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A decade after a stinging failure, Colombia appears once again prepared to enter into peace talks in an effort to bring an end to Latin America's oldest insurgency.

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Colombia captures leader of violent drug cartelupdated: Wed Aug 08 2012 14:47:00

Colombian authorities have captured the leader of a criminal group that once worked for Pablo Escobar, a police spokesman said Wednesday.

Indigenous groups clash with Colombian soldiersupdated: Wed Jul 18 2012 05:53:00

Members of indigenous groups who say they are fed up with violence in southwestern Colombia clashed Tuesday with soldiers in what they said was an attempt to reclaim their territory.

Bodies of pilots from crashed Colombian military plane retrievedupdated: Fri Jul 13 2012 07:00:00

The bodies of two pilots who were aboard a Colombian Air Force plane when it crashed Wednesday in a rebel zone in southwestern Colombia were retrieved Thursday.

Military plane crashes in Colombiaupdated: Fri Jul 13 2012 07:00:00

The president of Colombia says its "unlikely" leftist rebels shot down an air force plane. Journalist Toby Muse reports.

Boos, gunfire greet Colombian president's arrival in FARC areaupdated: Wed Jul 11 2012 21:25:00

Boos from residents and occasional gunfire from rebel forces in nearby mountains greeted the arrival Wednesday of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in the southwestern town of Toribio, a rebel zone.

Ex-minister target of Colombian bombupdated: Tue May 15 2012 22:36:00

A former top Colombian official survived an assassination attempt Tuesday after a daylight bombing in the country's capital, authorities said.

Colombian Air Force helicopter crashes, killing 13updated: Tue May 01 2012 06:03:00

A helicopter carrying members of the Colombian Air Force and police crashed in the north of the Latin American nation on Monday, killing all 13 people on board.

Many issues on tap at Americas Summitupdated: Sun Apr 15 2012 00:04:00

Council of the Americas Vice President Eric Farnsworth previews the Summit of the Americas.

Drug war, including legalization, hot topic at Summit of the Americasupdated: Sun Apr 15 2012 00:04:00

The second and final day of the Summit of the Americas takes place in Cartagena, Colombia, on Sunday, where leaders from more than 30 North and South American countries are discussing several topics, such as bolstering economic ties and who should be part of future discussions.

Local, hemispheric issues on table at Americas Summitupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 21:53:00

Regional summits are most often perfunctory events where presidents share their visions, sign agreements and pose for photographs.

Colombian rebels free 10 hostagesupdated: Mon Apr 02 2012 21:36:00

Ten hostages held by a leftist rebel group in Colombia for more than a decade were freed on Monday in a move that might help push peace talks forward, but was also met with some skepticism in a country home to Latin American's oldest insurgency.

FARC frees Colombia hostagesupdated: Mon Apr 02 2012 21:36:00

FARC releases 10 Colombian hostages who were held for many years in captivity. CNN's Rafael Romo reports.

Colombian forces kill 35 guerrillas, president saysupdated: Mon Mar 26 2012 21:49:00

Colombian forces killed 35 leftist guerrillas in an offensive Monday, authorities said, striking the group for the second time in as many weeks.

Colombia exerts diplomacy ahead of summitupdated: Thu Mar 08 2012 15:59:00

Preparing a get-together where not all the guests get along is tricky, whether at a dinner party, or, as Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is experiencing, at a hemispheric summit.

Colombian police: 6 killed in blastupdated: Thu Feb 02 2012 22:21:00

Six people were killed in an explosion targeting a police station in southern Colombia Thursday, authorities said.

FARC delays hostage releaseupdated: Wed Feb 01 2012 08:02:00

Colombian guerrillas have postponed the release of six hostages because of alleged militarization in the area where they operate, the group said Wednesday.

Colombian rebels open door for talksupdated: Tue Jan 10 2012 06:53:00

Colombia's main leftist group suggested on Monday it is willing to reopen talks with the government.

How deep are relations between Colombia and Venezuela?updated: Sat Dec 03 2011 17:56:00

For observers of Latin America, this week's meeting in Caracas between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was remarkable for how unremarkable it was.

