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Some cities and theaters around the country tightened security on Friday in the wake of a deadly shooting inside a Colorado movie house. Here is a partial list of the steps taken:

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A timeline of events in Rodney King's lifeupdated: Sun Jun 17 2012 18:12:00

A timeline of Rodney King's life, including his 1991 beating by Los Angeles police and its aftermath.

Judge declines to reverse order giving Manson follower tapes to policeupdated: Wed Jun 13 2012 20:42:00

A federal bankruptcy judge in Texas on Wednesday rejected a request by imprisoned Charles Manson follower Charles D. "Tex" Watson not to turn over personal tape recordings to Los Angeles police.

Retired L.A. detective sentenced to 27 years to life for 1986 murderupdated: Fri May 11 2012 19:36:00

A California judge sentenced a retired Los Angeles Police detective Friday to 27 years to life in prison for murdering her ex-boyfriend's wife in a jealous rage more than two decades ago.

King writes memoir sharing his storyupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 12:24:00

Rodney King talks about his new book "The Riot Within" and reflects on what he learned after the 1991 beating.

Riot anniversary tour surveys progress and economic challenges in Los Angeles updated: Wed Apr 25 2012 12:24:00

On April 29, 1992, the intersection of Florence and Normandie avenues in south Los Angeles became a flashpoint for one of the worst riots in U.S. history.

Cop bristles during murder interrogationupdated: Wed Feb 08 2012 12:15:00

Twenty-three years after the murder of Sherri Rasmussen, a Los Angeles police officer is questioned in her death.

A bite, bullet and broken heart: Former LA cop stands trial for murderupdated: Wed Feb 08 2012 12:15:00

The prosecutor sounded like the narrator of a hard-boiled police drama as he carefully laid out pieces of the puzzle that led detectives to arrest one of their own in a 23-year-old cold case.

Severed head found in Hollywood Hillsupdated: Thu Jan 19 2012 10:24:00

Two dog walkers discover a severed human head Tuesday in the Hollywood Hills area, Los Angeles police said. KTLA reports.

Severed head, body parts found near 'Hollywood' sign, police sayupdated: Thu Jan 19 2012 10:24:00

Searchers found two hands and two feet Wednesday near the famous "Hollywood" sign, the same area where police said a severed head was discovered earlier.

Former SNL writer Joe Bodolai found deadupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 17:10:00

Former "Saturday Night Live" writer Joe Bodolai has been found dead of an apparent suicide, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department said Tuesday.

Occupy LA asking court to stop evictionupdated: Tue Nov 29 2011 08:18:00

Refusing to leave their camp at Los Angeles' City Hall, Occupy protesters were seeking a federal court injunction to block their removal.

Woman surrenders in Black Friday pepper spray incidentupdated: Sat Nov 26 2011 16:51:00

A southern California woman turned herself in to authorities as the person who pepper sprayed video-game shoppers in a Walmart during Black Friday's shopping frenzy, Los Angeles police said Saturday.

Officer convicted of faking his own shootingupdated: Mon Sep 12 2011 19:49:00

A Los Angeles police officer accused of faking his own shooting in January was convicted Monday in the hoax, which sparked a "massive manhunt" at the time, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said. Justin Bieber Crashes His Ferrariupdated: Wed Aug 31 2011 12:11:00

No one was hurt when the singer's sportscar collided with a Honda Civic Sean Avery Arrested at His Homeupdated: Fri Aug 05 2011 18:29:00

The New York Rangers star was taken into custody in Hollywood, police tell PEOPLE

Police use force to disperse unruly crowd outside L.A. premiereupdated: Thu Jul 28 2011 12:18:00

The video is dramatic: Police in riot gear pursuing crowds of fleeing youths down Hollywood Boulevard.

L.A. police identify baseball fan beating suspect as gang memberupdated: Mon May 23 2011 11:43:00

The primary suspect in the brutal beating of a of a San Francisco Giants fan at Dodgers Stadium is a documented gang member on parole for a number of convictions, the Los Angeles Police Department said Monday.

LA police: 'Primary aggressor' in Giants fan's beating arrestedupdated: Mon May 23 2011 05:50:00

The man alleged to be the "primary aggressor" in the brutal beating of a San Francisco Giants fan at Dodgers Stadium was arrested Sunday and ordered held on $1 million bail, Los Angeles police said.

Arrest made in Giant's fan beatingupdated: Mon May 23 2011 05:50:00

A man alleged to be involved in the beating of a San Francisco Giant's fan at Dodgers Stadium was arrested.

