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Neverland Ranch

Jane Fonda told Piers Morgan that Michael Jackson's 1981 visit to her California ranch inspired him to purchase what was to become Neverland Ranch.

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Larry Fortensky met Taylor at Betty Ford, and would become her unlikeliest lover Father of Alleged Michael Jackson Molestation Victim Kills Himselfupdated: Wed Nov 18 2009 17:20:00

Evan Chandler's son was paid a reported $15 - $20 million to end his claims that he was sexually abused

MJ memorabilia exhibit opensupdated: Tue Oct 27 2009 14:41:00

Michael Jackson memorabilia exhibition opens at the O2 Arena in London. CNN's Ayesha Durgahee reports.

Michael Jackson reaches his 'final resting place'updated: Fri Sep 04 2009 12:49:00

Michael Jackson's family and about 200 of their closest friends gathered on a hill Thursday evening for their final farewell to the pop singer, who died 10 weeks ago.

Dead stars and classic art will surround Michael Jacksonupdated: Thu Sep 03 2009 15:44:00

Seventy days after his sudden death, Michael Jackson will be interred in what may or may not be his final resting place Thursday evening.

Judge orders estate to pay for Jackson burialupdated: Wed Sep 02 2009 17:59:00

A judge Wednesday approved Katherine Jackson's request that Michael Jackson's estate get the bill for the cost of this week's burial of her son. INSIDE STORY: Michael Jackson's Young Protegéupdated: Sat Jul 25 2009 09:08:00

The singer treated Omer Bhatti like a son - but he wasn't his father, says a friend Jackson Family Agonizing over Michael’s Final Resting Placeupdated: Tue Jul 21 2009 10:33:00

Some family members want him buried at Neverland, others in Los Angeles

Jackson family may be allowed burial at Neverland Ranchupdated: Thu Jul 09 2009 21:01:00

The family of Michael Jackson has been told by state officials that it may be possible to bury the singer at Neverland Ranch -- if the county gives the green light.

Rare Jackson portrait finds Harlem homeupdated: Mon Jul 06 2009 17:55:00

A rarely seen portrait of Michael Jackson is on display inside a Harlem luxury car dealership. Macky Dancy, a partner at Dancy-Power Automotive, said the oil painting titled "The Book" is believed to be the only portrait for which Jackson sat.

Inside Neverland Ranchupdated: Mon Jul 06 2009 02:17:00

CNN's Ted Rowlands takes us on a tour of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

World comes to Neverlandupdated: Mon Jul 06 2009 01:58:00

Fans from around the world are coming to Neverland Ranch to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. CNN's Sandra Endo reports. INSIDE STORY: Will Jackson's Kids Inherit a Fortune or a Pile of Debt?updated: Sat Jul 04 2009 12:08:00

The singer leaves his heirs huge financial obligations - and very valuable assets Jermaine Jackson: 'The World Wasn't Ready for Michael'updated: Thu Jul 02 2009 12:26:00

In an emotional TV interview, the singer's brother talks about his legacy - and how his kids said goodbye Family Wants Jackson Funeral at Neverlandupdated: Wed Jul 01 2009 08:07:00

The singer's family hopes to hold memorial for fans on Friday at Michael's ranch in California

New twist in Jackson probeupdated: Tue Jun 30 2009 19:17:00

CNN's Ted Rowlands looks at the latest twist in the Michael Jackson death investigation.

Michael Jackson public viewing set for Fridayupdated: Tue Jun 30 2009 19:17:00

Michael Jackson's body will be taken to his Neverland Ranch on Thursday morning for a public viewing Friday, a law enforcement source said Tuesday.

Battles over Jackson's kids, assets may loomupdated: Mon Jun 29 2009 08:32:00

Michael Jackson's life has ended, but the legal battles over his possessions, his debts and his children are likely just beginning. Kim Kardashian Recalls Her Birthday at Neverlandupdated: Sat Jun 27 2009 14:08:00

Baby elephants, chimps in overalls and rides made it "the most magical place"

Auction of Michael Jackson items called offupdated: Tue Apr 14 2009 20:26:00

The controversial auction of Michael Jackson's property from his Neverland ranch has been canceled, and all of the items will be returned to Jackson, the auction organizer said.

