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A man behind bars in Pakistan confesses to CNN that he killed his wife and two more relatives in the name of 'honor.'

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Alabama boy, 14, charged with murder of half-sisterupdated: Fri May 11 2012 15:27:00

A 14-year-old boy has been charged with murder in the death of his 9-year-old half-sister, whose body was found attached to a rope hanging from a tree, Alabama authorities said Friday.

Are mass killings on the increase? Criminologist says noupdated: Tue Apr 03 2012 18:49:00

Oakland is reeling after a gun rampage at a small religious college left seven people dead. Six months ago, eight people died in a shooting in Seal Beach, California. And just over a year ago, an attack targeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona left six dead and 13 injured.

Sgt. Robert Bales charged with murderupdated: Mon Mar 26 2012 22:53:00

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales has been charged with 17 counts of murder and six counts of assault and attempted murder.

Suspect in homeless killings faces additional murder charges updated: Sat Feb 04 2012 02:43:00

The man that prosecutors say is behind the stabbing deaths of four homeless men in Southern California now stands accused of the brutal killing of a mother and brother of an old friend, authorities said.

Ohio man, 52, indicted for murder in Craigslist job ad killingsupdated: Fri Jan 20 2012 19:15:00

An Ohio grand jury on Friday indicted a 52-year-old man, alleging that he "pulled the trigger" to kill three men who had answered a Craigslist ad for work on a cattle farm, authorities said.

Panel to decide fate of soldier accused of murdering 3 Afghansupdated: Thu Nov 10 2011 22:36:00

Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs is a world away from the tiny, sun-baked Afghan villages he is accused of terrorizing as the leader of what prosecutors call a rogue group of soldiers that targeted civilians.

High court roundup: murder cases, ballot disputeupdated: Tue Oct 11 2011 13:54:00

An Arkansas man charged with murder will get a hearing before the Supreme Court over whether he can be retried on that charge after the trial jury's failure to reach unanimous verdicts on other charges.

Murder charges filed in shotgun slaying of MTV producer in L.A.updated: Fri May 13 2011 22:45:00

A 29-year-old Los Angeles woman was charged with murder Friday and her two accused male accomplices were charged with robbery in a shotgun crime spree that allegedly resulted in the execution-style slaying of an MTV producer, authorities said.

Florida boy, 16, charged as adult in double slaying of British menupdated: Wed May 04 2011 16:28:00

A 16-year-old boy has been indicted as an adult on charges of murdering two British men in Sarasota, Florida, police said Wednesday.

Zahra stepmom charged with murderupdated: Tue Apr 05 2011 05:56:00

In February, a North Carolina grand jury charged Elisa Baker with murder in the death of her stepdaughter, Zahra Baker.

Indictment of alleged 'Grim Sleeper' serial killer unsealedupdated: Fri Mar 25 2011 06:20:00

A grand jury returned an 11-count indictment against Lonnie David Franklin Jr., the alleged "Grim Sleeper" serial killer accused of murdering 10 victims over a 20-year span, authorities announced Thursday.

'Green River Killer's' 49th chargeupdated: Fri Feb 18 2011 22:52:00

New evidence leads to Gary Ridgeway's 49th charge of murder since 1982.

'Green River Killer' charged with 49th murderupdated: Tue Feb 08 2011 06:01:00

Prosecutors Monday charged Gary Ridgway, the confessed "Green River Killer," with a 49th slaying -- that of a 20-year-old mother more than 28 years ago.

2010: Slaying in Israelupdated: Wed Jan 26 2011 12:09:00

From December 2010: An American woman is tied up and stabbed to death in Israel. Paula Hancocks reports.

Israeli police arrest 4 in American's deathupdated: Wed Jan 26 2011 12:09:00

Israeli police and security services have arrested four Palestinian men in connection with the December slaying of American tourist Kristine Luken, authorities said.

Juarez counts 3,000th homicide of 2010updated: Wed Dec 15 2010 06:02:00

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, made its own history Tuesday as its homicide rate reached 3,000 deaths for the year -- 10 times the number of killings annually that the border city counted just a few years ago.

Soldier to face court martial for alleged role in sport killingsupdated: Mon Nov 29 2010 22:08:00

Military officials have referred charges against Staff Sgt. David Bram -- in relation to a larger case involving five soldiers accused of killing Afghan citizens for sport -- to a general court martial, officials at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington said Monday.