Murder charges filed in shotgun slaying of MTV producer in L.A.updated: Fri May 13 2011 22:45:00

A 29-year-old Los Angeles woman was charged with murder Friday and her two accused male accomplices were charged with robbery in a shotgun crime spree that allegedly resulted in the execution-style slaying of an MTV producer, authorities said.

Hines Ward handcuffed in stolen car misunderstandingupdated: Thu May 05 2011 15:47:00

NFL star Hines Ward was ordered out of a car at gunpoint and handcuffed early Thursday by Los Angeles police who mistakenly thought the car in which he was a passenger was stolen.

LAPD chopper makes emergency landing after being shotupdated: Sun Apr 24 2011 19:12:00

A Los Angeles Police Department helicopter had to make an emergency landing Sunday morning after a gunman opened fire on the chopper, authorities said.

Dodgers to hold benefit for beaten Giants fanupdated: Mon Apr 11 2011 12:06:00

The Los Angeles Dodgers will hold a fundraiser Monday for a San Francisco Giants fan who was brutally beaten last month.

FBI reveals documents in Biggie Smalls death probeupdated: Fri Apr 08 2011 15:23:00

The 1997 murder of Christopher Wallace, the rapper also known as The Notorious B.I.G. and Biggie Smalls, remains an unsolved crime despite Los Angeles police and FBI investigations that lasted for years. Police Confiscate Bullets, Gun from Charlie Sheenupdated: Fri Mar 11 2011 13:28:00

LAPD visit his Beverly Hills mansion to investigate a violation of his restraining order

DA considers theft charge against Lindsay Lohanupdated: Thu Feb 03 2011 17:23:00

The Los Angeles district attorney will decide if Lindsay Lohan will be charged with stealing a necklace from a jewelry store last week, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor said.

Disabled women sexually assaultedupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 06:07:00

Los Angeles police identify two suspects shown on tapes sexually assaulting disabled women. CNN's Casey Wian reports.

Arrest made in California disabled rape caseupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 06:07:00

Police arrested a suspect believed to be one of four men shown in a video apparently sexually assaulting disabled women in a care home and other places, authorities said in a statement.

Video of abuse yields suspect sketchesupdated: Fri Jan 07 2011 17:19:00

Los Angeles officials seek the public's help in identifying men shown on video sexually abusing disabled women.

Investigation into death of Notorious B.I.G. heats upupdated: Fri Jan 07 2011 14:03:00

A task force made up of local and federal law enforcement agencies is actively pursuing leads into the 1997 slaying of hip hop artist Christopher Wallace, better known as Biggie Smalls or Notorious B.I.G., according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

Mystery surrounds rappers' deathsupdated: Fri Jan 07 2011 14:03:00

CNN's Ted Rowlands reports on the unsolved murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace.

Hollywood shooting suspect surrenders to policeupdated: Tue Jan 04 2011 13:37:00

A suspect in the shooting of a woman in the heart of Hollywood's tourist district surrendered to police after a brief standoff, Los Angeles police told CNN.

Police try to ID serial killer's victimsupdated: Fri Dec 17 2010 18:29:00

Los Angeles police are looking for the public's help to identify the "Grim Sleeper's" murder victims.

Police have leads on 5 women in suspected serial killer's photosupdated: Fri Dec 17 2010 18:29:00

Visitors to the Los Angeles Police Department website have identified five women depicted in photographs found in a suspected serial killer's home this summer, but police need to independently confirm those claims, spokeswoman Norma Eisenman said Friday.

Police want to question 'person of interest' in Sampras trophy theftupdated: Wed Dec 08 2010 19:50:00

Los Angeles Police want to question a "person of interest" in the theft of nearly all of legendary tennis champion Pete Sampras' trophy collection from a public storage facility.

LAPD chief booed as protests continue over fatal shootingupdated: Thu Sep 09 2010 06:30:00

Los Angeles, California, police chief Charlie Beck was booed during a community meeting as protests over an officer-involved fatal shooting continued for the third night on Wednesday.

LA police investigate discovery of 'mummified' babiesupdated: Tue Sep 07 2010 10:55:00

Detectives are investigating the discovery of two "mummified" babies found wrapped in 1930s newspaper in the basement of a Los Angeles apartment building.

Family DNA helps catch suspected killerupdated: Sun Jul 11 2010 09:34:00

CNN's Thelma Gutierrez has an exclusive look inside the lab where new technology helped catch a suspected serial killer.

