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CNNMoney: How to slay new checking account feesupdated: Mon Jan 10 2011 08:20:00

It's like Night of the Living Dead: Every time the feds kill off a set of fees, they come back to life -- just in slightly different forms.

In tough times, financial planners say their business is in demandupdated: Thu Nov 18 2010 00:04:00

It's been a rough couple years for many Americans, watching the value of their retirement accounts dip and their home values drop. But conditions are improving again for many. The stock market is up for the year and investors are seeing their accounts begin to grow again.

CNNMoney: Which bank deserves your money?updated: Fri May 21 2010 14:32:00

Shopping for a new bank? It's nice to have a branch on every corner, but that's not the only quality that makes an institution worthy of your business.

Money Magazine: Can you afford to pay for college?updated: Thu Apr 08 2010 07:03:00

At long last, your child's efforts have been rewarded -- a flock of college acceptances have arrived. But your joy is mixed with anxiety as you ask yourself a question echoed by parents across the country: How will we ever pull this off?

Final piece of health reformupdated: Wed Mar 31 2010 09:09:00

President Obama signs the final changes to health care reform into law.

Big changes for student loansupdated: Tue Mar 30 2010 12:07:00

The federal government makes big changes to student loans, as financial planner Karen Lee explains.

FAQs about student loan reformupdated: Tue Mar 30 2010 12:07:00

Tucked into the legislation President Obama signed Tuesday is an important change that didn't get near the attention of health care reform: a sweeping overhaul of the nation's student loan program.

CNNMoney: Washington to run student loansupdated: Fri Mar 26 2010 07:17:00

Congress passed a bill Thursday to make Washington the one-stop shop for cheap student loans and to boost need-based scholarships.

CNNMoney: Washington gains dominant role in student loansupdated: Mon Mar 22 2010 11:24:00

The House voted 220-211 on Sunday to make Washington the one-stop-shop for cheap student loans and to boost funding for need-based scholarships.

CNNMoney: Pell grants on the lineupdated: Sat Mar 20 2010 09:00:00

On Sunday, the House is set to vote on an historic overhaul of the nation's health care system. It will also take up an issue that will get far less attention but could affect the wallets of millions of Americans.

CNNMoney: Student loan reform shares health care fateupdated: Fri Mar 19 2010 09:54:00

When the House votes on a health care package this weekend, it will also consider a proposal to make the federal government the one-stop-shop to get cheap student loans.

CNNMoney: Trying to flunk banks out of collegeupdated: Fri Mar 12 2010 12:13:00

President Obama has been waging a war with banks over who gets to dole out cheap student loans backed by the federal government.

Fortune: Financial advice: The yes-man problemupdated: Thu Mar 11 2010 06:19:00

Experts have long counseled against using financial planners who charge commissions, given their incentive to simply sell products that pad their paychecks.

CNNMoney: Student loan provider offers online savingsupdated: Wed Mar 03 2010 09:39:00

Students can now pay their college loans and save with Sallie Mae.

Money Magazine: Charles Schwab is selling advice. Should you take it?updated: Thu Jan 14 2010 05:24:00

"I hate to use this phrase, but we really are the Wal-Mart of financial services," says Charles Schwab. His hesitation is understandable -- when you are trying to persuade investors that your firm is the place to entrust $100,000 or $1 million of their savings, you don't want them associating you with cheap sweatshirts and dog food.

Money Magazine: When Grandma offers tuition helpupdated: Mon Nov 02 2009 10:03:00

Despite losses in their own investments, 65% of grandparents plan to help their grandkids pay for college, reports the College Savings Foundation. That may spell relief for parents squeezed by the economy. But handled incorrectly, such giving could hurt your child's chances for financial aid, says Joe Hurley of Here are the best ways for Grandma to give.

CNNMoney: Finding last-minute tuition moneyupdated: Mon Aug 31 2009 11:21:00

It's only a couple of weeks or even days until school begins. And if you don't think you'll be able to get a handle on your college tuition bill, here with your guide to last minute money.

