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Shortly after President Barack Obama was inaugurated, he said that his re-election effort will be judged largely on the economy.

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Super PAC's reported anti-Obama ad sparks backlash, quick denialupdated: Fri May 18 2012 05:02:00

Predictions of super PAC-fueled campaign ugliness seemed to come to reality on Thursday when reports broke of a potential conservative group's ad campaign aimed at tying President Barack Obama to a controversy many thought put to rest nearly four years ago.

African-Americans: Blacks in Cuba 'treated with callous disregard'updated: Wed Dec 09 2009 01:57:00

A group of prominent African-Americans has challenged Cuba's race record, accusing the island nation of harassing its black citizens and cracking down on civil rights activists.

Republicans, don't fear the primariesupdated: Tue Nov 10 2009 13:53:00

Tea Party activists and other conservative Republicans are threatening to run their candidates against more moderate senatorial and congressional candidates in next year's primaries.

White House begins publishing the names of visitorsupdated: Sat Oct 31 2009 02:26:00

The White House on Friday began releasing the names of visitors as part of a Barack Obama campaign promise to run a more transparent administration.

Commentary: White House can't duck raceupdated: Thu Jul 30 2009 11:53:00

Unless one of the three men assembled tonight at the White House for a beer spoils the moment by asking for Chardonnay, it seems likely that the altercation between the professor and the police officer will blow over, and the media will get back to reporting on serious stories, like Michael Jackson's doctor.

Commentary: Hate crimes terrorize all of usupdated: Fri Jun 12 2009 06:48:00

To think there are some people who still argue that the law shouldn't categorize some offenses as hate crimes and allow for enhanced criminal penalties.

Commentary: A day to rejoice -- and recommitupdated: Tue Jan 20 2009 06:32:00

Today Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America.

RNC chairman condemns controversial Obama songupdated: Mon Dec 29 2008 10:55:00

The chairman of the Republican National Committee said he was "appalled" by a song called "Barack the Magic Negro" on a CD distributed by one of his political rivals.

RNC chairman candidate defends 'Barack the Magic Negro' songupdated: Fri Dec 26 2008 17:31:00

A candidate for the Republican National Committee chairmanship said Friday the CD he sent committee members for Christmas -- which included a song titled "Barack the Magic Negro" -- was clearly intended as a joke.

'Saturday Night Live' not funny, says N.Y. Gov. Patersonupdated: Tue Dec 16 2008 10:26:00

New York Gov. David Paterson said Monday "Saturday Night Live" went too far in its portrayal of the legally blind governor over the weekend.

Here they are -- the Top 10 Political Turkeys of 2008updated: Thu Nov 27 2008 10:12:00

November 27 may be Turkey Day in America, but in the world of politics, every day is turkey day.

Political turkeys of the yearupdated: Thu Nov 27 2008 10:12:00

CNN's Bill Schneider unveils his political all-star team for 2008, all turkeys.

'All things are possible'updated: Wed Nov 05 2008 17:01:00

Sen. Barack Obama says there should be no doubt that 'all things are possible.'

Pennsylvania Republicans highlight Wright in last-minute adupdated: Sun Nov 02 2008 16:16:00

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania launched a last-minute television ad that calls attention to Barack Obama's relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Commentary: Republican attacks show fear and desperationupdated: Wed Oct 22 2008 11:25:00

Watching Sen. John McCain and top Republicans swing wildly in their attempts to slam Sen. Barack Obama, with less than two weeks ago to go before Election Day, is like watching an old fighter --clearly out of gas, his legs turned to rubber, and all he can do is grab, hold, punch behind the back, just anything to try to win. Obama to Visit Seriously Ill Grandmotherupdated: Tue Oct 21 2008 14:10:00

The candidate will leave the campaign trail for Hawaii on Thursday and Friday Does Sarah Palin Have a Pentecostal Problem?updated: Thu Oct 09 2008 17:00:00

One reason the Republicans aren't going after Obama's relationship with the Rev. Wright: their Veep candidate has her own church issues

Obama: McCain's mortgage plan shows 'erratic' leadershipupdated: Thu Oct 09 2008 16:07:00

Sen. Barack Obama on Thursday slammed Sen. John McCain's new mortgage plan as "the latest in a series of shifting positions" and evidence of "erratic and uncertain leadership." Obama Meets O'Reilly: No One Dies!updated: Thu Sep 04 2008 23:50:00

In a (mostly) civil exchange, the Democratic nominee and Fox kingpin talk about the U.S. and the threats abroad

Michelle: Barack not into fashionupdated: Mon Aug 25 2008 11:05:00

Michelle Obama comments on husband Barack's clothes and his first moments being a dad.

