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June ushers in the busiest season of air travel, which typically means snaking security lines, thunderstorm delays and cabins packed to the gills with vacationing families. But take heart fliers, we dug up some bright spots that can make sitting in coach more bearable on long-haul flights.

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Airfare sales may stave off winter bluesupdated: Tue Jan 03 2012 16:39:00

Never mind that you're probably still recovering from holiday travel and may have no interest in heading to another airport. Faced with a traditional post-holiday lull in travel, several airlines are hoping their New Year's sales will lure travelers back into the air at a discount.

Wi-Fi coming to international flightsupdated: Mon Nov 14 2011 08:06:00

When United recently announced that it would install inflight Internet on all its mainline aircraft beginning next year, it might not have seemed like a big deal.

This isn't the airline I signed up forupdated: Fri Oct 07 2011 14:32:00

When I worked at America West, we had a codesharing partnership with Continental. Friends would call me, confused.

'Codesharing': What to know when you flyupdated: Fri Oct 07 2011 14:32:00

"Cranky Flier" Brett Snyder explains what airline codesharing means to the average traveler.

Turbulence causes injuries in 2 flights that land in Boston updated: Tue Oct 04 2011 14:37:00

Severe turbulence contributed to injuries aboard two flights that landed in Boston, authorities said Sunday.

Best economy-class innovationsupdated: Mon Aug 22 2011 15:22:00

New Yorker Marsha Sharpe, 31, travels constantly for her corporate music business SongDivision -- logging trips to Turkey, South Africa and across America. But she's no longer flying business class. "Economy has become the new black," says Sharpe.

Planes nearly collide on ground at JFKupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 19:10:00

A Lufthansa jumbo jet nearly collided with another plane at JFK International Airport. CNN's Mary Snow reports.

Lufthansa jet narrowly avoids collision at JFKupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 19:10:00

A Lufthansa jumbo jet nearly collided with another plane at John F. Kennedy International Airport Monday after an EgyptAir flight apparently veered into its path just as the jet barreled down the runway, according to air traffic controller tapes.

Airlines monitoring radiation, making adjustments to flights in Japanupdated: Thu Mar 17 2011 11:41:00

Air carriers are watching the situation at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant closely, making contingency plans and routing adjustments to keep operations running smoothly and protect passengers and crew from radiation risks.

How to choose your perfect flying partnerupdated: Tue Feb 15 2011 06:52:00

So you have just been given your first corporate travel card and told: "Go into the big world and do business." Your first big decision, after where should I go: With whom should I fly?

Authorities: Woman carried 91 heroin pellets in bodyupdated: Thu Jan 06 2011 14:25:00

In the biggest bust of its kind in recent memory, Customs and Border Protection authorities at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport arrested a woman allegedly carrying 91 pellets of heroin inside her body.

Bribes cause air cargo security riskupdated: Tue Nov 09 2010 20:16:00

CNN's Allan Chernoff reports on yet another worry for air security experts.

Air-cargo carriers fined for price-fixingupdated: Tue Nov 09 2010 20:16:00

The European Commission Tuesday fined 11 air-cargo carriers for price-fixing, a statement from the commission said.

Qantas pilot to passengers: 'We have a technical issue'updated: Thu Nov 04 2010 16:02:00

After part of an engine fell off a Qantas plane in mid-flight Thursday, a passenger shooting a personal video recorded the pilot announcing, calmly, that the flight was experiencing a "technical issue." In His Own Words: JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater's 20 Year-Careerupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 10:31:00

On his Facebook and MySpace pages, he boasted about flying high and taking a five year break from the skies

NTSB to assist with investigation of Saudi plane crashupdated: Tue Jul 27 2010 14:34:00

The United States' National Transportation Safety Board said it is sending a team to help the government of Saudi Arabia investigate the crash of a Lufthansa cargo plane in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday.

German flights resumeupdated: Wed Apr 21 2010 14:33:00

CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports from Germany, where Lufthansa plans to operate 200 flights despite a volcanic ash cloud.

Stranded couple weds on the Webupdated: Mon Apr 19 2010 19:15:00

Stranded in Dubai by volcano ash and unable to make it to their reception, a couple ties the knot over the Web.

