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Italian news agency says Naples killer has been identifiedupdated: Mon Nov 02 2009 10:23:00

Police have identified the man whose shooting of another man outside a store in Naples, Italy, was captured by a surveillance camera, the Italian news agency ANSA reported Saturday.

Mafia hit caught on tapeupdated: Mon Nov 02 2009 10:23:00

Italian police released surveillance video of an a apprent mafia killing in Naples, Italy. CNN's Rosemary Church reports.

Italian prosecutor releases execution video in attempt to find killerupdated: Thu Oct 29 2009 17:44:00

Seeking to identify the man who shot dead another man outside a store in Naples, Italy, in the spring, an anti-mafia prosecutor distributed on Thursday a video showing the execution.

Commentary: Murder in the worst degreeupdated: Sun Sep 27 2009 09:35:00

There are some things we should never allow ourselves to get used to.

Mafia boss used crocodile to extort moneyupdated: Thu Sep 24 2009 13:22:00

An Italian mafia boss used his pet crocodile to threaten people and extort money, authorities said.

Father sought after family killedupdated: Tue Sep 22 2009 11:58:00

In Session's Jack Ford has the latest details on the family that was killed in their Florida home, and other crime stories of interest.

Florida man held in Haiti charged in family slayingsupdated: Tue Sep 22 2009 11:58:00

A Florida man in custody in Haiti faces first-degree murder charges in the deaths of his wife and five children, authorities said Tuesday.

Man sought for questioning in slayings held in Haitiupdated: Tue Sep 22 2009 10:36:00

A man in the custody of Haitian authorities is believed to be a Naples, Florida, man sought for questioning in the deaths of his wife and five children, police said Monday.

CNNMoney: Best place to haggle your home price? Floridaupdated: Thu Sep 10 2009 05:31:00

If you're a house hunter in Florida, prepare to haggle. The Sunshine State is the easiest place to negotiate a price cut on your new home.

Italian police arrest suspected mafia bossupdated: Tue May 19 2009 12:36:00

Italian police have arrested a suspected mafia boss who is considered one of the most dangerous criminals in the country, according to Italian media reports Tuesday.

Money Magazine: Home sweet retirement homeupdated: Wed Feb 11 2009 06:08:00

My wife and I recently swallowed hard and bought a tiny cabin on a prime lake-front lot near the Berkshire hills in western Massachusetts where we'd like to retire one day. (At a later date, we'll build a bigger house.) Were we early, buying before housing prices hit rock bottom? Almost certainly. Are we losing sleep over it? Absolutely not.

Mafia suspect seized after sewer chaseupdated: Wed Jan 14 2009 12:36:00

Police Wednesday arrested the suspected head of an Italian mafia murder squad following a two-day manhunt after he eluded police by crawling through sewer pipes, according to Italian media reports.

Sewer escape throws mafia police off scentupdated: Tue Jan 13 2009 13:32:00

The suspected head of an Italian mafia murder squad eluded police for a third time, and may have escaped through the sewer pipes, according to Italian media reports. Why Is the Pope So Silent About the Mob? updated: Tue Oct 21 2008 14:00:00

As thousands express their anger at the Camorra's threat to a young writer, the Pope chooses to say nothing

Police arrest suspects in Mafia killingsupdated: Tue Sep 30 2008 09:39:00

Italian authorities Tuesday arrested two suspects believed to be responsible for the September 18 killing of six African immigrants in Castelvolturno, a small town of 20,000 residents north of Naples.

Italian troops to fight Mafia crime waveupdated: Wed Sep 24 2008 06:35:00

The Italian government has approved the creation of a new task force of 500 soldiers who will be deployed to combat the recent wave of Mafia crime in the country. The Fine Art of Garbageupdated: Thu Sep 11 2008 14:35:00

Million-dollar Chinese painter Liu Xiaodong turns an Italian city's uncleared waste into art, under the watchful eye of the mob Fay Makes Landfall in Florida updated: Tue Aug 19 2008 06:35:00

Tropical Storm Fay made landfall on Florida's southwest coast, bringing soaking rains and gusty winds but nothing like the destruction last seen in the area during a 2004 killer hurricane

Money Magazine: Your shop: How to attract clientsupdated: Tue Aug 05 2008 18:00:00

Question: How can I attract more customers to my retail boutique without spending a lot of money? - Tony Gim, Naples, Fla.