Barack Obama: A meteoric riseupdated: Mon Aug 25 2008 11:05:00

When Sen. Barack Obama accepts his party's presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, he will have experienced one of the most rapid -- and unexpected -- ascents in American political history. Will 'Experience' Hurt Obama?updated: Tue Jun 24 2008 20:40:00

The "candidate of change" has been looking dangerously like a Washington politician lately. Can he strike the right balance?

Who's hurt by racial divide?updated: Mon Jun 23 2008 14:27:00

A new poll shows there's a racial divide among Americans. Bill Schneider reports.

Obama wins tight Democratic raceupdated: Wed Jun 04 2008 12:44:00

Barack Obama came out of Super Tuesday about 100 delegates behind Hillary Clinton in the total delegate count. But Obama's momentum was unmistakable and Clinton faced some must-win contests if she was going to keep up. The Unretirement of Reverend Wrightupdated: Wed Jun 04 2008 11:00:00

Obama's former pastor was supposed to have passed on the leadership of his church on June 1. But he's sticking around Obama's Church Moves On After Exitupdated: Sun Jun 01 2008 19:10:00

Members of the candidate's former spiritual home are confused and saddened by his departure, but are also relieved their congregation can avoid any further controversy

Obama quits church, citing controversiesupdated: Sun Jun 01 2008 07:53:00

Sen. Barack Obama said Saturday that he has resigned from the church where controversial sermons by his former pastor and other ministers created political headaches for his campaign.

Obama resigns from churchupdated: Sun Jun 01 2008 07:53:00

Sen. Barack Obama discusses his decision to leave his church and the DNC committee vote. Obama Quits Church Mired in Scandalupdated: Sat May 31 2008 19:00:00

Barack Obama has resigned his 20 year membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago

Another pastor problem for Obamaupdated: Fri May 30 2008 07:42:00

Sen. Barack Obama is apologizing again for a pastor's controversial comments made at Obama's former church.

Priest apologizes for mocking Clinton while at Obama churchupdated: Fri May 30 2008 07:42:00

Sen. Barack Obama said he was "deeply disappointed" by a sermon at his church this week that mocked Sen. Hillary Clinton. Klein on Obamaupdated: Thu May 08 2008 02:20:00

Barack Obama has refused to play by the old political rules. He's about to be rewarded for it

Analysis: Indiana, N.C.updated: Tue May 06 2008 22:52:00

Watch CNN's John King use CNN's Magic Wall to explain the demographics in North Carolina and Indiana.

Economic concerns key in Obama's North Carolina winupdated: Tue May 06 2008 22:52:00

An overwhelming majority of North Carolina Democrats voting for president on Tuesday said they've been hurt by what they're calling a recession -- although they were split almost evenly on whether the recent controversy over Sen. Barack Obama's former pastor was important.

Commentary: Wright issue will haunt conservative media eliteupdated: Tue May 06 2008 18:32:00

Now that Sen. Barack Obama has denounced his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, many of his critics, especially those who call themselves conservative, are happy he has put the dashiki-wearing, American-criticizing former Marine in his place.

Glenn Beck: Obama's odd timing on Wright updated: Mon May 05 2008 17:41:00

Sen. Barack Obama is moving away from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright so fast he may claim to be an atheist by next weekend. The ongoing sprint from such a polarizing figure is far from a surprise, it's just the timing of it that is so odd.

Unions split on candidatesupdated: Sun May 04 2008 22:11:00

Organized labor is divided between the Democratic candidates for President, as CNN's Allan Chernoff reports.

Obama: Clinton's 'obliterate' Iran statement too much like Bushupdated: Sun May 04 2008 22:11:00

Sen. Barack Obama on Sunday accused Sen. Hillary Clinton of echoing the "bluster" of President Bush when she said the U.S. would be able to "obliterate" Iran if it used nuclear weapons against Israel.