Accused serial killer snared using controversial techniqueupdated: Sun Jul 11 2010 09:34:00

Los Angeles police are saying they've arrested a serial killer known as the Grim Sleeper using familial DNA, or the comparison of one's unique genetic code with a relative's unique code.

Arrest made in Los Angeles Grim Sleeper serial killer caseupdated: Thu Jul 08 2010 09:22:00

Authorities in California said Wednesday they have arrested a suspect in the Grim Sleeper serial killer case and will charge him with 10 counts of murder.

Hollywood crackdown nabs faux superheroesupdated: Thu Jun 03 2010 18:09:00

Hollywood's superhero community buzzed after Batman's arrest Wednesday, just days after Spiderman, Cat Woman and at least a dozen others were taken into custody by Los Angeles police.

Rap mogul arrested on weapons charge, Los Angeles police sayupdated: Thu May 20 2010 15:46:00

Rap music mogul Marion "Suge" Knight was arrested early Thursday on suspicion of pointing a gun at a man, authorities in California said.

Former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates diesupdated: Fri Apr 16 2010 23:10:00

KCAL's Dave Lopez talks with people who knew Daryl Gates as more than just a controversial police chief.

Ex-Los Angeles Police Chief Gates diesupdated: Fri Apr 16 2010 23:10:00

Daryl Gates, former chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, has died at age 83 after a battle with bladder cancer, Los Angeles police said.

4 killed in California restaurant shootingupdated: Sun Apr 04 2010 00:50:00

Four people were killed and two injured in a Saturday shooting at a Mediterranean restaurant in North Hollywood, California, authorities said.

After criticism, LAPD pulls RFK clothing from homicide exhibitupdated: Thu Mar 04 2010 13:18:00

After scathing criticism from the son of slain Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, police in Los Angeles, California, have apologized for including the clothes the senator was wearing when killed in an exhibit of high-profile homicide cases.

LAPD chief: The thin blue line keeps getting thinnerupdated: Wed Feb 17 2010 10:25:00

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck was sworn in for a five-year term in November, succeeding native New Yorker William Bratton, who retired to take a job in the private sector.

Two men shot at California synagogueupdated: Thu Oct 29 2009 20:02:00

A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt shot two men at a North Hollywood synagogue on Thursday morning, wounding them in their legs, police said.

Two shot at synagogueupdated: Thu Oct 29 2009 20:02:00

Police say two people have been shot at a California synagogue. Megan Fox, Ashley Tisdale Also Victims of Burglary Gangupdated: Thu Oct 29 2009 08:46:00

Los Angeles police say that "millions" were stolen from 10 victims in a crime spree Paris Hilton Retrieves Jewelry Stolen by Burglary Gangupdated: Sun Oct 25 2009 11:48:00

The heiress, allegedly targeted by a group of teenage thieves, gets most of her valuables back More Arrests Made in Lindsay and Audrina Burglariesupdated: Fri Oct 23 2009 08:49:00

At least four women are arrested by LAPD detectives in a crackdown, says a source Police Investigating Eric Dane Nude Tapeupdated: Fri Aug 21 2009 11:26:00

The DVD was given to police by a source claiming it showed illegal activity

Police looking into Dane nude videoupdated: Fri Aug 21 2009 10:53:00

Even the police have the Eric Dane nude tape on replay. Michael Jackson Autopsy Results Under Police Holdupdated: Tue Aug 11 2009 11:34:00

The coroner wraps its examination of the singer's death, but the LAPD's investigation still continues Mischa Barton Cancels Appearance After Medical Problemupdated: Thu Jul 16 2009 16:30:00

The actress is "okay and resting" after police helped her leave her home due to a medical issue

LAPD: Better off staying homeupdated: Tue Jul 07 2009 21:48:00

CNN's Kiran Chetry spoke with the LAPD chief to get the logistics of crowd control at the Jackson memorial. Los Angeles Cop Accused of Murdering Ex-Boyfriend's New Wifeupdated: Mon Jul 06 2009 18:07:00

Stephanie Lazarus pleads not guilty of the 1986 killing, for which she could face the death penalty

Diprivan risk well-known to doctorsupdated: Fri Jul 03 2009 21:08:00

While authorities do not yet know what killed Michael Jackson, the possibility that anesthetics -- particularly the drug Diprivan -- might be involved continues to swell with each new revelation.

