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Erin Burnett talks to a city official who doesn't want Chick-fil-A in his district because of its stance on gay marriage.

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Government asks high court to review Jackson 'wardrobe malfunction' incidentupdated: Wed Apr 18 2012 15:09:00

An appeal over singer Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" and brief partial nudity on national television has reached the Supreme Court, the latest free speech episode over indecent, if fleeting, images and words on the public airwaves.

FCC approves new limits on automated telemarketing callsupdated: Wed Feb 15 2012 14:39:00

The Federal Communications Commission approved new rules Wednesday to further limit automatically dialed or prerecorded calls know as "robocalls" and automated text messages.

CNNMoney: FCC scrambles to cope with data avalancheupdated: Thu Dec 29 2011 05:36:00

Smartphone companies and carriers are desperate for network capacity to provide souped-up service, but they're hard-pressed to find it. The latest attempt: a government effort to use the staticky space between television channels.

Federal rule aims to keep TV commercials at same volume as programsupdated: Tue Dec 13 2011 18:48:00

Television commercials that are a lot louder than the program will be prohibited under rules adopted Tuesday by the Federal Communications Commission.

CNNMoney: AT&T blasts 'unfair' FCC report on T-Mobile dealupdated: Thu Dec 01 2011 14:05:00

In a rebuttal that didn't mince words, AT&T fired back at the Federal Communications Commission, calling its report on the company's proposed merger with T-Mobile unfair, biased, one-sided, speculative, and cherry-picked for facts.

CBS wins another round in 'wardrobe malfunction' caseupdated: Wed Nov 02 2011 16:50:00

Government fines against CBS for airing Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" on national television were again tossed out by a federal appeals court, the latest free speech episode over indecent, if fleeting, images and words on the public airwaves.

CNNMoney: Wireless carriers agree to end 'bill shock'updated: Mon Oct 17 2011 13:56:00

Those surprise overage charges on your wireless bill will soon be a thing of the past.

Federal regulators vow to protect GPS from potential interferenceupdated: Wed Aug 10 2011 22:56:00

The government promises to keep your GPS safe from potential interference that could be caused by a new broadband wireless system now under review by federal regulators.

How to spot bogus phone bill chargesupdated: Sat Jun 25 2011 14:06:00

Financial analyst Clyde Anderson explains how to spot excessive fees the FCC says phone companies charge landline users.

FCC moves to fight mystery fees on your phone billupdated: Sat Jun 25 2011 14:06:00

Phone bills, especially cell phone bills, are notoriously complex and cryptic. This makes it easy to slip in new charges without consumers noticing -- including for services that the consumer never authorized.

FCC report: Regulations out of sync with online news media changesupdated: Fri Jun 10 2011 14:03:00

If you want to learn what's wrong -- and right -- about the current U.S. media landscape, then Thursday's FCC report is a good place to start.

CNNMoney: FCC is playing hardball with AT&Tupdated: Tue Apr 12 2011 05:28:00

A harsh ruling against the nation's largest wireless companies last week suggests U.S. regulators aren't going to lie down and let AT&T scoop up T-Mobile without a fight.

CNNMoney: Verizon challenges FCC Net neutrality rulesupdated: Fri Jan 21 2011 10:54:00

Verizon filed a legal appeal on Thursday challenging the Federal Communications Commission's authority to enforce the new Net neutrality rules it adopted last month.

CNNMoney: U.S. approves Comcast-NBC mergerupdated: Tue Jan 18 2011 18:06:00

The Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice on Tuesday approved -- with several conditions -- a merger of the country's largest cable operator, Comcast, and broadcasting company NBC Universal.

Lawmakers back at work after shootingupdated: Mon Jan 17 2011 08:06:00

CNN's Sandra Endo checks in with Congress members heading back to work after the tragedy in Tucson.

Limiting free speech isn't the answerupdated: Mon Jan 17 2011 08:06:00

In the aftermath of the January 8 atrocity in Arizona, in which alleged shooter Jared Loughner killed six people and wounded 13, politicians and pundits have blamed inflammatory language or symbols used by certain political groups -- read Sarah Palin and the Tea Party -- for Loughner's acts.