Wright: Change going to comeupdated: Sat May 03 2008 18:55:00

Sen. Barack Obama's former pastor speaks at a NAACP banquet in Detroit, Michigan. CNN's Rick Sanchez reports

Analysis: The Wright effect on presidential raceupdated: Sat May 03 2008 18:55:00

Politics is a business of numbers, and the numbers favor Sen. Barack Obama. But they are changing in ways that give Sen. Hillary Clinton some hope and have dramatically changed how Republicans look at the presidential election.

Dr. Phil: FLDS principles 'imminent danger' for childrenupdated: Fri May 02 2008 12:58:00

Dr. Phil McGraw joined "Larry King Live" on Thursday where he talked about some of the stories in the news. He touched on topics ranging from the removal of children from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sect to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the Austrian family affected by incest.

Pastor returns to haunt Obamaupdated: Fri May 02 2008 07:53:00

Is there is a crazy old girlfriend, a weird uncle or a troublesome ex-husband in your past? I thought so. Most of us have someone that we'd rather not see again.

The race is tighteningupdated: Thu May 01 2008 21:36:00

CNN's John Roberts talks with the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart about the Democratic presidential race.

CNN poll: Obama losing supportupdated: Thu May 01 2008 21:36:00

A new national poll suggests the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is a tie. Northwestern: No Degree for Wrightupdated: Thu May 01 2008 20:00:00

A university official says the school had offered the Rev. Jeremiah Wright an honorary Doctorate of Sacred Theology

Wild cards could determine deadlocked Indianaupdated: Thu May 01 2008 11:25:00

If you're running for president in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a little factory experience never hurts.

Michelle Obama: Let's move past Wright, get back to issuesupdated: Thu May 01 2008 01:41:00

Michelle Obama said Wednesday that her husband's move to distance himself from his controversial former minister has been "painful," but that she's pleased with the way he's handled the situation.

Michelle Obama on Rev. Wrightupdated: Thu May 01 2008 01:41:00

Michelle Obama answers questions about her husband's controversial former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Obama rejects Wright's remarksupdated: Wed Apr 30 2008 19:20:00

Sen. Barack Obama denounces his former pastor's recent words, hoping to revive the politics of hope.

Clinton, Obama pick up new superdelegatesupdated: Wed Apr 30 2008 19:20:00

Sen. Barack Obama, hoping to put the controversy over his former pastor behind him, is getting some good news: five more superdelegates in the past 24 hours.

Can Obama close the door on Wright?updated: Wed Apr 30 2008 18:27:00

With less than a week until the next Democratic contests, Sen. Barack Obama is trying to shake off any political damage brought on by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Exit Wrightupdated: Wed Apr 30 2008 18:00:00

The preacher's brand of hate has haunted the Democrats for decades. An Obama win would silence it for good

Commentary: How Obama can get beyond Rev. Wright updated: Wed Apr 30 2008 16:38:00

Let's not kid ourselves. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright was going to be a part of this presidential campaign through November, whether Sen. Barack Obama smacked his former pastor upside the head, or not.

Pastors, polls, and primariesupdated: Wed Apr 30 2008 07:50:00

CNN's Mark Preston looks at Rev. Wright's latest comments and the latest candidate poll numbers.

GOP fights ad attacking McCain's "100 years"updated: Wed Apr 30 2008 07:50:00

A Democratic National Committee TV ad released Sunday uses Sen. John McCain's remarks on U.S. troops staying in Iraq for "100 years" to paint a portrait of a candidate fixated on keeping a permanent presence in the war-torn country. Obama Tries to Dig Outupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 19:00:00

His candidacy is reeling from Jeremiah Wright's comments. Now Obama is dropping nuance and showing some fire

Obama 'outraged' by Wrightupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 18:46:00

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he is outraged by the comments made by his former pastor.

Obama 'outraged' by Wright's remarksupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 18:46:00

Sen. Barack Obama said he is "outraged" by comments his former minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, made Monday at the National Press Club and is "saddened by the spectacle."

Rev. Wright more than sound bite, Obama's ex-pastorupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 16:07:00

Jeremiah Wright has been a lot of things -- husband, father, author, composer, outspoken minister and spiritual confidant to Sen. Barack Obama.