Student loan payoffupdated: Thu Jul 16 2009 09:05:00

HLN Money Expert Clark Howard advises a mother on how her son should pay off his student loans

Clark Howard: What you should know when borrowing for collegeupdated: Thu Jul 16 2009 09:05:00

Do you need to borrow to fund a college education for yourself or your child? Be sure you're taking my "Clark Smart" approach to borrowing.

CNNMoney: Help with student loans for many, but not allupdated: Tue Jul 14 2009 10:48:00

The government's new student loan reform plan gets good grades from graduates with low-paying jobs struggling under a lot of debt. But it's on probation from some borrowers, including married couples and those who will be subject to a new tax liability.

CNNMoney: Volunteer, cut college costsupdated: Thu Jul 02 2009 15:05:00

College tuition increases about 5% to 8% a year. And most students are now just beginning to get their financial aid packages.

Rules to ease student loan repayments take effectupdated: Wed Jul 01 2009 23:14:00

Colleges aren't getting any cheaper, but federal student loans are.

CNNMoney: Graduate to lower student loan costsupdated: Wed Jul 01 2009 14:16:00

Today the government will begin offering a repayment plan that lets graduates reduce their monthly student loan payments based on their income. It's called the income based repayment plan and it's available to borrowers who took out federal loans or used a federal consolidation loan to combine their debt.

Form for student loans will become shorterupdated: Wed Jun 24 2009 02:31:00

One of the great headaches of the American dream is about to get less painful.

Money Magazine: Hate budgeting? Try these spending strategiesupdated: Wed Jun 03 2009 06:04:00

Constant news of layoffs, pay cuts, and stock declines has all of us tightening our belts: A recent Money poll found that in light of the financial crisis, 89% of us are changing the way we manage our finances, and 88% plan to be more frugal.

Fortune: Get smart about borrowing for collegeupdated: Tue May 05 2009 06:09:00

By now, most college-bound high school seniors have accepted an admissions offer and are cruising blissfully toward graduation, summer, and their chosen campus come fall. For parents, on the other hand, the hard work of financing this education is just beginning.

Money Magazine: Ease the tuition squeezeupdated: Tue Apr 14 2009 11:54:00

You've been waiting for this moment for nearly 18 years: Your baby is almost ready for college. Your finances, not so much. The market's protracted free fall means that your college fund is now worth just a fraction of what you need. Your home's value has no doubt dropped sharply too - no help there. The only thing that keeps going up, you guessed it, is college tuition. So it's goodbye, Dream School U., hello, Central State, right?

Breaking the taboo: Talking money with your familyupdated: Mon Apr 13 2009 12:13:00

Despite the steady drum-beat of economic news, therapists say money is still one of the most taboo subjects for American families.

Breaking the money tabooupdated: Mon Apr 13 2009 12:13:00

A family of four generations shares personal stories of how they learned to manage money and the pitfalls they overcame.

CNNMoney: Get the best college financial aidupdated: Wed Apr 08 2009 10:34:00

Many students are now receiving their college acceptance letters and with that comes offers of financial aid. Here's how to compare your financial aid offers.

CNNMoney: Defaulting on your student loan?updated: Fri Apr 03 2009 10:26:00

An increasing number of students aren't making their student loan payments according to the Department of Education.

How to protect your family's financesupdated: Mon Mar 30 2009 12:11:00

Here are the five things mothers should know to protect their families' finances.

Fortune: When a blue-chip bet goes bustupdated: Tue Mar 10 2009 11:17:00

One of the perks of working for a big blue chip company is that employees can often buy its stock at a discount.

Tips for easing your money worriesupdated: Tue Feb 24 2009 08:42:00

If the economic downturn has you frazzled, here are some tips on dealing with your money anxieties.

CNNMoney: College tuition help on the horizonupdated: Thu Jan 22 2009 16:51:00

There could be help on the horizon for families worried about paying for college tuition if Congress passes the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Here is what this bill may do for college students.