FCC approves controversial 'net neutrality' rulesupdated: Wed Dec 22 2010 09:29:00

The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday approved "high-level rules of the road" designed to ensure that internet providers grant everyone equal access to the Web.

CNNMoney: Gimmie YouTube! What Net neutrality means for youupdated: Tue Dec 21 2010 17:56:00

You won't be paying a surcharge to watch YouTube. Your favorite news website won't run any slower than a competitor's. And you don't have to worry about Netflix getting blocked.

What is 'net neutrality'?updated: Tue Dec 21 2010 17:32:00

The FCC plans to vote on regulations designed to ensure that internet providers grant everyone equal access to the Web.

Why is FCC's 'net neutrality' order still a secret?updated: Tue Dec 21 2010 17:32:00

The Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules Tuesday governing one of the most controversial issues facing that agency: "network neutrality."

FCC chairman proposes 'net neutrality' regulationsupdated: Wed Dec 01 2010 13:11:00

The Obama administration on Wednesday outlined its plan for the future of an open -- or at least a kind-of-open -- internet.

FCC faces looming showdown on data roaming chargesupdated: Tue Nov 30 2010 07:11:00

If you use mobile data services outside your wireless carrier's network coverage area, you could get a nasty surprise in your bill.

CNNMoney: New 911 may allow text and video 'calls'updated: Tue Nov 23 2010 14:22:00

The U.S. government is trying to bring the 911 emergency service "into the 21st century" by looking into allowing text, photo and video reports from mobile phones.

FCC chief on net neutrality: Trust meupdated: Thu Nov 18 2010 07:36:00

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski now finds himself caught between unfulfilled promises made to the tech community to keep the internet open, and a Republican Congress ready to portray any new rules on broadband ISPs as heavy-handed, economy-killing regulation.

CNNMoney: Final nail in coffin for Net neutrality?updated: Wed Nov 03 2010 14:50:00

Before Tuesday's midterm elections, there were 95 House and Senate candidates who pledged support for Net neutrality, a bill that would force Internet providers to not charge users more for certain kinds of Web content.

U.S. aims to regulate mobile 'bill shock'updated: Wed Oct 13 2010 15:58:00

Kerfye Pierre had recently returned from volunteering in the aftermath of January's Haiti earthquake when she got the most outrageous mobile phone bill of her life.

CNNMoney: FCC appeals indecency rule strike-downupdated: Thu Aug 26 2010 17:52:00

The Federal Communications Commission asked a Federal appeals court to reconsider a recent decision that struck down its longstanding indecency policy.

U.S. not getting broadband fast enough, FCC saysupdated: Wed Jul 21 2010 08:01:00

Between 14 million and 24 million Americans still lack access to broadband internet, and "immediate prospects for deployment to them are bleak," said the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday.

CNNMoney: FCC indecency ban struck downupdated: Tue Jul 13 2010 19:25:00

A federal appeals court struck down the Federal Communications Commission's indecency policy Tuesday, calling the agency's longstanding rules "unconstitutionally vague."

CNNMoney: Armageddon, brought to you by the FCCupdated: Thu May 13 2010 14:53:00

Your Internet bill will go up $50 a month! You won't be able to access your favorite Web site! Your Internet connection is going to slow to a crawl!

CNNMoney: FCC looks to prevent surprise cell phone billsupdated: Tue May 11 2010 16:44:00

If federal regulators get their way, you may soon be warned before you receive another unexpectedly high bill from your cell phone company.

CNNMoney: FCC seen proposing new broadband rulesupdated: Thu May 06 2010 07:48:00

The Federal Communications Commission is expected to unveil a new proposal Thursday to require Internet service providers to give customers equal access to all available data, according to a published report.

CNNMoney: Comcast prevails over FCC in Web traffic fightupdated: Tue Apr 06 2010 14:28:00

A federal appeals court in Washington ruled on Tuesday that the FCC does not have the authority to stop Internet service provider Comcast from interfering with its customers' file sharing.