How will airlines deal with ash backlog?updated: Mon Apr 19 2010 19:15:00

The thousands of travelers who have been stuck at airports around the world because of the volcanic ash cloud over Europe will need more patience when airliners are cleared to fly.

Labor disputes roll across Europeupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 15:00:00

French air traffic controllers went on strike Tuesday as labor unrest continued to roll across Europe despite the suspension of a strike by Lufthansa pilots after just one day.

Spain braces for pension brawlupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 15:00:00

The Spanish government proposes raising the retirement age to 67 to save the pension plan. CNN's Al Goodman reports.

Lufthansa strike suspendedupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 02:31:00

Lufthansa and the pilot union agree to suspend a strike until March 8. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports.

One-day strike at Lufthansa to affect schedules for daysupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 02:31:00

Lufthansa airline will fly a bit over half of its normal flight schedule Tuesday, a day after pilots suspended their strike.

Help! My bags didn't make the connectionupdated: Mon Feb 15 2010 15:00:00

Joshua Smith's fiancee spends an extra day in Athens after her airline forces her to recheck her luggage. Whose fault is this snafu? Her online agent's? The airline's? Or hers? And what, if anything, can be done about it?

Sunshine or your money backupdated: Thu Aug 06 2009 11:24:00

Lufthansa offers travelers the option of compensation if wet weather ruins their vacation. CNN's Richard Quest explains.

Lufthansa: Vacation sun or money backupdated: Thu Aug 06 2009 11:24:00

Sunshine-seeking travelers whose vacations are spoilt by wet weather will be able to claim compensation under a new scheme introduced by Germany airline Lufthansa in a bid to head off the gray clouds settling over the aviation industry.

More than a yearlong wait for a refundupdated: Tue Apr 28 2009 11:32:00

Megan Gallardo cancels her flight because of a death in the family, and her online agent suggests she may get a refund. But more than a year and countless letters and faxes later, there's no sign of her $303. What gives?

Hey Priceline, I want my fees backupdated: Wed Nov 12 2008 11:51:00

When he cancels his trip to Istanbul, Kevin O'Connell tries to get a refund for the taxes and fees on his flight. But his online travel agent, Priceline, is giving him the runaround. How does he get his money back? 153 Killed in Spain Plane Crashupdated: Wed Aug 20 2008 16:00:00

A Spanish airliner bound for the Canary Islands at the height of the vacation season crashed, burned and broke into pieces Wednesday while trying to take off from Madrid, killing 153 people on board, officials said

Lufthansa strikesupdated: Fri Aug 01 2008 05:51:00

Third strike day claims Lufthansa's first long haul flights, as CNN's Diana Magnay reports

Lufthansa, union reach deal to end strikeupdated: Fri Aug 01 2008 05:51:00

Lufthansa and a trade union reached a new pay deal Friday to end a strike that had grounded flights, the German-based airline said.

Strike-hit Lufthansa cancels 128 flightsupdated: Thu Jul 31 2008 22:19:00

Lufthansa canceled more flights Thursday, including 28 long-haul flights, because of a strike by technical and catering staff now in its fourth day, the airline said.

Strike forces Lufthansa to cancel flightsupdated: Wed Jul 30 2008 05:24:00

Lufthansa canceled eight international flights and 70 domestic flights Wednesday, the company said, as a strike by technical and catering workers entered its third day.

Toddler dies on flight from Germany to U.S.updated: Wed Apr 23 2008 02:10:00

A Lufthansa flight en route to New York diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland after a 2-year-old girl died on the flight, Irish and airline officials said.

Latest travel newsupdated: Thu Mar 20 2008 12:55:00

Find out what's affecting the life of the globe-trotting business traveler.

Germany strike hits scores of flightsupdated: Wed Mar 05 2008 07:52:00

Airlines Wednesday morning canceled more than 200 flights operating out of Frankfurt and Munich, Germany's two largest airports, because of a public workers' strike, airport spokesmen said.

Plane scrapes wing during landing in Germanyupdated: Mon Mar 03 2008 21:30:00

Battling blustery weather, a Lufthansa Airlines flight scraped its wing on the ground during a landing attempt in Hamburg, Germany, over the weekend.

Rough landingupdated: Mon Mar 03 2008 21:30:00's Nicole Lapin talks with I-Reporter Dave Gering about his experience on a plane that nearly crashed.

