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Early this year Ukraine -- along with much of eastern Europe -- was caught in a deep and protracted cold snap. Many froze to death, energy demand spiked, and to top it all Russia accused Ukraine of stealing gas from transit pipes destined for western Europe for the second time in three years.

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Russia's Gazprom plunges into Cuba's offshore oil businessupdated: Tue Nov 16 2010 22:00:00

Russian energy firm Gazprom has joined a growing list of foreign companies searching for oil off Cuba's coast.

CNNMoney: BP could be ripe for takeoverupdated: Thu Jul 01 2010 12:20:00

BP's stock price has fallen far enough for the oil company to become an attractive takeover target for its biggest rivals, according to industry analysts.

Russia pays Belarus for Europe gas transitupdated: Thu Jun 24 2010 06:27:00

Russian energy giant Gazprom has paid Belarus $228 million for delivering natural gas to Europe, the Russian state news agency RIA-Novosti said Thursday.

Gazprom cuts supplies to Belarus furtherupdated: Wed Jun 23 2010 13:16:00

Belarus has paid its natural gas debt to Russian energy giant Gazprom in full, a top Belarus government official said Wednesday, in the latest twist of a dispute that could affect Europe's energy supplies.

Belarus to stop Russian gas deliveries to Europeupdated: Tue Jun 22 2010 08:12:00

Belarus' president has ordered the halt of Russian natural gas deliveries to Europe via Belarus, his office told CNN Tuesday.

Russia begins to restrict natural gas supplies to Belarusupdated: Mon Jun 21 2010 03:41:00

Russia began to cut off natural gas supplies to Belarus on Monday as talks over unpaid debts continued, Russian state media reported. Hudler leaves Red Wings for KHL dealupdated: Thu Jul 09 2009 17:43:00

Jiri Hudler's days in Detroit are over -- at least for now.

Quest interviews Russian CEOupdated: Fri May 22 2009 10:24:00

CNN's Richard Quest interviews Russian Gazprom Export CEO Alexander Medvedev.

Why does Russian energy giant Gazprom wield such power?updated: Fri May 22 2009 10:24:00

Riding through the streets of Moscow or flipping through channels of Russian TV, it's difficult to escape messages from the country's natural gas monopoly, Gazprom.

Russia resumes gas flow to Europeupdated: Tue Jan 20 2009 07:59:00

Russian energy giant Gazprom resumed pumping natural gas to Europe via Ukraine Tuesday, nearly two weeks after the flow was cut off, a Gazprom spokesman told CNN.

Reports: Russia to open gas flow to Europeupdated: Mon Jan 19 2009 23:44:00

Russia's Gazprom planned to resume gas supplies to Europe Tuesday, with lines to be reopened by 7 a.m. GMT (2 a.m. ET), Russian media quoted a Gazprom official as saying.

EU leaders slam 'brutal' gas stoppageupdated: Thu Jan 15 2009 20:35:00

Frustrated European Union leaders lashed out Wednesday at Russian and Ukrainian energy companies whose dispute over natural gas has stopped supplies to Europe for the past week.

Russia to open gas taps to Europeupdated: Thu Jan 15 2009 20:35:00

CNN's Matthew Chance reports on an agreement which promises to see natural gas supplies from Russia to Europe resume.

Accusations reignite Europe's gas rowupdated: Thu Jan 15 2009 20:31:00

Russia resumed sending natural gas to Ukrainian pipelines Tuesday, a week after the gas flow was interrupted, but the gas was stopped at the Ukrainian border instead of being passed through to Europe.

Russia to restore gas supply to Europeupdated: Mon Jan 12 2009 13:25:00

Russia will start pumping natural gas to Europe again Tuesday after an interruption of nearly a week, energy giant Gazprom's deputy CEO Alexander Medvedev said Monday.

Deal reached in gas shortageupdated: Mon Jan 12 2009 11:56:00

CNN's Matthew Chance reports a deal has been reached to get gas flowing again to Ukraine and millions of Europeans.

EU: Russia gas supply should restart immediatelyupdated: Mon Jan 12 2009 11:56:00

The European Union has finalized a deal on sending monitors to supervise supplies of Russian gas through Ukraine, an EU spokesman said Friday.

Russia backs off deal with Ukraineupdated: Sun Jan 11 2009 23:57:00

Just as millions of Europeans struggling through cold winter temperatures thought a resolution had been reached in the Russia-Ukraine natural gas standoff, Russia said it will not proceed on a deal.

