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CNNMoney: See (the real) Titanic for $60,000updated: Tue Feb 28 2012 11:38:00

Everyone is familiar with the story, but very few are able to see the Titanic in real life -- unless they can shell out $60,000.

Submariners unsung heroes of Cold Warupdated: Thu Nov 10 2011 13:51:00

When Al Charette traveled to the North Pole, he went under it.

Submarine sailors of the Cold Warupdated: Thu Nov 10 2011 13:51:00

Meet the secret nuclear submarine crew that waited silently for orders they hoped would never come.

Rowing to the North Poleupdated: Sat Aug 06 2011 11:44:00

Adventurer Jock Wishart discusses the dangers he will face trying to be the first to row a boat to the North Pole.

Climate scientists battle brutal Arcticupdated: Thu May 26 2011 12:57:00

Accompanied by CNN, an elite group of scientists headed to one of the coldest places on Earth to carry out vital research on global warming.

What Cousteau's packing for Arctic tripupdated: Thu May 26 2011 12:57:00

Clothes, a sleeping bag and a urine bottle are among the items Philippe Cousteau's packing for his Arctic trip.

10 natural wonders to see before they disappearupdated: Tue May 10 2011 08:05:00

You've heard the grim timelines: if warming continues, the Great Barrier Reef will be bleached by 2030; glaciers in the Swiss Alps, on Mt. Kilimanjaro, and in Glacier National Park will disappear in under 40 years; and Arctic ice melt will leave the North Pole bare and polar bears extinct.

Chasing the elusive Northern Lights by boatupdated: Tue Jan 18 2011 09:59:00

Unpredictable, erratic but utterly astounding, the Aurora Borealis is nature's most magnificent light show.

Arctic explorer's race against timeupdated: Fri Dec 10 2010 13:50:00

Six-meter-high waves, below-freezing temperatures and stray icebergs. They're just a few of the perils Norwegian polar explorer Borge Ousland faced as he attempted a historic sailing feat.

Political Circus: Bristol Palin a no-show at the pollsupdated: Thu Nov 04 2010 15:40:00

Politics is serious business, but not all of the time. From the halls of Congress to the campaign trail, there's always something that gets a laugh. Here are some of the things you might have missed.

Russia presents vision for Arctic wealthupdated: Thu Sep 23 2010 04:35:00

Three years after Russian divers thrust a rust-proof flag into the seabed below the North Pole, the country is again staking its claim on the Arctic region.

Diving into coldest water on Earthupdated: Sun Aug 29 2010 12:14:00

Lewis Pugh was standing in the Arctic in a Speedo about to plunge into water just shy of the freezing point when he came to grips with the challenge he was facing.

Lewis Pugh's mind-shifting Everest swimupdated: Sun Aug 29 2010 12:14:00

Pushing his body through epic cold-water swims, Lewis Gordon Pugh wants to draw attention to our global climate.

Tracking the renegade glacierupdated: Fri Aug 13 2010 05:14:00

CNN's Brian Todd tracks the glacier that broke off of Greenland.

Armani opens hotel in world's tallest building, Burj Khalifaupdated: Thu Apr 29 2010 11:49:00

The world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, got its first first landmark tenant this week -- an exclusive hotel by designer Giorgio Armani.

Emirati woman's North Pole dreamupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 07:36:00

Inside the Middle East follows Elham Al Qasimi's training regime as she prepares to trek to the North Pole.

UAE woman becomes first female Arab to reach North Poleupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 07:36:00

A woman from the United Arab Emirates was literally on top of the world after becoming the first Arab female to reach the North Pole.

Spring break at the North Poleupdated: Tue Mar 23 2010 06:14:00

15-year-old Parker Liautaud discusses his plan to become the youngest person to ski to the geographic North Pole.

Teen set for record-breaking Pole attemptupdated: Tue Mar 23 2010 06:14:00

A 15-year-old schoolboy is planning to make history as the youngest person to ski to the North Pole.

Trek to gauge carbon's impact on Arctic sealifeupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 04:06:00

Two teams of explorers and scientists are on their way to the Arctic for the first international project to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in water beneath the ice.

Arctic explorer prepares for icy swimupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 04:00:00

For polar explorer Ann Daniels, the worst part of this year's expedition to the Arctic won't be enduring bitterly cold temperatures or pulling a 100-kilogram (220-pound) sledge over steep jagged ridges.

Follow Friday: Tweeting through the snow ...updated: Fri Dec 18 2009 10:48:00

In case you've not been paying attention -- or somehow missed those carols that have been playing at the mall since the week before Halloween -- Christmas is next week.

Action man of adventure exploring ways to preserve the planetupdated: Thu Oct 08 2009 23:10:00

"The Earth is just too small," sighed South African adventurer Mike Horn, one of the few people on the planet who can get away with saying such a statement.

Arctic adventureupdated: Fri Mar 13 2009 17:46:00's Azadeh Ansari talks with 3 British explorers living in subzero temperatures to measure the arctic ice cap.