Suspect arrested in shooting of rapper Dolla at L.A. mallupdated: Tue May 19 2009 12:08:00

A Georgia man suspected of shooting to death a 21-year-old up-and-coming rapper at a ritzy Los Angeles shopping center Monday afternoon is being held on $1 million bail, Los Angeles Police said. Police Find Mess at Lindsay Lohan's Houseupdated: Wed May 13 2009 15:08:00

Responding to a burglar alarm, cops enter and ask, "Is it normally like this?" Chris Brown's Defense Begins to Unfoldupdated: Thu May 07 2009 13:30:00

Mark Geragos argues Rihanna's leaked photo may be grounds for a case dismissal

DNA leads to suspect in 1970s Los Angeles serial killingsupdated: Fri May 01 2009 10:17:00

A man who Los Angeles police believe raped and murdered dozens of women decades ago was arrested by cold case investigators this month after a computer matched his DNA to evidence from two killings in the 1970s.

Suspect named in serial rapesupdated: Fri May 01 2009 10:17:00

A man who police believe raped and killed people for decades is arrested. Gary Tuchman reports. Rihanna Wants Cops to Return $1 Million in Jewelryupdated: Sun Apr 26 2009 12:08:00

Police still have in evidence rings and earrings on loan to her the night of her alleged beating Rihanna's Dad Upset with LAPD over Photo Leakupdated: Sat Feb 21 2009 13:54:00

"Sloppy work on their part," Ronald Fenty tells PEOPLE Web Buzzing Over Shocking Photo Reportedly of Rihannaupdated: Fri Feb 20 2009 16:59:00

L.A. police launch an internal investigation into the "unauthorized release of a domestic violence photograph" Chris Brown Case Hits a Delayupdated: Wed Feb 11 2009 21:43:00

Prosecutors have asked cops to further investigate the alleged attack on Rihanna Chris Brown Under Investigation for Felony Batteryupdated: Mon Feb 09 2009 12:38:00

His alleged victim is still unidentified but both his and Rihanna's Grammy appearances were canceled

Plant, Krauss rise with 'Raising Sand' at Grammysupdated: Mon Feb 09 2009 11:04:00

The unlikely alchemy of a hard-rock legend and a bluegrass superstar created Grammy gold Sunday night, as Robert Plant and Alison Krauss picked up five awards -- including album and record of the year -- for their work, "Raising Sand." INSIDE STORY: Will the Biggie Case Ever Be Solved?updated: Sun Jan 25 2009 14:18:00

Twelve years after the murder that inspired the film Notorious, the rapper's mother still hopes for justice

'Hillside Burglar' suspect held; L.A.'s rich relievedupdated: Fri Jan 23 2009 13:24:00

For three years, the thieves crept into some of the poshest homes in the most exclusive enclaves in the nation. LAPD to Review Fingerprint Unitupdated: Sat Oct 18 2008 02:00:00

The head of the Los Angeles Police Commission asked on Friday for a review of policies and procedures at the city Police Department's fingerprint analysis unit

Commuter train engineer didn't apply brakes in fatal crashupdated: Wed Sep 17 2008 11:08:00

The National Transportation Safety Board said a Metrolink train that slammed head-on into a freight train Friday did not apply its brakes, according to preliminary data from the investigation.

Home burns during standoffupdated: Thu Feb 07 2008 22:40:00

The house where a gunman barricaded himself after allegedly killing three relatives and shooting at cops, is in flames.

Five, including officer, killed in fiery Los Angeles standoffupdated: Thu Feb 07 2008 22:40:00

A gunman locked in a standoff with Los Angeles police for nearly 12 hours was shot and killed Thursday by officers inside a home, police said.

Officer killed in standoffupdated: Thu Feb 07 2008 12:57:00

Los Angeles police say one officer was killed and one injured in a standoff involving a barricaded man. Lawyer: Cops Issued Restraining Order Against Britney Spearsupdated: Wed Jan 09 2008 21:04:00

LAPD officers slapped Britney Spears with a temporary restraining order last Thursday night after her custody standoff, PEOPLE has learned exclusively. Charlize Theron's Home Burglarizedupdated: Tue Dec 11 2007 11:27:00

Los Angeles police are investigating a break-in that took place Saturday at the Hollywood Hills home of Charlize Theron. Britney Spears Accidentally Runs Over Cop's Footupdated: Sat Nov 03 2007 18:43:00

Britney Spears ran over the foot of a female sheriff's deputy during the pandemonium over the singer's court appearance last Friday – but there is no criminal investigation pending, an LAPD official tells PEOPLE. Britney Is Booked for Misdemeanor Chargesupdated: Tue Oct 16 2007 16:45:00

Britney Spears was booked Monday night for her two driving-related misdemeanor charges. Can Bratton Survive May Day?updated: Mon Jun 04 2007 14:40:00

The L.A. police chief has built a solid record of reform. But another episode of police violence has thrown a new term into doubt

Top LAPD cop demoted in wake of rally controversyupdated: Mon May 07 2007 21:03:00

A top Los Angeles police official has been demoted and his deputy reassigned after officers under their command attacked demonstrators at an immigration rally, the city's mayor and police chief said Monday.