Outrage over drowning photosupdated: Wed Jul 23 2008 05:21:00

Photos of sunbathers next to drowning victims on a beach have sparked outrage. CNN's Jennifer Eccleston reports.

Italian outrage over Roma drowning photosupdated: Wed Jul 23 2008 05:21:00

Italian newspapers, an archbishop and civil liberties campaigners expressed shock and revulsion on Monday after photographs were published of sunbathers apparently enjoying a day at the beach just meters from where the bodies of two drowned Roma girls were laid out on the sand.

Italian media appalled by Neapolitan tragedyupdated: Wed Jul 23 2008 05:11:00

The Archbishop of Naples barely disguised his disgust: "Indifference is not an emotion for human beings." Cardinal Crecenzio Seppe wrote in his parish Web site blog Sunday that "to turn the other way or to mind your own business can sometimes be more devastating than the events that occur."

Berlusconi claims trash victoryupdated: Mon Jul 21 2008 17:05:00

For years, it's been a national embarrassment. Over the past year, it's spiraled into a crisis damaging Italy's image all over the world: the heaps of garbage lining the streets of Naples.

Berlusconi talks to CNNupdated: Mon Jul 21 2008 17:05:00

Italy's Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi tells CNN's Alessio Vinci the garbage crisis is over, but much work remains.

Naples clean-up under wayupdated: Mon Jul 21 2008 14:37:00

The Italian prime minister plans to declare Friday that the worst part of a garbage crisis in Naples is over, even though a visit to one neighborhood found residents still living amid huge piles of trash.

Naples garbage crisisupdated: Mon Jul 21 2008 14:37:00

Italy's prime minister says it will be years before Naples garbage crisis is solved. CNN's Alessio Vinci reports. Rome Begins Gypsy Censusupdated: Fri Jul 18 2008 20:00:00

City officials and Italian Red Cross workers began a census of Rome's Gypsy population but said Friday that they will not participate in a national push to fingerprint all Gypsies

Naples: Italy in the extremeupdated: Fri Jul 11 2008 13:00:00

All my life, Naples has been the symbol of chaos, stress and culture shock for European travel.

Stroll beyond Positano's chic facadesupdated: Tue Jul 08 2008 15:17:00

For most, Positano is simply the most romantic and chic stop on Italy's Amalfi Coast. South of Naples, the famous coast is blessed with beaches, sunshine and picturesque towns spilling down steep hillsides. Many who visit Positano want only to shop and lay on the beach. But the tour guide in me simply must add a little historic and cultural meat to your visit.

49 arrested in Italian crime clan raidsupdated: Fri Jun 06 2008 08:43:00

Italian police arrested 49 alleged mobsters suspected of homicide, extortion, theft, drug smuggling, and illegal possession of weapons in the Naples area, the Italian Interior Ministry said Friday.

Garbage politics in Naplesupdated: Sat May 24 2008 11:03:00

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi focuses on the trash crisis in Naples. CNN's Alessio Vinci reports.

Berlusconi vows to fight trash crisisupdated: Wed May 21 2008 16:42:00

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced Wednesday that he has appointed a new "garbage czar" to combat a crisis that has left the streets of Naples awash with trash. Berlusconi in Naples: Clean-up Jobupdated: Wed May 21 2008 16:00:00

Berlusconi holds his first cabinet meeting in the troubled city, where the problems range from uncollected trash to organized crime

Trash crisis lands Italy in legal strifeupdated: Tue May 06 2008 08:59:00

Italy faces legal action over the waste crisis that has left piles of garbage rotting on the streets around the southern city of Naples.