CNNMoney: FCC feels the need for Internet speedupdated: Wed Mar 17 2010 09:12:00

The United States has big problems with broadband access, speed and cost, but the Federal Communications Commission's solutions may be too weak to have any lasting impact.

FCC releases some details of its broadband planupdated: Tue Mar 16 2010 20:36:00

Sick of slow Internet connections? The federal government hears you.

Boosting broadbandupdated: Tue Mar 16 2010 20:36:00

CNN's Ali Velshi explains the FCC's plan to expand broadband Internet access and how it will benefit Americans.

FCC releases plan to improve U.S. Web accessupdated: Tue Mar 16 2010 20:18:00

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission released a national "broadband plan" Tuesday that aims to give 90 percent of Americans access to affordable, high-speed Internet by 2020.

FCC: Cost a major barrier to broadband adoptionupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 11:19:00

Affordability is one of the main reasons why nearly one-third of Americans do not have broadband at home, a recent Federal Communications Commission survey found. Survivor Winner Now Working for the FCCupdated: Tue Nov 03 2009 12:52:00

2006 Cook Islands Yul Kwon follows Harold & Kumar's Kal Penn in heading to Washington D.C.

Net neutrality faces political, legal hurdlesupdated: Sat Oct 24 2009 10:28:00

Net neutrality supporters may be celebrating the Federal Communications Commission's unanimous vote Thursday to begin developing open Internet regulation, but the battle is far from over as the yet-to-be-written regulation is already facing Congressional opposition and will also likely be challenged in court.

CNNMoney: Comcast reacts to Net neutrality proposalsupdated: Tue Sep 22 2009 11:03:00

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski outlined two new principles Monday that represent big steps toward net neutrality -- prompting a plethora of online reaction.

CNNMoney: FCC chairman proposes Net neutrality rulesupdated: Mon Sep 21 2009 15:54:00

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission outlined rules on Monday that would prohibit Internet providers from selectively blocking Web content and applications.

Supreme Court rules against networks on indecent speechupdated: Tue Apr 28 2009 21:06:00

The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday federal regulators have the authority to clamp down on the broadcast TV networks that air isolated cases of profanity, known as "fleeting expletives." NPR Boosts Online Offerings, Seeks Larger Audienceupdated: Tue Sep 30 2008 12:00:00

National Public Radio, already strong online with free downloads from many of its shows, is boosting its digital ambitions with Monday's introduction of social-networking features akin to Facebook

Fortune: Click and Clack go to Hollywoodupdated: Tue Apr 15 2008 10:29:00

Tom and Ray Magliozzi are not what you'd call an overnight success story. The two MIT-educated car mechanics first started offering car repair advice over the air on a local Boston station in 1977. A decade elapsed before National Public Radio picked the show up and distributed it on its national network. Since then Car Talk has gone on to become the most highly-rated and financially-successful program on public radio.

High court to review penalties for TV expletives updated: Mon Mar 17 2008 11:45:00

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to jump back into the free speech debate over whether broadcast television networks should be penalized for indecent or vulgar language that slips through inadvertently on a live or unscripted broadcast. A Disquieting Victory for Wikileaksupdated: Mon Mar 03 2008 12:20:00

Frustrated by the nebulousness of the Internet, a federal judge reverses an order to shut down a muckraking website. Has U.S. justice been outmaneuvered?

Tase this!updated: Thu Sep 27 2007 16:45:00

An obscenity next to President Bush's name in a student newspaper causes a stir in Colorado. Affiliate KMGH reports.

Emotion runs high in debate over ousting student editorupdated: Thu Sep 27 2007 16:45:00

Hundreds of students turned out at Colorado State University to speak their minds on whether the student newspaper's editor should lose his job over four words.

Your opinion: Reaction to police using Taser on studentupdated: Thu Sep 20 2007 21:17:00

Two University of Florida police officers were placed on leave Tuesday after using an electronic stun gun to subdue a student at a campus forum. Read an account of the incident from a student who was there.