750,000 tickets for Jackson concerts sell in 4 hoursupdated: Fri Mar 13 2009 09:18:00

Tickets for Michael Jackson's 50 "final curtain call" concerts in London sold out in little over four hours Friday.

Michael Jackson sues to stop auction of propertyupdated: Fri Mar 06 2009 19:10:00

Pop star Michael Jackson has sued to stop an auction house from selling millions of dollars of the iconic singer's property.

Jackson's final curtain callupdated: Fri Mar 06 2009 19:10:00

The "King of Pop," Michael Jackson, announces a comeback to say goodbye. CNN's Atika Shubert reports Michael Jackson Announces 'Final Curtain'updated: Thu Mar 05 2009 15:17:00

"This is really it," the pop star declares about his summer shows in London

Michael Jackson to make 'announcement' in Londonupdated: Wed Mar 04 2009 04:51:00

Michael Jackson may soon return to the stage, at least for a "special announcement."

Michael Jackson seeks to keep Neverland Ranchupdated: Wed Feb 27 2008 16:19:00

Pop star Michael Jackson will avoid foreclosure on his Neverland Ranch property with a new loan, a Jackson insider told CNN Wednesday. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch for Sale?updated: Wed Feb 27 2008 09:49:00

Michael Jackson's famously extravagant home, the Neverland Ranch, will be put up for public auction if the singer doesn't pay more than $24 million, according to a court filing.

Jackson Case: Jackson booked on child molestation charges updated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:21:00

A handcuffed Michael Jackson arrived at the Santa Barbara jail Thursday to face child molestation charges that could put him behind bars for years if convicted.

Jackson Case: Officers search Jackson's ranchupdated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:21:00

Santa Barbara Sheriff's county officers executed a search warrant at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch Tuesday morning in connection with an abuse charge from a 12-year-old boy, Court TV's Diane Dimond is reporting.

Jackson Case: Details about first child molestation suitupdated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:21:00

The pop star, according to the agreement, maintained the settlement did not signify an admission of any wrongdoing against the boy or his parents.

Jackson Case: Mom of accuser admits lying under oath updated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:20:00

The woman who claims she and her son were victimized by Michael Jackson and his aides admitted Friday that she lied under oath in a past civil case in which she claimed department store security guards victimized her and her son.

Jackson Case: Prosecutors rest their caseupdated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:19:00

Prosecutors rested their case against Michael Jackson on Wednesday after calling their final witness, a man who worked alongside Jackson aides and took copious notes about life inside Neverland Ranch, but had no evidence directly tying the singer to conspiracy or sexual molestation charges.

Jackson Case: Boys' relatives: Sleepovers were innocent funupdated: Mon Dec 31 2007 10:19:00

Family members of two boys who were Michael Jackson's "special friends" more than a decade ago testified Friday that there was nothing wrong with letting children sleep in the entertainer's bed.

King of Pop to pay Neverland workersupdated: Wed Mar 15 2006 08:52:00

The state set a deadline, but Michael Jackson plans to beat it.

Michael Jackson fined over Neverland labor miscuesupdated: Fri Mar 10 2006 00:53:00

California officials have fined Michael Jackson nearly $170,000 and ordered employees at the pop star's Neverland Ranch to stop working, after finding that employees had not been paid since December and the ranch's workers' compensation coverage had been allowed to lapse.

Jackson jurors: Evidence 'just wasn't there'updated: Tue Jun 14 2005 00:36:00

A stoic Michael Jackson walked out of court acquitted by jurors who said they didn't have enough evidence to convict him of molestation charges that could have sent him to prison for years.

