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CNN's Erin Burnett talks to Joe Sestak and Spider Marks about President Obama's plans to reduce the size of the US military.

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Democrats shouldn't be so blue anymoreupdated: Thu Jun 24 2010 16:39:00

For several weeks, Democrats have been feeling blue about the 2010 midterm elections. Many have been worried about the possibility of a precipitous decline in the size of their majority in the House and Senate, or even about Republicans retaking control of Congress.

Sestak: McChrystal's fate hinges on his necessityupdated: Tue Jun 22 2010 21:38:00

The highest ranking military officer to serve in Congress said Tuesday that Gen. Stanley McChrystal can retain his command if the president believes that McChrystal is necessary for the success of the Afghan war strategy.

Sestak reacts to White House statementupdated: Fri May 28 2010 21:23:00

The White House acknowledges it offered Joe Sestak a job if he stayed out of the PA senate race. CNN's Dana Bash reports.

White House admits effort to keep Sestak out of Senate raceupdated: Fri May 28 2010 21:23:00

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used former President Bill Clinton as an intermediary last year as part of a failed administration effort to dissuade Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak from running for the U.S. Senate, according to a publicly released memorandum from the White House legal counsel's office.

Rep. Joe Sestak dodges WH job questionsupdated: Wed May 26 2010 12:20:00

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Rep. Joe Sestak spoke with CNN's John King about the controversy over a job offer.

Senate candidate Sestak has 'nothing else to say' about job offerupdated: Wed May 26 2010 12:20:00

Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Joe Sestak won an ovation at the weekly Senate Democratic lunch in the Capitol Tuesday, even as questions swirled about his allegation that the White House offered him a job several months ago if he would agree to stay out of a primary battle against incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter.

Analysis: Open season on political incumbentsupdated: Wed May 19 2010 12:48:00

So much for political kingmakers and the machine, at least in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. National and statewide political officials and operatives watched their chosen candidates fall Tuesday in two separate primaries with two different narratives weaved together by the common thread of anti-establishment sentiment.

Obama congratulates Sestakupdated: Wed May 19 2010 12:48:00

Penn. primary winner Joe Sestak says President Obama is now behind him despite his support of Sen. Arlen Specter.

Will Obama's coattails help or hurt in the midterms?updated: Wed May 19 2010 12:28:00

With his loss in the Pennsylvania's Democratic Senate primary, Sen. Arlen Specter became the latest high-profile candidate that a boost from President Obama couldn't save.

After 30 years in D.C., Specter ousted by votersupdated: Wed May 19 2010 12:08:00

Sen. Arlen Specter is on his way out of office after serving 30 years on Capitol Hill, losing Tuesday in the Democratic primary for his Senate seat to Rep. Joe Sestak.

Specter's loss, Paul's victory shake up murky political mapupdated: Wed May 19 2010 07:48:00

Voters sent mixed signals in Tuesday's primary elections in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arkansas. They tossed out a veteran senator, nominated a Tea Party-backed candidate and also chose a longtime aide to fill the U.S. House seat vacated by the death of Democratic Rep. John Murtha.

Sen. Arlen Specter: 'Where was Sestak?'updated: Mon May 17 2010 11:05:00

Sen. Arlen Specter accuses his primary challenger, Rep. Joe Sestak, of not answering questions.

Specter, Sestak court African-American vote in Pennsylvaniaupdated: Mon May 17 2010 11:05:00

With little fanfare, Rep. Joe Sestak walked into Mount Ephraim Baptist Church on Sunday and quickly headed for a pew near the back of this African-American church.

How strong is anti-incumbent fever?updated: Tue May 11 2010 12:45:00

Common wisdom suggests that Americans' anger toward government, seen through protests and polling, will lead to high voter turnout in the primaries and a bucking of both party's incumbents and establishment favorites.

One year after party switch: Praise, criticism for Sen. Specterupdated: Wed May 05 2010 12:06:00

One year after he rocked the political world by switching parties because he didn't think he could win a Republican primary, Sen. Arlen Specter is fending off a serious Democratic primary challenge and calling for bipartisanship to pass financial reforms.

A test of viability for Obamaupdated: Fri Apr 18 2008 12:08:00

CNN's Bill Schneider, looking at the latest polls, weighs the importance of a strong showing in Pennsylvania for Obama.

Democratic radio addressupdated: Sat Nov 10 2007 14:17:00

Congressman Joe Sestak of Pennyslvania wants us to remember our nation's treasure, our veterans, on Veterans' Day weekend.

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