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Federal authorities have filed a civil complaint seeking the forfeiture of a stolen dinosaur skeleton and its return to Mongolia, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

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Ethnic Mongolians in China concerned about cultural threatupdated: Thu Apr 19 2012 04:49:00

There is a saying that Mongolians are born on horses.

China targets Mongolia in SouthGobi moveupdated: Mon Apr 02 2012 21:22:00

China's largest aluminium producer intends to acquire SouthGobi Resources, a Mongolia-focused coal company listed in Toronto, for up to C$925m -- the biggest investment yet by a Chinese mining company in Mongolia as China seeks to tap the vast resources of its neighbour.

Quake strikes southeastern Russiaupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 12:47:00

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 struck a sparsely populated region of southeastern Russia on Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

China cracks down on rogue exchangesupdated: Thu Nov 24 2011 19:59:00

The Chinese government has launched a crackdown on hundreds of unregulated electronic equity and futures exchanges that have sprung up in recent years to trade everything from fine art and commodities to insurance products.

Terminus of the Trans-Siberianupdated: Thu Oct 13 2011 06:43:00

The longest railway in the world is an economic lifeline to the towns it passes through.

Travel the Trans-Siberian into the heart of Mother Russiaupdated: Thu Oct 13 2011 06:43:00

Considered one of the greatest train journeys in the world, the Trans-Siberian railway is a voyage into the heart and soul of Mother Russia.

Mongolia presses on key mine projectupdated: Sun Sep 25 2011 22:54:00

The government of Mongolia is seeking a bigger stake in Oyu Tolgoi, the biggest undeveloped copper mine in the world, in a surprise move that underlines the challenges ahead for Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe Mines as they develop the country's flagship mining project.

Economy expanding in Mongoliaupdated: Sun Sep 25 2011 22:54:00

CNN's Anna Coren talks to Mongolian Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold about the challenges Mongolia faces.

The 'resource curse': An Alaskan solution for Libya?updated: Tue Sep 06 2011 02:10:00

In the aftermath of the 42-year rule of Moammar Gadhafi, the world is left wondering whether the bloodiest conflict in the popular unrest that has swept the Arab World will signal the rise of democracy in Libya or a descent into chaos.

The spirit of Genghis Khanupdated: Wed Aug 31 2011 23:00:00

The legacy of Genghis Kahn looms large in a Mongolia, but future prosperity for many is as distant as Khan's empire.

Searching for the spirit of Genghis Khanupdated: Wed Aug 31 2011 23:00:00

In the vast open steppe outside Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar, the great emperor Genghis Khan is very much alive.

Sumo champ's big biz plansupdated: Wed Aug 31 2011 01:42:00

A sumo wrestling legend returns to his native Mongolia to try and make it big in business. CNN's Stan Grant reports.

Sumo champ's big business plansupdated: Wed Aug 31 2011 01:42:00

Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj a big man with big ambitions.

Mongolia's nomad presidentupdated: Tue Aug 30 2011 03:59:00

Mongolia's president is faced with the task of managing the country's boom while preserving its nomadic soul.

Mongolia's nomad presidentupdated: Tue Aug 30 2011 03:59:00

President Elbegdorj has walked in the steps of his country's history.

Mongolia's mining boomupdated: Mon Aug 29 2011 05:42:00

Mongolia's biggest copper and gold mine is transforming an area of the Gobi Desert and a traditional way of life.

'Mine-golia': Across the steppes, new wealth emergesupdated: Mon Aug 29 2011 05:42:00

On Oyu Tolgoi -- "Turquoise Hill" -- the biggest business venture in Mongolia is taking shape.

Country profile: Mongoliaupdated: Mon Aug 22 2011 00:23:00

From sweeping grasslands to the desolate Gobi desert, Mongolia's dramatic landscape lends itself to the idea that it is one of the world's last frontiers.

Wrestling, archery and horse-racing: Mongolia's 'three manly games'updated: Sun Aug 21 2011 22:41:00

Grapple fans should head to Mongolia each year on July 11.