Money Magazine: Why advisers are publicity houndsupdated: Wed Nov 26 2008 06:05:00

I get a lot of e-mails assuming that I'm undercover out of fear that my peers will attack me. Fear has nothing to do with it. If I were afraid of scathing e-mails from other advisers, I wouldn't publish an e-mail address on this column. I can live with being unpopular.

Money Magazine: Day one with a financial plannerupdated: Thu Nov 06 2008 10:07:00

Question: I'm meeting with a financial planner for the first time. Can I expect to get some specific advice, or just a sales pitch? Will I need to sign an agreement?

CNNMoney: Student loan fugitivesupdated: Fri Oct 24 2008 07:12:00

Carl, a Florida native now living overseas, is afraid to move back to the United States. That's because he can't afford to pay his student loans.

Money Magazine: Back to school in a credit crunchupdated: Tue Oct 21 2008 10:41:00

Given the recent wave of lay offs, people around the country are contemplating their next step. Hiring has slowed. Job seekers are taking an average 4.5 months today to land a new gig, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So more adults are thinking now is the time to return to the classroom.

Panic leads to money mistakesupdated: Thu Oct 02 2008 09:17:00

A financial expert tells American Morning that financial turmoil can make people panic into mistakes.

The economy and youupdated: Thu Sep 18 2008 13:22:00

CNN's Tom Foreman takes a look at how big business affects consumers.

Student cashes in savings after private loan falls throughupdated: Thu Sep 18 2008 13:22:00

Eric Hahn thought his financial situation was set after he was approved for a private student loan with an 8 percent interest rate to supplement his federal education loans.

CNNMoney: Qualifying for a student loanupdated: Wed Aug 20 2008 14:02:00

The student loan market is rejecting more applicants because of too-low credit scores, but the market is still advancing money, even as colleges prepare to resume classes. Some tips from CNN's Gerri Willis on how to nab a loan.

Money Magazine: The best way to save for collegeupdated: Mon Aug 11 2008 10:18:00

Since their introduction in 1996, the now ubiquitous state-sponsored 529 college savings plans have been lauded again and again as one of the best tax breaks since the IRA.

Money Magazine: Beat the college loan crunchupdated: Thu Jun 12 2008 05:12:00

For families with children heading off to college, this has been the year from hell. First, a record number of applicants made 2008 the most competitive year ever for college admissions. Then the credit crunch hit the college market in a big way, igniting fears of a drought in financing for all students this fall.

'Raw Politics': Can candidates cut college costs?updated: Sun May 18 2008 13:37:00

From groceries to gasoline, everything is costing more. As schools compete to be the best by expanding campuses and adding research centers, the cost of an education is growing.

Rising cost of collegeupdated: Sun May 18 2008 13:37:00

CNN's Tom Foreman looks at the soaring prices of college and what the candidates are planning to do about it.

Money Magazine: Wanted: Free financial adviceupdated: Wed May 14 2008 05:48:00

Question: I am reluctant to get a financial planner. Will they do an analysis of your portfolio? Does that commit me to use them? How do you get their advice without hiring them as a financial planner?

Money Magazine: Do I really need a 'CFP'?updated: Wed May 07 2008 09:45:00

Question: I'm looking for a financial planner. Should I find one with who is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)?

CNNMoney: Recession-proof job: personal financial adviserupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 17:31:00

A lot of jobs are in trouble in today's tough climate, but doom and gloom are the bread and butter of a personal financial planner.

Money Magazine: Your kid's in college! So... how will you pay?updated: Thu Apr 24 2008 04:31:00

Patrick and Laura Matheny began saving early for their children's college education. After stashing some $50,000 in college savings accounts for their son Daniel, now 20, and their daughter Natalie, 18, they began paying down their mortgage in earnest with the intention of tapping their home equity once the bills began rolling in.