Wright: 'Different' not wrongupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 16:07:00

Rev. Jeremiah Wright says that preaching in black churches is often "different," but that doesn't make it wrong. How Jeremiah Wright Found Religionupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 11:00:00

The theology of Obama's former pastor helped reestablish Christianity's vibrant role in the life of black America readers react to Rev. Wrightupdated: Mon Apr 28 2008 22:58:00

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright's speeches to the NAACP and the National Press Club have inspired a passionate debate between readers.

Obama's ex-pastor speaks out about church, sermonsupdated: Mon Apr 28 2008 20:49:00

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright on Monday said the black church, not him, had been subjected to attacks in the 2008 presidential campaign. Jeremiah Wright Goes to Warupdated: Mon Apr 28 2008 16:10:00

Analysis: The remarks by Obama's former pastor could cause major political damage for the candidate. But Wright wasn't wrong in pointing out U.S.' misconceptions of the black church

Witnessing Wright's speechupdated: Mon Apr 28 2008 15:06:00

CNN's Soledad O'Brien and CNN contributor Roland Martin give firsthand accounts of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's speech.

Obama's ex-pastor speaks outupdated: Mon Apr 28 2008 15:06:00

Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama's former pastor told an audience of thousands at an NAACP dinner Sunday that he was "descriptive" but "not divisive" when he talks about race relations in America.

Transcript of Jeremiah Wright's speech to NAACPupdated: Mon Apr 28 2008 14:01:00

The NAACP has an incomparable record. It has the longest list of achievements in the history of this country as being the undisputed champion in the fight against discrimination, racial prejudice, and unjust public policies, which have caused people made in the image of God to be treated as less than human or treated as second-class citizens.

McCain criticizes Pres. Bushupdated: Fri Apr 25 2008 18:43:00

Sen. John McCain travels to New Orleans, where he criticized Pres. Bush's response to Katrina. CNN's Dana Bash reports.

Rivals no more: McCain, Huckabee do the rounds updated: Fri Apr 25 2008 18:43:00

Sen. John McCain, on the last leg of this week's tour of economically struggling regions, was campaigning alongside former rival Mike Huckabee on Friday.

Pulpit politicsupdated: Sun Mar 30 2008 16:41:00

CNN's Rick Sanchez talks with his panel about the latest in the controversy surrounding Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Rep. Lewis: Race controversy good for dialogueupdated: Sun Mar 30 2008 16:41:00

Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis suggested Sunday the controversy over Sen. Barack Obama's former pastor has reignited a conversation about race that could ultimately be beneficial for the country.

Obama: Had Wright not retired, I'd have left churchupdated: Fri Mar 28 2008 16:32:00

Sen. Barack Obama says in an interview that aired on TV Friday that he would have left his church if his pastor had not retired and had not acknowledged making comments that "deeply offended people."

Obama on staying with churchupdated: Fri Mar 28 2008 16:32:00

On ABC's 'The View', Democratic Sen. Barack Obama says he would have quit his church if his controversial pastor hadn't retired.

Strategy Sessionupdated: Wed Mar 26 2008 16:23:00

Analysts Donna Brazile and Bill Bennett discuss Hillary Clinton's strong words on Barack Obama's former minister.

Obama pastor cancels scheduled appearancesupdated: Wed Mar 26 2008 16:23:00

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Sen. Barack Obama's controversial former pastor, has canceled his plans to speak at church services in Houston, Texas, this weekend in the wake of the recent uproar over portions of his past sermons.

Obama camp: Clinton trying to 'distract attention'updated: Wed Mar 26 2008 15:38:00

As Sen. Barack Obama returns from his Caribbean vacation, he and his campaign pick up where they left off -- wrapped up in the controversy surrounding his former minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Clinton 'misspeaks' on Bosniaupdated: Wed Mar 26 2008 15:38:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton's says she misspoke about dangers she faced in Bosnia. CNN's Dan Lothian reports

Commentary: Listen to the candidates, not their associatesupdated: Wed Mar 26 2008 13:37:00

Its been an interesting week watching folks analyze the outcry over the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's controversial comments, especially when they try to link them to Sen. Barack Obama.

Sound Off: Controversyupdated: Wed Mar 26 2008 13:37:00

CNN Contributor Roland Martin "sounds off" about presidential candidates' associations with controversial people.

Clinton: Wright would not have been my pastorupdated: Tue Mar 25 2008 17:36:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton would have long ago distanced herself from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright if she had been a member of his church, the Democratic presidential candidate said Tuesday.

