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Michelle Obama, Laura Bush to jointly mark terror attack anniversaryupdated: Mon Aug 23 2010 09:27:00

First lady Michelle Obama will join former first lady Laura Bush on September 11 at the Flight 93 National Memorial outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, according to a statement from the National Park Foundation.

Laura Bush supports gay marriageupdated: Fri May 14 2010 15:30:00

CNN's Larry King speaks with Laura Bush about disagreeing with former President George W. Bush on several key issues. Laura Bush's Memoirs Address Fatal Car Crashupdated: Wed Apr 28 2010 17:13:00

The 1963 accident that killed a high-school friend is detailed in the former first lady's book

Laura Bush Interviewupdated: Tue Sep 08 2009 10:38:00

Former First Lady Laura Bush talks CNN's Zain Verjee

Laura Bush praises Obama, bemoans excessive partisanshipupdated: Tue Sep 08 2009 10:38:00

Former first lady Laura Bush praised the performance of her husband's successor Monday, breaking with many Republicans in telling CNN that she thinks President Obama is doing a good job under tough circumstances.

'We don't torture'updated: Wed Jan 14 2009 04:24:00

President Bush talks with Larry King about the aftermath of 9/11 and criticisms of his administration.

Bush: President's priority is preventing attackupdated: Wed Jan 14 2009 04:24:00

The commander in chief's priority is preventing another terrorist attack in the United States, President Bush told CNN's "Larry King Live" Tuesday. Laura Bush Preparing Memoir for 2010 Releaseupdated: Mon Jan 05 2009 11:58:00

Scribner will publish the book by the first lady, whose advance was not disclosed

Laura Bush describes post-White House plansupdated: Mon Dec 01 2008 07:32:00

First lady Laura Bush said Sunday she plans to continue working to advance the position of women in Afghanistan after her husband's time in office ends in January.

Unseemly inaugural ballsupdated: Fri Nov 21 2008 10:47:00

Given the struggling economy, how extravagant will Obama's inauguration ball be? Carol Costello reports.

Bush calls meeting with Obama 'friendly'updated: Mon Nov 10 2008 21:17:00

President Bush had a "relaxed" and "friendly" meeting with President-elect Barack Obama after he and first lady Laura Bush welcomed their successors to their future home Monday, a White House spokesman said. Laura Bush Shares Spotlight with Jonas Brothersupdated: Mon Nov 03 2008 13:23:00

The first lady and the musicians offer conservation tips to 150 kids in Dallas Laura Bush Hosts Her Final National Book Festivalupdated: Wed Sep 24 2008 14:00:00

After leaving the White House, the nation's "reader in chief," Laura Bush, plans to continue promoting literacy through the United Nations and the George W. Bush presidential library in Dallas

'W.': When George met Lauraupdated: Tue Sep 16 2008 11:34:00

Watch a scene from Oliver Stone's new film "W." Laura Bush Delivers Feisty GOP 'Straight Talk' updated: Wed Sep 03 2008 15:13:00

The First Lady defends President Bush's eight-year record in the White House Laura Bush and Cindy McCain Raise Money for Gustav Victimsupdated: Tue Sep 02 2008 14:09:00

As the hurricane rages, the Republican National Convention gets off to a subdued start Bush Arrives in Beijing for Olympicsupdated: Thu Aug 07 2008 11:00:00

President Bush is eagerly awaiting the start of the Summer Olympics, making history as the first president to attend this world athletic competition on foreign soil

Bush to walk diplomatic tightrope on Asia tripupdated: Mon Aug 04 2008 22:23:00

President Bush left the White House on Monday for a weeklong tour of Asia that will be his ninth visit there as president. The trip will take him to South Korea, Thailand and China.

Iraq expected to be focus of Bush's U.K. visitupdated: Sun Jun 15 2008 21:24:00

President Bush arrived Sunday in London to discuss the war in Iraq and other issues with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Bush arrives at Vatican Cityupdated: Fri Jun 13 2008 06:33:00

President Bush arrives at the Vatican for his visit with the Pope.

