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You think you're being smart when, in an effort to eat more healthfully, you check a restaurant's website to see how many calories are in a dish you plan to order.

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Are fast food calorie counts accurate?updated: Wed Jul 20 2011 11:27:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen on one researcher who says fast food calorie counts are off, sometimes by 100 calories or more. Raw Tomatoes Linked to Salmonellaupdated: Tue Jun 10 2008 07:00:00

Federal officials hunted for the source of a 16-state salmonella outbreak linked to three types of raw tomatoes, while the list of supermarkets and restaurants yanking those varieties from shelves and dishes grew

Teen's tune effort makes for 'happy soldiers'updated: Thu May 29 2008 15:26:00

At 14, while attending the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet camp in Florida, Kaylee Marie Radzyminski asked one question to troops returning from overseas military service. Their simple answer spurred the small-town teen into action.

CNNMoney: It's the 'Super Bowl' for restaurantsupdated: Wed Apr 09 2008 11:44:00

This year, restaurant operators have two reasons for licking their chops in the next several weeks: Mother's Day and the tax rebate checks. Over bookedupdated: Thu Mar 08 2007 08:39:00

Excerpted from Jackpot Nation Rambling and Gambling Across Our Landscape of Luck Old Friendsupdated: Wed Feb 28 2007 11:15:00

My Friday 7:10 a.m. tee time -- first group, first round -- was fast approaching, and there was no daylight in the sky, and now in the clubhouse dining room Fuzzy Zoeller was asking if he could join me for breakfast. Zoeller, winner of the 1979 Masters and the '84 U.S. Open, a man who makes everything look easy, asking me, your garden-variety duffer with a golfing nervous disorder, if he could sit down with me. Pirate Bootyupdated: Tue Feb 20 2007 12:12:00

Tom Watson and Bill Murray each broke through at the Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am at the TPC Tampa Bay, but it was a case of something old and something new. Murray, playing with his regular straight man, Scott Simpson, tried the latter. He charged $50 a pop to professional autograph collectors seeking his signature on Caddyshack glossies and posters. At the awards ceremony he turned over his wad -- $900 -- to Jan Horn, the founder of the Clearwater charity Blooming Place for Kids. It was the first time Murray and Simpson had won a pro-am together after dozens of tries. The 57-year-old Watson, invigorated by his fine play at Pebble Beach the week before (19th overall, second in the pro-am), looked like his former self, carving shots in a Tampa wind that at times was arctic to get his first win in Florida in 94 pro starts in the state. Jay Haas, who is 0 for 105 in Florida, finished second. No word on whether Haas will sell autographs the next time he plays there.... Watson will skip this year's British Open

Fortune: Investors flip over IHOPupdated: Wed Nov 15 2006 16:35:00

If your grandmother says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then your broker might say that free cash flow is the most important financial metric. So why not treat yourself to both with IHOP Restaurants? The national breakfast restaurant chain is not only a still-growing business, it's become a cash-flow machine. That makes it both a safe stock to hold value and one with some nice upside potential.

CNNMoney: Waiter tip tricksupdated: Tue Aug 24 2004 19:05:00

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Sometimes you know when you're being charmed. But it's not always so apparent.

CNNMoney: Life on the food chainupdated: Thu May 13 2004 10:48:00

Though economists often ignore food prices when talking about inflation, consumers can't, and investors shouldn't, since higher prices can be a boon for some companies and a headache for others.

CNNMoney: Stock picks by the prosupdated: Wed Mar 10 2004 13:28:00

With the market hitting a recent skid, two money managers appeared on CNNfn to suggest some stocks they believe will move higher in the coming weeks.

Report finds kids' menus heavy on fatupdated: Tue Feb 24 2004 11:51:00

What's on the menu for kids at chain restaurants? Fat, grease and hidden calories, according to one nutrition advocacy group.

CNNMoney: Stock picks by the prosupdated: Fri Jan 09 2004 13:56:00

With the U.S. stock market off to a strong start to 2004, investors may be wondering where to put their money in the new year, and two money managers appeared on CNNfn to offer some suggestions.


Running a business can be an insane gamble, given the odds of failure. But it doesn't have to be that way--not if you discover your company's X factor. That's what allowed ventures such as Starbuck...

Fortune: Uncle Sam, Venture Capitalistupdated: Mon May 24 1999 00:01:00

At the risk of shattering our cherished image of federal-government bureaucrats as meddlesome paper-clip origamists who do nothing but reword and retitle tax forms, here's a little quiz: Who was an...

Money Magazine: How A Hot Market Forces Managers Into Compromising Positionsupdated: Wed Jul 01 1998 00:01:00

With his Safeco Growth No Load fund up 63% for the past year and No. 1 in its category, you would figure that small-stock star Tom Maguire is at the top of his game. Problem is, investors have plow...

Money Magazine: HOT STUFF Where to find the beef T-BONE, ANYONE?updated: Fri Apr 01 1994 00:01:00

Beef is back -- big and juicy. Since 1976, when annual consumption averaged a stomach-satisfying 88.8 pounds per person, sales of beef have dwindled as cholesterol counts and grazing "lite" increas...

Fortune: 'THE BIGGEST SNOW JOB EVER'updated: Mon Nov 22 1993 00:01:00

In fast-food and casual dining spots around the country, belts are being loosened as consumers ingest heftier portions of their favorite burgers, steaks, and fried delights. Where have all the caul...

Money Magazine: Steakhouse indigestion updated: Mon Mar 01 1993 00:01:00

Investors have a seemingly insatiable appetite for new stock offerings by hip full-service restaurant chains, notes money manager Michael Harris. Among them are such hot issues as $34 million Lone ...


It's no secret that small stocks are hot. What's not widely known is that the very best hand at small-stock picking these days is Milwaukee's Heartland Value fund. Portfolio manager Bill Nasgovitz,...

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