Gazprom files lawsuit over gas disputeupdated: Sun Jan 11 2009 21:58:00

Russian energy giant Gazprom, in the midst of a standoff with Ukraine over payments for gas, has filed a lawsuit to stop what it claims is illegal siphoning.

Russia may cut Ukraine gasupdated: Sun Jan 11 2009 21:58:00

CNN's Matthew Chance reports on Russia's state-run Gazprom threats to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine.

Report: EU, Russia edge towards gas agreementupdated: Sat Jan 10 2009 10:35:00

Russia and the European Union have agreed on a protocol on setting up a mechanism to control the transmission of natural gas through Ukraine to Europe, the Russian news agency Interfax reported Saturday.

Russia, Ukraine to allow gas monitorsupdated: Thu Jan 08 2009 21:17:00

The European Union, Russia and Ukraine have agreed on allowing a team of independent investigators to monitor inflowing gas pipelines from Russia into Ukrainian territory to help end a dispute that has left millions short of gas supplies.

Gas row sends shiver through freezing Europeupdated: Wed Jan 07 2009 14:38:00

Ukraine and Russia said the supply of natural gas to Europe was completely shut off Wednesday, but each side blamed the other for the cut-off which comes as Europe faces a wave of freezing temperatures.

CNNMoney: Ukraine, Russia cut off gas to Europeupdated: Wed Jan 07 2009 09:11:00

Ukraine and Russia said the supply of natural gas to Europe was completely shut off Wednesday, but each side blamed the other for the cut-off, which comes as Europe faces a wave of freezing temperatures.

Gas row flares as supplies to Europe cutupdated: Tue Jan 06 2009 23:40:00

A natural gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine flared Tuesday when Ukraine accused the Russian supplier of cutting supplies to Europe, and at least nine countries said their supply from Russia had been cut or reduced.

Gazprom: Russia's most powerful companyupdated: Tue Jan 06 2009 12:27:00

Gazprom is the world's biggest producer and exporter of natural gas -- and Russia's most powerful company.

Explainer: Russia cuts Ukraine's gas supplyupdated: Tue Jan 06 2009 03:52:00

Russian energy giant Gazprom cut off Ukraine's gas supply on New Year's Day and is yet to switch it back on.

Leaders meet to end Ukraine gas crisisupdated: Mon Jan 05 2009 07:47:00

European and Russian leaders are holding crisis meetings Monday to try to defuse a dispute between the Russian energy giant Gazprom and Ukraine's state-run gas company Naftogaz Ukrainy.

Gazprom accuses Ukraine of siphoning gasupdated: Sat Jan 03 2009 10:58:00

Russian energy giant Gazprom has accused Ukraine of siphoning off gas intended for European customers as the standoff between them worsens.

Ukraine seeks help from Europe in gas standoffupdated: Fri Jan 02 2009 13:38:00

Ukraine has sent a delegation to meet European leaders a day after Russian energy giant Gazprom cut its gas supply and as fears mount the rest of the continent could be affected.

Gazprom cuts off Ukraine's gas supplyupdated: Thu Jan 01 2009 13:46:00

Russian energy monopoly Gazprom said Thursday it has cut off supplies of natural gas to Ukraine after a payment deadline expired.

Gazprom threatens to cut off Ukraine's gasupdated: Wed Dec 31 2008 21:20:00

Russian energy monopoly Gazprom on Wednesday said it would stop natural gas deliveries to Ukraine over a dispute about payments.

Gazprom reissues Ukraine threat as profits soarupdated: Wed Dec 31 2008 01:12:00

Russian gas giant Gazprom has reiterated its threat to cut supplies to Ukraine on January 1 if it does not settle an outstanding debt.

Putin: 'Cheap gas era' endingupdated: Tue Dec 23 2008 11:16:00

The era of cheap natural gas is coming to an end, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday at a meeting in Moscow of the world's major gas-exporting countries.

CNNMoney: $250 oil? Don't bet on itupdated: Wed Jun 11 2008 11:05:00

If you think $135 oil is bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. That, at least, is the take from the head of the world's largest energy firm.

Zenit thrash Leverkusen as Bayern heldupdated: Thu Apr 03 2008 17:17:00

Zenit St. Petersburg took a giant stride towards the UEFA Cup semifinals with a 4-1 away victory over Bayer Leverkusen on Thursday.

