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Travel is meant to be a rich experience, a means of engaging with culture, cuisine and pleasure. In the last decade, cities around the world have helped this along by building exceptionally designed, clean, well-functioning airports.

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New York-Spain flight grounded for suspicious wiresupdated: Fri Jul 13 2012 07:56:00

A Delta flight to Madrid from New York returned to John F. Kennedy International Airport on Thursday after suspicious wires were found in the bathroom of the plane, officials said.

JetBlue pilot ruled fit to stand trialupdated: Fri Jun 15 2012 12:57:00

A JetBlue pilot who was locked out of the cockpit by his co-pilot after his odd midflight rants in March was ruled competent to stand trial Friday morning.

Passengers on diverted flight sue JetBlue, pilot who became erraticupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 19:41:00

A group of passengers who were aboard a March 27 JetBlue flight out of JFK Airport that was diverted because of erratic behavior by its pilot have filed suit against the airline and pilot.

Space shuttle Enterprise makes final landingupdated: Wed Jun 06 2012 17:31:00

The space shuttle Enterprise made its final descent Wednesday, landing at its new home at New York City's Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

Budget ax falls on armed pilot programupdated: Mon Feb 13 2012 21:30:00

President Barack Obama's budget ax is falling hard on a program that allows pilots to carry handguns in the cockpit as a last line of defense against terrorists.

JFK baggage screener accused of stealing $5,000 from jacketupdated: Thu Feb 02 2012 16:24:00

A baggage screener at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport has been arrested after being accused of stealing $5,000 in cash from a traveler's jacket, according to the Port Authority Police Department.

Imam sentenced to life in prison in JFK airport terror plotupdated: Sat Jan 14 2012 06:55:00

An imam and leader of the Shiite Muslim community in Trinidad and Tobago was sentenced to life in prison for conspiring to attack a New York airport by exploding fuel tanks and fuel pipelines under the airport, the Justice Department said Friday.

Firebombing suspect faces arraignment; questions linger over competency updated: Wed Jan 04 2012 18:36:00

The 40-year-old unemployed tow-truck driver who confessed to a firebombing spree on New Year's Day is apparently no stranger to confinement.

Flight makes emergency landingupdated: Thu Nov 24 2011 02:14:00

An American Airlines flight made a safe emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday night after the crew smelled something burning in the cockpit, officials said.

Travel nightmares plague East Coast after snowstormupdated: Sun Oct 30 2011 19:11:00

Airline passengers left stranded by a freak snowstorm that pounded the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states were waiting to get to their destinations Sunday, many after spending a restless night on cots or airport floors.

Early snowstorm hits Northeastupdated: Sun Oct 30 2011 19:11:00

Meteorologist Chad Myers reports from Pennsylvania as an early snowstorm strikes.

Airline finds long-lost cat in airportupdated: Wed Oct 26 2011 15:13:00

The cat that vanished in baggage claim at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and whose plight became an online sensation has been found after being missing for two months.

Snyder: Padded flight times a reasonable bufferupdated: Tue Sep 27 2011 09:58:00

Do airlines pad flight times just to inflate their on-time rankings?

Earthquake slows but doesn't halt transportationupdated: Tue Aug 23 2011 21:36:00

The earthquake that struck the U.S. northeast on Tuesday slowed but didn't halt major transportation services.

Heat wave hits 23 statesupdated: Wed Jul 13 2011 21:25:00

Excessive heat warnings are in place in 23 states across the U.S. Melisa Raney reports.

Turtles block NYC airport runwayupdated: Thu Jun 30 2011 07:10:00

More than 150 turtles crossed a runway at New York's JFK Airport to lay their eggs, causing several flight disruptions.

Mating turtles shut down runway at JFKupdated: Thu Jun 30 2011 07:10:00

Love is in the air at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. More than 150 turtles crossed over an active runway and disrupted air traffic on Wednesday so that they could continue their mating season.

Planes nearly collide on ground at JFKupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 19:10:00

A Lufthansa jumbo jet nearly collided with another plane at JFK International Airport. CNN's Mary Snow reports.

Imam from Trinidad convicted of planning attack on JFK airportupdated: Thu May 26 2011 21:17:00

Trinidad native Kareem Ibrahim was convicted Thursday of conspiring to detonate fuel tanks and a fuel pipeline at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to a statement from the U.S. Eastern District Court of New York.

Jumbo Air France jet clips smaller plane at New York's JFK airportupdated: Tue Apr 12 2011 15:09:00

The National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday that it will investigate what happened Monday night when a massive Air France jet clipped a smaller aircraft at John F. Kennedy Airport.

