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Muttahida Qaumi Movement

Six people were killed in Karachi on Friday morning as a result of ongoing ethnic and political violence in the Pakistani city, police said.

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Why Karachi's violence shouldn't define cityupdated: Thu Jul 28 2011 23:59:00

Karachi has long been the face Pakistan wished to show to the world. The port city, one of the largest cities in the world -- placed sixth or seventh, depending on whom you ask, with a population of more than 18 million -- once represented the ideal of what Pakistan ought to have been.

Unprecedented fear in Karachiupdated: Thu Jul 28 2011 23:59:00

Gang violence is taking over Karachi, Pakistan, with more than 100 deaths in two weeks. CNN's Reza Sayah reports.

In Pakistan's bloodiest city, violence has little to do with militantsupdated: Sat Jul 23 2011 20:38:00

At least 15 were killed in shootouts during Friday and Saturday in Karachi, police said, the latest victims in a surge of deadly violence that has gripped Pakistan's largest city and commercial capital.

Key party quits Pakistan governmentupdated: Mon Jun 27 2011 13:07:00

For the second time this year a key political party in Pakistan's ruling coalition has quit the government.

Pakistani party rejoins governmentupdated: Fri Jan 07 2011 17:33:00

An important political party that recently broke from Pakistan's ruling coalition has rejoined the government, a move that has averted a crisis in the South Asian nation.

Pakistan's political crisisupdated: Fri Jan 07 2011 17:33:00

A political party that broke from the ruling coalition has rejoined the government. CNN's Chris Lawrence reports.

Pakistan reverses hike in fuel pricesupdated: Thu Jan 06 2011 11:27:00

The Pakistani government has reversed a recent hike in fuel prices, an effort that could help shore up the country's crumbling governing coalition.

Pakistani government faces challenges without majorityupdated: Wed Jan 05 2011 09:44:00

A major Pakistani political party said Wednesday it will not support the government in its quest to regain a majority.

New defection leaves Pakistan with minority governmentupdated: Mon Jan 03 2011 12:30:00

The second-largest party in Pakistan's ruling coalition quit the government Sunday over fuel price increases and other complaints, leaving the country with a minority government.

Pakistan coalition loses key supportupdated: Mon Jan 03 2011 12:30:00

A political defection in Pakistan could mean a crisis for the governing coalition. CNN's Chris Lawrence reports.

Pakistan party says ministers to resign from the federal cabinetupdated: Tue Dec 28 2010 04:45:00

A senior leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Pakistan said Monday that its two ministers in the federal cabinet would resign.

Police in London hold man in stabbing death of Pakistani politicianupdated: Thu Dec 09 2010 21:34:00

A 34-year-old man has been arrrested on suspicion of murder in the September slaying of a Pakistani politician outside his home, London Metropolitan Police said Thursday.

In Karachi, the death toll mountsupdated: Wed Oct 20 2010 07:29:00

More than 70 people have died in the five-day-old wave of violence in the Pakistani city of Karachi, police said Wednesday.

In Pakistan, 21 dead in Karachi violenceupdated: Tue Oct 19 2010 12:51:00

At least 21 people died in a wave of violence in the volatile city of Karachi on Tuesday, police in Pakistan said.

At least 36 dead in target killings in Pakistanupdated: Mon Oct 18 2010 19:26:00

At least 36 people were killed and 51 were injured over the weekend in Pakistan's southern city of Karachi in what officials are calling politically-motivated target killings, police said Monday.

18 dead in political violence in Pakistanupdated: Tue Sep 21 2010 05:26:00

Eighteen people were killed in Karachi since Sunday in what police are calling politically motivated target killings.

UK police launch murder probe into Pakistani politician's deathupdated: Sat Sep 18 2010 05:50:00

Police in London said they have launched a murder investigation into the death of a Pakistani politician killed outside his home in the capital.

Violence erupts in Pakistan after politician's deathupdated: Fri Sep 17 2010 10:41:00

Violence erupted in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi on Friday, a day after a prominent politician was killed in England, police said.

Pakistani politician killed in Londonupdated: Thu Sep 16 2010 22:24:00

Pakistani politician Imran Farooq was killed Thursday in London, a spokesman for his party told CNN.

200 arrested after killings in Karachiupdated: Thu May 20 2010 09:55:00

Authorities in Pakistan say they have arrested 200 people in Karachi after a series of what appear to be political killings there this week.

New Pakistani Prime Ministerupdated: Sun Apr 13 2008 22:34:00

Yousaf Raza Gilani has been sworn in as Pakistan's new Prime Minister. CNN's Reza Sayah reports.

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