Lewis Pugh: The Human Polar Bearupdated: Tue Mar 03 2009 12:22:00

What on Earth would drive a man to swim in Arctic waters wearing nothing but Speedos, goggles and a cap?

Arctic thaw raises security concerns for NATOupdated: Thu Jan 29 2009 04:52:00

NATO representatives and lawmakers from alliance nations will meet in Iceland Thursday to discuss security challenges that are likely to arise as the Arctic Circle thaws.

Flat battery? Try a bit of paper power.updated: Tue Jan 06 2009 11:45:00

It would be easy to mistake the latest innovation in energy storage for a humble piece of paper.

Countries in tug-of-war over Arctic resourcesupdated: Mon Jan 05 2009 12:44:00

One of the planet's most fragile and pristine ecosystems sits atop a bounty of untapped fossil fuels.

Spectacular Christmas destinationsupdated: Thu Dec 04 2008 10:18:00

'Tis the season to plan your holiday vacation or start thinking about next year's festive getaway.

Kayaking the Arctic Circle?updated: Fri Aug 29 2008 04:38:00

One man is kayaking the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole to highlight climate change. ITN's Phil Reay Smith reports.

Altering arcticupdated: Thu Jul 31 2008 04:28:00

A chunk of Arctic Sea ice has broken off Canada's largest remaining ice shelf. CBC's Carloyn Dunn reports. Ice Sheet Breaks Loose in Canadaupdated: Wed Jul 30 2008 12:00:00

A chunk of ice spreading across seven square miles has broken off a Canadian ice shelf in the Arctic, scientists said Tuesday

FSB: Profiting from the dark side of the moonupdated: Mon Jul 28 2008 10:58:00

For a few suspenseful minutes on Aug. 1, complete darkness will engulf the midday sun in northern Canada, Russia, Mongolia and China. It's the next complete solar eclipse, and there's one small business owner who really, really wants to take you there.

I AM: Black in Americaupdated: Fri Jul 11 2008 12:05:00

"I AM" is a new feature built on the belief that the labels we use for one another don't really reveal who we are.

'It's one of the best kept secrets'updated: Fri Jul 11 2008 12:05:00

Take a good look at Marvin Perkins. You'll never guess what group he joined and why. An Ice-Free North Pole?updated: Fri Jun 27 2008 20:00:00

There's a 50-50 chance that the North Pole will be ice-free this summer, which would be a first in recorded history, a leading ice scientist says

North Pole could be ice-free this summer, scientists sayupdated: Fri Jun 27 2008 16:32:00

The North Pole may be briefly ice-free by September as global warming melts away Arctic sea ice, according to scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Blair: Climate change a problemupdated: Fri Jun 27 2008 16:32:00

American Morning's John Roberts talks with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair about N. Korea and the climate Jeeves 2.0updated: Wed Jun 11 2008 00:00:00

For the new wave of high-end, global concierge services like Quintessentially, no request is too small -- or too large Mars Probe Is an Icebreakerupdated: Mon May 26 2008 05:00:00

NASA's latest mission will analyze the Red Planet's permafrost for signs of past and present life

Fortune: Hunting for oil beneath the iceupdated: Sat May 03 2008 16:38:00

It's 25 below outside, and the heat in the van is busted. Randy Boyer, a burly ConocoPhillips contractor in thermal coveralls, navigates the slick ice road. "This is nothing," he says, keeping his eye on the thin red line running down the center of the road. "The other week we had a whiteout, and I was stuck in my truck for 36 hours." Right now we're some 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and it's so white outside that the distant horizon appears to blend seamlessly into the blustery sky.

'Frozen Garden of Eden'updated: Thu Feb 28 2008 08:02:00

CNN's Becky Anderson is in Spitzbergen, Norway, where the 'Doomsday' seed vault is opening today.

'Doomsday' seed vault opens in Norwayupdated: Thu Feb 28 2008 08:02:00

A vast underground vault storing millions of seeds from around the world took delivery of its first shipment Tuesday.

'Doomsday' seed vault to open in Norwayupdated: Tue Feb 26 2008 03:56:00

A vast underground vault storing millions of seeds from around the world is scheduled to open this week in a mountain on a remote island near the Arctic Ocean. Global Warming, Up Close and Personalupdated: Fri Feb 22 2008 11:00:00

An esteemed explorer and environmentalist, Will Steger will make a 1,400-mile dogsled trip across the Arctic next month, at 64. And he'll bring cameras, so we can watch

Ice loss 'opens Northwest Passage'updated: Tue Jan 22 2008 11:22:00

Ice cover in the Arctic Ocean, long held to be an early warning of a changing climate, has shattered the all-time low record this summer, scientists say. Marty Burns: NBA Power Rankingsupdated: Mon Dec 24 2007 11:53:00

The big fat jolly guy is coming to town. No, not Charles Barkley. We're talking about Santa Claus.

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