Alleged top Colombian drug lord captured in Venezuela updated: Mon Nov 28 2011 14:32:00

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced Monday that one of Colombia's most wanted drug traffickers, Maximiliano Bonilla Orozco, alias "El Valenciano," has been captured in Venezuelan territory.

Colombian rebels kill 4 hostages, president saysupdated: Sat Nov 26 2011 21:46:00

Colombia's main leftist rebel group shot and killed four hostages held for more than a decade, President Juan Manuel Santos said Saturday, vowing to fight the rebels with everything in reach.

Colombian pres. fears another recessionupdated: Thu Nov 24 2011 07:00:00

CNN's Richard Quest interviews Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in London about the world economic situation.

Colombian president warns U.S., Europe to shape upupdated: Thu Nov 24 2011 07:00:00

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has a message for Europe and the United States: "Put your house in order."

Death toll from Colombian landslide climbs to 38updated: Mon Nov 07 2011 22:31:00

A weekend landslide in central Colombia killed at least 38 people and more than a dozen are still missing, a Red Cross spokesman said Monday.

FARC leader dies in military operationupdated: Sat Nov 05 2011 22:43:00

Alfonso Cano, leader of Colombia's rebel group FARC, died in a military operation, President Juan Manuel Santos said.

FARC leader dies in Colombian military operationupdated: Sat Nov 05 2011 22:43:00

The leader of Colombia's main leftist rebel group -- the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -- died in a military operation in the country's southwest, President Juan Manuel Santos said Saturday.

Colombia dissolves troubled intel agencyupdated: Tue Nov 01 2011 12:54:00

Colombia's president dissolved the country's domestic intelligence service, an agency that had become embroiled in scandal during the term of his predecessor.

Colombia's defense minister resigns as FARC actions reported on riseupdated: Wed Aug 31 2011 23:31:00

Colombian Minister of Defense Rodrigo Rivera resigned Wednesday amid growing concern in the country over increased activity by the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Colombians sick of guerrilla war hold national 'peace congress'updated: Thu Aug 18 2011 16:05:00

More than 15,000 people descended on this oil-rich north-central Colombian city last week to attend a national "peace congress" aimed at bringing calm to areas torn by decades of fighting among guerrillas, paramilitary units and government forces.

Colombian salsa great Arroyo dies at 55updated: Fri Jul 29 2011 11:25:00

Colombian salsa great Alvaro Jose Arroyo, known as Joe Arroyo, died Tuesday morning at a hospital where he was being treated for several health complications, his family said.

FARC leader narrowly escapes attack, Colombian president saysupdated: Sun Jul 03 2011 20:42:00

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Sunday that the leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia escaped an attack by less than a day.

Venezuela captures alleged guerrilla who carried guitar alongside gunupdated: Thu Jun 02 2011 00:02:00

Venezuelan authorities have arrested a key ideological leader of the FARC leftist guerrilla group who is known as "The Singer" for his role as a musician promoting the rebel movement, officials said Wednesday.

Colombia to return land to victims of long-running conflictsupdated: Wed May 25 2011 19:46:00

Victims of the violence brought on Colombia for decades will be eligible for repatriations and, in some cases, restitution of land taken from them, thanks to a sweeping pair of laws passed by the Colombian Senate.

Colombian officials hope to extradite terror suspect from Venezuelaupdated: Tue Apr 26 2011 09:21:00

Venezuelan authorities may hand over an alleged leader of a leftist guerrilla group Monday, Colombia's president said.

Colombian president calls for unity as country struggles with floodsupdated: Tue Apr 26 2011 09:12:00

Colombia's president called for national unity Monday night as the country struggles to dig out of the devastation wrought by the torrential rains and massive floods that have so far claimed 91 lives this year.

86 dead in Colombia amid this year's heavy rain, Red Cross saysupdated: Thu Apr 21 2011 12:15:00

Torrential rain and massive floods that have been pounding Colombia this year have not let up, and dozens of people are dead amid widespread destruction, the Colombian Red Cross said Wednesday.

Colombian military kills 15 rebels, president saysupdated: Sat Mar 26 2011 14:40:00

Colombian armed forces have killed 15 guerrillas in the western province of Cauca, President Juan Manuel Santos said Saturday.

