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Military Order of the Purple Heart

The U.S. Army battalion commander killed in a shooting at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was a highly decorated veteran who served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military said Saturday.

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Prosecutors: Soldier lied about Purple Hearts, military combatupdated: Wed Jun 06 2012 21:57:00

A U.S. Army command sergeant major who authorities accuse of lying about receiving Purple Hearts for bravery during combat and making false claims about fighting in Vietnam and Afghanistan was indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday.

Soldier who died trying to rescue daughters laid to rest at Arlingtonupdated: Mon Mar 19 2012 16:01:00

A decorated U.S. soldier who died while unsuccessfully trying to rescue his daughters from their burning North Carolina home was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday.

Soldier, daughters die in house fireupdated: Mon Mar 19 2012 16:01:00

Chief Warrant Officer Edward Duane Cantrell died along with his daughters as he attempted to save them from a fire.

Special Forces soldier, daughters die in burning homeupdated: Tue Mar 06 2012 16:27:00

A decorated U.S. soldier died Tuesday morning along with his two young daughters as he attempted to rescue the girls from their burning North Carolina home, the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office said.

Suspect in soldier shooting surrenders to authoritiesupdated: Mon Dec 26 2011 20:06:00

A man accused of shooting and paralyzing a U.S. Army soldier at a homecoming party in his honor surrendered to authorities in California on Monday.

Corps apologizes for wrong parcels sent to fallen Marines' familiesupdated: Tue Dec 13 2011 22:57:00

Some Marine Corps families, mourning a son or daughter killed in action, received an unexpected surprise for the holidays: an ornament of the Purple Heart, a letter addressed to their fallen hero and even information about athletic reconditioning.

Deaths reveal a small town's mean streakupdated: Tue Aug 30 2011 15:18:00

For best friends Donna Fairchild and Melanie Giarratana, lunch on Mondays was a time for girl talk and small-town gossip. There was plenty to discuss in late January as the women settled into their seats at The 19th Hole, a hillside restaurant popular with the locals in this resort town some 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

Purple Hearts proposed for Fort Hood victimsupdated: Tue Nov 17 2009 18:12:00

Military victims of the Fort Hood massacre will be eligible to receive the Purple Heart if Congress passes a bill introduced Tuesday.

Civilian pleads not guilty to wearing Navy medalsupdated: Thu Nov 12 2009 18:04:00

A California man faces a federal trial in January because of what he allegedly wore to his 20th high school reunion earlier this year -- a U.S. Marine uniform decorated with some of the nation's highest military medals.

Civilian charged with wearing Navy medalsupdated: Wed Nov 11 2009 21:18:00

A California man faces a federal judge Thursday because of what he allegedly wore to his 20th high school reunion earlier this year -- a U.S. Marine uniform decorated some of the nation's highest military medals.

Unknown vets get their dueupdated: Sat Nov 07 2009 06:07:00

Photojournalist Tim Hart takes us to the funeral of military veterans who got a proper burial thanks to diligent citizens.

Unknown vets spared paupers' gravesupdated: Sat Nov 07 2009 06:07:00

When Vincent Barrett died alone in July at age 72, the coroner's office could not find any next of kin.

2 U.S. soldiers killed in Philippines bomb blastupdated: Fri Oct 02 2009 21:01:00

Two U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers were killed by a homemade bomb while supporting anti-terror operations on an island in the southern Philippines, Army officials said Thursday.

Soldier's invisible war: Iraq vet charged with attempted murderupdated: Thu Aug 06 2009 16:58:00

Army Spc. Thomas Delgado saved lives as a combat medic on the front lines in Iraq, earning a Purple Heart when a bomb rocked his vehicle during his nearly yearlong tour. Back home, he was sometimes assigned the role of insurgent during combat training at a mock Iraqi village in California.

Soldier's trauma storyupdated: Thu Aug 06 2009 16:58:00

CNN's Jim Spellman reports on how one soldier's experiences in Iraq led to severe PTSD and an attempted murder charge.

Afghan vets share experiences, advice with lawmakersupdated: Thu Apr 23 2009 15:06:00

Veterans of the war in Afghanistan appeared before a Senate committee Thursday, sharing stories of success and failure in the nearly eight-year conflict while offering sharply differing opinions of the current U.S. military and diplomatic strategy.

