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CNN's Gena Somra travels to a Connecticut rose farm with a special training program for people with autism.

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Older mothers' kids have higher autism risk, study findsupdated: Tue Feb 09 2010 09:59:00

A 10-year study examining 4.9 million births in the 1990s has found more evidence that there's a link between autism and the mother's age at conception.

Study: 1 in 110 U.S. children had autism in 2006updated: Fri Dec 18 2009 20:51:00

A new report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that one in 110 children in the United States had autism in 2006.

CDC releases autism numbersupdated: Fri Dec 18 2009 20:51:00

The CDC releases new numbers showing that there are more kids with autism. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Autism treatment benefits, limitsupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 10:23:00's Elizabeth Landau and Naamua Delaney discuss Applied Behavior Analysis and what it means for those with autism.

Choice autism treatment offers benefits, has limitsupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 10:23:00

For 8-year-old Ryan Mohar, an elevator isn't just an elevator. He spends hours pressing the buttons and riding up and down, preferring this to the slew of alternatives that his teachers offer -- even candy.

Brown on vaccine, autism linkupdated: Sat Feb 14 2009 08:24:00

CNN's Campbell Brown weighs in on childhood vaccinations and autism.

Autism ruling fails to convince many vaccine-link believersupdated: Sat Feb 14 2009 08:24:00

A special court's Thursday ruling that no proven link exists between autism and certain early childhood vaccines seems to have done little to change the sometimes-passionate opinion fueling the debate.

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