Officials: Serious lapses in security on JFK airport shuttleupdated: Sat Apr 09 2011 22:17:00

A number of security lapses in an airport shuttle system in New York is raising concerns among some Port Authority officers and state senators.

Box cutters fall from bag on JetBlue flightupdated: Thu Mar 03 2011 14:16:00

The Transportation Security Administration is facing criticism after three box cutters were discovered aboard a JetBlue flight at New York's JFK airport on Saturday.

Man sentenced to life in prison for JFK bomb plotupdated: Fri Feb 18 2011 09:29:00

A federal judge on Thursday sentenced a Guyanese man convicted of plotting to detonate explosives at John F. Kennedy International Airport to life behind bars.

More than $9 million in opium seized at JFK airportupdated: Fri Feb 18 2011 01:42:00

Authorities in New York seized more than $9 million worth of opium hidden inside a shipment of porcelain figurines last month at John F. Kennedy International Airport, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday.

Airport carpets stir online passionupdated: Thu Jan 27 2011 15:11:00

There's something underfoot at airports around the world that most travelers ignore, but that's getting a lot of attention.

Authorities: Woman carried 91 heroin pellets in bodyupdated: Thu Jan 06 2011 14:25:00

In the biggest bust of its kind in recent memory, Customs and Border Protection authorities at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport arrested a woman allegedly carrying 91 pellets of heroin inside her body.

Airline passengers unloaded after 11 hours waiting on JFK tarmacupdated: Tue Dec 28 2010 23:08:00

Airline passengers who spent 11 hours stuck on the tarmac at John F. Kennedy International Airport were unloaded Tuesday afternoon in the latest example of the frustrating effects of a massive blizzard that delayed thousands of would-be holiday travelers.

Passengers stuck on tarmac overnightupdated: Tue Dec 28 2010 23:08:00

Matthew Bishop tells CNN's Josh Levs what it was like to be stuck in a plane on the tarmac all night.

2 former airline workers at JFK indicted on drug smuggling chargesupdated: Thu Oct 14 2010 18:27:00

Two former airline workers at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport have been indicted on charges they ran an elaborate drug trafficking scheme, smuggling cocaine into the United States on commercial jetliners, federal officials announced Thursday.

Passenger removed from flight over security concernsupdated: Tue Oct 12 2010 10:20:00

A passenger was removed from a JetBlue flight headed to Florida on Saturday night due to security concerns, an airline spokeswoman said.

Flight attendants vent about passengersupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 20:47:00

It's safe to say air travelers are paying more attention -- and maybe giving a little more respect -- to flight attendants after the incident on a JetBlue flight that has mesmerized the country and put a new spotlight on the once-glamorous profession. Is JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater a Hero or Felon?updated: Tue Aug 10 2010 18:54:00

Slater earns rousing support online for standing up against "flight attendant abuse" after a spat with a passenger

Two convicted in JFK airport bomb plotupdated: Tue Aug 03 2010 18:38:00

Two men were convicted Monday of plotting explosions at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

JFK airport terminal reopened after bomb scareupdated: Mon Jul 05 2010 00:19:00

A terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York was evacuated Sunday evening for about two hours after a caller phoned in a threat, according to a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

JFK bomb plot trial begins in New Yorkupdated: Wed Jun 30 2010 18:02:00

Opening statements have begun in the New York terrorism case of two men accused of plotting explosions at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Russell DeFreitas and Abdul Kadir are accused of conspiring to blow up JFK's jet-fuel supply tanks and pipeline in 2007.

Key JFK runway reopens after 4 monthsupdated: Tue Jun 29 2010 12:57:00

Flights resumed this week on the longest runway at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport after a four-month closure for construction to help reduce future flight delays.

Agency denies tarmac delay exemption requestsupdated: Thu Apr 22 2010 16:48:00

Airlines hoping for exemptions at some airports to the tarmac delay rule going into effect next week are out of luck.

Stuck on a plane for 16 hoursupdated: Thu Mar 18 2010 09:25:00

A passenger stuck on a flight for 16 hours rationed food, helped moms and told the whole story in real time online.

Virgin America passenger recounts hours spent on tarmacupdated: Thu Mar 18 2010 09:25:00

Passenger David Martin knew the situation on Virgin America Flight 404 was unraveling Saturday when members of the flight crew began snapping at passengers.

An airline pilot's perspective on ground delays and traffic backupsupdated: Thu Mar 11 2010 09:25:00

As the relatively dormant air travel season ends, the ramp-up of airline service to accommodate the demand of spring and summer travelers begins. This is good news for most, as more flights are added, providing more options for travelers. But as many frequent fliers know, more flights can mean more delays.