Colombian military kills FARC leaderupdated: Wed Mar 16 2011 08:39:00

The Colombian military killed a rebel leader who was a liaison with Mexican drug cartels, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said.

Colombian rebel group releases another hostageupdated: Sun Feb 13 2011 18:29:00

A Colombian rebel group released one hostage Sunday -- two less than expected -- the International Red Cross said.

Colombian rebel group releases 2 hostagesupdated: Sat Feb 12 2011 10:53:00

Two hostages freed by a Colombian rebel group reunited with their family members in the country's capital Friday.

Colombian farmers find safety, success in growing alternatives to cocaupdated: Fri Jan 21 2011 14:02:00

Jorge Elias Benjumea proudly inspects his plantain field. The 46-year-old father of three says he's not only happy his crops are doing well, but also, for the first time in years, he can tell the world that what he's growing is legal.

Colombian paramilitary leader killedupdated: Wed Dec 29 2010 13:50:00

A right-wing paramilitary leader in Colombia was killed in a police operation on Christmas Day, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos confirmed Wednesday.

More than 100 trapped after landslide buries homes in Colombiaupdated: Tue Dec 07 2010 02:03:00

As rescue efforts continue Tuesday, Colombia's president will visit the mountainside neighborhood where a massive landslide buried dozens of homes.

Colombian leader cancels climate conference trip after floodingupdated: Mon Dec 06 2010 23:34:00

Colombia's president says devastating flooding forced him to cancel his scheduled trip to the United Nations climate change conference in Mexico this week -- even though global warming itself could be causing the disaster his country faces.

Deadly torrential rains in Colombiaupdated: Mon Dec 06 2010 23:34:00

Torrential rains in Colombia kill at least 170 people. Rafael Romo reports.

Venezuelan flooding claims 21updated: Wed Dec 01 2010 07:09:00

Heavy flooding and mudslides have claimed at least 21 lives in Venezuela, where President Hugo Chavez declared a state of emergency in the state of Falcon, authorities said.

Ecuador invites WikiLeaks founder to discuss document leaksupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 05:27:00

Ecuador Monday invited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to come to Quito to discuss documents leaked on the site relating to Ecuador and other Latin American countries, according to a statement from the country's foreign ministry.

Colombia and Ecuador agree to reestablish full diplomatic tiesupdated: Fri Nov 26 2010 23:39:00

The presidents of Colombia and Ecuador announced Friday they will resume full diplomatic relations after more than two years of estrangement.

Colombia's president: Top rebel leader may have been killedupdated: Sat Nov 20 2010 20:55:00

A top leader of a leftist guerrilla group in Colombia may have been killed during a bombing of a rebel camp, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Saturday.

State of emergency in flooded Colombiaupdated: Fri Nov 19 2010 22:32:00

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has declared a state of emergency in 28 of the nation's 32 departments because of heavy rains and flooding that have affected some 1.2 million people.

Colombia: Suspected drug lord will be sent to Venezuela, not U.S.updated: Tue Nov 16 2010 13:45:00

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Tuesday a high-level drug-trafficking suspect wanted in the United States will be extradited instead to Venezuela, which also has asked that he be turned over to authorities in that country.

Guerrilla leader killed in Colombia, president saysupdated: Thu Sep 23 2010 21:06:00

The No. 2 leader in a Marxist guerrilla group that has been at war with the Colombian government since the 1960s has been killed in a military raid, President Juan Manuel Santos said Thursday.

No. 2 FARC leader deadupdated: Thu Sep 23 2010 21:06:00

CNN's Karl Penhaul reports Colombian govt. says FARC's second in command was killed in a joint operation.

Police: 'Wanted' FARC commander killedupdated: Tue Sep 21 2010 06:44:00

A Colombian airstrike over the weekend killed a high-ranking rebel commander who was wanted in the United States, police said.

22 rebels reported killed in Colombian airstrikeupdated: Sun Sep 19 2010 15:22:00

Twenty-two Colombian guerrillas were killed Sunday in an airstrike, the country's defense minister said.