Jurors find Jackson not guiltyupdated: Mon Jun 13 2005 21:14:00

A stoic Michael Jackson walked out of court Monday acquitted by jurors who said they didn't have enough evidence to convict him of molestation charges that could have sent him to prison for years.

Toobin: Conspiracy charge was 'albatross'updated: Mon Jun 13 2005 17:05:00

Michael Jackson walked out of a Santa Maria, California, courtroom Monday acquitted of all 10 child molestation and conspiracy charges against him.

Jackson jury adjourns for weekendupdated: Fri Jun 10 2005 12:21:00

Jurors in Michael Jackson's child molestation trial adjourned for the weekend Friday afternoon, concluding their first full week of deliberations without reaching a verdict on the charges against the pop star.

Jackson jury faces fourth day of deliberationsupdated: Tue Jun 07 2005 11:19:00

The jury in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial will be back at work Wednesday after deliberating for six hours Tuesday without coming to a decision on the 10 felony charges against the pop star.

Michael Jackson jury to reconveneupdated: Mon Jun 06 2005 09:07:00

Jurors in Michael Jackson's child molestation have ended deliberations and will reconvene Tuesday morning.

Jackson visits hospital againupdated: Sun Jun 05 2005 20:56:00

Michael Jackson visited a hospital for about two hours Sunday afternoon for treatment of a recurring back problem and returned to his nearby Neverland Ranch, his spokeswoman said.

Audio feed of Jackson verdict grantedupdated: Sat Jun 04 2005 20:31:00

A jury of eight women and four men will resume deliberations on pop star Michael Jackson's fate Monday, and when they reach a verdict it will be broadcast.

Defense: Accuser's family targeted Jacksonupdated: Thu Jun 02 2005 10:06:00

A prosecutor Thursday told jurors during closing arguments that pop star Michael Jackson is a "predator" with a drinking problem who sought out vulnerable boys from fatherless homes -- including his teenage accuser -- and took them "into the world of the forbidden" for his own sexual gratification.

Both sides rest in Jackson caseupdated: Fri May 27 2005 14:31:00

The Michael Jackson child molestation case is heading toward its close. Both sides rested Friday in something of a surprise.

Friend: Accuser's family never complained about so-called captivityupdated: Thu May 19 2005 13:08:00

The family of Michael Jackson's teenage accuser never complained they were being held against their will at the pop star's Neverland Ranch in 2003 and they never asked for help to escape, a woman who befriended the family testified Thursday.

Jackson defense focuses on trips to spa, orthodontistupdated: Mon May 16 2005 13:55:00

Michael Jackson's defense tried to undercut the conspiracy charge against him Monday by calling witnesses who disputed claims by his accuser's mother that she and her children were held against their will at Neverland Ranch.

Culkin set to testify in Jackson trialupdated: Tue May 10 2005 14:29:00

Former child star Macaulay Culkin is expected to take the witness stand Wednesday in Michael Jackson's child molestation trial -- the biggest celebrity name so far to testify.

Jackson witness: Saw no improprietiesupdated: Mon May 09 2005 14:20:00

A former security supervisor at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch testified Monday she never saw the pop star exhibit any illegal or improper behavior toward young boys.

Witnesses deny Jackson molested themupdated: Thu May 05 2005 11:50:00

The leadoff witnesses for Michael Jackson's defense Thursday denied the pop star molested them as boys, even though they spent several nights in Jackson's bedroom at Neverland Ranch.

Accountant: Jackson faces 'liquidity crisis'updated: Tue May 03 2005 15:03:00

Michael Jackson faces millions of dollars of debt and a looming financial crisis, a forensic accountant testified Tuesday at the singer's trial on child molestation charges.

Defense, Jackson accuser's mom sparupdated: Mon Apr 18 2005 16:15:00

Michael Jackson's defense attorney kept up his attack Monday on the mother of the pop star's teenage accuser, trying to use her own statements to raise questions about her credibility.

