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House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, defended Wednesday the decision to move forward with a roughly $100 billion payroll tax cut extension that is not paid for, arguing that it was the only way to prevent a tax hike.

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CNNMoney: Tax reform could be too big for super committeeupdated: Thu Sep 08 2011 05:30:00

Everyone agrees -- fixing the tax code is imperative.

CNNMoney: Super committee: Who are these guys?updated: Thu Aug 11 2011 13:00:00

They are the "super committee" -- and they have a lot of work to do.

CNNMoney: Debt super committee takes shape. What now?updated: Wed Aug 10 2011 12:04:00

Washington has a compromise problem. And now, lawmakers face a seemingly impossible task -- find a way to institute reforms that have eluded policymakers, all while markets and rating agencies watch with rapt attention.

CNNMoney: Reid's picks for debt super committeeupdated: Wed Aug 10 2011 08:33:00

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made his picks Tuesday for the Congressional "super committee" that will face the unenviable task of finding trillions to slice from the federal budget.

Reid taps Sen. Murray to co-chair debt committeeupdated: Tue Aug 09 2011 20:49:00

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, said Tuesday that he would appoint Sen. Patty Murray, Sen. Max Baucus of Montana and Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts to the congressional "super committee," charged with crafting a plan to cut the country's deficit.

CNNMoney: Big Oil to Obama: Hands off our tax breaksupdated: Tue May 03 2011 14:58:00

The oil industry launched another assault Tuesday in the battle to protect favorable tax rates for energy producers.

DREAM act fails to move forwardupdated: Sat Dec 18 2010 13:33:00

A Senate procedural vote on Saturday failed to keep the DREAM Act from moving forward.

Procedural vote on DREAM Act fails in Senateupdated: Sat Dec 18 2010 13:33:00

A bill that offers a path to citizenship to some illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children failed a procedural vote in the Senate on Saturday.

CNNMoney: Debt panel: More members sign onupdated: Fri Dec 03 2010 14:59:00

A controversial plan by a presidential commission to slash $4 trillion in federal debt has drawn strong bipartisan support as the panel held its final vote on Friday.

CNNMoney: Senator introduces bill to extend jobless benefitsupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 16:14:00

A Democrat-sponsored bill to extend unemployment benefits through 2011 was introduced in the Senate Monday, but it is likely to face stiff opposition from Republicans.

CNNMoney: Last unemployment check is in the mailupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 15:32:00

Although the deadline to file for extended unemployment insurance is officially Nov. 30, many jobless have already filed their last claim for benefits.

CNNMoney: Senate fails to repeal hated IRS ruleupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 10:44:00

The Senate failed Monday night to pass two measures that would have repealed a law that businesses big and small say will cost jobs.

CNNMoney: Senate pushing to repeal reviled IRS ruleupdated: Mon Nov 29 2010 14:40:00

Lawmakers will get a chance Monday to undo a piece of health care reform that businesses big and small say will cost jobs.

CNNMoney: Top Democrat backs 1099 requirement repealupdated: Fri Nov 12 2010 17:29:00

Top Democrats are uniting with Republicans in a show of support for small business owners: Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., said Friday that he will introduce legislation to repeal the expanded 1099 reporting requirements set to take effect in 2012.

Fortune: Open up the 401(k) black box!updated: Wed Jun 16 2010 12:12:00

How much do you pay for your 401(k)? You probably can't answer that, because providers of the employer-sponsored retirement plans aren't required to tell you in clear language what they're charging. And now it appears that lawmakers in the Senate don't want you to know, either. At least not yet.

CNNMoney: Senate approves $15 billion jobs billupdated: Wed Feb 24 2010 11:42:00

The Senate on Wednesday approved a $15 billion job-creation bill that would give businesses tax breaks for hiring the unemployed and states more money for infrastructure projects.

CNNMoney: Senate takes up jobs billupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 06:34:00

The Senate voted Monday to push forward a $15 billion jobs creation bill that would give businesses a tax break for hiring the unemployed.

CNNMoney: Estate tax: Try again in 2010updated: Thu Dec 31 2009 08:00:00

Lawmakers will start 2010 with a hefty to-do list thanks to a lot of unfinished tax business they left on the table in 2009. The chief example: the estate tax.