U.S. Vice President Biden to visit China, Mongolia and Japanupdated: Tue Aug 16 2011 01:01:00

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will depart Tuesday for a trip to China, Mongolia and Japan that will include meetings with China's top leaders.

Vice President Biden to visit China, Mongolia and Japanupdated: Thu Aug 04 2011 14:30:00

Vice President Joe Biden will depart on August 16 for a trip to China, Mongolia and Japan that will include meetings with China's top leaders, the White House announced Thursday.

Protesters, security forces clash in Chinaupdated: Fri Jun 17 2011 06:56:00

A rash of violent protests in China continued over the weekend as migrant workers and security forces clashed in a rural city about 60 miles northwest of Hong Kong, local government officials and witnesses said.

Local protests spreading in Chinaupdated: Fri Jun 17 2011 06:56:00

CNN's Eunice Yoon looks at a string of protests in China and what may be behind the trend.

Adjusting to life outside North Koreaupdated: Wed Jun 15 2011 12:18:00

CNN's Paula Hancocks follows a North Korean defector as he struggles to assimilate into a world he never knew.

9 North Koreans defect to the South by boatupdated: Wed Jun 15 2011 12:18:00

Nine North Koreans defected to the South by boat over the weekend, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said Wednesday.

Protests in Inner Mongoliaupdated: Fri Jun 03 2011 05:23:00

Mongolian student protesters reportedly clash with police over the death of a herdsman who tried to defend his land.

Inner Mongolia beset by ethnic conflictupdated: Fri Jun 03 2011 05:23:00

There is high tension in Inner Mongolia, China's strategic frontier region, where the death of a Mongolian has triggered rare street protests.

Report: Some areas in China under martial law after protestsupdated: Tue May 31 2011 17:44:00

In an apparent response to days of protests, Chinese authorities have declared martial law in parts of the northeast's inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to Amnesty International.

Activists: Inner Mongolia protests continueupdated: Tue May 31 2011 07:53:00

Chinese authorities Monday arrested dozens of demonstrators in Hohhot as protests spread to the provincial capital and other cities in Inner Mongolia despite tightened security and reports of martial law, activists told CNN.

Inner Mongolia official disputes report of martial law in regionupdated: Mon May 30 2011 02:57:00

An official in Inner Mongolia is disputing an Amnesty International report that parts of the region are under martial law.

Mining fuels Mongolia's 'wolf economy'updated: Fri May 20 2011 06:34:00

Mongolia has always conjured a mix of exotic appeal and isolation. Sandwiched between Russia and China, the remote nation has for decades endured severe economic stagnation and political repression.

Tapping Mongolia's natural resourcesupdated: Fri May 20 2011 06:34:00

Mongolia's prime minister says they will learn from the failings of others and make their resources a blessing.

London Olympic sponsor to provide metal for medalsupdated: Wed Apr 13 2011 19:00:00

The latest sponsor announced for the London 2012 Olympic Games is the mining group Rio Tinto, which will provide the metal for all 4,700 medals, organizers announced Wednesday.

9 great places to be a recluseupdated: Wed Feb 23 2011 08:08:00

If hell is other people, maybe you can find heaven where other people aren't.

Bluffer's guide to Asia: How to pretend you've been thereupdated: Tue Feb 08 2011 08:22:00

The dodgy street food left you shivering like a scolded hound. The festival outside your hotel window turned into gunfight. There's an unsettling smell coming from your bag. Last night a hippy called "Skank" tore the visa page from your passport to roll a suspicious cigarette.

WikiLeaks: Mongolia passed North Korea message to U.S.updated: Wed Dec 01 2010 05:38:00

North Korea attempted to reach out to the United States through Mongolia in 2009, suggesting that the Mongolians host disarmament talks between Washington and Pyongyang, American diplomats reported in a document obtained by the website WikiLeaks.

Chile mining echoes on Mongolian steppesupdated: Sat Oct 16 2010 02:56:00

As the last of 33 trapped miners were pulled to the surface in Chile, a group of bankers, government officials and mining company executives gathered to talk about the coming minerals explosion in Mongolia.

