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Latest Stories Hackers Recruit for Local Language Skillupdated: Thu Feb 21 2008 10:00:00

Wanted: computer virus writers. Must be fluent in Mandarin. Or Russian. Or Portuguese

Internet scam protectionupdated: Mon Dec 24 2007 12:03:00

Data Doc provides tips on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of scams on the Internet.

The anniversary of a nuisanceupdated: Mon Sep 03 2007 02:12:00

What began as a ninth-grade prank, a way to trick already-suspicious friends who had fallen for his earlier practical jokes, has earned Rich Skrenta notoriety as the first person ever to let loose a personal computer virus.

CNNMoney: McAfee chief steps down after options probeupdated: Wed Oct 11 2006 08:21:00

Security software firm McAfee Inc. said Wednesday that its chairman and CEO George Samenuk would step down following an internal investigation in the ever-widening options backdating scandal, sending its shares soaring.

CNNMoney: Firms warn of new Mydoom wormupdated: Tue Nov 09 2004 06:45:00

Anti-virus software maker McAfee Inc. is warning about a new version of the Mydoom worm that infects computers of people who click on a link in e-mail they receive.

Q&A: MyDoom virus threatens PCsupdated: Tue Feb 03 2004 08:09:00

The MyDoom worm, which knocked out the Web site of a software company by bombarding it with a flood of data, has heightened concern about the threat of computer viruses.

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