CNNMoney: No deal on estate taxupdated: Wed Dec 16 2009 19:26:00

Senate Democrats failed to reach a deal on Wednesday with Senate Republicans to temporarily extend the estate tax into 2010, when it is scheduled to be repealed for one year.

Health care annual caps?updated: Sat Dec 12 2009 15:11:00

Will the new health bill contain a loophole limiting patient insurance coverage? CNN's Brianna Keilar reports.

White House working to close benefit caps loopholeupdated: Sat Dec 12 2009 15:11:00

After hearing concerns from patient advocates, the White House on Friday said it is looking to close a loophole in the Senate health care bill that would allow caps on annual insurance benefits.

CNNMoney: Health insurance tax = higher wages?updated: Fri Nov 06 2009 04:26:00

When was the last time your employer gave you a raise because the company had a little windfall? Don't feel bad if your memory is drawing blanks.

What happens next in health care reform?updated: Wed Oct 14 2009 16:57:00

The focus on health care reform now shifts to the Democratic leadership in Congress a day after the Senate Finance Committee voted through its version of the health care bill.

White House disputes reportupdated: Tue Oct 13 2009 15:57:00

The nation's heath insurance industry issues a report that the White House calls flawed. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

Pushback grows against insurance industry reportupdated: Tue Oct 13 2009 15:57:00

They're angry and fighting back with full force.

Fortune: A dangerous secret to the Baucus health billupdated: Fri Oct 09 2009 15:28:00

Now that the Congressional Budget Office has concluded that the health-care bill proposed by Sen. Max Baucus will shrink the federal deficit over the next ten years, its champions are heralding the legislation as a model of fiscal responsibility.

Agency predicts health care bill will cost $829 billionupdated: Wed Oct 07 2009 17:44:00

A compromise health care proposal widely seen as having the best chance to win Democratic and Republican support would cost $829 billion over the next 10 years, nonpartisan budget analysts concluded Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Senate committee winds up health-care debateupdated: Fri Oct 02 2009 07:49:00

The Senate Finance Committee completed debate on proposed health-care legislation early Friday.

Will kids be saddled with debtupdated: Tue Sep 29 2009 10:01:00

Carol Costello looks into whether our children really will inherit unprecedented debt and taxes with health care reform.

Senate Democrats plan to force vote on public optionupdated: Tue Sep 29 2009 10:01:00

Two members of the Senate Finance Committee plan to put their Democratic colleagues on the spot on Tuesday by offering amendments on whether to give uninsured Americans the opportunity to join a government insurance program.

Health care reform hearingupdated: Tue Sep 22 2009 17:14:00

CNN's Brianna Keilear reports on the health care reform hearing on Capitol Hill.

Senate panel begins consideration of Baucus health planupdated: Tue Sep 22 2009 17:14:00

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus on Tuesday unveiled changes to his compromise health care proposal intended to alleviate the concerns of fellow Democrats as the panel began debating more than 560 proposed amendments to the measure.

CNNMoney: Health insurer tax not what it seemsupdated: Tue Sep 22 2009 13:29:00

It sounds so simple. Insurers that offer very expensive health insurance policies will have to pay a tax and the revenue raised will help pay for health reform and possibly lower health care costs.

Fortune: How the Baucus bill contradicts Obama's goalsupdated: Tue Sep 22 2009 12:53:00

It's easy to see why the round of interviews President Obama gave on Sunday did little to dispel the public's confusion about his health-care agenda. The august group of network anchors and political commentators quizzing the president failed to ask him the following fundamental question: Why does the proposal Obama has been praising as the best way to achieve bi-partisan support actually contradict the Administration's stated goals?

Commentary: Conservatism is far from deadupdated: Mon Sep 21 2009 06:32:00

As the White House and Senate Democrats move toward Sen. Max Baucus' compromise on health care, there is a growing sense among Democrats that the political power of conservatism remains much stronger than some observers believed after Barack Obama's victory in November 2008.

$$ for lonely border crossingsupdated: Fri Sep 18 2009 10:26:00

Millions in stimulus dollars are going to two little-used borders crossings. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

Feds plan to spend millions on remote Montana border postsupdated: Fri Sep 18 2009 10:26:00

We were driving through some of the most remote country in the United States, chasing a story that seemed hard to believe.

How Will Baucus Help Students?updated: Thu Sep 17 2009 16:18:00

Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen chats with Tony Harris about what the Baucus bill means for students.