Bush heads to Europe for six-nation tourupdated: Mon Jun 09 2008 18:28:00

President Bush traveled to Europe on Monday for an eight-day trip to highlight improved U.S. relations.

Bush heads to Mideast to talk peace, oilupdated: Tue May 13 2008 12:23:00

President Bush leaves for the Middle East on Tuesday to celebrate the United States' ties with its top allies in the region -- Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. President Bush: An 'Awfully Special' Wedding Weekendupdated: Mon May 12 2008 18:39:00

The father of the bride danced to "You Are So Beautiful" with daughter Jenna

Pope calls church sex abuse scandal a 'deep shame'updated: Wed Apr 16 2008 19:54:00

Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday addressed issues ranging from the sex abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church to the easy availability of pornography to the "alarming decrease" in Catholic marriages in the United States.

Bush departs for NATO summitupdated: Mon Mar 31 2008 15:10:00

President Bush wants Congress to pass trade, housing and surveillance laws while he minds foreign policy in Europe. Jenna Bush Updates Status of Her Book Heroineupdated: Wed Mar 19 2008 14:22:00

The baby girl in Ana's Story is HIV negative, says the first daughter

Bush tours Rwandan genocide memorialupdated: Tue Feb 19 2008 23:56:00

President Bush walked somberly through a memorial where 250,000 Rwandans killed in the 1994 genocidal slaughter are buried, emerging to call it "a moving place that can't help but shake your emotions to the very foundation."

Bush, first lady promote low-tech health solution in Africaupdated: Mon Feb 18 2008 05:46:00

President George W. Bush focused on a low-tech way to save the lives of African children Monday as he and first lady Laura Bush toured a Tanzanian clinic.

Obama buzz on Bush-Africa tripupdated: Mon Feb 18 2008 05:46:00

Even as a lame duck, President Bush flies above Obama in Tanzania. CNN's Ed Henry explains

Bush makes first stops on African tour in Tanzania, Beninupdated: Sun Feb 17 2008 04:38:00

Billboards and dancers wearing President Bush's likeness on Saturday welcomed the U.S. leader to Tanzania, the second stop on his and first lady Laura Bush's five-nation African tour.

Strait of Hormuz confrontationupdated: Tue Jan 08 2008 23:44:00

U.S. Navy releases audio of communication between Iranian defense force and American ships.

Bush: Confrontation in the Strait of Hormuz was 'provocative'updated: Tue Jan 08 2008 23:44:00

As President Bush prepared Tuesday to head to Israel and the West Bank for the first time as commander-in-chief, he called a confrontation between U.S. Navy warships and Iranian boats in the Strait of Hormuz "a provocative act."

President Bush: Faith key to international AIDS fightupdated: Sat Dec 01 2007 01:58:00

U.S. President George W. Bush on Friday stressed the role of faith-based groups in the fight against AIDS, calling the struggle one of conscience and morals on the eve of World AIDS Day. Laura Bush Unveils White House Christmas Treeupdated: Thu Nov 29 2007 15:43:00

The White House's Blue Room has gone green – with this year's Executive Mansion Christmas tree.

First Lady steps outupdated: Thu Oct 11 2007 00:07:00

Laura Bush has some tough words for the government of Myanmar. CNN's Suzanne Malveaux reports.

Laura Bush surgery explainedupdated: Sat Sep 08 2007 16:47:00

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta describes the procedure being performed on the first lady's neck Jenna Bush Engaged to Former Commerce Dept. Stafferupdated: Fri Aug 17 2007 14:04:00

President Bush is getting a son-in-law: His daughter Jenna is marrying boyfriend Henry Hager, the White House announced Thursday.

U.S., French leaders meetupdated: Mon Aug 13 2007 02:44:00

U.S., French leaders meet

Doctors remove 5 polyps from Bush's colonupdated: Sat Jul 21 2007 02:13:00

Doctors removed five small polyps from President Bush's colon on Saturday, and "none appeared worrisome," a White House spokesman said.