High cost of cashmere on Mongolia plainsupdated: Mon Sep 13 2010 06:07:00

Forty-year-old Bayanmunkh has learnt the hard way about overgrazing. Riding slowly behind his herd of close to 2,000 animals across Mongolia's arid plains, the herder reminisces about how the land has changed.

Freeze forces Mongolian herders off landupdated: Mon Sep 06 2010 04:28:00

For 38-year-old Bayanzul it was just one winter too far. After losing a third of his herd in the -45 degree temperatures that struck Mongolia last winter, the long-time herder has decided to give up on the nomadic life and try his luck in the city.

Microfinancing small businessesupdated: Wed Jun 30 2010 16:21:00

CNN's Emily Chang reports on a microfinance firm that helps Chinese farmers start small businesses.

China seizes tainted milk less than 2 years after scandalupdated: Tue Feb 09 2010 03:45:00

Chinese authorities have seized 72 tons of milk powder tainted with melamine and are trying to track down an additional 100 tons, less than two years after contaminated milk killed babies and sickened people across China.

Fortune: Indra Nooyi is the queen of popupdated: Thu Sep 10 2009 14:14:00

How has the global downturn impacted Pepsi's strategy?

24 killed, hundreds homeless in Mongolia floodsupdated: Tue Jul 21 2009 05:24:00

At least 24 people have been killed and hundreds rendered homeless in the worst floods to hit land-locked Mongolia in 40 years, emergency officials said Tuesday.

Explainer: What is polyandry?updated: Fri Oct 24 2008 06:36:00

Polyandry is a form of polygamy where a woman is married to two or more husbands at the same time. Scientists: 1 in 4 Mammals Faces Extinctionupdated: Mon Oct 06 2008 12:00:00

Conservationists have taken the first detailed look at the world's mammals in more than a decade, and the news isn't good

China astronauts return to Earth triumphantupdated: Mon Sep 29 2008 11:57:00

Three Chinese astronauts returned to Earth Sunday, completing a three-day mission that included China's first-ever spacewalk.

China's first space walkupdated: Mon Sep 29 2008 11:57:00

A Chinese astronaut conducted the country's first spacewalk on Saturday.

China counts down to space walk missionupdated: Thu Sep 25 2008 04:29:00

A Chinese Shenzhou-7 spaceship is scheduled to lift off Thursday evening on the nation's third manned space mission.

World music divaupdated: Tue Sep 23 2008 22:40:00

Sa Dingding blends musical influences from east and west.

Remembering Beijingupdated: Mon Aug 25 2008 02:08:00

CNN's Larry Smith takes a look back at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Marijuana scandal hits Japanese sumoupdated: Tue Aug 19 2008 07:11:00

For the first time sumo wrestling's governing body can recall, one of its revered athletes has been nabbed for drug possession.

Mongolia wins first-ever gold medalupdated: Fri Aug 15 2008 05:17:00

Mongolia has tasted Olympic gold, at last.

Total eclipse provides rare delightupdated: Mon Aug 04 2008 14:09:00

A total solar eclipse was sweeping across Earth Friday, providing a rare sight for people in the upper Northern Hemisphere.

Rare view of the sunupdated: Mon Aug 04 2008 14:09:00

The moon passes between Earth and the sun providing a special view for the upper Northern Hemisphere.

FSB: Profiting from the dark side of the moonupdated: Mon Jul 28 2008 10:58:00

For a few suspenseful minutes on Aug. 1, complete darkness will engulf the midday sun in northern Canada, Russia, Mongolia and China. It's the next complete solar eclipse, and there's one small business owner who really, really wants to take you there.

In Mongolia, competition worth singing aboutupdated: Mon Jul 28 2008 07:55:00

Standing slightly more than 4 feet tall, 9-year-old Tuguldur proudly stated the greatest challenge he faced in a horse race across the Mongolian plains in the country's annual Naadam Festival was serenading his horse.

Olympic torch continues journeyupdated: Mon Jul 28 2008 07:55:00

The Olympic torch passes through the Chinese city of Kaifeng on Saturday.