Delta, JetBlue request exemption to tarmac delay ruleupdated: Tue Mar 09 2010 19:50:00

A runway closure at John F. Kennedy International Airport has prompted JetBlue Airways and Delta Air Lines to ask for a temporary exemption at JFK to a rule designed to keep planeloads of passengers from getting stranded on the tarmac.

Kid directing air traffic?updated: Wed Mar 03 2010 21:46:00

The FAA is investigating an incident at New York's JFK Airport where a child apparently directed air traffic.

Major runway closing at JFK airportupdated: Sun Feb 28 2010 03:09:00

New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport isn't exactly the poster child for on-time departures and things may get worse before they get better for travelers using the airport this spring.

Body found in plane's landing gear bay in Japanupdated: Mon Feb 08 2010 11:40:00

A body was found in the landing gear bay of an airplane that arrived at Tokyo's Narita Airport Sunday, the airport announced.

Brooklyn man faces charge in JFK security breachupdated: Sun Jan 17 2010 23:47:00

A Brooklyn man faces a trespassing charge after allegedly causing a security breach at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on Saturday.

Security breach at JFK airport causes delaysupdated: Sat Jan 16 2010 22:17:00

A security breach at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on Saturday prompted authorities to evacuate a terminal, disrupting travel and sparking delays for hundreds of passengers.

Flights return to D.C. skiesupdated: Sun Dec 20 2009 21:28:00

Reagan National airport reopens after being hit with 16 inches of snow.

Pilot's frustration revealedupdated: Mon Aug 31 2009 09:59:00

Tapes released by federal officials detail efforts by an airline pilot to allow passengers off his stranded plane,

Fed-up fliers ready for rightsupdated: Mon Aug 31 2009 09:59:00

Claustrophobia was not a condition Bill Johnson understood. Bradley, Renée Get Cozy in Barcelonaupdated: Wed Aug 12 2009 23:27:00

Cooper and Zellweger, who costar in Code 39, have an intimate breakfast and go sightseeing Madonna's New Daughter Mercy Flown to London Overnightupdated: Sun Jun 21 2009 16:49:00

Three aides take the 3-year-old out of Malawi, just a week after her adoption was approved

Hanna subsidingupdated: Sun Sep 07 2008 16:30:00

Rain from Tropical Storm Hanna fell on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina Friday. CNN's Reynolds Wolf reports.

Hanna speeding up Atlantic coastupdated: Sun Sep 07 2008 16:30:00

After earning a reputation as a killer in Haiti, Tropical Storm Hanna amounted to little more than a windy rainstorm along the Atlantic Coast on Saturday.

Get amazing airplane views: 7 tipsupdated: Wed Aug 27 2008 10:45:00

I'm strapping myself in for a ride to the edge of the sky. Outside my porthole, the ground crew is preparing the vehicle for launch. The entry hatch is sealed, the mobile gantry pulled away. All systems are go. Soon, powerful thrusters will accelerate us to more than 500 miles per hour. At the peak of our trajectory, we will soar above about 80 percent of the atmosphere. The view of Earth will be panoramic.

2nd possible near collision at JFK in a weekupdated: Sat Jul 12 2008 11:21:00

An incident involving two airborne passenger jets on Friday has raised questions of a second possible near collision within a week at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Hiking Italy's Amalfi Coastupdated: Mon Jun 30 2008 08:26:00

Eleven hundred and six steep, stone steps that never seem to end.

Customs agents charged with smuggling at JFK airportupdated: Wed May 28 2008 21:33:00

Two U.S. customs agents were arrested on charges they helped smuggle drugs and other contraband through New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Toddler dies on flight from Germany to U.S.updated: Wed Apr 23 2008 02:10:00

A Lufthansa flight en route to New York diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland after a 2-year-old girl died on the flight, Irish and airline officials said.

Looking for love? Keep an eye on your walletupdated: Mon Apr 21 2008 14:39:00

Julia Abrantes spent hours cleaning her house and primping in front of a mirror before heading to John F. Kennedy airport in New York. She was there to pick up the love of her life, whom she had met on the Internet. Feds May Limit Flights from NYCupdated: Wed Dec 19 2007 10:00:00

The government will try to ease chronic nationwide air travel delays by limiting flights where those backups usually begin -- in New York City Kim Kardashian: I Want My Stuff Backupdated: Sat Dec 01 2007 18:03:00

Kim Kardashian is filming her efforts to recover her camera, computer and other belongings worth $50,000 stolen at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport for season two of her reality show.