Obama hits the road with health care messageupdated: Thu Sep 17 2009 16:18:00

President Obama took his health care reform message back on the road Thursday, promising a raucous crowd of college students that Congress will pass legislation this year.

Health care bill unveiledupdated: Wed Sep 16 2009 22:00:00

Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus unveiled his long-awaited health care reform bill. Dana Bash reports.

Health care proposal mandates coverage, drops public optionupdated: Wed Sep 16 2009 22:00:00

The seemingly elusive effort to reach a consensus on health care reform got a new boost Wednesday with the long-awaited launch of a plan believed to have the best hope so far of winning support from centrist Democrats and Republicans.

What's in Baucus' health care proposal?updated: Wed Sep 16 2009 14:21:00

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Montana, unveiled a summary of his proposed health care plan Monday.

CNNMoney: Baucus health plan unveiledupdated: Wed Sep 16 2009 12:24:00

Sen. Max Baucus, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, unveiled a summary of his long-awaited health plan Wednesday, setting the stage for a legislative showdown on President Obama's top domestic priority.

Health care negotiators finding common ground, Democrat saysupdated: Mon Sep 14 2009 19:52:00

Increased awareness of the details of a possible compromise health care bill is boosting the comfort level of both Democrats and Republicans, a key Democratic senator said Monday.

CNNMoney: Health reform: Should insurers pay?updated: Sun Sep 13 2009 07:28:00

The negotiations over health reform are kicking into high gear. And one of the top issues is whether to make insurance companies pay for some of it.

Fortune: Grading Obama's new health care planupdated: Thu Sep 10 2009 14:08:00

This is the eighth and final installment in a series of health-care columns by Fortune's Shawn Tully.

Baucus: 'Time has come'updated: Wed Sep 09 2009 22:37:00

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus says health care needs to pass with or without GOP support.

Key Democratic panel chief to unveil health care bill next weekupdated: Wed Sep 09 2009 17:23:00

A Democratic Senate chairman at the heart of Capitol Hill's delicate health care negotiations announced Wednesday that he intends to unveil a long-awaited compromise reform bill from his committee next week.

House leader urges 'half a loaf' approach to health careupdated: Fri Sep 04 2009 14:19:00

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-South Carolina, said Friday that he believes that Democrats should be willing to take "half a loaf" in order to pass health care reform.

CNNMoney: Health tax is in flux. Now what?updated: Thu Jul 09 2009 09:30:00

Lawmakers searching for a way to pay for health care reform are facing some rough waters.

Baucus: Lawmakers $320 billion short for health care planupdated: Wed Jul 08 2009 20:59:00

After huddling Wednesday with Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee, Chairman Max Baucus told reporters that lawmakers still need to come up with $320 billion over the coming decade in taxes to pay for the health care plan. The remaining cost of the bill would be paid for through savings in Medicare, Medicaid and other programs.

Senate panel cuts cost of health care reform to less than $1 trillionupdated: Thu Jun 25 2009 13:36:00

The Senate Finance Committee has crafted a health care reform bill that is less than $1 trillion, Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Montana, announced Thursday.

Health Care Reality Checkupdated: Thu Jun 25 2009 13:36:00

Reality Check on claim that 119 million people would lose insurance under Democrats' reform plan. Dana Bash reports.

CNNMoney: Better access to health insurance: $1 trillionupdated: Tue Jun 16 2009 07:42:00

Two key proposals to improve access to health insurance could reduce the ranks of the uninsured but cost $1 trillion over 10 years, according to preliminary estimates released Monday by the Congressional Budget Office.

CNNMoney: Taxing health benefits may fall shortupdated: Mon Jun 15 2009 13:23:00

Americans who want to follow how the health care debate could affect their tax bill should focus on one man in the next week: Max Baucus.

CNNMoney: What's a public health plan anyway?updated: Tue Jun 09 2009 16:42:00

The debate over whether to have a government-backed insurance plan is fast becoming the most divisive health care reform issue.

CNNMoney: Battle #1: Taxing health benefitsupdated: Tue Jun 09 2009 16:11:00

As the debate on how to fix health care picks up pace, so does discussion about one of the most lucrative ways to pay for it: Scale back the tax break that workers enjoy for health insurance.

CNNMoney: Health reform: A $1 trillion questionupdated: Thu May 28 2009 04:15:00

If President Obama has his way, health care reform will be finalized this year. Key Senate and House committees are planning to mark up legislation in June, and the House is aiming to vote on the issue by August.