Student Taseredupdated: Thu Sep 20 2007 21:17:00

CNN Student News' Carl Azuz explores the events leading up to the use of a stun gun on a Florida college student.

CNNMoney: Internet radio gets a reprieveupdated: Tue Jul 17 2007 02:25:00

Black Sunday has come and gone, and Internet radio has managed to live and play for another day.

Justices take potshots in opinionsupdated: Sat Jul 07 2007 08:22:00

One Supreme Court justice says his fellow conservatives are "too dismissive" of government efforts to ensure racial diversity in schools. Another more liberal member says those on the right did "serious violence" to a high school student's free speech rights. Ruling "Bong Hits" Out of Boundsupdated: Thu Jun 28 2007 18:55:00

Was it a pro-drug banner or just a silly joke? Either way, the Supreme Court says it isn't protected by the First Amendment, setting a new (but fair) limit on student free speech

'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' case limits student rightsupdated: Mon Jun 25 2007 10:24:00

The Supreme Court ruled against a former high school student Monday in the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner case -- a split decision that limits students' free speech rights.

Commentary: Latinos give PBS a history lessonupdated: Mon May 14 2007 08:52:00

There is an ongoing battle between filmmaker Ken Burns and a coalition of Hispanic veterans, organizations and lawmakers over plans by Burns and the Public Broadcasting System to release a documentary on World War II that ignores the 500,000 Hispanics who served in the U.S. military during the war.

Fortune: Imus won't go quietlyupdated: Tue May 01 2007 16:38:00

Don Imus, the tousled and acerbic radio host whose racial remarks engendered a media storm that triggered a swift upending of his career, is not going away quietly even if the imbroglio has all but disappeared from the national conversation in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre.

Fortune: Bleep Deprivationupdated: Mon Mar 19 2007 00:01:00

If you are more than about 45 years old, you probably can't forget when you first heard a 1972 monologue by comedian George Carlin titled "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television." Ordinarily w...

Senate opens flag-burning debateupdated: Mon Jun 26 2006 17:05:00

The Senate began debate Monday on a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit the desecration of the American flag, the latest in a series of election-year votes pushed by the chamber's Republican leaders.

High court rejects Vermont campaign finance lawupdated: Mon Jun 26 2006 11:53:00

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down Vermont's strict limits on state campaign spending limits, finding the laws unfairly violate the free speech rights of candidates to raise money and publicize their views.

Fortune: Television's indecency problemupdated: Tue Jun 13 2006 16:29:00

The crackdown on broadcast indecency that began with an exposed breast turns out to have legs - as well as serious consequences for the television business.

showbuzzupdated: Tue Dec 20 2005 14:23:00

Former "Baywatch" star Brooke Burns, who broke her neck last month after diving into her backyard pool, credits a friend, a paramedic firefighter, with saving her life.

Do conservatives really believe in the free market?updated: Mon Nov 21 2005 12:29:00

I first met Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, the former chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), when he supported Jack Kemp for president in 1988. I ran into him again in 1996, when he was working in Steve Forbes' presidential campaign.

Report: Politics may have influenced former public broadcasting chiefupdated: Tue Nov 15 2005 15:51:00

The former chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting overstepped his bounds in several areas, including initiating contracts without the board's approval, and may have let politics have a hand in picking a new board president, according to a report released Tuesday by the corporation's inspector general.

Public air warsupdated: Fri Jul 22 2005 11:08:00

Sen. Arlen Specter, a busy man with multiple duties, was understandably unprepared July 11 as he chaired a rare Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing about public television.

A Man in Sesame Strifeupdated: Tue Jun 28 2005 14:03:00

Kenneth Y. Tomlinson's tenure as chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has been sponsored by the letter C, for controversy.

Public broadcasting chief under fireupdated: Fri Jun 10 2005 21:02:00

A top official at National Public Radio blamed a proposed $100 million federal budget cut for public broadcasting on "irresponsible" charges of political bias made by the head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting itself.