Fortune: Flying smartupdated: Fri Feb 29 2008 14:43:00

Talk about a long wait for takeoff. After stints at Lufthansa and Delta (where he was president), Fred Reid has spent three years trying to get Virgin America off the ground. Though the Department of Transportation initially withheld approval, citing too much foreign control by Richard Branson's Virgin Group, the low-cost carrier finally got the go-ahead in May after restructuring. Flights between San Francisco and New York - featuring mood lighting, leather seats, and a deluxe entertainment system - begin this month. We caught up with Reid at VA's Burlingame, Calif., headquarters to talk travel.

Best airport restaurants and other time killersupdated: Thu Feb 21 2008 17:04:00

With airports from New York to Sydney getting upgrades, Travel + Leisure picks our favorite restaurants, bars, lounges, shops and spas.

Travel Troubleshooter: Two years later, still no refundupdated: Mon Jan 14 2008 14:17:00

Gayle Grafstrom-Corman is promised a refund on her daughter's Lufthansa ticket. But two years later, the 890 euros she's due is nowhere to be found, and neither her travel agent nor her airline know why. Is this a lost cause?

Review of 2007: Business travelupdated: Fri Dec 21 2007 22:38:00

It has been a year of promising news for the globe-trotting business traveler. Yes, there have been all the woes of increased airport security, packed planes, heaving hotels and bursting business-class lounges, but some of the headlines have brought encouragement for a better future.

CNNMoney: Stocks hurt by inflation reportupdated: Fri Dec 14 2007 09:34:00

Inflation concerns plagued Wall Street at the start of trading Friday after November consumer prices came in a little above expectations.

CNNMoney: Stocks set for rough openupdated: Fri Dec 14 2007 06:57:00

U.S. stocks looked set for a tough start Friday as credit and recession concerns hung over the market ahead of a key government reading on inflation.

CNNMoney: Stocks stage recoveryupdated: Thu Dec 13 2007 18:18:00

Stocks staged a late-session recovery Thursday, ending mixed after a tough session driven by worries about the economy after a report showed a big jump in wholesale prices.

CNNMoney: Stocks cut lossesupdated: Thu Dec 13 2007 15:46:00

Stocks cut losses, turning mixed near the close Thursday, at the end of a tough session driven by worries about the economy after a jump in wholesale prices and the latest woes for the financial sector.

Any room in first class?updated: Fri Nov 30 2007 10:21:00

For years it seemed as though first-class air travel was dying a slow death. As perks such as flat beds migrated from the front of the plane backwards, few were willing to pay the 20 percent premium.

Russia bans Lufthansa flightsupdated: Fri Nov 02 2007 07:10:00

Russia has revoked the right of Lufthansa's cargo unit to fly over its airspace, forcing the German-based airline to divert its flights to Kazakhstan, a company spokesman said Friday, as government negotiators from both sides met to resolve the dispute.

FSB: Choosing the next Iron Chef: Episode 4updated: Tue Oct 30 2007 09:53:00

Michael Symon, chef/owner of Cleveland's acclaimed Lola and Lolita restaurants, is currently competing with some of the country's finest grub slingers on the Food Network's The Next Iron Chef. The show pits professional chefs in a weekly cook-off based on a unique challenge announced at the beginning of each episode. The winner will join star chefs Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, and Cat Cora as a regular contestant on Iron Chef America, also on the Food Network, a subsidiary of EW Scripps Co. For the next few weeks (until he either wins the competition or gets eliminated) Chef Symon will report on his contest experiences for FSB.

Travel Troubleshooter: No ticket, no refundupdated: Fri Sep 28 2007 14:22:00

As she boards a flight from Frankfurt to Philadelphia, a gate agent stops Frances Carter because her ticket is incomplete. She's sent on a sprint through a terminal, is forced to pay $125 for a replacement coupon, and almost misses her plane. Her online agent says the fee was unnecessary, and promises a refund. But many months and phone calls later, she has received nothing.

High-flying women of the worldupdated: Mon Aug 13 2007 23:43:00

It's no longer a niche market. Nearly half of business travelers are women, and the early lip service of an odd nail file in vanity bags and hotel doors with security peepholes, are no longer enough to give businesses an edge.