Troubleshooter: Half the car for twice the priceupdated: Fri Apr 04 2008 14:51:00

Douglas Hawkins and his wife reserve a Budget rental car in Naples, Italy, but when they arrive at the car rental counter, the company downgrades his car and almost doubles its rate. Six months later, Budget hasn't refunded the money Hawkins says it owes him. What now? Maimed by the Mobupdated: Thu Mar 13 2008 08:00:00

Viewpoint: Italy cannot fix its broken political system until it summons the anger and determination needed to fight the scourge of organized crime

CNNMoney: Toll Brothers swings to lossupdated: Wed Feb 27 2008 16:28:00

Luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers swung to a first-quarter loss after taking hefty writedowns amid the housing slump.

FSB: How to bring more customers to your storeupdated: Wed Feb 06 2008 12:21:00

Dear FSB: I opened a fashion store in a high-income snowbird area last February. The store has high overhead and a high lease. With all the bad signs for the economy, stock market and real estate market, our market was hurting even before we settled here. With a limited budget, what would be the best marketing strategy to attract more customers?

Top 10 romantic retreatsupdated: Thu Jan 24 2008 10:36:00

These island vacations make falling in love even more fun.

Troops wade into garbage crisisupdated: Thu Jan 10 2008 14:44:00

The police and military will joins forces in Naples to deal with a garbage crisis that has led to mountains of trash piling up across the city, the Italian prime minister said Tuesday.

Why Naples is drowning in garbageupdated: Tue Jan 08 2008 15:51:00

The garbage crisis in Naples encompasses the worst Italian clichés, and in particular those of the southern part of this lovely peninsula: mismanagement, political interference, mafia profiteering and the ability of those responsible to deflect the attention and the blame elsewhere.

PM attempts to tackle Naples trash crisisupdated: Mon Jan 07 2008 12:33:00

Italy's prime minister held emergency meetings on Monday to discuss the growing garbage problem in Naples, where more than two weeks of closed dumps and uncollected garbage has led to mountains of trash across the city.

Fortune: Tales of the crash of 2007updated: Thu Sep 13 2007 05:25:00

It doesn't look to me as if there will be a recession - at least not a major recession - from the subprime problems or the credit crunch or any of that panic on Wall Street. But there are effects rippling all over the place right here and now, and some of them are not what you might expect (though some are).

Business 2.0: Turning search into salesupdated: Sun Aug 19 2007 21:18:00

Finding customers on the Web nowadays sounds so easy: Sign up for Google AdWords, tap out a punchy two-line pitch, and let the power of search take over. Millions of people spot your ad and -- poof -- the money starts pouring in.

Fortune: BARGAIN HUNTING FOR CONDOSupdated: Mon Jun 25 2007 00:00:00

FAST-FLIPPING INVESTORS aren't the only ones who love condos. For many empty nesters, nothing beats selling the big old house in the suburbs and hightailing it to a luxury development where sun and golf are plentiful and maintenance is minimal. And what better time to go shopping than during a real estate slowdown? It was condos, after all, that rose the fastest—and fell the hardest. There should be deals aplenty, right? As it turns out, it's not that simple. Some markets have already recovered, while others have yet to hit rock bottom—and not every place was as overbuilt as, say, Miami. To get the real picture, we zeroed in on five once-scorching cities and talked to brokers, analysts, buyers, and sellers. Read on for our results, a guide to finding the best retirement real estate bargains today. And get ready to sell the lawn mower.

Fortune: Bargain Hunting for Condosupdated: Thu Jun 07 2007 00:07:00

Thinking of retiring to a formerly hot market? The real estate slowdown has made parts of the Sunbelt a lot more affordable. Fortune presents a guide to finding the best deals in five markets. 'Cancer mom' kid fails in Open bidupdated: Mon May 14 2007 22:00:00

NAPLES, Fla. (AP) -- Dakoda Dowd failed to advance to the second round of qualifying for the U.S. Women's Open, shooting a 78 on Monday while her cancer-stricken mother rested in a hotel room near the Imperial Country Club.

Cannavaro wins top European awardupdated: Mon Nov 27 2006 12:41:00

Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro has been named European Footballer of the Year on Monday, beating international team-mate Gianluigi Buffon and France and Arsenal striker Thierry Henry into second and third.

CNNMoney: More home markets 'extremely' overvaluedupdated: Thu Sep 21 2006 10:02:00

Despite a cool-off in home prices, more markets are overpriced than ever, according to a new survey.