Accuser's mom: Family held as virtual prisonersupdated: Thu Apr 14 2005 11:53:00

The mother of the teenager accusing Michael Jackson of child molestation testified Thursday that she and her children were held at Neverland Ranch as virtual prisoners by the pop star's associates and security guards.

Mom: Jackson pleaded to sleep with sonupdated: Mon Apr 11 2005 14:11:00

The mother of a boy who alleged Michael Jackson molested him in 1993 testified Monday that she allowed her son to start spending nights alone with the pop star after a sobbing Jackson pleaded with her to let them sleep together.

Former chef: Jackson improperly touched Culkinupdated: Fri Apr 08 2005 14:04:00

A former chef at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch testified Friday that he saw the pop star improperly touch child movie star Macaulay Culkin in the early 1990s.

Cook: I caught Michael Jackson groping child actor Macaulay Culkinupdated: Fri Apr 08 2005 12:10:00

A man who used to cook Michael Jackson late-night snacks told jurors Friday that he once caught the pop star improperly touching then-child actor Macaulay Culkin.

Former guard: Jackson, boy had sexual contactupdated: Thu Apr 07 2005 12:06:00

A former security guard and a maid at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch testified Thursday they witnessed sexual contact between him and a young boy who received a multimillion-dollar settlement from the pop star in 1994.

Housekeeper: Jackson showered with young houseguestupdated: Wed Apr 06 2005 10:39:00

A former housekeeper at Neverland Ranch testified Tuesday that she saw Michael Jackson taking a shower with a young boy, one of several sleepover guests who also periodically shared his bed.

Former Jackson maid says she saw singer showering with boyupdated: Tue Apr 05 2005 14:49:00

Michael Jackson's former personal maid testified Tuesday that she saw the pop star showering and laughing with a young boy at Neverland Ranch -- with their underwear lying outside the shower door.

First accuser testifies against Jackson, describes sexual ticklingupdated: Tue Apr 05 2005 11:10:00

A man who says he was sexually molested by Michael Jackson as a boy broke down on the witness stand Monday as he described three separate tickling games he engaged in with the King of Pop that he says escalated into unwanted groping and ended in hush money.

Son of Jackson maid says tickling escalated to fondlingupdated: Mon Apr 04 2005 11:01:00

The son of Michael Jackson's former personal maid testified Monday that Jackson initiated tickling sessions which escalated to the pop star fondling the boy -- after which Jackson would give him a $100 bill and tell him not to tell his mother about the money.

Analyst: Print of accuser's brother found on sex magazinesupdated: Thu Mar 24 2005 12:52:00

A forensic analyst testified Thursday that at least one of the prints recovered from sexually explicit magazines seized from Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch belongs to his accuser's younger brother.

Comedian: Father of Jackson's accuser a louse, mother a mouseupdated: Wed Mar 23 2005 12:59:00

The focus of Michael Jackson's child molestation trial shifted Tuesday from the entertainer's character to that of his alleged accuser's parents.

Testimony on sex abuse victim behavior heardupdated: Mon Mar 21 2005 12:49:00

Changing stories and fuzzy details on specific dates are consistent with the way children who are victims of sexual abuse behave, an expert testified Monday at the Michael Jackson trial.

Jackson judge denies mistrial requestupdated: Fri Mar 18 2005 15:25:00

The judge in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial on Friday denied a defense request to call a mistrial.

Jackson investigator wasn't initially aware of tapesupdated: Tue Mar 15 2005 11:29:00

The lead investigator in the Jackson case said he was not aware until five months into his investigation that the teenage accuser and his family made video and audio tapes lauding Jackson and denying child molestation allegations.

Accuser testifies that Jackson molested himupdated: Thu Mar 10 2005 11:44:00

Michael Jackson's teenage accuser said Thursday that the pop star manually stimulated him on two separate occasions -- and tried to get the then-13 year old to do the same to him during overnight sleepovers at Jackson's Neverland Ranch two years ago.