CNNMoney: Airlines to pay $300M fine in price probeupdated: Wed Aug 01 2007 02:36:00

British Airways and Korean Air have agreed to plead guilty and pay separate $300 million criminal fines for their roles in conspiracies to fix the prices of passenger and cargo flights, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

May shows: 21st century travelupdated: Mon May 07 2007 06:16:00

We're looking into the future this month on CNN Business Traveller 21st Century.

Airbus A380 makes big statement in U.S.updated: Tue Mar 20 2007 06:19:00

The United States finally got its first glimpse of the world's largest passenger jet on Monday, when two of Airbus' A380 superjumbos touched down in New York and Los Angeles.

CNNMoney: The art of landing a great airfareupdated: Mon Mar 12 2007 10:55:00

It's never too early to think about a spring get-away or start planning your summer vacation. Last year was the pits for air travelers, from lost luggage to long delays. But we'll tell you what you can expect this year and how you can get ready.

Joining the personal jet setupdated: Mon Feb 12 2007 12:08:00

Private jets have along conjured up images of elegance, opulence and telephone number prices, while most senior executives find flying these days just so inconvenient. So what happens when you put the two together? You've got the makings of a new market segment, or so Lufthansa Technik believes.

Fortune: Road Warriorupdated: Mon Nov 27 2006 00:01:00

Eleventh-generation glassmaker Maximilian Riedel may have an antique pedigree, but he is a thoroughly modern man. Two years ago he created a sensation with his stemless “O” series glasses—a 21st-c...

Fortune: First class for pesosupdated: Tue Nov 21 2006 12:26:00

The peso isn't the only undervalued Mexican currency. Mexicana Airlines' Frecuenta mileage program can help you travel the world in business or first class for a fraction of the normal price.

Planes bump at New Jersey airportupdated: Tue Oct 31 2006 19:31:00

A commercial plane with more than 300 people on board bumped an empty plane Tuesday at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Fortune: Flying in style: Best biz-class seatsupdated: Fri Oct 13 2006 11:58:00

Airlines are fighting to attract business-class travelers. Here\'s a look at how the newest offerings from six popular airlines stack up.

Blog: Over a barrelupdated: Fri Oct 13 2006 04:33:00

Posted: October 13, 2006

Airlines reel at A380 delayupdated: Wed Oct 04 2006 07:35:00

The extent of the delays to the A380 were announced on Tuesday leaving the airline industry reeling.

CNNMoney: Looking for a bounceupdated: Thu Jul 27 2006 05:26:00

A positive tone from corporate results could push U.S. stocks higher when trading begins Thursday.

Use of work air miles up for debateupdated: Mon Jul 10 2006 12:45:00

Clocking up air miles while you are traveling for work might seem like an attractive prospect -- until your employer tells you they are not yours to use.

Quest's blog: on the roadupdated: Wed May 31 2006 10:20:00

Posted: May 31, 2006 Forum: read comments

Fortune: SUMMER LUXURY ON THE CHEAPupdated: Mon May 01 2006 00:01:00

Vacations should start on the plane. So if you're planning a trip to Europe soon, consider upgrading from coach. During the summer, airlines often run out of cheap seats early but have a glut of sp...

Fortune: Styling at 40,000 feetupdated: Wed Apr 19 2006 14:31:00

No matter where you're headed this summer, getting there by plane will be far from a vacation. Thanks to cost-cutting efforts by struggling American carriers, the number of flights within the United States is down by some 5 percent this year.

Justifying private jets for businessupdated: Wed Feb 02 2005 17:02:00

Corporate governance regulators say the use of private jets by some executives is the equivalent of shareholder robbery; others say it is an essential travel tool.

Flying above business classupdated: Wed Jan 05 2005 11:13:00

Time-poor corporate fliers fed up with the hassle of long lines at check-in desks and sluggish security checks are finding alternatives.

Outsourcing comes to airlinesupdated: Thu Dec 23 2004 11:31:00

Outsourcing has yet to really penetrate the travel industry. Local needs and travel infrastructure tends to require local people on the ground.

New focus on first-class loungesupdated: Wed Dec 08 2004 12:13:00

While Europe's price war wages between flagship carriers and their budget rivals, some airlines have decided to leave the fray.

