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CNNMoney: Fact checking small business talk at the Republican conventionupdated: Fri Aug 31 2012 16:15:00

Small business played a major role during the Republican convention this week.

Thune: We'll be back 'in two months'updated: Sun Dec 18 2011 10:38:00

On Erin Burnett OutFront, Sen. John Thune announced a deal that extends payroll tax cuts for two months.

Why the GOP field is so weak updated: Fri Dec 09 2011 09:53:00

As usual, Professor Paul Krugman's piece in the Monday morning New York Times is causing a great deal of chatter among the political types. Krugman points out just how inept the Republican field is. In some cases he takes a scalpel (and in others a machete) to surely the weakest field of presidential aspirants any party has offered in modern American history (see my earlier CNN column comparing this field to 1980). I believe I can explain why this field is so inept. In order to proffer this explanation I am going to utilize Professor Krugman's field of economics.

Lawmakers aim to block bonus pay at Fannie and Freddieupdated: Sun Nov 13 2011 02:45:00

Lawmakers are trying to block million-dollar bonuses to top executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage-backing firms that required a giant taxpayer bailout.

CNNMoney: What Republicans mean by 'revenue'updated: Tue Nov 08 2011 05:00:00

It's been a big bone of contention from Day 1 on the congressional debt committee. Will Republicans accept any kind of revenue dedicated to debt reduction, and if so what kind and how much?

Balanced-budget amendment or bustupdated: Wed Jul 20 2011 17:34:00

Much of the country has been watching the debate in Washington over how our government spends money, and how much it spends.

Kyl not seeking re-election in 2012updated: Thu Feb 10 2011 18:16:00

Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Arizona, the second ranking Republican in the Senate, announced Thursday he will not seek a fourth Senate term in 2012.

The GOP 2012 candidates: Where are they?updated: Tue Feb 01 2011 14:45:00

Three years ago, GOP candidates were all but piling on each other to announce their candidacy for the Republican nomination for president.

New bill has billions in new earmarksupdated: Wed Dec 15 2010 19:36:00

Critics are blasting a new omnibus bill that contains billions in earmarks. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports.

GOP senators will vote against spending bill over earmarks -- theirs and others'updated: Wed Dec 15 2010 19:36:00

Two prominent Republicans vowed Wednesday to vote against the $1.1 trillion spending bill, citing concerns over pork-laden pet projects, although millions of dollars of earmarks in the bill were requested by the two senators.

Political Circus: Reid gives GOPer the gift of hairupdated: Fri Dec 03 2010 14:00:00

Politics is serious business -- but not all of the time. From the halls of Congress to the campaign trail to the international stage, there's always something that gets a laugh or a second glance. Here are some of the things you might have missed:

Speakers at NRA convention target Washington, midtermsupdated: Mon May 17 2010 18:07:00

Speakers at the National Rifle Association's annual leadership forum on Friday touted Second Amendment rights and also set their sights on the upcoming midterm elections.

Palin fires up gun crowd at NRA forumupdated: Mon May 17 2010 18:07:00

The former Alaska governor made the case for the 2nd amendment at the annual NRA leadership forum.

Republicans won't budge on secret holds on Obama nomineesupdated: Fri May 07 2010 14:09:00

Frustrated Democrats went to the Senate floor Friday to seek Republican approval for a long list of administration nominees currently blocked by controversial secret holds placed by GOP senators.

Democrats try to finish health care reformupdated: Thu Mar 11 2010 17:03:00

Health care reform takes center stage Thursday as President Obama and top congressional Democrats work behind closed doors to nail down a final agreement.

Last U.S. veteran of World War I testifies for memorialupdated: Sat Dec 05 2009 08:15:00

At 108 years old, Cpl. Frank Buckles said Thursday he hopes he lives to see the day when there's a memorial on the National Mall honoring all Americans who fought in World War I.

Stop TARP before more damage is doneupdated: Mon Nov 23 2009 06:51:00

For the federal government, this has been the year of spending dangerously.