3 suspects plead not guilty in suspected bias murdersupdated: Wed Oct 27 2010 14:16:00

Three men pleaded not guilty Wednesday in separate killings in Maplewood, New Jersey, that prosecutors are investigating as bias crimes, according to the Essex County Prosecutors' office.

Hearing begins for soldier accused of killing Afghan civiliansupdated: Mon Sep 27 2010 18:21:00

A hearing opened Monday at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington for the first of five soldiers charged with the premeditated murder of three Afghan civilians.

U.S. troops accused of heinous crimesupdated: Mon Sep 27 2010 18:21:00

U.S. troops are charged with murdering unarmed civilians in Afghanistan. CNN's Chris Lawrence reports.

U.S. soldiers charged with conspiracy in killings of Afghansupdated: Thu Aug 26 2010 13:35:00

Five U.S. soldiers facing murder charges in the deaths of three Afghan civilians earlier this year have now been charged with "conspiracy to commit premeditated murder," and seven more soldiers have been charged in connection with the probe into the incidents.

Catching a 'Grim Sleeper' is no easy taskupdated: Fri Jul 09 2010 11:38:00

In television dramas like CBS' "Criminal Minds," serial killers are apprehended swiftly and surely.

Pizza helps police catch suspectupdated: Fri Jul 09 2010 11:38:00

New DNA technology helps lead to an arrest in the L.A. 'Grim Sleeper' case by matching DNA with the suspect's son.

Suspect charged in quadruple murderupdated: Mon Jun 28 2010 19:57:00

A suspect is charged in the slaying of four people in a home in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. WFMZ reports.

Mississippi man faces sixth capital murder trial in 1996 shootingsupdated: Sat Jun 12 2010 22:55:00

Curtis Flowers has stood before five juries in the past 13 years on capital murder charges, accused of killing four people in a Mississippi furniture store.

UVA lacrosse player charged with murderupdated: Thu May 06 2010 15:39:00

A University of Virginia lacrosse player has been charged with murder in the death of a fellow student.

Boy, 12, charged with murderupdated: Mon Mar 15 2010 11:32:00

A 12-year-old could be tried on charges of murdering his father's pregnant fiancee. CNN's Jason Carroll reports.

After criticism, LAPD pulls RFK clothing from homicide exhibitupdated: Thu Mar 04 2010 13:18:00

After scathing criticism from the son of slain Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, police in Los Angeles, California, have apologized for including the clothes the senator was wearing when killed in an exhibit of high-profile homicide cases.

Niece of Cleveland mayor lived with murder suspect Sowellupdated: Mon Nov 09 2009 17:52:00

The niece of the mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, once lived with murder suspect Anthony Sowell, a registered sex offender charged with murder after the remains of 11 victims were found at his home, a spokeswoman for the mayor said Monday.

Prosecutor may pursue death penalty in Kansas killingsupdated: Fri Jun 26 2009 13:31:00

A district attorney Friday considered seeking the death penalty for a man charged with killing a toddler and three others at a Kansas City, Kansas-area home.

Andrade found guilty of murderupdated: Thu Apr 23 2009 13:28:00

A Colorado jury has found Allen Andrade guilty of first-degree murder in the death of a transgender teen.

Man charged over killings of British troopsupdated: Fri Mar 27 2009 02:28:00

A 41-year-old man was charged Thursday with murder and other charges in connection with the deaths of two British soldiers at a base in Massereene, Northern Ireland, earlier this month, police said.

Man in court over N. Ireland police killingupdated: Wed Mar 25 2009 07:05:00

A second man has been charged with murder over the killing of a policeman in Northern Ireland two weeks ago.

Mexico drug fighter killed after less than a day on jobupdated: Wed Feb 04 2009 14:06:00

A recently retired Mexican army general whose bullet-riddled body was found Tuesday near Cancun had taken over as the area's top antidrug official less than 24 hours earlier, officials said.

'Baby Grace' murder case headed to trialupdated: Tue Feb 03 2009 08:53:00

A woman accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter and dumping her body in Galveston Bay in Texas has pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence in the case.