Accuser says he was 'hypnotized' by Jacksonupdated: Wed Mar 09 2005 17:49:00

The teenager at the center of Michael Jackson's child molestation trial said in court Wednesday that he was "kind of hypnotized" by the pop star after meeting him while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Boy admits telling two stories about Jackson's alleged molestationsupdated: Wed Mar 09 2005 12:15:00

A boy who claims he twice saw Michael Jackson molesting his brother in the singer's bed admitted Tuesday that he perjured himself in the past and gave conflicting accounts of the alleged molestation.

Jackson accuser's brother recounts seeing sexual contactupdated: Mon Mar 07 2005 12:21:00

The younger brother of the teenage boy accusing Michael Jackson of child molestation testified Monday that he twice walked into the singer's bedroom and found Jackson masturbating, with his other hand down the sleeping boy's pants.

Accuser's older sister describes 'weird' feelings about Jackson ranchupdated: Fri Mar 04 2005 11:09:00

The older sister of a 13-year-old boy who accused pop superstar Michael Jackson of molesting him testified Thursday that she saw Jackson whisper in her brother's ear, give him a watch and share a can of Diet Coke that prosecutors say contained wine.

Jackson accuser's sister testifiesupdated: Thu Mar 03 2005 13:13:00

The sister of the teenager accusing Michael Jackson of child molestation said her brother seemed to withdraw from their family in the weeks after a controversial television documentary featuring he and Jackson aired two years ago.

Jackson jury selection completedupdated: Thu Feb 24 2005 16:23:00

Jury selection has been completed in Michael Jackson's trial on child-molestation charges, clearing the way for opening statements to begin Monday, the presiding judge announced Thursday.

Jackson leaves hospital, after doctor said he'd stayupdated: Wed Feb 16 2005 21:47:00

Pop star Michael Jackson eluded reporters and left Marian Medical Center on Wednesday evening, not long after a doctor said he would stay another night.

Jackson attorney may call on starsupdated: Mon Feb 14 2005 15:05:00

Lists of possible witnesses were read to the pool of potential jurors in the Michael Jackson child molestation case Monday -- including basketball star Kobe Bryant, actress Elizabeth Taylor and family members of Jackson's accuser as potential defense witnesses.

Jackson: Truth will vindicate meupdated: Sun Jan 30 2005 18:18:00

Pop singer Michael Jackson issued a video statement Sunday, a day before jury selection begins in his child molestation trial, calling leaks from the grand jury "disgusting and false."

Digital evidence: Today's fingerprintsupdated: Fri Jan 28 2005 15:51:00

Police and prosecutors are fashioning a new weapon in their arsenal against criminals: digital evidence. The sight of hard drives, Internet files and e-mails as courtroom evidence is increasingly common.

Jackson prosecutors want to show 'erotic materials'updated: Tue Jan 25 2005 13:42:00

Prosecutors want to show jurors "erotic materials" seized from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch when the pop singer goes on trial on child molestation charges, according to newly released court documents.

Jackson lawyer blasts witness leakupdated: Thu Jan 13 2005 22:15:00

Michael Jackson's lawyer has blasted the leak of secret grand jury testimony that includes lurid details from Jackson's accuser about what the cancer-stricken boy says happened between him and the pop superstar behind closed doors at the Neverland ranch.

No ruling on prior accusations in Jackson caseupdated: Wed Jan 12 2005 16:09:00

The judge in the Michael Jackson child molestation case Wednesday postponed hearing arguments on whether accusations of past sexual abuse against the pop star should be admitted as evidence at his upcoming trial.

Jackson lawyer lambastes prosecutionupdated: Thu Dec 16 2004 10:34:00

Michael Jackson's attorney railed against prosecutors, calling the child molestation case against the entertainer "garden variety," court documents revealed.

Prosecutors seek prior claims in Jackson trialupdated: Wed Dec 15 2004 12:58:00

Prosecutors in the Michael Jackson child molestation case want to include as evidence previous allegations of sex offenses for which police did not charge the singer.