CNNMoney: Student loan turmoil stresses familiesupdated: Tue Apr 15 2008 17:08:00

Paying for college is rarely easy, but this year parents and students could have a tougher time securing the necessary financing.

Fortune: How to shop for student loansupdated: Wed Apr 02 2008 05:47:00

As college acceptance letters arrive this month, families will be celebrating the good news (we hope!), then bracing for the grueling process of figuring out how to pay for four years' tuition.

Money Magazine: One family, two portfoliosupdated: Mon Mar 10 2008 17:25:00

At first glance, Justin and Kim Ritchie seem in perfect financial sync. The couple, who grew up on the same street in Georgia and both went to college in Atlanta, are saving more than half of their combined six-figure income so they can buy a bigger house in their hometown of Bonaire, Ga., cover college tuition costs for sons Giuseppe, 2, and Gianluca, 1, and retire together before they hit 60.

Student loan debt -- how to get reliefupdated: Wed Mar 05 2008 13:17:00

We can all count on the certainty of death and taxes. But many of us can add student loan debt to that list. The average student graduates with about $21,000 in debt these days.

CNNMoney: Loan crisis goes to collegeupdated: Fri Feb 15 2008 12:12:00

The credit crunch is hitting the college classroom.

CNNMoney: Credit woes hit student loansupdated: Wed Jan 16 2008 11:29:00

The credit crunch may be bleeding into the student loan industry. Here's what it could mean to your wallet and how to protect yourself.

CNNMoney: Subprime woes to hit student loansupdated: Fri Jan 11 2008 15:51:00

Students relying on college loans will soon feel the pinch from the subprime mortgage crisis, according to a report by financial aid guide FinAid this week.

CNNMoney: College costs keep risingupdated: Mon Oct 22 2007 15:43:00

The average total cost of a private four-year college rose to $32,307 for the current school year, but the rate of increase has slowed compared to public school prices, according to a report released Monday.

CNNMoney: Congress reaches deal to boost college aidupdated: Fri Sep 07 2007 03:18:00

House and Senate negotiators reached an agreement Wednesday to boost aid to college students, a deal that calls for slashing roughly $20 billion in government subsidies to banks that issue student loans.

CNNMoney: Watch out for fake financial aidupdated: Fri Aug 10 2007 02:56:00

Parents beware - financial aid scams are growing. Complaints are up 60 percent last year, according to the Better Business Bureau. Here's what you need to watch out for.

Gerri's Top Tips: Avoiding financial aid scamsupdated: Thu Aug 09 2007 02:32:00

Parents beware. Financial aid scams are growing. Complaints were up 60 percent in 2006, according to the Better Business Bureau. Here's what you need to watch out for.

CNNMoney: Kennedy proposes student lender subsidy cutsupdated: Tue Jun 19 2007 05:01:00

The chairman of the U.S. Senate education committee Tuesday introduced legislation to cut government subsidies to student loan companies, but the cuts were milder than some expected and lender stocks rose.

CNNMoney: Sen. Kennedy offers student loan reformsupdated: Mon Jun 18 2007 07:03:00

Moving the U.S. Congress closer to overhauling the troubled student loan industry, the chairman of the Senate Education Committee Monday unveiled proposals that would affect major lenders.

Money Magazine: When you need a financial plannerupdated: Tue May 22 2007 09:49:00

Question: How do I find and evaluate a good financial planner? I have always done my own savings and goal setting, but I am not a professional. I've worked hard for my money and have always been hesitant to entrust it to someone else. - Robert, Thomaston, Connecticut

CNNMoney: Looking for student loan reliefupdated: Fri May 18 2007 10:56:00

Question 1: We have over $23,000 in student loans. My husband has already consolidated when the rates were high. We are at an 8.5 percent interest rate. Is there nothing else we can do make the interest better? -Tracey, Colorado

CNNMoney: Student loan scandal: Effects on consolidationupdated: Thu May 10 2007 09:35:00

It's a good thing you got that college education. You can put it to good use navigating the complex maze that is the student loan industry as you consider whether to consolidate your federal student loans.