Mongolia poll disputeupdated: Thu Jul 03 2008 05:52:00

Protesters mob the ruling party headquarters alleging fraud in a poll on the sharing of the country's mineral wealth.

Mongolia calm after election riotsupdated: Thu Jul 03 2008 05:52:00

Calm returned to the Mongolian capital Thursday after a post-election political rally descended into violence. Heavy Security in Mongolia After Riotsupdated: Thu Jul 03 2008 03:00:00

Soldiers stood guard Thursday but Mongolia's capital was quiet on the second day of a state of emergency called after at least five people died in rioting sparked by allegations of election fraud

State of emergency declared in Mongoliaupdated: Wed Jul 02 2008 09:53:00

President Nambaryn Enkhbayar of Mongolia has declared a state of emergency in the capital of Ulaanbaatar after a post-election political rally descended into violence.

Going beyond the green-washingupdated: Wed Jul 02 2008 00:29:00

CNN is "Going Green" in the pursuit of the most innovative and effective solutions to the world's most pressing problems.

Desertification: How to stop the shifting sandsupdated: Sun Apr 27 2008 23:57:00

When a 'Yellow Dragon' roars, Beijing listens.

China's green wallupdated: Sun Apr 27 2008 23:57:00

CNN's Eunice Yoon reports on one of largest ecological projects in Chinese history: the Green Wall of China. Diplomats to Pay NYC $57.6 Millionupdated: Wed Mar 19 2008 12:00:00

A federal judge has ordered the governments of India, Mongolia and the Philippines to pony up $57.6 million in real estate taxes in a case that reached the U.S. Supreme Court

Fortune: Ask Bing: Should I sign a contract?updated: Fri Oct 05 2007 10:26:00

This is kind of strange. I'm not sure I'm not being kind of crazy. But here's the deal: My bosses offered me a three year contract. I'm a corporate guy, and that's not all that usual around here. I'm happy they want to sign me to a deal, but it makes me feel nervous to know that no matter what happens I'm stuck here. Should I sign? If I don't I know they'll be mad.

The 'Dream Team' from Ulaanbaatarupdated: Tue Aug 28 2007 22:20:00

Mongolia is not a country known for its football prowess. But 19-year-old Lkhagvasuren Byambasuren aims to win glory in the football world for his beloved mountainous nation. World's Tallest Man Weds Woman Who Reaches His Elbowupdated: Thu Jul 12 2007 17:54:00

The world's tallest man, who measures 7' 9", got married on Thursday to a woman who comes up to his elbow.

It's a mad, mad, Technomad world raceupdated: Wed Aug 02 2006 09:23:00

A group of MIT engineering students will probably have a pretty good answer to the question, "What did you do on your summer vacation?"

China's space quest gathers speedupdated: Sun Mar 12 2006 02:02:00

China has mapped out an ambitious space program for the next decade that includes a space walk in 2008, a lunar robot lander by 2012 and a possible space station after that, according to state-run media.

FSB: Genghis Khan and polo? Horseback tours in Mongoliaupdated: Fri Feb 24 2006 10:23:00

"Polo is a snake!" roared the aging French movie star, flourishing his mallet above his head. "You must ride at the tail of the snake, behind the ball!" It was a rebuke: Once again I was hopelessly...

Christina Noble Talkasia Transcriptupdated: Wed Dec 14 2005 01:39:00

LH: Lorraine Hahn CN: Christina Noble

Anti-WTO activists take the plungeupdated: Tue Dec 13 2005 06:30:00

People from all around the world have gathered in Hong Kong to protest against policies of the World Trade Organization. But just what drives these people to make such a big commitment?

Using tech to tackle hotel phone billsupdated: Wed Dec 07 2005 09:31:00

Tech-savvy business travelers are forcing a rethink on how hotels charge for long-distance communications, meaning that exorbitant phone bills on the road could soon be a thing of the past.

Bush thanks Mongolia for support in Iraqupdated: Mon Nov 21 2005 02:35:00

U.S. President George W. Bush thanked Mongolia Monday for standing with the United States in Iraq in an historic visit to the struggling Asian democracy sandwiched between China and Russia.