Bush to have colonoscopyupdated: Sat Jul 21 2007 02:13:00

Bush to have colonoscopy

Bush requests more money for international AIDS fightupdated: Wed May 30 2007 09:27:00

President Bush asked Congress on Wednesday to triple the funding for his international AIDS initiative and extend the program an additional five years.

Promising, extraordinary lives cut shortupdated: Tue Apr 17 2007 15:36:00

Reema Samaha was a beautiful, creative dancer. Ryan "Stack" Clark went out of his way to make new band members feel welcome. Daniel Perez Cueva spoke four languages and hoped to change the world.

Laura Bush: My husband never misled about Iraqupdated: Thu Oct 26 2006 16:22:00

In her first public comments about Bob Woodward's explosive book "State of Denial," first lady Laura Bush sharply denied claims in the book that her husband has misled the public about the level of violence in Iraq.

Solemn tributes mark 9/11's fifth anniversaryupdated: Mon Sep 11 2006 06:52:00

Five years after the worst terrorist attack on American soil, President Bush on Monday saluted the nearly 3,000 people who were killed on September 11, 2001.

Bush: Impact of Lebanon attacks a concernupdated: Thu Jul 13 2006 10:04:00

Addressing the escalation of hostilities in the Mideast, President Bush on Thursday warned that Israel should take care not to "weaken" Lebanon's government and also stressed that Syria "needs to be held to account."

Bush concerned by Russia freedomsupdated: Thu Jul 13 2006 05:39:00

U.S. President George W. Bush says he has concerns about freedoms in Russia, and plans to continue to express this view to President Vladimir Putin.

First lady makes political Play of Weekupdated: Fri Jan 20 2006 19:43:00

If she's clever, even a first lady whose husband says she doesn't like politics can win the political Play of the Week.

Laura Bush: U.S. will have female president in 'the next few terms'updated: Fri Jan 13 2006 15:41:00

First lady Laura Bush spoke Friday with CNN anchor Zain Verjee before leaving for Liberia to attend the inauguration of the first female president in Africa. Laura Bush is going be leading a U.S. delegation to the inauguration ceremonies. They take place Monday in the capital, Monrovia.

Laura Bush: Rice in '08?updated: Fri Jan 13 2006 15:21:00

Ahead of her trip to witness the inauguration of Africa's first elected female president, first lady Laura Bush said Friday that the United States could elect a female president in the next few terms, and said she would like to cast a ballot for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Bush: 'May God bless the Christians of China'updated: Sat Nov 19 2005 21:32:00

President Bush attended a legally sanctioned church Sunday in Beijing before scheduled talks on religious freedom with President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao.

A time to regroupupdated: Tue Nov 01 2005 15:55:00

You have to wonder sometimes why Presidents even run for re-election, given how things usually turn out. Second terms have a way of veering into wild and menacing terrain, spiked with indictments and scandals and betrayal and grief. Some friends become less friendly because they know you are on your way to retirement while they are on their way to the next campaign. Your team gets tired, the ideas stale, and the fumes of power more toxic.

The two knocks on Miersupdated: Mon Oct 10 2005 11:35:00

Among the rarest honors that President Bush bestows is induction into the Hundred Degree Club.

Court vacancy fights: One down, one more to goupdated: Thu Sep 29 2005 10:56:00

A summer drama over the makeup of the Supreme Court received an extended run into autumn, as the political fight over a second vacancy on the bench threatens to erupt into a bitter partisan spat.

Laura Bush: No fear during protest updated: Mon May 23 2005 09:11:00

First lady Laura Bush downplayed the hostile demonstrations she encountered Sunday while visiting some of Jerusalem's most holy sites, saying Monday she was not afraid and did not feel she was at risk.

Protesters surround Laura Bush updated: Mon May 23 2005 04:47:00

First lady Laura Bush, on a political fence-mending tour of the Middle East, found herself the target of a tense protest in Jerusalem at one of Islam's holiest sites.

Protesters surround Laura Bush at Jerusalem mosqueupdated: Sun May 22 2005 09:56:00

First lady Laura Bush, on a political fence-mending tour of the Middle East, found herself the target of a tense protest in Jerusalem at one of Islam's holiest sites.

