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Apparently, when it comes to Middle-earth, director Peter Jackson thinks three is the magic number. Last month at Comic-Con, Jackson teased fans with the idea that he was interested in pushing beyond his planned two-film adaptation of "The Hobbit." Today, after weeks of intensive talks with Warner Bros. over how exactly that might be achieved, Jackson announced on his Facebook page that he is, in fact, going to turn "The Hobbit" into a trilogy.

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Three men once convicted of a triple-murder adjust to freedom after 18 years behind bars

Are our small screens making big stars little?updated: Sun Jun 05 2011 10:27:00

It is one of the most famous exchanges of dialogue in the history of movies.

'Lord of the Rings' alum creates 'Happy' appupdated: Fri Mar 18 2011 08:38:00

It's an epic journey from Middle Earth to the app store. But Monica Singh Haley has done it.

Sneak peek at 'Gears of War 3'updated: Mon Feb 28 2011 12:45:00

CNN goes behind the scenes with the creators of the upcoming video game, "Gears of War 3."

Developers wrapping 'Gears of War' trilogyupdated: Mon Feb 28 2011 12:45:00

Comparing the "Gears of War" video games, with their alien firefights and gory chain-saw scenes, to "The Lord of the Rings" might seem a bit far-fetched.

New Zealand, filmmakers reach agreement on 'Hobbit' moviesupdated: Wed Oct 27 2010 05:13:00

The New Zealand government said Wednesday it has reached an agreement with filmmaker Peter Jackson and Warner Bros studios to ensure that the "Hobbit" movies will be made in the country.

Rally for 'The Hobbit'updated: Wed Oct 27 2010 05:13:00

New Zealand film and tourism workers rally to try to convince Warner Bros. to make "The Hobbit" in their country.

'Lord of the Rings' director becomes knightupdated: Thu Apr 29 2010 03:36:00

Peter Jackson, the Oscar-winning writer and director of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, was knighted in his native New Zealand.

Peter Jackson stands up for his 'Bones'updated: Tue Apr 20 2010 10:56:00

Before "The Lovely Bones," the aughts had been a charmed decade for Peter Jackson.

'The Lovely Bones'updated: Tue Apr 20 2010 10:56:00

The stars and director of the upcoming supernatural thriller 'The Lovely Bones' talk about the film.

Review: 'The Lovely Bones'updated: Mon Feb 01 2010 15:55:00

A dead 14-year-old girl named Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan), murdered on her way home from school in 1973, tells her story from heaven in "The Lovely Bones."

Boozy grandmas add humor to TV, filmsupdated: Mon Dec 28 2009 10:21:00

In the same way a Christmas playlist is incomplete without a tipsy, eggnog-drinking grandmother having an unfortunate accident with reindeer, the melodrama of certain shows and films improves when a boozy grandmother is written in.

8 to watch: This holiday season's movies wrapped upupdated: Wed Dec 02 2009 14:49:00

There's something for everyone at the movies this holiday season, from a musical with Daniel Day-Lewis to James Cameron's first feature since "Titanic."

'The Lovely Bones' is a 'positive' film, says Peter Jacksonupdated: Wed Nov 25 2009 08:55:00

What does it take to frighten fantasy and horror meister Peter Jackson? A ghost.

Animated and horrifiedupdated: Fri Sep 11 2009 13:06:00

AOL's Russ Leatherman discusses the films "9," "Whiteout" and "Sorority Row."

Review: Animated '9' is engaging, inventiveupdated: Fri Sep 11 2009 13:06:00

The end of human civilization is not healthy for children and other living things.

Sci-fi apartheid film 'District 9' opens in South Africaupdated: Mon Aug 31 2009 15:53:00

The futuristic South African sci-fi that has taken the U.S box office by storm opened in its home country this weekend.

'District 9' crushes box office competitionupdated: Sun Aug 16 2009 16:31:00

In what feels like a box-office weekend from "The Twilight Zone," a low-budget and critically acclaimed movie with no stars and an unknown director managed to top the charts.

Review: 'District 9' a brash, inventive debutupdated: Fri Aug 14 2009 08:43:00

Why do UFOs always land in the USA, wondered someone in "Monsters vs. Aliens"? Good question.

'District 9' determined not to stick to formulaupdated: Thu Aug 13 2009 08:05:00

Science fiction flicks featuring aliens can be a little formulaic: Aliens invade American territory, mass destruction ensues, and nine times out of 10, Will Smith rides to the rescue

Entertainment Weekly's Picks of the Weekupdated: Sun Aug 09 2009 15:38:00

Three years ago, "Lord of the Rings" guru Peter Jackson handpicked Neill Blomkamp, then a director of music videos and TV commercials, to helm an adaptation of the video game Halo.