'Baby Grace' capital murder trial beginsupdated: Tue Feb 03 2009 08:51:00

A woman accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter and dumping her body in Texas' Galveston Bay went on trial Tuesday on capital murder charges in the child's death, court officials said.

Child killer Duncan faces charges in another slayingupdated: Mon Jan 26 2009 16:56:00

A convicted sex offender who was sentenced to death for killing a 9-year-old Idaho boy is scheduled to be arraigned Monday on charges related to the killing of a 10-year-old California boy.

Body in SUV is Hudson's nephew, FBI saysupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 23:45:00

The body found inside an SUV Monday morning has been confirmed to be Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson's 7-year-old nephew, a top FBI official said. Kansas City Homicides On Pace to be Highest This Decadeupdated: Thu Oct 16 2008 11:00:00

Killings in Kansas City are happening at an alarming rate, and police and residents say the slayings can be traced to the same urban maladies that have plagued the city for years

Eric McLean murder trialupdated: Tue Sep 09 2008 12:17:00

A prosecutor presents his case against a man accused of killing his wife's teenage lover.

Suspect was baby's fatherupdated: Wed Jul 30 2008 17:50:00

Police say the man charged with killing a pregnant soldier was the baby's father.

Slain soldier's remains foundupdated: Tue Jul 15 2008 20:21:00

Nancy Grace reports on a murdered missing soldier whose remains were found in North Carolina. Neil Entwistle Sentenced to Life for Double Murderupdated: Thu Jun 26 2008 15:17:00

The convicted killer of his wife and baby daughter will not be permitted parole British Man Guilty of Killing Wife, Babyupdated: Wed Jun 25 2008 17:00:00

A British man who fled the U.S. after his wife and baby were shot to death was convicted of murder Wednesday by a jury that rejected defense claims that the mother killed her daughter and herself as they snuggled in bed

The homicide bloggerupdated: Fri Apr 18 2008 10:38:00

For a year, LA Times reporter Jill Leovy blogged about every homicide in Los Angeles. CNN's Kara Finnstrom reports.

Blog brings human face to big-city murderupdated: Fri Apr 18 2008 10:38:00

Two or three people are killed each day by others in Los Angeles County. Most of them died anonymously until Jill Leovy and her blog, The Homicide Report, came along.

Meat cleaver murder suspectupdated: Fri Feb 22 2008 20:00:00

Surveillance video shows the suspect in the brutal murder of a New York therapist entering her building.

Cleaver attack suspect indicted on first-degree murder chargeupdated: Fri Feb 22 2008 20:00:00

David Tarloff, the man accused of hacking a Manhattan therapist to death with a meat cleaver, was indicted on a charge of first-degree murder in Manhattan District Court on Friday. Baltimore 2007 Murder Rate Spikesupdated: Wed Jan 02 2008 09:00:00

Baltimore ended the year with the city's highest murder rate in eight years, despite a new police commissioner's modest success in slowing the spike in homicides

Laci Peterson case: When pregnancy ends in murder updated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:59:00

Mark Hacking is accused of killing his pregnant wife, Lori, in Salt Lake City. Scott Peterson is accused of killing his pregnant wife, Laci, in Modesto, California. Meanwhile, as their cases play out before a national audience, countless other husbands and boyfriends stand accused of the same crime in courtrooms across the country.

O.J. Simpson trial: Key attorneysupdated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:37:00

Profiles of the key attorneys in the murder trial of O.J. Simpson:

O.J. Simpson trial: Daughter says Simpson distraught over murdersupdated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:36:00

Developments in the murder trial of O.J. Simpson from July 10-14, 1995

Kevorkian Case: Video of killing shown to juryupdated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:02:00

Confident that they have proven intent to kill, Michigan prosecutors rested their case in the murder trial of Dr. Jack Kevorkian after playing the videotape of Thomas Youk's death and calling the medical examiner and investigators in the case.

Christmas eve horrorupdated: Fri Dec 28 2007 21:58:00

The King County prosecutor lays out the case against a couple charged with murdering six members of a family.

New York homicide rate on pace for record lowupdated: Thu Dec 27 2007 02:09:00

New York City is on course to mark the fewest homicides since records have been kept, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced Wednesday.

Serial killings solvedupdated: Wed Dec 12 2007 10:40:00

Missouri police say they've solved five murders committed in 1977 or 1982. Affiliate KSDK reports.