For wounded soldier, citizenship is 'icing on the cake'updated: Fri Apr 10 2009 21:40:00

Sgt. Juan Luis Alcivar raised his right hand and pledged allegiance to the Constitution, swearing to protect it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

War veteran now American citizenupdated: Fri Apr 10 2009 21:40:00

Sgt. Juan Luis Alcivar, who lost his arm fighting for the U.S. in Iraq, becomes an American citizen.

Senators slam plan for wounded vets to use private insuranceupdated: Tue Mar 10 2009 16:58:00

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.

Vets object to billing private insurance for service injuriesupdated: Wed Mar 04 2009 08:17:00

Veterans groups are warning President Barack Obama against going ahead with a possible administration move to charge veterans' private health care for service-related injuries.

Troops won't get Purple Heart for stress disorderupdated: Tue Jan 06 2009 16:16:00

The Purple Heart medal, awarded to service members who have been physically wounded in combat, will not be given for a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, a Pentagon statement said. Purple Hearts for Psychic Scars?updated: Sun Jun 08 2008 23:00:00

With thousands of vets experiencing PTSD, the military debates whether mental injuries merit its loftiest honor

Review: 'Stop-Loss' can't overcome flawsupdated: Fri Mar 28 2008 09:33:00

Through 2006, at least 81,000 U.S. military have been "stop-lossed" since September 11, 2001. That means they have been refused discharge and compelled to serve another tour of active duty, even though their original term has expired.

'Green-card Marine' prepares for 3rd deploymentupdated: Fri Mar 21 2008 13:15:00

U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Mario Ramos-Villalta flashes a broad smile from beneath his camouflage cap as he talks about the country he loves and why he became a Marine.

Life of a 'green-card' Marineupdated: Fri Mar 21 2008 13:15:00

Mario Ramos-Villalta, a citizen of El Salvador, describes his experiences in Iraq as a U.S. Marine.

A hawk rattles GOP's cageupdated: Fri Nov 18 2005 16:15:00

In 1968 Walter Cronkite returned from Vietnam and told Americans that, in his opinion, the Vietnam war had become a stalemate. That was a turning point.

Original Blue Angel pilot dies at age 86updated: Fri Aug 12 2005 00:57:00

A man whose pioneering flying career with the U.S. Navy began in the age of biplanes and ended in the jet age has died. Retired Navy Capt. Roy "Butch" Voris, an original Blue Angel, died at his home in Monterey, California. He was 86.

U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistanupdated: Sun Jul 24 2005 07:50:00

A U.S. soldier died Sunday and a second was wounded when their unit was attacked by 15 to 20 suspected insurgents in southwestern Afghanistan, the U.S. military said.

House of horrorsupdated: Thu May 26 2005 14:10:00

With absolute concentration, Armin Cruz kicks, jumps and jabs at a martial arts gym in Plano, Texas, one of the few places he says he's able to escape the prisoner abuse scandal that followed him home from Iraq.

From AWOL to exile updated: Mon Feb 21 2005 13:54:00

The military is getting better at curbing deserters, but a small number are fleeing to Canada. Here's why.

Rumsfeld: U.S. liberators, not occupiersupdated: Fri Feb 11 2005 08:20:00

Donald Rumsfeld has told U.S. troops in Iraq they have shown the world America is a land of liberators not occupiers, and that they can return home once Iraqi security forces are trained and confident.

Former President Bush jokes that wife 'steamed up' over attacks on sonupdated: Fri Oct 22 2004 04:42:00

Speaking at a dinner event Thursday night, former President Bush joked that Barbara Bush is getting "steamed up" by the constant political attacks on her son.

Delegates mock Kerry with 'purple heart' bandagesupdated: Mon Aug 30 2004 22:29:00

Delegates to the Republican National Convention found a new way to take a jab at Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's Vietnam service record: by sporting adhesive bandages with small purple hearts on them.

Remembering the storming of Omaha Beachupdated: Fri Jun 04 2004 16:52:00

Nathan Reed, a frail 86-year-old man who now wears gloves to protect his hands from hot coffee cups, may be one of the bravest souls you'll ever meet.

Was going to war worth it?updated: Tue Apr 13 2004 23:00:00

QUESTION: Sir, you've made it very clear tonight that you're committed to continuing the mission in Iraq, yet, as Terry pointed out, increasing numbers of Americans have qualms about it.

Fortune: What's This All About?updated: Mon Oct 09 2000 00:01:00

It's pretty simple. Last winter I found myself asking, What was the biggest business story of the past five years? Obvious answer: the rise of the Internet. To our credit, in the mid-1990s FORTUNE ...

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