Watchmenupdated: Mon Mar 02 2009 10:26:00

Trailer for Zack Snyder's adaptation of the legendary comic book series about out of work superheroes who get involved in a murder.

Film goes back to the future with 3Dupdated: Tue Jan 13 2009 11:54:00

In the future, viewing the world through rose-tinted glasses may not just be the prerogative of the naive.

Show and Tell: Sporeupdated: Thu Jul 31 2008 17:07:00

CNN.COM's Dan Wright checks out the creature creator game 'Spore'.

Video game's user content spawns naughty Web 'Sporn'updated: Thu Jul 31 2008 17:07:00

When makers of one of the most anticipated video games of the year invited users to help design part of the game, the gamers jumped at the chance to create animated characters.

Aussie director delivers with Tasmanian horrorupdated: Fri Jun 27 2008 12:25:00

Cannibalism, Tasmanian tigers and a good dose of Australian humor: These are the ingredients of the latest film from down under, the intriguingly titled "Dying Breed."

Fortune: Who's cashing in on the 3-D boom?updated: Mon Apr 07 2008 06:25:00

Unless they happened to have adolescent daughters, it's unlikely that many Hollywood executives donned funny glasses the first weekend in February to catch the film debut - in glorious 3-D - of Disney's tween TV and pop star Miley Cyrus, better known to fans as Hannah Montana. But come Monday, there were high-level meetings all over town to deal with its impact. "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" opened small, on only 683 screens. But thanks to packed theaters and premium ticket prices ($15 to $24 each), it booked $31 million. That's $45,000 per screen - a Hollywood record. The Hobbit Goes Hollywoodupdated: Tue Dec 18 2007 18:00:00

After patching up their differences, New Line and Peter Jackson agree, finally, to bring Tolkein's Lord of the Rings prequel to the screen The Freaks Come Out at Nightupdated: Wed Sep 12 2007 23:00:00

Celebrating the gory glory of the Toronto International Film Festvial's marvelous Midnight Madness series

Today's Buzz storiesupdated: Tue May 08 2007 15:00:00

Actress Neve Campbell, best known for her roles on the 1990s Fox TV series "Party of Five" and the "Scream" horror movies, has married British actor John Light, People magazine reported Monday.

Introducing the utterly random dinner partyupdated: Wed Apr 18 2007 10:50:00

It's 7:30 P.M. on a Saturday, and the front door of a Victorian house in Oakland, California, is wide open. The owner of the home directs arrivals through the kitchen -- where Louisiana shrimp stock simmers on the stove and delicate tomato-and-white-corn tarts are being assembled on a tiled table -- and out to the backyard. Guests are gathering under a canopy of trees, sitting on the colorful cushions that surround the low tables.

Best on-screen battles: Your viewsupdated: Mon Apr 02 2007 09:09:00

We've come up with a list of our top 10 movie battle scenes - and picked some that really made us cringe. Now, we'd like to hear your best -- and worst -- battle scenes. Don't forget to tell us why.

The best -- and worst -- movie battle scenesupdated: Thu Mar 29 2007 09:47:00

Wham! Pow! Zap! Argh! To celebrate the launch of the ultimate battle movie, 300, we've compiled a list of our favorite on-screen battle scenes -- and the ones which really made us cringe.

CNNMoney: Lord of the Rings' director signs on for 'Halo'updated: Wed Sep 27 2006 12:29:00

Director Peter Jackson, who won an Academy Award for his "Lord of the Rings" films, is adding another title to his resume: video game mogul. The filmmaker and Microsoft Wednesday announced a partnership to launch a development studio and collaborate on a new "Halo" game.

showbuzzupdated: Fri Jun 30 2006 14:46:00

Denzel Washington says he wants Peter Jackson to provide the special effects for a film he plans to direct, a newspaper has reported.

Review: Graffiti game fresh and funupdated: Fri Feb 24 2006 09:18:00

If you need proof that video games are fusing with the music, film and fashion industries, look no further than "Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure."

EW Review: Macabre 'Corpse Bride'updated: Tue Jan 24 2006 15:33:00

Could it be that Tim Burton's entire career has been a slow and steady PR campaign for the other side, a sort of showbiz version of Jim Jones-style Kool-Aid?