Michael Jackson seeks trial delayupdated: Tue Dec 14 2004 12:54:00

Claiming the January 31 trial date is "impossible" to meet, an attorney for Michael Jackson has asked for a six-week delay to the start of the trial, calling those weeks "indispensable" in preparing for the trial.

Source: Fingerprints of Jackson, boy on magazinesupdated: Sat Dec 11 2004 21:58:00

Fingerprints of Michael Jackson and those of his accuser have been found on "pornographic magazines" seized during a raid on the pop singer's Neverland ranch, a source familiar with the case told CNN.

Source: Police take sample of Jackson's DNAupdated: Sun Dec 05 2004 15:10:00

Sheriff's investigators took a DNA sample from Michael Jackson this weekend in connection with child molestation charges against the pop star, according to a source familiar with the case.

Jackson judge denies motion to suppress evidenceupdated: Thu Oct 14 2004 15:02:00

The judge in the Michael Jackson child molestation case denied defense motions Thursday to suppress some evidence and a motion to dismiss the case altogether.

Court documents detail potential evidence in Jackson caseupdated: Wed Sep 08 2004 04:50:00

Court documents released Tuesday revealed some of the evidence that will be admitted -- and some that will likely get tossed -- later this month in the child molestation case against pop star Michael Jackson.

Fresh accusations of Jackson abuseupdated: Fri Sep 03 2004 23:40:00

Another accuser says pop star Michael Jackson touched him inappropriately and the boy was paid money to keep quiet, CNN has learned.

Judge postpones Jackson trialupdated: Tue Jul 27 2004 04:42:00

The judge in the child molestation case against pop star Michael Jackson has announced he will push back the start of the trial to January 31, 2005.

Photos, underwear seized in Jackson caseupdated: Mon May 03 2004 21:29:00

Underwear believed to have been worn by Michael Jackson and photographs of him with young boys have been seized by authorities investigating child molestation charges against the pop star, Monmouth County, New Jersey, officials confirmed Monday.

Jackson pleads not guiltyupdated: Fri Apr 30 2004 08:45:00

Michael Jackson pleaded not guilty Friday to child molestation charges that include accusations of child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

Warrant pending for Jacksonupdated: Thu Apr 22 2004 18:27:00

A bench warrant has been issued for Michael Jackson following his indictment by a grand jury investigating allegations that the pop star molested a 12-year-old boy, a source close to the case said Thursday.

Jackson search warrants to remain sealedupdated: Fri Feb 13 2004 08:59:00

The date for a preliminary hearing for singer Michael Jackson, charged with molesting a child, will be decided April 2, and search warrants in the case will remain sealed, a judge ruled Friday.

Jackson search warrant documents sealedupdated: Thu Jan 22 2004 22:32:00

The judge in Michael Jackson's child-molestation case ordered documents relating to a search of the singer's Neverland ranch sealed Friday, in part because they include information about another child's allegation of abuse.

CNNMoney: Jacko's limo: Sorry, not for saleupdated: Thu Jan 22 2004 11:43:00

A planned auction of Michael Jackson's Bentley Limousine, which had been scheduled for Saturday night, has been called off. At least for now.

Feldman: Strange scene for Jackson appearanceupdated: Fri Jan 16 2004 13:19:00

After a horde of supporters and newspeople witnessed his arrival Friday for an arraignment, Michael Jackson pleaded not guilty to child molestation charges.

Michael Jackson defense gets copy of warrantupdated: Mon Jan 12 2004 21:10:00

A judge ordered the Santa Barbara County district attorney Tuesday to give Michael Jackson's defense lawyers a copy of the warrant allowing a search of the pop icon's home, as well as documents related to that warrant.

Media seek Jackson search warrantupdated: Wed Jan 07 2004 13:34:00

Attorneys for several news organizations, including CNN, filed a motion Wednesday asking a judge to unseal records relating to the search of singer Michael Jackson's home.

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