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When Jacqueline Shaw picked up her son, Aaron, from day care, he came running at her full-force, as always, with all the energy you'd expect from a loving 4-year-old thrilled to see his mother at the end of the day.

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FDA approves drug for multiple sclerosisupdated: Fri Jan 22 2010 20:03:00

The second-to-last time EJ Levy was at Disney World, she used a scooter to navigate the enormous park. Her legs were weak and she suffered from foot drop caused by multiple sclerosis. That was 4½ years ago. On her most recent trip, a few months ago, Levy walked the entire time, thanks in part to a drug approved by the FDA on Friday.

New MS treatmentupdated: Thu Oct 23 2008 09:41:00

Researchers say a drug offers hope for better treatment for MS patients. ITN's Lawrence McGinty reports.

Leukemia drug gives hopes to MS sufferersupdated: Thu Oct 23 2008 09:41:00

Researchers in Britain say they have found that a drug used to treat leukemia can halt and even reverse the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Teri Garr: Post-aneurysm, comedy keeps her goingupdated: Wed Aug 06 2008 18:09:00

Actress-comedian Teri Garr may be best known for her roles in iconic 1980s films "Mr. Mom" and "Tootsie," but in the past few years, she's probably done as many interviews focusing on her health as on her acting career.

Teri Garr's decades of hidingupdated: Wed Aug 06 2008 18:09:00

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to actress Teri Garr about how health problems impacted her career.

showbuzzupdated: Fri Apr 30 2004 11:01:00

The blues are back at Chess Records Studio.

Cannabis MS drug 'available soon'updated: Wed Jan 21 2004 07:42:00

A cannabis-based medicine for multiple sclerosis sufferers could be available on prescription in Britain by the summer, according to its manufacturer.

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