Clinton on the issuesupdated: Tue Mar 25 2008 17:36:00

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talks to the press about Rev. Wright, her troubles with Bosnia, and her tax returns.

Obama diverted by pastor detourupdated: Tue Mar 25 2008 13:39:00

They're calling it the pastor disaster. Once again this week, drama inside the Democratic party dominated the attention of US voters. (You'd almost forget there's a Republican candidate named John McCain, who's campaigning and doing quite well).

Obama supporter references Bill Clinton and 'blue dress'updated: Mon Mar 24 2008 19:00:00

Sen. Hillary Clinton's aides blasted Sen. Barack Obama's campaign Monday after a major Obama supporter referenced the blue dress at the heart of former President Bill Clinton's impeachment scandal.

Richardson: Obama speech 'clinched' endorsementupdated: Sat Mar 22 2008 22:01:00

Sen. Barack Obama's speech on race was a decisive factor in Bill Richardson's endorsement of his presidential bid, the New Mexico governor revealed Saturday. A Visit to Obama's Chicago Churchupdated: Sat Mar 22 2008 17:00:00

Combative sermons rang out on Good Friday at the retired Rev. Jeremiah Wright's South Side congregation, Trinity United Church of Christ

Wright flap may hurt Obamaupdated: Fri Mar 21 2008 19:02:00

After tapes of inflammatory statements made by Sen. Barack Obama's pastor came out last weekend, it appears to have had some negative impact on the Illinois senator.

Obama answers tough questionsupdated: Fri Mar 21 2008 19:02:00

CNN's Larry King interviews presidential candidate Barack Obama about the latest controversy surrounding his campaign

Commentary: Race, faith and politicsupdated: Fri Mar 21 2008 16:10:00

The revelation of controversial comments made by the longtime pastor of Sen. Barack Obama, and the equally hot aftermath from the general public that led to the junior senator from Illinois delivering a strong speech/sermon on race in America, has opened anew the explosive connection between three of the most volatile issues today.

Obama: Wright flap has 'shaken me up'updated: Thu Mar 20 2008 02:52:00

Sen. Barack Obama told CNN on Wednesday the recent uproar over his former pastor's sermons has reminded him of the odds he faces in winning the White House. The Origin of Obama's Pastor Problemupdated: Thu Mar 20 2008 02:00:00

The candidate's own critical, questioning road to faith also led him straight to a controversial mentor

Commentary: Courageous Obama poses challenge to Americaupdated: Wed Mar 19 2008 16:55:00

Like many Americans I watched Sen. Barack Obama deliver his speech titled "A More Perfect Union."

Black liberation theologyupdated: Wed Mar 19 2008 03:34:00

It's at the heart of the controversy involving the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the doctrine of Black Liberation Theology.

Obama urges Americans to help heal racial divideupdated: Wed Mar 19 2008 03:34:00

Sen. Barack Obama in a speech Tuesday addressed the controversy surrounding his former minister, using it as an opportunity to challenge Americans to take a closer look at race relations. Obama's Bold Gamble on Raceupdated: Tue Mar 18 2008 16:00:00

On the Rev. Wright flap: Obama asserts that the race issue is complex. Remarkable speech -- but smart political strategy?

Transcript of Obama's speechupdated: Tue Mar 18 2008 12:02:00

We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.

Obama's controversial pastorupdated: Tue Mar 18 2008 12:02:00

CNN's Carol Costello reports on the controversy caused by statements from Sen. Barack Obama's spiritual adviser.

Church: Obama ex-pastor is under unfair attackupdated: Mon Mar 17 2008 12:06:00

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright's former church criticized the news media Sunday for coverage of his sermons, saying in a statement that Wright's "character is being assassinated in the public sphere."

Obama's pastor's fiery wordsupdated: Sat Mar 15 2008 07:12:00

A sermon blasting Hillary Clinton and comparing Barack Obama to Jesus is gaining attention. CNN's Susan Roesgen reports

Controversial minister off Obama's campaignupdated: Sat Mar 15 2008 07:12:00

A Chicago minister who delivered a fiery sermon about Sen. Hillary Clinton having an advantage over Sen. Barack Obama in the presidential race because she is white is no longer a part of the Obama campaign.

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