Ukraine to pay gas bill, end crisisupdated: Wed Mar 05 2008 10:09:00

Ukraine's government will force the company that manages its natural gas supplies to pay off its debts to Russia's Gazprom to resolve a crisis that reduced the flow of gas supplies into Ukraine and threatened to disrupt European gas supplies, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said Wednesday.

Putin accepts PM offerupdated: Tue Feb 12 2008 16:37:00

CNN's Matthew Chance reports on the Russian president's acceptance of the PM job if his chosen successor is elected.

Russia, Ukraine deal averts gas crisisupdated: Tue Feb 12 2008 16:37:00

Averting what could have been another gas crisis across Europe, Russia and Ukraine have fixed a price on natural gas for 2008 while Kiev has promised to pay its 2007 gas debts. A Gas Ultimatum for Ukraineupdated: Fri Feb 08 2008 14:00:00

New moves to pressure Ukraine on gas supplies could be driven by Moscow's political agenda, but they could also signal the Russian gas giant's own supply problems

Fortune: HOW THE COMPANIES MEASURE UP RANKED BY PERFORMANCEupdated: Mon Jul 23 2007 00:00:00

Exxon Mobil (No. 2) had a record $39.5 billion profits, which is impressive enough. Even more remarkable is that its earnings grew $3.4 billion in 2006, while Royal Dutch Shell (No. 3) had only a small increase, and BP (No. 4) saw profits fall. Russian gas giant Gazprom (No. 52) grew its profits 37%, to $20.3 billion.

Fortune: RANKED WITHIN INDUSTRIES WHO'S ON TOP, BY SECTORupdated: Mon Jul 23 2007 00:00:00

Deutsche Post (No. 57), with its iconic yellow DHL trucks, sped past the U.S. Postal Service (No. 64) to lead the mail, package, and freight delivery category. Meanwhile, HP (No. 41) edged out IBM (No. 42) in computers by a slim $234 million margin, and Verizon (No. 39), Gazprom (No. 52), and Caterpillar (No. 151) became new leaders in their industries.

CNNMoney: Bears back in controlupdated: Fri Jun 22 2007 06:23:00

Stocks were poised to slide Friday as investors returned their focus to a backup in Treasury yields.

CNNMoney: Stocks slide as rate worries take holdupdated: Fri Jun 22 2007 00:05:00

Stocks fell Friday as the biggest public offering in five years failed to excite investors still nervous over rising bond yields.

CNNMoney: Stocks fall despite Blackstone debutupdated: Thu Jun 21 2007 22:33:00

Stocks fell Friday as the biggest public offering in five years failed to excite investors still nervous over rising bond yields.

CNNMoney: BP sells Russian gas field stake to Gazpromupdated: Thu Jun 21 2007 21:01:00

BP Plc said on Friday its Russian joint venture TNK-BP had agreed to sell Gazprom its 62.9 per cent stake in Rusia Petroleum, the company which holds the licence for the Kovykta gas field in East Siberia.

Fortune: THE WORLD AT RISKupdated: Mon Mar 05 2007 00:01:00

1. Guinea The naming of a successor by President Conté, Africa's longest-ruling dictator, and his refusal to step down in the face of union demands threaten stability and pose risks to bauxite and ...

Fortune: The Russia 50updated: Thu Feb 22 2007 17:40:00

The world's unquenchable thirst for oil means that Russian energy resources have been in continual demand - disruptions and disputes involving pipeline deliveries to Europe aside.

Fortune: Shell shakedownupdated: Thu Feb 01 2007 12:10:00

Word that control of the world's largest integrated oil and gas project had been wrested from Royal Dutch Shell trickled down to the company's staff on Russia's Sakhalin Island in December the same...

Russia: A superpower rises againupdated: Tue Dec 12 2006 13:16:00

In the days after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 it became common to refer to Russia as a former superpower.

Fortune: Big fund money man gets Kremlin's cold shoulderupdated: Thu May 25 2006 12:15:00

Surrounded by traders chattering in Russian and staring at screens displaying the latest action on the Moscow bourse, the biggest foreign fund manager in Russia is plotting his next move.

Fortune: The Orange Revolution Comes Up Lemonsupdated: Wed Mar 29 2006 11:20:00

Yulia Tymoshenko's motorcade slices through Odessa, roof lights spinning, Klaxons barking. It's campaign season again, and Ukraine's "samurai in a skirt" is back in action. Which may seem odd to an...