Holiday travelers hit some snarls as they take to skies, roadsupdated: Tue Nov 20 2007 21:35:00

Millions of Americans are joining the bustle of Thanksgiving travelers on the eve of one of the nation's busiest travel days.

New York -- A first timer's experienceupdated: Mon Oct 29 2007 12:37:00

How do you tackle a city like New York in the space of five days? I prepared an empty suitcase, a good guidebook, a well-credited bank card and the will to ignore aching feet in my quest to pack in one of the world's biggest cities.

Drug smuggling bustupdated: Tue Oct 16 2007 20:09:00

Federal agents bust an alleged cocaine and heroin smuggling ring centered on New York's JFK airport.

Airline workers among 18 people charged with drug trafficking at JFKupdated: Tue Oct 16 2007 20:09:00

Eighteen people, including 10 airline workers at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, appeared in federal court Tuesday on international drug smuggling and distribution charges.

NYC launches welcome campaign for foreign touristsupdated: Sun Sep 02 2007 23:48:00

Mara Haensel started her vacation braced for disaster.

Police: Fourth suspect in JFK airport plot surrendersupdated: Tue Jun 05 2007 12:51:00

The fourth suspect wanted in connection with an alleged plot to attack New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport turned himself in to Trinidad authorities Tuesday, police said.

4 charged with terror plot at JFK airportupdated: Sat Jun 02 2007 12:05:00

Four men have been charged with conspiring to blow up jet fuel supply tanks and pipelines at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Who's Cheering Who?updated: Mon Apr 16 2007 05:43:00

Supporting a baseball or soccer team might be a matter of national pride or geographical prejudice, but such parochial concerns aren't part of Formula 1's global agenda.

Passengers trapped on runway for 8 hoursupdated: Thu Feb 15 2007 07:24:00

Bad weather kept JetBlue Airways passengers on a Cancun, Mexico-bound flight trapped on the tarmac for eight hours Wednesday at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

CNNMoney: Techs lead reboundupdated: Wed Sep 13 2006 09:18:00

U.S. stocks turned higher after Wednesday's open as investors concerned themselves with oil supplies and prices.

Police say they're closing in on missing studentsupdated: Fri Aug 11 2006 14:07:00

Police may be close to finding two more of the missing Egyptian students who failed to show up at Montana State University, a school spokeswoman said Friday.

CNNMoney: Monopoly rolls dice, changes lookupdated: Mon Apr 24 2006 08:02:00

Monopoly, invented in 1935, is getting with the times.

Police call off dog-gone search for Westminster whippetupdated: Thu Feb 16 2006 03:45:00

Such is life -- police called off the search Thursday for award-winning show dog Bohem C'est La Vie, who bolted from her travel cage at a New York airport after she took a breed award at this week's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

New biz airline to fly trans-Atlanticupdated: Thu Sep 01 2005 06:27:00

A new airline will soon be plying the fiercely contested trans-Atlantic route, with a finely tuned product focused on the business traveler.

TSA to test new security technologyupdated: Mon Apr 25 2005 15:57:00

Clam diggers on the muddy flats near Boston's Logan International Airport in Massachusetts will be loaned GPS-equipped cell phones so they can alert authorities to suspicious activity -- just one of several ideas being tested this summer to protect airports from terrorists.

Fortune: All the rageupdated: Mon Mar 21 2005 00:01:00

SOME THINGS YOU GET A FEELING about but don't quite understand. You see stuff and get an overall picture of what's going on, but the whys and wherefores don't arrive on time with the observation. S...

Two Delta flights detained over security concernsupdated: Fri Feb 04 2005 14:57:00

Two Delta Airlines international flights were briefly the subject of security concerns Friday, but both planes landed without incident at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, federal officials said.

Terror-threat jet takes off againupdated: Mon Sep 27 2004 03:21:00

A Greek passenger jet grounded at London's Stansted Airport following a phoned-in bomb scare has resumed its journey to New York.

New airport device detects bomb residueupdated: Thu Sep 09 2004 15:43:00

Airport security officials unveiled a new scanning device Thursday that can detect traces of substances used in making bombs.

Police bust airport drug ringupdated: Thu Mar 04 2004 16:10:00

The New York City Police Department said Thursday it has cracked a major drug ring it says brought more than $75 million worth of cocaine from Guyana to the New York area each year.

Diverted flight passenger charged over hoaxupdated: Fri Feb 20 2004 07:39:00

A man who claimed he was being abducted -- leading to the diversion of a Moroccan jetliner after it left a New York airport -- was charged Friday evening with making false statements to the FBI, a statement from the Justice Department said.


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