'Regular guy' Thune is hot commodity in GOP circlesupdated: Wed Nov 11 2009 14:25:00

He walks through Washington's Reagan National Airport, arriving as he does nearly every Monday from a weekend home in South Dakota. He makes his way unnoticed.

Thune keeps conservative rootsupdated: Wed Nov 11 2009 14:25:00

Sen. John Thune sits down with CNN's Dana Bash for a one-on-one interview.

Senate rejects law on carrying concealed weaponsupdated: Wed Jul 22 2009 16:21:00

The Senate on Wednesday narrowly rejected a controversial measure to allow people to carry concealed weapons from state to state.

CNNMoney: Kill TARP, spare the taxpayerupdated: Mon Jun 15 2009 11:37:00

For some, the slow, steady demise of TARP cannot happen soon enough.

Fortune: Time for a seismic shift in the offshore drilling debateupdated: Fri Aug 22 2008 15:44:00

President Bush may want to end the ban on offshore drilling, but you wouldn't know it from his administration's failure to obey a key directive in the 2005 Energy Act.

Daschle backs Obama in presidential primary raceupdated: Wed Feb 21 2007 18:34:00

Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle is throwing his support to Sen. Barack Obama in the scramble for the party's 2008 presidential nomination, an Obama campaign aide told CNN.

Fortune: What It Takes to Build a (21st Century) Railroadupdated: Thu Mar 16 2006 15:24:00

Look down from the cabin of Kevin Schieffer's twin-engine King Air 5,000 feet over Wyoming's Powder River Basin, and it's easy to see why he and his investors want to build the first major new rail...

Fortune: South Dakota's $2.5 billion railroad jackpotupdated: Mon Feb 27 2006 19:02:00

In Washington, the revolving door usually leads lawmakers to become lobbyists so they can cash in on their connections. But in some cases, it spins all the way around; creating a rare circumstance in which a lawmaker turns lobbyist turns lawmaker.

Panel votes to save bases in New Mexico, South Dakotaupdated: Fri Aug 26 2005 15:54:00

An independent commission voting on the Pentagon's recommendations to close military bases handed victories Friday to two states that campaigned for their major Air Force bases to be saved.

Political plays of the yearupdated: Fri Dec 31 2004 12:19:00

What would New Year's Eve be without party favors?

Daschle: 'Grateful for every moment'updated: Fri Nov 19 2004 22:11:00

Drawing the curtain on a decade as the Senate's Democratic leader and more than a quarter century in Congress, Sen. Tom Daschle bid farewell to his colleagues on the Senate floor Friday, saying he is approaching his future outside of Congress with "great optimism, hope and anticipation."

GOP increases control in Senateupdated: Wed Nov 03 2004 08:37:00

Republican challenger John Thune beat Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, adding a South Dakota Senate seat to GOP gains in Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and the Carolinas.

Thune unseats Senate minority leader Daschleupdated: Wed Nov 03 2004 03:43:00

Former GOP Rep. John Thune has defeated Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle after portraying the incumbent as an obstructionist who was out of touch with South Dakota voters.

Battling to tip the balance updated: Mon Nov 01 2004 17:33:00

There are just 10 Senate races where party turnovers are considered possible, and just two where turnovers are considered likely.

Through the past, darklyupdated: Tue Jan 06 2004 08:22:00

Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

Debate recapupdated: Mon Jan 05 2004 09:10:00

Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

Thune, take two?updated: Mon Jan 05 2004 06:02:00

John Thune is set to announce Monday night whether he'll challenge Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle in November, and while nothing's certain until Thune says the word, top Republicans in Washington are confident he'll run.

Game on! (Iowa, Iowa, Iowa)updated: Mon Jan 05 2004 05:19:00

We took a much-needed break over the past two weeks. But as anyone with an e-mail inbox knows, the '04 Democrats did not.

Thune edges closer to challenging Daschleupdated: Fri Jan 02 2004 15:37:00

In a sign that he getting close to challenging Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-South Dakota, in November, former Congressman John Thune has been meeting with a veteran GOP strategist about running his campaign, according to a senior GOP source.

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