Business 2.0: See It, Snap It, Search Itupdated: Thu Mar 15 2007 12:28:00

Picture this: You're hiking in the woods when a spider gives you a painful bite. Instead of panicking, you snap a photo of the spider with your cell phone and e-mail the image to a poison control w...

Man in YouTube arrest video to be freed updated: Wed Nov 15 2006 17:00:00

A man whose violent arrest by Los Angeles Police officers was videotaped and posted on YouTube was scheduled to be released from jail Wednesday.

FBI investigates taped LAPD beating updated: Thu Nov 09 2006 21:27:00

The FBI announced it is investigating Los Angeles police after viewing a videotape that shows officers repeatedly beating a suspect in the face while he cries out that he cannot breathe.

Business 2.0: Cops and bloggers join forces on LAPD siteupdated: Tue May 16 2006 14:26:00

SAN FRANCISCO (Business 2.0 Magazine) - Boing Boing reports this morning that Chief William Bratton and the LAPD have gone Web 2.0, setting up a blog and a Flickr stream with the help of Sean Bonner at metroblogging. Bonner hopes "other law enforcement departments across the state, and country, will soon be following their lead." According to TechNewsWorld, the blog is part of the redesigned site which has seen its traffic more than double recently to 30 million "hits" a month, and which also includes "crime maps and an e-policing feature." While still nascent, this sort of thing puts a whole new, real-world spin on social computing. "What the blog does is allow people to take a look inside the LAPD," said Lt. Ruben De La Torre to TechNewsWorld. Beyond the financial implications for tools providers like Yahoo! (parent of Flickr), it should be interesting to see how the LAPD manages such transparency, not to mention the brave new world of user-contributed content.

Autopsy: Toddler hit twice by LAPD updated: Wed Aug 03 2005 12:57:00

A toddler girl suffered two gunshot wounds from Los Angeles police -- one of them blowing out most of her brain -- during officers' standoff with her father last month, an autopsy report concluded.

Man shot after taking hostages in casinoupdated: Fri Dec 24 2004 12:42:00

Police shot and critically wounded a carjacking suspect who ran into a crowded casino early Friday and took two patrons hostage.

L.A. airport open again after 2 'security breaches'updated: Sat Sep 04 2004 12:42:00

Busy Los Angeles International Airport is getting back to normal after "two unrelated security breaches" forced the airport to close for several hours, Mayor James Hahn said Saturday afternoon.

Video appears to show LAPD officer hitting suspectupdated: Wed Jun 23 2004 19:25:00

A Los Angeles Police Department officer pursuing the driver of a stolen car Wednesday was seen on videotape appearing to beat the suspect after he apparently had surrendered.

Police: No evidence in old abuse claim against Jackson updated: Thu Jun 03 2004 00:55:00

Police said Wednesday they found no evidence to support child abuse allegations from the 1980s against singer Michael Jackson.

Police may have doubts over latest Jackson chargesupdated: Wed Apr 14 2004 00:37:00

Authorities looking into new allegations of child abuse against pop icon Michael Jackson may have some doubts about the accusations, a source familiar with the investigation said Wednesday.

Money Magazine: Secure Your Homeupdated: Thu May 01 2003 00:01:00

Home-security systems are a good thing, right? Insurers think so: If you get a system that notifies an outside network, they'll knock 15% to 20% off your home insurance premiums. And this is a good...

Fortune: Mr. Envelopes speaks out, integrity in Tennessee, insensitive Ann Landers, and other matters. THE SENSITIVITY POLICEupdated: Mon Aug 23 1993 00:01:00

Back in the stressful Sixties, ''Tell it like it is!'' was the banner and byword of rebellious youth. Now those kids have grown up. They live in the White House. They dominate the political establi...

Money Magazine: NEWS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR MONEY Why not to board the airplane gameupdated: Fri May 01 1987 00:01:00

Fred Reno of the Los Angeles police bunco squad was working out at a health club when he overheard two people exchanging the password for a clandestine recruiting party for airplane -- the quick-bu...

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