Money Magazine: Loan sharks on campusupdated: Thu May 03 2007 10:05:00

The prospect is anything but appealing: You - and possibly your offspring - will have to borrow gigantic sums to pay those college bills soon coming due.

Fortune: The surprising profits of student loansupdated: Mon Apr 16 2007 14:00:00

Late Sunday night, student loan giant Sallie Mae, or SLM Corp. as the company is officially known, became the latest major American corporation to succumb to the advances of private equity. Sallie will be sold to a consortium of two private equity firms - JC Flowers and Friedman Fleischer & Lowe - and two banks that have their own student loan businesses - JP Morgan and Bank of America - for some $60 a share, or $25 billion. That represents a premium of almost 50 percent based on Sallie's stock price before word of the deal began to leak.

Teaching life lessons in dollars and senseupdated: Mon Apr 09 2007 10:30:00

Fifteen-year-old Connor Lewis knows a thing or two about money. He pet-sits, mows yards and earns an allowance by doing chores; and he puts half of his earnings into a savings account. He comparison shops for video games and other items and doesn't buy them until he finds the cheapest price.

CNNMoney: Top colleges get more affordableupdated: Thu Mar 22 2007 11:20:00

A college education may be getting less expensive at some of the most prestigious schools.

CNNMoney: ING offers interest on online checkingupdated: Thu Feb 15 2007 09:55:00

Online banking pioneer ING Direct helped transform the banking industry through its high-yield savings accounts, sparking a wave of copycats competing to attract tech-savvy consumers eager for a higher return.

CNNMoney: How to find a home or get a college loanupdated: Fri Jan 19 2007 11:34:00

Question 1: Next year, we'll be in the market for a home. Please cite any sources I might find useful to help me start my search. - Stephen, Minneapolis

CNNMoney: House approves lower Stafford loan ratesupdated: Wed Jan 17 2007 14:00:00

The House of Representatives on Wednesday voted in favor of legislation that would cut in half the fixed interest rates on need-based Stafford loans for undergraduates over five years.

CNNMoney: House to vote on lower Stafford loan ratesupdated: Fri Jan 12 2007 16:00:00

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on legislation that would cut in half the fixed interest rates on need-based Stafford loans for undergraduates over five years.

Money Magazine: Maximize your financial aidupdated: Tue Jan 02 2007 10:27:00

Follow these steps to make sure you collect all that you deserve.

Money Magazine: Maximize your financial aidupdated: Thu Dec 28 2006 10:06:00

Follow these steps to make sure you collect all the financial aid you deserve.

Money Magazine: 35 most outrageous fees (and how to avoid them)updated: Wed Dec 27 2006 13:43:00

From the merely annoying to the budget-busters, here's what to watch out for in travel, banking, credit cards, real estate, investments and more.

Money Magazine: Take control of college debtupdated: Wed Aug 30 2006 10:06:00

When Jessica Barba was deciding where to go to college, she didn't factor how much she'd have to borrow into the equation.

CNNMoney: The Not-A-Millionaire guide to financial securityupdated: Thu Jun 15 2006 12:24:00

NEW YORK ( - Who doesn't want to be rich? But let's face it, getting rich gets hard very fast if one or more of the following conditions applies:

CNNMoney: Student loan consolidationupdated: Mon Jun 12 2006 13:27:00

After July 1, rates on student loans are set to be their highest in six years. But there are steps you can take to limit the damage.

Planning ahead: Finding an adviserupdated: Mon Jun 12 2006 04:53:00

It might be the birth of a child or a new job, but it usually takes some life changing event to prompt a visit to a financial adviser to help plan for what will essentially be an increase or decrease in financial circumstances.

Money Magazine: Who's Afraid of Paying for College?updated: Thu Jun 01 2006 00:01:00

What scares parents most when it comes to the safety of their family? Terrorism? No. Crime? Negative. Violent video games? The environment? Not even close.