Fortune: Orange Devolutionupdated: Wed Mar 29 2006 10:57:00

Yulia Tymoshenko's motorcade slices through Odessa, roof lights spinning, Klaxons barking. It's campaign season again, and Ukraine's "samurai in a skirt" is railing against official mendacity. Whic...

Bitter cold kills 181 in Ukraineupdated: Thu Jan 26 2006 08:47:00

A bitter cold wave has killed 181 people in Ukraine over last five days, the Health Ministry said Thursday.

Fortune: Gazprom's a stock worth waiting forupdated: Sat Jan 07 2006 00:33:00

The just-concluded battle between Ukraine and Russia over natural gas seems to have produced only losers.

Russia, Ukraine praise gas dealupdated: Wed Jan 04 2006 02:24:00

Moscow and Kiev officials have praised a deal to end a pricing dispute for Russian natural gas that caused shortages in Ukraine and throughout Western Europe.

CNNMoney: Oil starts 2006 with a surgeupdated: Tue Jan 03 2006 11:29:00

Oil surged more than $2 Tuesday as traders feared an unresolved natural gas dispute between Russia and the Ukraine could cut fuel supplies to Europe.

CNNMoney: Germany pressures Russia, Ukraine on gasupdated: Mon Jan 02 2006 08:35:00

German officials Monday pressured Russia and Ukraine to agree on a new natural gas contract, but also said Germany has 2-1/2 months during which it can find other means to fill any gap caused by the dispute.

Russia to restore Europe's gasupdated: Mon Jan 02 2006 00:01:00

Russia has promised to restore full natural gas deliveries to European nations, but the dispute between the country's state-owned gas monopoly and Ukraine appeared to remain at an impasse.

Russia cuts gas to Ukraine over price disputeupdated: Sun Jan 01 2006 02:20:00

Russia's state-owned natural gas monopoly Gazprom suspended the flow of natural gas to Ukraine over a pricing dispute Sunday, a move the Ukrainian president decried as "unacceptable."

Ukraine warms to Putin gas dealupdated: Sat Dec 31 2005 06:44:00

Ukraine could accept a Russian compromise deal in a dispute over natural gas supply prices, but more talks are needed, a spokesman for the Ukrainian prime minister is reported to have said.

Abramovich reaps Gazprom windfallupdated: Thu Sep 29 2005 05:03:00

It is being heralded as the biggest buyout in Russian corporate history.

Business 2.0: How You Can Play The Oil Gameupdated: Sat Jan 01 2005 00:01:00

Volatility always spells investment opportunity, and the global oil market still offers plenty of both. Most energy stocks have already enjoyed a good run, but the risks to the global oil supply, r...

U.S. warns Russia over Yukos saleupdated: Wed Dec 22 2004 17:52:00

The Bush administration has criticized Russia's takeover of key parts of the embattled oil giant Yukos and warned the lack of transparency in the case could damage Russia's role in the global economy.

Yukos fate hangs in the balanceupdated: Tue Dec 21 2004 00:38:00

A defiant Yukos says it will sue for $20 billion in damages from the forced sale of a key asset that has left the fate of Russia's top oil exporter hanging in the balance.

Yukos unit sale called 'scandal'updated: Mon Dec 20 2004 08:13:00

The sale of embattled Russian oil company Yukos to a little known bidder has been called a scandal by some observers and led to speculation the government may make a grab for its assets.

Mystery bidder bags jewel of Yukosupdated: Sun Dec 19 2004 10:07:00

A little known company has bought the main production unit of embattled Russian oil company Yukos, paying 260.75 billion rubles, or $9.35 billion, at auction.

U.S. judge orders Yukos sale haltupdated: Fri Dec 17 2004 01:34:00

A U.S. bankruptcy judge has issued a temporary restraining order to halt the planned auction of Russian oil company Yukos' main oil-producing subsidiary, Yuganskneftegaz, Reuters reports.

Fortune: Billion-dollar Bet On Russia Bill Browder is making a high-stakes wager that energy stocks will continue to boom.updated: Mon Feb 23 2004 00:01:00

Given that the head of Russia's largest oil company was tossed in a Moscow jail in late October as part of a government power play, Bill Browder has every right to be nervous. It's not because he's...

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