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National Fisheries Institute

As a sunken rig continues to spew 42,000 gallons of oil a day off the Louisiana coast, health and fishing industry experts say seafood will remain safe to eat.

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'Smart Gear' could protect turtles, dolphins, whalesupdated: Thu Apr 21 2005 16:37:00

An American living on the south Pacific island of New Caledonia has reeled in a prize of $25,000 to help solve an ocean dilemma.

Big prize for ideas to help marine mammals, fishing fleetsupdated: Thu May 06 2004 13:13:00

From sea turtles to whales to dolphins and birds, hundreds of thousands of animals die each year because they become entangled in fishing gear.

Fortune: The Fish Business Trolls for Menupdated: Mon Jul 06 1998 00:01:00

Everyone's familiar with the concept of the gender gap as it relates to politics, wages, and soap opera ratings. But did you know it also applies to seafood?

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