement of the ruling Labour Party.

Memorial service honors Norway victimsupdated: Fri Jul 29 2011 19:29:00

A national memorial service for those killed in last week's terror attack is held in Oslo. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

Norway police face questions over attacks responseupdated: Fri Jul 29 2011 01:59:00

Norway's police are facing tough questions over their response to last Friday's terror attacks, in which 76 people died.

Norway PM announces commission to examine attacksupdated: Wed Jul 27 2011 13:40:00

An independent commission will be set up to examine Friday's terror attacks in which at least 76 people died, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg announced Wednesday.

Prime minister: Norway still 'an open society' despite 'the horror'updated: Mon Jul 25 2011 23:48:00

Norway's prime minister pledged that his country would remain "an open society" in the wake of Friday's massacre in Oslo and a nearby youth camp but said the bloodshed has changed the nation.

Norway: A day of griefupdated: Mon Jul 25 2011 08:09:00

Diana Magnay reports on how Norway is mourning the victims of a day of terror.

Who is the suspect in the Norway attacks?updated: Sun Jul 24 2011 21:20:00

As Norway struggles to come to terms with its greatest loss of life in decades, all eyes are on the man charged in the explosion in central Oslo and the deadly shooting rampage at a youth camp.

Manifesto refers to European civil warupdated: Sun Jul 24 2011 15:37:00

CNN's Jim Boulden reports on a 1,500 page manifesto possibly linked to Oslo bombing and youth camp rampage suspect.

Lawyer: Norway terror suspect will 'explain himself' Mondayupdated: Sun Jul 24 2011 06:17:00

The suspect in the bombing and mass shooting in Norway believed the terrorist attacks were "horrible," but "in his head (they) were necessary," a man who identified himself as the suspect's lawyer told Norwegian broadcaster TV2.

Norway PM: Paradise turned to hellupdated: Sat Jul 23 2011 18:33:00

Norway PM Jens Stoltenberg says the shooting attacks occurred at the same place his political ambitions took root.

How Labour Party's paradise in Utoya turned to 'hell'updated: Sat Jul 23 2011 18:33:00

On a rural island some 20 miles from Norway's capital, hundreds of young members of the country's Labour Party gathered each summer to discuss politics and democracy and enjoy each other's company.

Police aren't ruling out more suspects in Norway attacksupdated: Sat Jul 23 2011 13:47:00

Police in Norway have not ruled out the possibility that more than one person was involved in Friday's twin attacks that left at least 92 dead, officials said Saturday.

Norwegian PM: Attack 'like a nightmare'updated: Sat Jul 23 2011 11:12:00

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg spoke at a news conference Saturday about the two-pronged attack on his country the previous day -- a shooting at a youth camp that killed at least 85, and a bomb targeting government buildings in the capital, Oslo, that killed seven. The following is a transcript of his speech:

After 40 years of talks, Russia and Norway sign border agreementupdated: Wed Sep 15 2010 14:12:00

Russia and Norway signed a deal Wednesday that defines their maritime border, settling a long-running dispute that has affected commercial fishing and energy interests.

Stranded leader runs country by iPadupdated: Sat Apr 17 2010 02:43:00

Running a country? There's an app for that.

Stranded PM runs Norway remotelyupdated: Sat Apr 17 2010 02:43:00

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg explains how technology is helping him stay in touch while he is unable to return home.

Biden meets leaders ahead of G-20 summitupdated: Fri Mar 27 2009 13:54:00

Five days before world leaders meet in England for the G-20 Summit, Vice President Joe Biden is attending a two-day conference in Chile that includes seven Latin American and European heads of state. UN Climate Chief to Visit Antarcticaupdated: Tue Jan 08 2008 19:00:00

The next report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should deal with the "frightening" possibility that both Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets start melting at the same time, the chief U.N. climate scientist said Tuesday

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