Airliners make emergency landingsupdated: Sun Aug 15 2004 22:55:00

Security threats forced two passenger jets operated by Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines to make emergency landings in Budapest Sunday.

Lufthansa jet in emergency landingupdated: Sun Aug 15 2004 11:57:00

A Lufthansa jet en route from Istanbul to Frankfurt has made an emergency landing in Budapest after airline officials received a security threat, an airline spokesman said.

Airlines add fuel surchargesupdated: Tue May 11 2004 07:41:00

British Airways has joined other airlines in imposing a fuel surcharge to ticket prices because of surging oil prices.

Making time fly in flightupdated: Fri May 07 2004 11:27:00

Now that Americans can fly across the country for about $200 round trip, record numbers of travelers are sitting back, trying to relax and enjoy those four- or five-hour flights.

Saudi charged for firecrackers in luggageupdated: Mon Jan 05 2004 17:29:00

A Saudi man is facing federal felony charges after three small "firecracker-type" pyrotechnic devices were found during a search of his backpack after he arrived at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.

Money Magazine: Flying The Unfriendly Skies The best ways to maximize your frequent-flier milesupdated: Tue Jul 01 2003 00:01:00

Have you tried to get a free airline ticket lately? You may have gotten nothing but turbulence from your customer service rep. Beleaguered airlines, citing financial woes, have instituted program c...

Money Magazine: Flying the unfriendly skiesupdated: Fri Jun 27 2003 14:52:00

Have you tried to get a free airline ticket lately? You may have gotten nothing but turbulence from your customer service rep.

FSB: In the Air Tonight: Airport and In-Transit Servicesupdated: Sat Feb 01 2003 00:01:00

Considering the sorry state of the airline industry, it's quite a shock to learn that airports trail hotels in high-tech services. Things are improving, albeit slowly. Airlines are embracing self-s...

Business 2.0: Leading Indicators WHAT'S HAPPENING THIS MONTH, AND WHAT IT MEANS.updated: Sun Dec 01 2002 00:01:00

WALL STREET O'Neal Takes Over "The Bull"

Money Magazine: November Buysupdated: Fri Nov 01 2002 00:01:00

Ski helmets

Fortune: Terminal One: The Antidote To JFKupdated: Mon May 11 1998 00:01:00

There is no better cure for the travel bug than New York City's John F. Kennedy Airport. Just two hours in limbo at JFK--coming or going--will sap the wanderlust of the hardiest jet setter. And the...

Fortune: 42,496 SECRETS ARE BAREDupdated: Mon Jan 24 1994 00:01:00

Ever wonder where in California is home to the greatest concentration of German Americans with a household income of $45,000 or more? Well, you would if you were running the West Coast ad campaign ...

Fortune: EUROPE'S SKY WARS As the European Community loosens its regulatory grip, the region's airlines gird for a full-tilt struggle to updated: Mon Nov 02 1992 00:01:00

EUROPE'S AIRLINES are going to war, albeit reluctantly. They are cutting quick deals with potential allies and whittling their forces to a lean, fearsome core. Says Frederick Reid, a Lufthansa seni...

Money Magazine: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO FLY SAFELY NOWupdated: Fri Mar 01 1991 00:01:00

Despite all the fears about terrorist attacks since the start of the gulf war, veteran security experts say air travel today may be less dangerous than it was in the recent past. Terrorism may, how...

Fortune: TAKING OFF OVERSEAS With growth stalled within the U.S., carriers from the world over are scrapping for share in global markets.updated: Mon Sep 24 1990 00:01:00

THE FAST ACTION in the airline industry is happening mostly outside the U.S. While domestic travel barely budged, international departures lofted 11% last year, signaling a new era of global expans...

Fortune: REVOLUTION IN THE AIR Deregulation is shaking up international airlines' tidy world. Even Europeans now have to compete.updated: Mon Jan 01 1990 00:01:00

THE ADJOINING TABLE shows the world's 50 biggest passenger airline companies, measured by 1988 revenues. Beneath the numbers lies a new reality: Swift changes are sweeping over -- and shaking up --...

Fortune: WEST GERMANY'S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE updated: Mon Jun 19 1989 00:01:00

A West German advertisement for Lufthansa airlines pictures a middle-aged mechanic and four young apprentices examining an airplane engine below the tag line ''Whoever wants to fly high needs a sol...

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