CNNMoney: How to save thousands on student loansupdated: Tue May 30 2006 10:18:00

If you've borrowed money from Uncle Sam to finance your education or your child's, you might be able to save yourself thousands of dollars.

Money Magazine: Who's afraid of paying for college?updated: Mon May 22 2006 17:25:00

What scares parents most when it comes to the safety of their family? Terrorism? No. Crime? Negative. Violent video games? The environment? Not even close.

Money Magazine: Starting over post-divorce and deep in debtupdated: Mon May 22 2006 13:18:00

I recently went through a divorce that ate up all of my 401(k) and left me in debt up to my eyeballs. I still own a home, although I have no equity in it, but I recently made the mistake of leasing a truck with insurance and lease payments that are the size of my house mortgage.

Money Magazine: The Squeeze Is Onupdated: Mon May 01 2006 00:01:00

Dick Schwartz always knew that C-day--as in college--would come. He and his wife Shari also understood better than most parents exactly how big their son's college bill might be. After all, both ar...

Money Magazine: Paying for collegeupdated: Sat Apr 22 2006 14:39:00

Dick Schwartz always knew that C-day - as in college - would come.

CNNMoney: Financial Aid: Is that all I get?updated: Thu Mar 30 2006 10:31:00

As important as the college acceptance is, the financial aid awards package determines whether a dream school can become a reality.

CNNMoney: Get professional financial helpupdated: Mon Jan 30 2006 11:19:00

Tax season is here, your holiday bills have left your wallet deflated, retirement seems like a distant pipedream and on top of it all college costs are going to eat away more of your savings.

CNNMoney: Coping with the cost of collegeupdated: Mon Jan 23 2006 10:51:00

College costs are going to hurt more. The government is cutting support for college loans. And in six months, interest rates on the cheapest money students and parents can borrow is going to rise.

CNNMoney: Students to face heavier debt burdenupdated: Thu Dec 22 2005 09:17:00

Congress cut funding for federal student-loan program on Wednesday, raising the cost of attending college for many future students, according to a published report.

CNNMoney: How to choose a financial plannerupdated: Wed Nov 02 2005 13:52:00

There's retirement to plan for and college tuition for the kids. Insurance. Estate planning. And, oh, don't forget a wedding for your daughter. If all this sounds familiar, it may be time for you to start shopping around for a financial planner.

CNNMoney: Spending spinning out of control?updated: Tue Nov 01 2005 18:21:00

Most of us would like our paychecks to stretch just a little further every week.

CNNMoney: The appeal of pre-paid tuition plansupdated: Tue Nov 01 2005 14:41:00

Prepaid tuition plans are nothing new. In fact, it was these plans that paved the way for the tax-friendly 529 savings plans that are now so popular.

CNNMoney: Frequently asked 529 questionsupdated: Tue Nov 01 2005 14:06:00

Tax-advantaged 529 college savings plans are named after the section of the tax code that governs them. Now offered in every state and the District of Columbia, 529s offer a great deal of flexibility.

CNNMoney: College costs going nowhere but upupdated: Mon Oct 17 2005 15:56:00

As nervous as college freshmen may be, their cash-strapped parents are probably trembling more.

CNNMoney: Saving for college -- fastupdated: Tue Oct 04 2005 10:13:00

I'm 40 and my husband is 50. We've got about $150,000 tucked away in retirement accounts, another $125,000 in home equity and $20,000 in cash and other investments.

CNNMoney: Maximize your financial aid chancesupdated: Fri Sep 30 2005 12:33:00

If you are planning college visits with your kids this fall, you are probably anticipating the thrill of strolling across campus together but fearing the financial ramifications of your kid's higher education.

CNNMoney: The 'Get-Started' retirement planupdated: Fri Sep 30 2005 10:22:00

My wife and I, 34 and 38 respectively, are estate managers for a property in Idaho. All our expenses are paid for -- rent, food, car, gas, insurance, etc. -- plus we receive $6,000 per month.

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