Money Magazine: Your Second Home Hereupdated: Fri Sep 01 2006 00:01:00

SUMMMER'S WINDING DOWN, AND YOU'VE STILL got vacation on the brain: the quiet of the country, the crisp mountain air, the lull of the ocean. In the hope of holding on to those images a bit longer, ...

Money Magazine: Before you buy that vacation homeupdated: Thu Aug 17 2006 14:29:00

Summmer's winding down, and you've still got vacation on the brain: the quiet of the country, the crisp mountain air, the lull of the ocean.

CNNMoney: Most overpriced home marketsupdated: Tue Jul 25 2006 14:24:00

After years of local home markets getting more and more overvalued, the trend has reversed, according to an analyis published this week.

CNNMoney: 'Overpriced' housing gets more overpricedupdated: Mon Jun 12 2006 08:58:00

The rich have gotten richer, at least when it comes to home prices, according to a study released Monday.

Fortune: Power toysupdated: Fri May 19 2006 10:50:00

1 IWC Watches

Police mount raid on Juve officesupdated: Thu May 18 2006 05:19:00

Italian tax police searched the offices of Serie A champions Juventus, already reeling from allegations of match-fixing, and the homes of two of their top players on Thursday.

Top clubs in Italian investigationupdated: Fri May 12 2006 08:03:00

The biggest scandal to hit Italian football in 20 years has mushroomed after prosecutors revealed they were investigating top clubs, referees and officials for suspected match-fixing.

Fortune: Liberal arts vs. business degreeupdated: Tue May 09 2006 10:42:00

Few topics we've addressed here recently have inspired as much reader comment as the column a couple of weeks ago, in answer to a newly minted English major who wondered if her degree would turn out to be useless in the job market.

CNNMoney: Mortgage rates up...affordability downupdated: Mon Mar 13 2006 10:40:00

Mortgage rates have hit their highest level in nearly four years, and that has a direct impact on home affordability...and home prices.

Ask the expert updated: Thu Feb 09 2006 09:30:00

Do certain winter weather events have you bewildered?

Madrid Forumupdated: Thu Feb 09 2006 07:22:00

The Scene spent the day in Madrid with flamenco superstar Joaquin Cortes. Do you have a favorite hangout in the Spanish capital? What's so special about Madrid's nightlife? Send us your suggestions and ideas and read your comments below.

Hurricane Wilma blog updated: Wed Oct 26 2005 17:43:00

Wednesday, October 26; Posted 5:45 p.m. ET From Lisa Goddard, Chokoloskee, Florida A badly hit area on the west coast of Florida and in many ways the only place that looks like it was hit by the full force of a Category 3 storm is a tiny 162-acre island called Chokoloskee.

Wilma delivers blow to Floridaupdated: Mon Oct 24 2005 01:07:00

Hurricane Wilma battered Florida with heavy rain, widespread flooding and damaging winds for about six hours Monday before heading out to the Atlantic and regaining strength.

Fortune: Island Shoppingupdated: Mon Oct 17 2005 00:01:00

ESCAPISTS DAYDREAM ABOUT them; James Bond's enemies use them for evildoing; most of us spend a week or two on one of them every chance we get. No wonder: Islands are both a natural fortress--especi...

CNNMoney: Huge chocolate creche sweetens Christmasupdated: Mon Dec 06 2004 11:26:00

NAPLES, Italy (Reuters) - Christmas has never tasted this good. Thirty-two pastry chefs in the southern Italian city of Naples unveiled on Saturday what they say is the biggest ever nativity scene made entirely of chocolate.

CNNMoney: Luxury home sales hit full strideupdated: Fri Nov 19 2004 12:21:00

BEND, Ore. (CNN/Money) - Consumer confidence has sagged for five consecutive months. Yet the wealthiest Americans are spending with gusto.

Fight continues for Higgins, Naples updated: Wed Nov 03 2004 15:16:00

The fight to fill an open seat in New York's 27th District remained undecided on Wednesday.

Radioactive material found in clinic chief's chairupdated: Thu Oct 21 2004 17:18:00

Police in Florida are investigating the discovery of three packets of radioactive material in the chair cushion of a Naples medical clinic administrator.

