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Kurt Cobain remembered 15 years after his deathupdated: Thu Apr 09 2009 11:07:00

The park bench facing Lake Washington is covered with flowers, poems, a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes and graffiti.

Naked 'Nirvana baby' still chasing dollarsupdated: Thu Dec 11 2008 16:59:00

All apologies, but here we are now, 17 years after Nirvana's breakthrough album irreversibly changed music, and the naked baby pictured on its cover is still chasing dollars.

How baby on iconic Nirvana album swam underwaterupdated: Thu Dec 11 2008 09:37:00

On a sunny day at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center in Pasadena, California, in 1991, photographer Kirk Weddle was setting up to shoot what would become an iconic image in rock music.

17 years later, Nirvana record still an icon for rock loversupdated: Thu Dec 11 2008 09:35:00

In 1991, Nirvana changed American rock music with an album that featured a naked baby on the cover. Courtney Love Slapped With $1 Million Lawsuitupdated: Wed Jul 23 2008 10:35:00

A business firm claims it didn't get its share of her late husband's publishing catalog Courtney Love Sued over Nirvana Saleupdated: Wed Jul 23 2008 08:00:00

A business management and accounting firm sued Courtney Love for nearly $1 million, claiming she failed to pay them a share of profits from the sale of Nirvana's publishing catalog

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