AIG director named to Obama tax task forceupdated: Sat Mar 28 2009 00:27:00

One of the people named this week to President Obama's new Task Force on Tax Reform is a member of the AIG board of directors.

CNNMoney: Health tax break: Sacrosanct no moreupdated: Thu Mar 19 2009 05:38:00

Get ready. Washington is again debating how to fix the health care system. And the outcome might affect your wallet.

CNNMoney: Lawmakers explore taxing AIG bonusesupdated: Tue Mar 17 2009 12:11:00

Senate Democrats want to tax the controversial bonuses doled out to AIG employees who work for the division that led to the company's downfall.

Second stimulus not 'in the cards' right now, Pelosi saysupdated: Thu Mar 12 2009 13:12:00

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday there are no immediate plans for a second stimulus package, but she didn't rule out the possibility of having one in the future.

CNNMoney: Obama tax plan: Democrats push backupdated: Thu Mar 05 2009 10:49:00

One of the most controversial provisions in President Obama's proposed budget might have a short shelf life on Capitol Hill.

FSB: Blueprints for a health care fixupdated: Wed Jan 28 2009 09:53:00

Barack Obama made health-care reform a central promise of his presidential campaign. But the shape any change takes will probably depend as much on Congress as on the new president's plans.

CNNMoney: Help for seniors slammed by stocksupdated: Thu Dec 11 2008 18:13:00

Responding to the financial market downturn, the Senate on Thursday voted to ease rules for seniors who are required to take distributions from their battered retirement accounts.

FSB: Senate stimulus looks better for businessesupdated: Thu Jan 31 2008 11:10:00

The Senate version of an economic stimulus bill, which could come to a vote this week, contains several tax provisions intended to benefit small businesses, including some not present in the House bill passed on Tuesday.

Senate committee passes economic stimulus packageupdated: Wed Jan 30 2008 19:56:00

The Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday passed an economic stimulus package that would inject close to $200 billion into the economy over two years in an attempt to stave off recession.

Economic stimulus package clears House, faces Senate hurdleupdated: Tue Jan 29 2008 20:30:00

The House approved a $146 billion economic stimulus package Tuesday afternoon by a wide, bipartisan margin, but the package had an uncertain future in the Senate.

FSB: Stimulus deal: What's in it for small bizupdated: Mon Jan 28 2008 13:41:00

Congress is expected to move swiftly on an economic stimulus package hammered out this week by House leaders and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. While individual tax rebates are the plan's centerpiece, Congressional leaders said the bill will include provisions aimed at spurring job creation and offering businesses tax incentives for equipment purchases.

CNNMoney: How Bush may boost the economyupdated: Mon Jan 07 2008 10:10:00

Word is that President Bush may propose new measures to boost the economy by the time he gives his State of the Union address later this month. The Gun Lobby Targets Yellowstoneupdated: Fri Dec 21 2007 17:00:00

With help from the NRA, nearly 50 Senators are pushing to end a two-decade-old rule forbidding people from openly carrying firearms in most national parks The Dems' Tax (and Spend) Dilemmaupdated: Thu Nov 15 2007 15:00:00

Giving relief to the middle class from the alternative minimum tax this year has become a thorny problem for the Democrats

CNNMoney: Buffett: Tax my kin, pleaseupdated: Wed Nov 14 2007 04:02:00

Warren Buffett has said it before and he's likely to say it again to Congress on Wednesday: He thinks the heirs of the wealthy should be taxed on their inheritance.

CNNMoney: Tax break tug-of-war on tapupdated: Tue Oct 30 2007 12:43:00

Lawmakers are looking to pass $71 billion worth of tax-break extenders this year. Most politicians support the extensions, but how to pay for them is another matter entirely.

CNNMoney: Managers' taxes: Big concerns could table hikeupdated: Wed Sep 05 2007 22:01:00

The critics of legislation that would raise taxes on the income of private-equity and hedge-fund manager are coming out in full force, contending it would hurt returns and have negative effects on other kinds of limited partnerships. In addition, they say, not much tax revenue would be raised.

Fortune: Democrats: We hate the rich, we love the richupdated: Fri Aug 03 2007 00:25:00

More and more Wall Streeters - especially those new-money hedge fund and private equity managers with net worths stretching toward and beyond the billion-dollar mark - are throwing their considerable moneyed weight behind Democratic candidates. So far, presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have managed to charm these masters of Manhattan with their policy smarts and scent of potential victory, even while decrying the country's "highest concentration of wealth...since 1929," as Clinton puts it.