CNNMoney: Smackdown in smut war?updated: Wed Apr 27 2005 11:19:00

Are broadcasters angling for a courtroom battle over smut?

CNNMoney: 'Wall $treet Week' ending after 35 yearsupdated: Thu Mar 24 2005 09:52:00

"Wall $treet Week with Fortune," public television's weekly financial news program that replaced the long-running "Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser," is being pulled from the air after three years of broadcast.

PBS chief won't seek third termupdated: Thu Feb 17 2005 15:18:00

Pat Mitchell, the embattled president and chief executive of the Public Broadcasting Service, will not seek a third three-year term.

Parents sue to allow religious holiday messages in public schoolsupdated: Mon Dec 27 2004 12:54:00

Thanks to a last-minute court ruling, Jonathan Morgan was able to share the religious origin of the candy cane with his elementary-school classmates at this year's winter-break party at Thomas Elementary School in Plano, Texas.

Public servants and the First Amendmentupdated: Fri Dec 17 2004 12:59:00

On December 6, the Supreme Court decided San Diego v. John Roe. The case posed the question of how far the First Amendment's free speech protection reaches to protect a police officer in a uniform. The lawsuit was brought by a police officer who was fired for making pornographic videos of himself in apparently official garb, and distributing them for sale on the web (along with other items).

Court halts penalty for barring recruitersupdated: Mon Nov 29 2004 21:27:00

A federal appeals court barred the government Monday from blocking funds to colleges and universities that deny access to military recruiters because of the Pentagon's policy banning openly gay men and women.

The constitutionality of police-imposed 'free-speech zones'updated: Wed Aug 04 2004 10:24:00

Last week, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) ended. But the First Amendment issues that were raised there did not. Indeed, they are likely to continue on indefinitely -- recurring at the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC), and similar public events raising intense security concerns.

Convention protesters demand more visible spaceupdated: Sat Jul 24 2004 08:45:00

Protesters at the Democratic National Convention say their designated area outside the FleetCenter infringes on their safety and free speech rights.

Whither Bob Edwards?updated: Tue Jun 22 2004 11:42:00

And what about Bob Edwards?

Moviegoers to settle with studio after being lured by phony criticupdated: Tue Mar 09 2004 10:47:00

A group of disgruntled moviegoers will settle their suit out of court against a nonexistent film critic, whose glowing reviews of mediocre films prompted a class-action suit alleging filmgoers had been "tricked" into theaters.

Supreme Court debates online smut lawupdated: Tue Mar 02 2004 17:05:00

A lawyer for the Bush administration has argued that the U.S. Supreme Court should uphold a law that protects children from Internet pornography.

Jackson 'Nipplegate' illustrates the danger of chilling free speechupdated: Fri Feb 20 2004 13:37:00

On February 1, in a now world-famous moment, during CBS's broadcast of MTV's Super Bowl halftime show, Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's breast. The breast was covered only by a sun-shaped piece of jewelry attached to her nipple piercing.

Does the First Amendment Protect Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake?updated: Wed Feb 04 2004 15:13:00

Faster than you can say "election year," the breast seen 'round the world has given rise to a federal probe of the Super Bowl halftime show. That's right. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell is investigating the entire halftime show, not just the breast-baring finale.

Professor recalls pros, cons of Free Speech Movementupdated: Fri Jan 09 2004 12:50:00

The Free Speech Movement that began in Berkeley in 1964 is credited with inspiring the vast number of anti-Vietnam war protests in the '60s.

Fortune: Can We Talk? A shocking First Amendment ruling against Nike radically reduces the rights of corporations to speak their minds. Wupdated: Mon Sep 02 2002 00:01:00

In June 1996, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert wrote a pair of tough op-ed pieces accusing Nike Corp. of cruelly exploiting cheap Asian labor. He chided CEO Philip Knight, whose Nike stock was ...