Pig farmer found guiltyupdated: Mon Dec 10 2007 05:25:00

Robert Pickton faces life in prison for the murder of six women. CNN's Colleen McEdwards explains.

Madrid train bombs: The defendantsupdated: Wed Oct 31 2007 08:07:00

The accused in the Madrid train bombing are scheduled to hear the verdicts and sentencing on Wednesday morning. All of the 28 defendants are men except for one Spanish woman. All the defendants have pleaded not guilty during the trial.

Names of victims fill church's 'murder board'updated: Wed Aug 29 2007 22:54:00

Father Bill Terry of St. Anna's Episcopal Church in New Orleans wants everyone to know what's happening in New Orleans: too many murders with too few people held accountable.

Priest posts names of victimsupdated: Wed Aug 29 2007 22:54:00

Priest posts names of victims Official: Drop Marine Murder Caseupdated: Fri Aug 24 2007 10:00:00

A Marine accused of murdering Iraqi civilians, including children, in the town of Haditha should have all charges dropped against him because of weak evidence, an official said

Police: Man confesses to killing Oakland journalistupdated: Sat Aug 04 2007 21:38:00

A 19-year-old man has confessed to killing a prominent African-American journalist, who was gunned down Thursday as he walked to work, Oakland police told CNN on Saturday.

Marine gets 15 years in Iraqi civilian's murderupdated: Fri Aug 03 2007 23:19:00

A Marine was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison after being convicted of unpremeditated murder and other charges in connection with the death of a civilian in Hamdaniya, Iraq, last year.

Autopsy: Man killed by police after Katrina was shot in backupdated: Wed Jul 18 2007 03:05:00

A man killed by New Orleans police in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was shot in the back, according to an autopsy report CNN obtained.

Autopsy: Victim shot in backupdated: Wed Jul 18 2007 03:05:00

Autopsy: Victim shot in back

Suspected killer arrestedupdated: Sat Jul 14 2007 07:32:00

Suspected killer arrested

Suspect confesses to killing, dismembering wifeupdated: Mon Mar 05 2007 11:20:00

A man accused of killing and dismembering his wife and hiding some of her remains in their Detroit-area home has given a "lengthy confession" to police, Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel said Monday.

Prostitute murders: Man in courtupdated: Fri Dec 22 2006 05:16:00

A 48-year-old man appeared in court in England on Friday to face charges that he murdered five prostitutes.

The serial killers who still haunt usupdated: Thu Dec 14 2006 12:37:00

The deaths of five women -- all working as prostitutes --- in the past two weeks in Ipswich, eastern England, has triggered an urgent manhunt for a suspected serial killer. Here The Briefing Room recalls the infamous careers of some of the other chilling murderers whose crimes continue to haunt us.

4th soldier charged in detainee deathsupdated: Wed Jun 21 2006 16:56:00

A fourth soldier from the 101st Airborne Division was charged Wednesday in connection with the shooting deaths of three detainees during an operation in Salaheddin province in May, the military said.

Polk guilty of killing therapist husbandupdated: Fri Jun 16 2006 12:08:00

A jury found California housewife Susan Polk guilty of second-degree murder Friday in the stabbing death of her wealthy psychologist husband.

Tragedy brought tighter gun lawsupdated: Thu Apr 13 2006 02:15:00

It was the tragedy that stunned Australia a decade ago: 35 innocent men, women and children gunned down by a disturbed young man in the forbiddingly beautiful setting of Port Arthur, an isolated 19th century prison on the island of Tasmania.

Your e-mails: Tookie Williams to be put to deathupdated: Mon Dec 12 2005 12:16:00

Death row inmate Stanley Tookie Williams, a founder of the Crips street gang who has worked from behind bars to quell gang violence, has asked California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to spare his life. The request was denied and he will be put to death shortly after midnight.

Murder suspect's mother arrestedupdated: Thu Oct 27 2005 20:03:00

The mother of a 16-year-old charged in the brutal slaying of an attorney's wife was arrested Thursday on a charge of accessory to murder for allegedly telling her son not to come home because police had blocked off the neighborhood following the killing.