Bankrupt Napoli's future in doubtupdated: Thu Aug 12 2004 07:02:00

Former Italian champions Napoli have been expelled from Serie B because of their financial woes and will find out next month if they can continue in football.

Napoli declared bankrupt says ANSAupdated: Mon Aug 02 2004 12:33:00

Debt-ridden former Italian champions Napoli have been declared bankrupt, news agency ANSA reported on Monday.

Serie A pair named in fixing probeupdated: Fri May 21 2004 10:21:00

Sampdoria and Modena have been drawn into an investigation into mafia-linked illegal betting and match-fixing in Serie A and lower division Italian matches.

Anti-mafia police in soccer probe updated: Tue May 11 2004 07:14:00

Anti-mafia police are investigating 12 Italian soccer clubs in a probe into suspected match-fixing, Serie A club Siena said on Tuesday.

Money Magazine: The Lowdown On Low Carb We put Atkins-friendly breads, sweets and pastas to the taste test. Which are worth updated: Mon Dec 01 2003 00:01:00

The low-carb products are selling like crazy," says Ali Shabbir, owner of a General Nutrition Centers health food store in Manhattan. "And new ones are coming out every day." He's not kidding. Acco...

Fortune: There's No Place Like These Homes Good news: Trophy properties have been a sizzling investment. Better news: This trend has legsupdated: Mon Aug 13 2001 00:01:00

Wall Street hasn't exactly been pampering Wayne Huizenga lately. The shares of his car-retailing empire, AutoNation, and his garbage hauler, Republic Services, are both chewing gravel. But while hi...

Fortune: Whole Lava Love Joshua David explores his own peculiar obsession with volcanoes--from the primal thrill of eruption to the fear updated: Mon Jul 23 2001 00:01:00

Ten years ago, while on a cruise off Italy's southern coast, I saw my first volcano. The announcement that we were passing it came during the boozy roar of the second dinner seating. I was the only...

Money Magazine: May Buysupdated: Mon May 01 2000 00:01:00

ASIA Unlimited air travel. Cathay Pacific has rolled out the welcome mat again this year with its All Asia Pass. Round-trip air fare from New York City, San Francisco or L.A. to Hong Kong, plus 30 ...

Fortune: Hiring Woes? Bag the Maalox and Buy This Bookupdated: Mon May 24 1999 00:01:00

"This used to be an easy job. But now it's tough out there," said the harried-looking guy next to me on the Boston-New York shuttle two weeks ago, between swigs from a travel-sized bottle of Maalox...





Money Magazine: MONEY'S 1994 TRAVEL CALENDAR The best-priced, best places to visit in each of the next 12 monthsupdated: Sat Jan 01 1994 00:01:00

So you're looking for adventure? Or a relaxing getaway with the kids? If you experiment with new destinations, off-peak seasons and schedules, your payoff will be terrific. Travel prices have jumpe...

Money Magazine: Women and Social Security; a clip-it-out form for your broker; advice for fliers; charity infomercials ONE WAY TO AVOID BROKER Bupdated: Sat May 01 1993 00:01:00

Last year, 4,150 investors took their brokers to arbitration for mismanaging their accounts. That's why MONEY developed this financial disclosure form -- with help from Thomas Benson of Opus/Portfo...

Fortune: THE STARS COME OUT FOR THIS ITALIAN ELECTIONupdated: Mon Apr 06 1992 00:01:00

Voters in the April 5 parliamentary elections will have a host of celebrities to choose from. Among them: Luciano Benetton, co-founder and managing director of the Treviso clothier that bears his n...

Fortune: A NEW TRADE SURPLUSupdated: Mon Mar 12 1990 00:01:00

No matter where you shop, you won't find America's new No. 1 export anywhere overseas. It's tourism. Foreigners spent a record $43 billion last year on U.S. vacations and business trips, about $450...

Money Magazine: "How can I guard my invention while trying to sell it to a hardware chain?"updated: Tue Dec 01 1987 00:01:00

STOCKS Q. I managed to get out of the market without too great a loss in the recent crash. But what happens to the stocks I own in dividend-reinvestm ent plans? NECIA H. APFEL Highland Park, Ill. A...

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