Bush makes first visit to Mongoliaupdated: Sun Nov 20 2005 21:15:00

U.S. President George W. Bush has thanked Mongolia for standing with him in Iraq and compared the struggle against Islamic radicalism to this country's battle against communism.

Bush: 'May God bless the Christians of China'updated: Sat Nov 19 2005 21:32:00

President Bush attended a legally sanctioned church Sunday in Beijing before scheduled talks on religious freedom with President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao.

Avoiding bird flu dangersupdated: Thu Oct 20 2005 11:14:00

The detection of bird flu in Europe and further deaths from the disease in Asia have heightened health concerns for people visiting affected countries.

Asian flavor accents sporting eventsupdated: Tue Sep 27 2005 01:06:00

Dance sport, wushu, dragonboat racing and soft tennis don't come to mind immediately when thinking of events at international sporting competitions.

Asian economic report sees growthupdated: Wed Apr 06 2005 00:39:00

Growth in developing Asian countries is predicted to expand over the next two years, after the region experienced its strongest economic growth since the financial crisis of 1997-98.

No day at the beachupdated: Thu Jan 20 2005 16:40:00

Imagine returning from vacation with tales of excavating mummies in the Atacama Desert in Chile or tracing the history of the planet's fresh water back nearly 20,000 years in Mongolia's Gobi Desert.

Business 2.0: Gizmosupdated: Thu Apr 01 2004 00:01:00

Wall-to-Wall Sound

Fortune: The Great Mongolian Gold Rush The land of Genghis Khan has the biggest mining find in a very long time. A updated: Mon Dec 22 2003 00:01:00

I was in Mongolia, doing your standard business interview with a local gold-mining executive named Myanganbayar, when a member of the band he sponsors walked into the conference room, wearing a tan...

Fortune: Chastising The Mega-Chargersupdated: Mon May 27 2002 00:01:00

Now let's see if I've got this right. AOL Time Warner (my sainted employer) takes "a one-time, noncash charge" of about $54 billion in the first quarter. Since the company was otherwise breaking ev...

FSB: Sure, It's Business The IRS is making it tougher. But you shouldn't write off the time-honored practice of boondoggling.updated: Tue Feb 01 2000 00:01:00

In the annals of boondogglery, can there be any greater hero than Senator John Glenn? A generation ago he orbited Earth three times at taxpayer expense, an arguably legitimate--if obscenely expensi...

Fortune: From Genghis Khan to Milton Friedman: Mongolia's Wild Ride to Capitalism With elan, optimism, and a little help from Harvard, Moupdated: Mon Dec 07 1998 00:01:00

Stand in the middle of Ulan Bator's main square, and Mongolia's strange history unfolds around you. To the west lie the grasslands, whence Genghis Khan charged forth to conquer half the world. At t...

Fortune: Amazon's Biggest Customer Microsoft's Nathan Myhrvold spends $5,000 a month there. And by the way, he thinks Washington stinks.updated: Mon Jul 20 1998 00:01:00

Nathan Myhrvold is a gourmand who loves French food, but he dutifully showed up at the Italian joint I suggested. Microsoft's chief technical officer didn't seem to have any urgent agenda, so as we...

Fortune: Satellite Phone Service Takes Off in Indonesiaupdated: Mon Mar 16 1998 00:01:00

When Indonesian engineer Agus Riza installed the first satellite phone in the west Java village of Cidaun, local farmers threw a party. A few hours later, a man on a motorbike rode into town with n...

Fortune: TAKING TIME OFF SETS GOOD EXAMPLEupdated: Mon Aug 12 1991 00:01:00

Sony Chief Executive Norio Ohga, 61, will be heading for Austria this August. The former professional opera singer and amateur conductor wants to attend the Salzburg Music Festival. Also in August,...

Fortune: MONGOLIA STEPS ONTO WORLD STAGEupdated: Mon Feb 25 1991 00:01:00

Meet the spearhead of Mongolia's upcoming export drive: the two-humped Bactrian camel. The hairy creature has an early lead over other Mongolian assets such as oil, coal, and furs now that the U.S....

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