CNNMoney: Plan to reduce tax gap revised, expandedupdated: Thu Aug 02 2007 02:56:00

The Treasury Department and the IRS on Thursday submitted a second report to Senate tax writers detailing how they plan to look under the country's couch cushions and otherwise come up with past taxes owed but not paid. Senate Panel OKs Child Health Billupdated: Fri Jul 20 2007 01:00:00

A Senate committee approved a five-year, $35 billion expansion of a children's health insurance program that would be financed through higher tobacco taxes

CNNMoney: AMT penalty: The ultimate insultupdated: Thu Jun 28 2007 05:46:00

To figure out whether you need to pay quarterly estimated federal taxes this year and avoid underpayment penalties, you need to have a sense of what your tax liability will be. GOP Seeks More Immigration Enforcementupdated: Sat Jun 23 2007 08:50:00

New requirements to track down, deport and permanently bar people who overstay their visas would be added to a broad immigration bill under a GOP bid to attract more Republican support

CNNMoney: End may be near for hedge fund tax breakupdated: Thu Jun 21 2007 04:40:00

Tax-writing committees in Congress are weighing a curtailment of a little-known tax break that helps private equity firms and hedge funds cut their tax bills, according to a newspaper report published Thursday.

1986 Amnestyupdated: Wed Jun 06 2007 10:40:00

These are some facts from tonight's show that you might find interesting.

CNNMoney: Private equity tax talk amplifiesupdated: Tue May 08 2007 15:15:00

Taxes undoubtedly are weighing heavily on the minds of private equity's kings these days.

CNNMoney: Baucus, Grassley introduce bill to repeal AMTupdated: Thu Jan 04 2007 16:56:00

A bipartisan group of senators on Thursday introduced a bill calling for the death of the stealth tax that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have criticized.

CNNMoney: Senate blocks chances for estate tax repealupdated: Thu Jun 08 2006 10:40:00

NEW YORK ( - With Republicans unable to get enough votes to pass permanent estate tax repeal, the Senate on Thursday also failed to reach a compromise deal that would permanently lift estate-tax exemption levels and lower the top estate-tax rate.

Judiciary Democrats plan to say 'no' to Alitoupdated: Thu Jan 19 2006 08:40:00

Three Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Thursday that they would vote against President Bush's Supreme Court nominee.

McCain economy blocupdated: Thu Sep 29 2005 18:32:00

The Senate was up to its old tricks Monday evening.

CNNMoney: Bush OKs tsunami tax breakupdated: Fri Jan 07 2005 15:44:00

President Bush on Friday approved a bill that would extend the deductibility of donations made for tsunami disaster relief.

CNNMoney: Tax break for tsunami donorsupdated: Thu Jan 06 2005 16:17:00

Congress on Thursday approved a bill that would extend the deductibility of donations made for tsunami disaster relief.

CNNMoney: Possible tax break for tsunami donorsupdated: Tue Jan 04 2005 13:41:00

Americans have reacted to the tsunami disaster in Asia with an outpouring of giving to a variety of charities -- the American Red Cross alone has already received $92 million in pledges.

Senator's wife charged with assaultupdated: Wed Apr 21 2004 19:41:00

The wife of a U.S. senator was charged with simple assault Wednesday following an incident in which she allegedly struck another woman while loading items into her car at a garden store.

Fortune: Dumbed-Down Economics Lately all we're hearing is cheap economic rhetoric from institutions and people who updated: Mon Jan 07 2002 00:01:00

The debate about U.S. economic policy is usually heated--sometimes even rancorous--and more than a little political. But recently it's also been nearly devoid of economic analysis. The arguments fr...

Fortune: Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Capitol Hillupdated: Mon Dec 10 2001 00:01:00

Since Sept. 11, a lot has been written about profiteers dressed as patriots. Lobbyists have won all sorts of giveaways, from bison-meat purchases to the abolition of the alternative minimum tax for...

Money Magazine: A Billion Here, A Billion There...updated: Sat Dec 01 2001 00:01:00

Jon Corzine wants the federal government's economic stimulus package to include much greater spending on public transportation, emergency services and airline security. Here's what's in some of the...

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