Jailhouse diary read in murder trialupdated: Thu Aug 04 2005 16:21:00

Prosecutors called Jim Holden a ruthless hit man who killed a man "execution style" during opening statements in Holden's murder trial. They then used his own words to emphasize their point.

Prosecutor: The killer showed compassionupdated: Fri Jul 15 2005 13:08:00

The killer of a law school coed 36 years ago demonstrated a sense of "compassion" for his victim that distinguishes him from a serial killer who targeted young women during the same time period, an investigator testified at the murder trial of a retired nurse.

Medical examiner releases Terri Schiavo autopsy reportupdated: Wed Jun 15 2005 17:01:00

More than two months after Terri Schiavo died, there are answers about what killed her but as in her life, there is a dispute in her death.

Schiavo kin remain divided after her deathupdated: Fri Apr 01 2005 09:44:00

As medical officials wrapped up Terri Schiavo's autopsy, her relatives continued on disparate paths with plans for her burial and legacy.

Jury begins deliberations in murder trial of actor Robert Blakeupdated: Mon Mar 07 2005 11:10:00

The fate of Robert Blake is now in the hands of five men and seven women who began deliberating late last week in the 71-year-old actor's murder trial.

Extremists applaud murder of judge's relativesupdated: Thu Mar 03 2005 14:59:00

Investigators still don't know who is responsible for the murder of a Chicago judge's husband and mother on Monday, but white supremacist Web sites are applauding the killings.

GI pleads guilty to murdering Iraqi teenupdated: Fri Dec 10 2004 08:21:00

A U.S. soldier pleaded guilty to murder charges Friday related to his role in the shooting death of a wounded Iraqi teenager.

Released sex offender charged with 2 murdersupdated: Thu Jun 03 2004 08:23:00

Two days after a convicted sex offender confessed to killing two women in his apartment building, police said Thursday they were carrying out additional searches and believed they could find more bodies.

Momentum builds for reopening murder cases from civil-rights eraupdated: Thu May 27 2004 13:08:00

About four decades ago authorities in Mississippi ended their investigation into the brutal murders of three civil rights workers who had helped register black voters as a part of the 1964 "Freedom Summer." No one was ever charged with their murders.

Ex-nurse pleads guilty to murdersupdated: Thu Apr 29 2004 10:32:00

A former nurse accused of murdering dozens of patients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania hospitals over nearly two decades pleaded guilty Thursday to 13 counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Ex-nurse agrees to plea dealupdated: Wed Apr 28 2004 15:45:00

A former nurse who prosecutors say has confessed to killing dozens of patients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania hospitals is expected to plead guilty to murder charges Thursday morning.

Prosecutor: Ex-nurse to enter plea dealupdated: Sun Apr 25 2004 19:16:00

A former nurse who prosecutors say has confessed to killing dozens of patients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania hospitals is expected to plead guilty to murder charges in a deal that would spare him from the death penalty, according to a prosecutor's spokesman.

FSB: Silenced Partner? The son of a bagel-shop owner sits in prison, convicted of murdering his parents over petty resentments. But nupdated: Thu Apr 01 2004 00:01:00

On the day he was supposed to begin his senior year of high school, Martin Tankleff's life suddenly veered off course. Waking at 6:10 A.M. in his bedroom in Belle Terre, N.Y., a wealthy town on Lon...

Triple murder charge in missing family case updated: Mon Mar 01 2004 21:41:00

A couple hours after a man was charged with killing his cousin, the cousin's wife and their 4-year-old son, investigators found three bodies Monday.

Triple murder charge in missing family caseupdated: Mon Mar 01 2004 10:31:00

A couple hours after a man was charged with killing his cousin, the cousin's wife and their 4-year-old son, investigators found three bodies Monday.

Anger as 'Dr. Death' found hangedupdated: Tue Jan 13 2004 04:02:00

As the body of UK serial killer Harold Shipman, found hanged in his prison cell, was taken away for an autopsy, relatives told of their anger.

FSB: Blood Feud Passed over to run the family business, a black-sheep son became the prime suspect in his parents' brutal murder--theupdated: Wed Oct 01 2003 00:01:00

Shortly before dawn on a rainy morning this past summer, Harvey Jay Brown drove to an empty parking lot near his Tampa apartment, where he knew he'd be alone. Dressed in a T-shirt and sweatpants, h...

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