Laura Bush delivers Afghan fundingupdated: Wed Mar 30 2005 13:04:00

U.S. first lady Laura Bush brought $17.7 million to Afghanistan during a five-hour stopover Wednesday, the United States' commitment to building an American University there, according to pool reporters traveling with her entourage.

Bush, in Europe, to urge support for Iraqupdated: Sun Feb 20 2005 07:15:00

President Bush will call on European allies to help Iraq's fledgling democracy become "a beacon of freedom" in the Middle East when he speaks to Belgian leaders Monday, according to excerpts released by the White House.

First lady shakes up White House staffupdated: Wed Feb 16 2005 17:04:00

Behind the scenes, first lady Laura Bush is making big changes for the next four years.

First lady offers preview of husband's addressupdated: Tue Feb 01 2005 12:43:00

First lady Laura Bush gave a preview Tuesday of what her husband will tell Congress and the American people in his State of the Union address, touching on Social Security, the Iraqi elections and women's health.

Bush: Expand freedom 'in all the world'updated: Thu Jan 20 2005 02:13:00

President Bush returned to the White House on Thursday after taking his second oath of office and outlining in his inaugural address a U.S. policy "with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world."

Disaster relief money top priority, Bush tells new lawmakersupdated: Mon Jan 03 2005 18:17:00

The Bush administration has pledged $350 million in relief and reconstruction aid to hard-hit countries in the region, where a massive earthquake December 26 triggered a tsunami that left 155,000 dead.

Laura Bush brushes aside Heinz Kerry's remarksupdated: Thu Oct 21 2004 13:01:00

Laura Bush on Thursday brushed off comments about her work experience that were made by Teresa Heinz Kerry, who told USA Today she was unsure if Bush had ever held a "real job."

Some may register and vote on Election Dayupdated: Thu Oct 21 2004 09:06:00

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Heinz Kerry apologizes for remark updated: Wed Oct 20 2004 17:03:00

Teresa Heinz Kerry apologized Wednesday for telling USA Today that she was unsure if first lady Laura Bush had ever held a "real job."

Kerry, Bush go full speed into final lapupdated: Thu Oct 14 2004 06:46:00

President Bush and Democratic rival Sen. John Kerry kicked off multistate campaign blitzes Thursday after hammering each other on domestic issues in their third presidential debate.

The big nightupdated: Wed Oct 13 2004 08:57:00

We're running three hours earlier here in this desert town, and our hotel doesn't seem to believe in caffeinated coffee, soundproof walls or high-speed Internet access. Which is all just another way of saying that if you find a typo in today's Grind, look deep into your heart and forgive.

What Do Women Want?updated: Mon Oct 04 2004 15:36:00

Kristen Breitweiser, like her husband ron, voted for George W. Bush in 2000. Far from being any kind of activist, she didn't know her Congressman's name before Sept. 11, 2001, the day her husband died on the 92th floor of the World Trade Center's Tower 2.

Rules for predicting the electionupdated: Mon Sep 20 2004 12:50:00

To those of us who eat, sleep and occasionally drink politics, nearly everything that happens in a presidential campaign is interesting, but very few things are really important.

Soldier's mom interrupts Laura Bush's speechupdated: Fri Sep 17 2004 08:59:00

The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq was arrested Thursday in Hamilton, New Jersey, after interrupting a campaign speech by first lady Laura Bush. As police hauled her away, she shouted "police brutality."

Laura Bush heckled during campaign speechupdated: Fri Sep 17 2004 04:32:00

The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq was arrested Thursday after interrupting a campaign speech by first lady Laura Bush. As police hauled her away, she shouted, "Police brutality."

Bush storming into blue statesupdated: Thu Sep 16 2004 07:51:00

Hurricane Ivan slammed into the Gulf Coast early this morning with 130-mph winds, threatening any chance that President Bush or Sen. John Kerry would get much TV air time for the rest of the week. (Is it just us, or does every political reporter want to be covering that awesome storm? It sure beats the "debate over the debates.")