The best films of the yearupdated: Mon Jan 02 2006 10:13:00

For the most part, 2005 was a rather mediocre year at the multiplex -- a sad fact reflected in some of the box office numbers.

Review: 'Kong' successfully swings from movie to video gameupdated: Fri Dec 16 2005 12:06:00

Pair an Academy Award-winning filmmaker with one of the most talented video game designers and you'll end up with "Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie," an interactive version of the feature film, designed by Ubisoft's Michel Ancel.

Review: 'King Kong' a giant pleasureupdated: Wed Dec 14 2005 08:51:00

What do you do after creating the multiple Academy Award winning "The Lord of the Rings," arguably the greatest film trilogy of all time? Well, if you're Peter Jackson you immediately jump behind the camera and direct "King Kong," a film that became a classic when it stunned audiences back in 1933.

EW review: 'Virgin' DVD vulgar yet earnestupdated: Tue Dec 13 2005 15:35:00

Braving a merry mix of bodily fluids, depilatory torture, and a prostitute who's not what she seems, Steve Carell shines as a lovable lug struggling to get his swerve on. While "The 40 Year-Old Virgin's" vulgarity pushes the envelope, the star's aw-shucks earnestness keeps everything decent in this touching sex romp.

Entertainment Weekly: The Must Listupdated: Wed Dec 07 2005 10:36:00

Fairy tales, puffy shirts, and eight other things we recommend this week:

Fortune: Box Office Bounce?updated: Mon Nov 14 2005 00:01:00

Can a few kid flicks salvage what has been a miserable year in the movie business? For just the second time in two decades, box office revenues are down--by about 8% through late October. But the e...

EW review: The best 'Oz' everupdated: Thu Oct 27 2005 15:22:00

The 1999 "Oz" disc was crammed full of magical extras -- deleted scenes, documentaries, screen tests. The package was so pristine it was named EW's DVD of the year.

'Superman,' 'Kong' delight comic fansupdated: Mon Jul 18 2005 09:46:00

Superman is back.

showbuzzupdated: Thu Jun 30 2005 15:54:00

Neil Young will mark his return on stage by performing at Canada's Live 8 concert Saturday, three months after he was treated for a brain aneurysm.

CNNMoney: Jackson sues over 'Lord of the Rings'?updated: Mon Jun 27 2005 07:07:00

Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson has filed suit against the movie studio behind his "Lord of the Rings" film trilogy, claiming the studio may have cost him tens of millions of dollars, according to a news report Monday.

Fortune: The Ring Mastersupdated: Mon Feb 07 2005 00:01:00

Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, co-chairmen and CEOs of New Line Cinema, are huddled together at a conference table in their New York City offices, trying to work out exactly how to spend $130 million...

Everything old is new again at the moviesupdated: Mon Jul 26 2004 11:48:00

"Around the World in 80 Days" and "The Stepford Wives" hit big screens in June, but this wasn't the first time they films were in theaters.

Everything old is new again at the moviesupdated: Thu Jun 17 2004 09:46:00

"Around the World in 80 Days" joins "The Stepford Wives" at the multiplex this weekend, but these movies aren't exactly new.

A perfect, golden 'Rings'updated: Sun Feb 29 2004 17:30:00

In an unprecedented sweep, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" set an Oscar record by winning all 11 awards for which it had been nominated, including best picture of the year.

Who's going to win Oscar?updated: Fri Feb 27 2004 10:16:00

This year, for some reason, conventional wisdom has settled early on several favorites for the 76th annual Academy Awards, scheduled for Sunday.

Filmmaker Jackson bound to have big award yearupdated: Thu Feb 12 2004 10:08:00

Expect to hear a lot about Peter Jackson -- if you haven't already.

Peter Jackson on 'Rings' Oscar nodsupdated: Tue Jan 27 2004 15:08:00

"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" reigned supreme at the Oscar nominations Tuesday morning, receiving 11 in all -- including nods for best picture and best director.

List of Oscar nomineesupdated: Tue Jan 27 2004 10:14:00

Here is the complete list of nominations for the 76th annual Academy Awards:

'Rings' reaches for Oscar goldupdated: Tue Jan 27 2004 07:53:00

"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" already has earned gold -- the Golden Globe for best drama. Now the film reaches for the ultimate Hollywood accolade: Oscar.

The importance of being Gollumupdated: Tue Jan 20 2004 16:28:00

About three weeks' work.

'Rings' composer creates scores to lastupdated: Thu Jan 15 2004 16:11:00

Three movies in three years is not composer Howard Shore's typical pace for writing a film's score.

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