Probe continues into strong car bomb explosion that rocked Colombiaupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 15:52:00

Massive clean-up and an investigation continued Thursday afternoon in Bogota, Colombia, hours after a strong car bomb explosion caused considerable damage to the headquarters of Caracol Radio and other nearby buildings.

Explosion rocks Colombiaupdated: Thu Aug 12 2010 15:52:00

CNN's Karl Penhaul reports on a strong explosion that occurred in the Colombian capital of Bogota.

Colombia, Venezuela re-establish tiesupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 06:52:00

Venezuela and Colombia renewed diplomatic relations after a meeting between their heads of state in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Colombia, Venezuela seek common groundupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 06:52:00

The presidents of Venezuela and Colombia meet to resolve a diplomatic crisis. CNN's Rafael Romo reports.

New Colombian vice president undergoing surgery after heart attackupdated: Mon Aug 09 2010 13:20:00

Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon was undergoing surgery for a heart attack Monday, two days after taking office, a hospital director said at a news conference.

Venezuela's Chavez to meet new Colombian presidentupdated: Mon Aug 09 2010 05:50:00

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and newly elected Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will meet Tuesday for talks to try to end a diplomatic dispute between the nations, according to Santos' website.

Newly sworn in, Colombian president vows peace 'by reason or by force'updated: Sat Aug 07 2010 20:59:00

Juan Manuel Santos was sworn in Saturday as Colombia's new president, vowing to unify his country around the goals of prosperity for all and of thwarting the nation's leftist rebels.

Colombia's leader to take office amid tensions with Venezuelaupdated: Sat Aug 07 2010 06:44:00

Colombia's new president may have a chance to test his diplomatic skills as soon as he takes office Saturday. Venezuela's foreign minister could be attending his inauguration.

Chavez sending troops to Colombian borderupdated: Sat Jul 31 2010 13:22:00

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has deployed troops to areas near the Colombian border and says he is reviewing plans for a potential war as tension between the two nations rises.

Colombian guerrilla leader asks president-elect to dialogupdated: Fri Jul 30 2010 15:27:00

The leader of a Colombian Marxist guerrilla group has released a videotape in which he asks incoming President Juan Manuel Santos to open a dialog with the rebels to end a war that has lasted since the mid-1960s.

Santos declares victory in Colombian presidential runoffupdated: Mon Jun 21 2010 08:59:00

Former Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos declared victory Sunday in Colombia's presidential runoff, winning more than 69 percent of the votes with nearly all votes counted.

4 former Colombia hostages reunited with familyupdated: Mon Jun 14 2010 16:58:00

Four hostages rescued from Marxist guerrillas in Colombia over the weekend were reunited with their families Monday in Bogota, the nation's capital, a broadcast on CNN affiliate Caracol TV showed.

Colombian presidential candidates prepare for runoffupdated: Tue Jun 01 2010 16:10:00

What was trumpeted as an expected photo-finish in last Sunday's presidential election in Colombia turned out to be not so close, something that caught the two leading campaigns off guard, their respective candidates told CNN.

Social media plays role in electionupdated: Mon May 31 2010 04:13:00

The popularity of social media is playing a key role in Colombia's election. CNN's Hala Gorani explains.

Top Colombian presidential candidates head for runoff electionupdated: Mon May 31 2010 04:13:00

The two leading candidates in Colombia's presidential race will compete in a runoff June 20, since neither garnered more than 50 percent of the vote in Sunday's election.

Top drug kingpin suspect arrested in Colombiaupdated: Thu Apr 16 2009 13:25:00

Daniel Rendon Herrera, Colombia's most-wanted drug kingpin suspect, was arrested early Wednesday, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe announced at a news conference.

Rebels arrested in assassination plot, Colombian leader saysupdated: Fri Mar 27 2009 08:10:00

Colombian police foiled a plot by Marxist guerrillas to assassinate the nation's defense minister, according to President Alvaro Uribe.

Four soldiers killed in Colombia firefightupdated: Tue Mar 24 2009 11:59:00

Four Colombian soldiers are dead and six are missing after a firefight with Marxist guerrillas, Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos said Tuesday.