Group offers $50,000 for proof of Bush serviceupdated: Tue Sep 14 2004 13:41:00

The founder of the group Texans for Truth said Tuesday that he is offering $50,000 to anyone who can prove President Bush fulfilled his service requirements, including required duties and drills, in the Alabama Air National Guard in 1972.

Staring contestupdated: Tue Sep 14 2004 07:54:00

President Bush stares down the controversy over his military service today with a speech before the National Guard in Las Vegas, Nevada. Back east, Porter Goss, the president's pick for CIA director, stares down tough questioning about the 9/11 commission report in his first day of Senate confirmation hearings.

Whose plan is better?updated: Mon Sep 06 2004 16:24:00

In most elections in which the incumbent enjoys an economy with a healthy 3% annual growth rate, home ownership at record levels, and inflation and interest rates that are well within control, the economy's performance wouldn't be a problem.

Potential 2008 race begins at conventionupdated: Wed Sep 01 2004 09:11:00

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Playing to the baseupdated: Wed Sep 01 2004 01:38:00

Having spent two days trying to reach undecided voters, Republicans on Wednesday night will focus on revving up the base.

Blog, Day 2: Tuesday, August 31, 2004updated: Tue Aug 31 2004 13:15:00

Posted: 11:42 p.m. ET From Thom Patterson,

First lady: Bush shows 'strength and conviction'updated: Tue Aug 31 2004 08:22:00

First lady Laura Bush and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ended the second night of the Republican convention Tuesday with a litany of anecdotes designed to highlight family issues and portray the party as a "people of compassion."

Return of the 'compassionate conservative'updated: Tue Aug 31 2004 06:43:00

While Republicans on Monday tried to reinforce a strength by stressing national security, on Tuesday they will try to tackle a weakness on the domestic front.

Going swiftly into overtimeupdated: Mon Aug 23 2004 07:48:00

The Swift Boat squall goes into overtime today, mostly at the hands of Kerry-Edwards, which files a Federal Election Commission complaint and releases a new TV ad placing the "smear" squarely in President Bush's lap.

Jeb Bush could skip GOP conventionupdated: Thu Aug 19 2004 08:18:00

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The hard cellupdated: Mon Aug 09 2004 08:27:00

Three years ago today, in one of his last major acts before 9/11, President Bush granted restricted federal spending for stem-cell research, taking sides in a debate that was shelved, more or less, one month later by the terrorist attacks.

Bush's pitch, Kerry's roundtableupdated: Thu Aug 05 2004 08:53:00

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'My Life,' my economyupdated: Fri Jun 18 2004 07:37:00

Someone smarter or richer than me will decide which story dominates this weekend's headlines. At this early read, it's anyone's guess. The main players, possibly in order of prominence, are: Bill Clinton, President Bush, John McCain and John Kerry -- who could shoot to the top of the list if he so much as winks at one of his VP contenders.

Veep stakes, frosty relationships and rallying the troopsupdated: Thu Jun 17 2004 08:38:00

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'No collaborative relationship'updated: Thu Jun 17 2004 07:33:00

A deadly car bomb in Baghdad this morning and the 9/11 commission's return to center stage offer fresh reasons to focus on Iraq today.

First lady: Stem-cell research ethical balancing actupdated: Wed Jun 09 2004 10:36:00

First lady Laura Bush, whose father died of Alzheimer's disease -- the same illness that afflicted Ronald Reagan -- said the nation needs to treat the issue of stem-cell research with delicacy.

What does 'W' stand for?updated: Fri May 21 2004 08:50:00

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Kerry meets with rivals old and newupdated: Wed May 19 2004 08:25:00

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April Fools' and March money madnessupdated: Fri Apr 02 2004 02:44:00

Aren't we all glad April Fools' Day is over?

Black-tie Wednesdayupdated: Wed Mar 24 2004 02:40:00

John Kerry ends his weeklong vacation in Idaho, while the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Elk Grove v. Newdow (aka the "under God" case). The AFL-CIO launches an eight-state jobs tour in St. Louis, Missouri, and Richard Clarke testifies before the 9/11 commission on Capitol Hill.

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