Fortune: The Bureaucrats' Favorite Gizmo THE V-CHIP IS POINTLESS AND BURDENSOME--BUT IT IS CONFUSINGupdated: Mon Apr 27 1998 00:01:00

The cost of watching "free" television is about to go up, thanks to regulators in Washington. Beginning next year, new TV sets must come equipped with a V-chip, a device that can be used to block T...

Fortune: BEATLES FOR SALE (AGAIN) AN AMERICAN IN WASHINGTONupdated: Mon Jan 13 1997 00:01:00

Christmas hurtles toward us at its usual menacing pace, and in self-defense I reach for the catalogues that pile up beneath my mailbox. As I leaf through them I have begun to notice a strange pheno...



Fortune: Depravity among Conservatives, outguessing public radio, the view from third grade, and other matters. CATCHING ON TO NPRupdated: Mon May 02 1994 00:01:00

One would not wish to overstate the significance of the event, but this year your servant got it right. On April 1 he listened to National Public Radio's All Things Considered feature and guessed c...

Fortune: Rights for copywriters, more management murders, the promise Bill will keep, and other matters. THE VOICE OF COMMERCEupdated: Mon May 31 1993 00:01:00

Commercial free speech is on a roll. Suddenly getting respect in the Supreme Court, it has won two big ones this spring. The Supremes held by six to three that Cincinnati had no right to bar commer...

Fortune: SPONSORS HANG UP ON MACNEIL/LEHRERupdated: Mon May 03 1993 00:01:00

AT&T is breaking up again, this time with the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, PBS's nightly TV news show. After pumping more than $100 million into the program since 1983, AT&T will end its sponsorship in...

Fortune: Children vs. unions, a farewell to Indians, when certain judges go shopping, and other matters. FREE SPEECH FOR REALTORSupdated: Mon Dec 28 1992 00:01:00

Possibly it was the time (about two hours) spent by your servant hovering over the transcript of oral arguments in The City of Cincinnati v. Discovery Network Inc. et al., an act put on recently by...

Fortune: A long shot in the presidential race, greedy writers, a controversial nose, and other matters. CAMEL RIGHTSupdated: Mon May 18 1992 00:01:00

Your servant has been boning up on the great Joe Camel dispute, which takes a lot of boning. Like an amoeba, the dispute keeps fissiparously dividing itself into subsidiary disputes: Are those Came...

Fortune: Private mutterings, the cult of Gus, incredible shrinking farmers, and other matters. QUACKING ON PUBLIC TVupdated: Mon Apr 20 1992 00:01:00

As always happens during ''pledge week'' on public television, the latest round (mid-March) featured a certain amount of bitter back talk by your servant anytime the babbling pitchpersons came on-s...

Fortune: Poverty in the White House, luck in the batter's box, why Dickens wrote books, and other matters. NAKED IN INDIANAupdated: Mon May 06 1991 00:01:00

We begin this item by quoting from a recent Washington Post article datelined South Bend, Indiana, and describing certain goings-on in JR's Kitty Kat Lounge there: ''A red light revolves overhead a...

Fortune: MORE COMPANIES TUNE IN TO PBSupdated: Mon Apr 22 1991 00:01:00

Even though belt tightening is the order of the day, big corporations are increasing their support of the Public Broadcasting System. In 1990 they pledged $56.6 million in production money to major...

Fortune: The cost of nobility, New York's new batting champs, the biased sex, and other matters. NEW DIMENSIONS IN MEDIA SEX BIASupdated: Mon Dec 31 1990 00:01:00

Your correspondent cannot seem to stay away from the media in this column. He now notes that a brand-new question has tiptoed on tiny feet into the towering debate about sex discrimination in the m...

Fortune: REAGAN'S IMPRINT ON THE COURTS Critics worry that the President is packing the courts with poorly qualified ideologues. He is noupdated: Mon Nov 24 1986 00:01:00

BY THE TIME Ronald Reagan heads back to the ranch for good, he will have appointed about half the judges on the federal district and appeals courts. Will this judicial legacy transform America as m...

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