Hostage escapes after 8 years in jungleupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 04:22:00

A former Colombian congressman who was held hostage in the jungle for more than eight years has escaped -- with the help of a former captor.

Colombia hostage escapeupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 04:22:00

CNN's Karl Penhauls takes a look at the escape of former Colombian lawmaker Oscar Tulio Lizcano. Colombian Rebels Free Former Congressmanupdated: Sun Oct 26 2008 15:00:00

A former congressman was freed in a military operation Sunday after eight years of captivity in the hands of leftist Colombian rebels

Colombia probes mysterious deathsupdated: Fri Sep 26 2008 05:07:00

Blanca Nubia Monroy's son said he would not be gone long.

Red Cross concerned over use of emblem in Colombian rescueupdated: Wed Aug 06 2008 13:34:00

The International Committee of the Red Cross expressed its concern Wednesday over what may have been the improper use of its emblem in the daring rescue last month of 15 hostages in Colombia.

Red Cross logo and hostage rescueupdated: Wed Aug 06 2008 13:34:00

Video from the rescue of 15 hostages held by FARC in Colombia shows possible misuse of a Red Cross logo.

Colombian rescue troops 'posed as media'updated: Thu Jul 24 2008 17:27:00

Colombia's minister of defense has admitted that two of the nine people involved in this month's daring rescue of 15 hostages held by Colombian rebels were pretending to be working for a Venezuela-based television news organization.

Colombia admits rescuers posed as journalistsupdated: Thu Jul 24 2008 08:37:00

Two people who helped rescue 15 hostages from Colombian rebels posed as journalists from a real Venezuela-based television news organization, Colombia's defense minister said Wednesday.

Video shows orderly hostage rescue become celebrationupdated: Sun Jul 06 2008 07:14:00

Colombia showed video Friday of an orderly mission that ended in hugs and laughter for 15 hostages who were rescued from a Colombian guerilla group this week.

FARC says its leader is deadupdated: Sun May 25 2008 21:02:00

The leader of Colombia's largest leftist rebel group has died, a senior commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia said Sunday. Colombia Says Rebel Leader is Dead updated: Sat May 24 2008 23:00:00

The Colombian Defense Ministry said Saturday that it has information from various intelligence sources that the legendary leader of Latin America's largest guerrilla army is dead

Colombia says it killed cocaine kingpinupdated: Wed Apr 30 2008 14:16:00

Colombian police have killed a drug trafficker who the government says is one of the most sought-after fugitive outside the country's rebel leaders.

Chavez: Little chance FARC will free high-profile hostageupdated: Tue Mar 25 2008 20:15:00

There is little chance Colombia rebels will free one-time Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt after that country's March 1 attack on a rebel camp inside Ecuador, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday.

Ecuadoran father denies son was rebelupdated: Tue Mar 25 2008 01:47:00

A day after a Colombian official identified one of the people killed by a Colombian military strike on a rebel camp in this country as Ecuadoran, the dead man's father denied his son was a member of the rebel group.

Second Colombian rebel leader killedupdated: Fri Mar 07 2008 19:59:00

As South American officials tried to ease tensions sparked by Colombia's killing of a rebel leader inside Ecuador, the Colombian army announced the death of another top militant Friday.

Colombia, Venezuela tensionupdated: Fri Mar 07 2008 19:59:00

ITN's Jonathan Rugman reports on the rising tensions between Venezuela and Colombia.

No. 2 Colombian rebel killed, government saysupdated: Sat Mar 01 2008 15:54:00

Colombian forces on Saturday killed the second in command of the country's main rebel group, a strike the government said was the most significant yet.

Colombian army catches key rebel leader updated: Wed Jan 09 2008 09:53:00

A high-ranking rebel leader who opposed peace talks with the Colombian government has been captured, authorities said.

Suspected drug kingpin caught with his pants downupdated: Tue Sep 11 2007 12:01:00

An alleged drug kingpin was captured in his underwear Monday, hiding in a bush outside a house in western Colombia, government officials said in Bogota.

Wanted drug lord capturedupdated: Tue Sep 11 2007 12:01:00

Reputed drug kingpin Diego Montoya was arrested in western Colombia.

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