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No part of the country is immune from the effects of Mother Nature. Hurricane Katrina laid bare the fact that many major cities across the United States are woefully unprepared for widespread natural disasters.

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Your pet checklist for a healthy summer updated: Fri May 25 2012 17:14:00

Ready for lawn parties, patio dining and treks to the dog park? Make sure your dog has the tools to enjoy this season with you. Consider this your warm-weather pet checklist:

Is sleeping with your pet healthy?updated: Fri Apr 20 2012 08:06:00

Susan Hendricks reports on the health consequences of sleeping with a pet.

Sniffing out Savingsupdated: Fri Apr 13 2012 07:40:00

HLN's Jennifer Westhoven has some ways for you to save money and still give your pet the best care.

How to find help caring for your pet updated: Fri Apr 13 2012 07:40:00

Our unemployment rate may be dipping, but many U.S. families still struggle to make ends meet. "Doing more with less" requires tough decisions about household expenses, and many pet owners face the possibility of losing their pets.

Dog Whisperer Assists in Adoptionupdated: Tue Mar 06 2012 07:45:00

Cesar Millan, star of Nat Geo Wild's Dog Whisperer, advises couple looking to adopt shelter dog.

'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan on adopting the right dogupdated: Tue Mar 06 2012 07:45:00

Cesar Millan has been showcasing his talents as "The Dog Whisperer" since 2004, teaching dog owners how to train their energetic and oftentimes misbehaving canines.

Solve common pet behavior problemsupdated: Fri Feb 10 2012 07:34:00

Whether you adopt a puppy or an older dog, a little training goes a long way toward preserving a happy, healthy relationship. I asked professional dog trainers to share the most prevalent behavior issues, along with tools to address the problem. Here are the top five issues and tips to promote good behavior for the rest of the year.

Obesity epidemic strikes U.S. petsupdated: Sat Feb 04 2012 14:04:00

A new study shows the majority of adult dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese. CNN's Josh Levs reports.

What should I feed my dog?updated: Fri Jan 13 2012 07:44:00

Dogs don't exactly have discriminating tastes. Many will even eat their own poop. What dogs do have working in their favor is a multibillion-dollar pet food industry vying for a place in their food bowls. The ever-growing list of options -- all natural, holistic, organic, human-grade -- can cause plenty of consternation among pet owners. Here are a few tips to help identify the best food option for your pets:

Help your pet prepare for air travelupdated: Fri Dec 30 2011 07:38:00

Something on the tarmac caught travel agent Ann Lombardi's attention while she waited to board her flight. Baggage carriers seemed unconcerned about a Labrador that was bleeding profusely as they unloaded its crate from the cargo hold. Disturbed by the scene, Lombardi alerted gate attendants.

Feed America's hungry (and their pets), says nonprofit groupupdated: Sun Dec 25 2011 13:04:00

Food banks across the country kicked into high gear for the holiday season this week in an effort to feed America's hungry. But a few instead homed in on an often overlooked casualty of hard times -- the family pet.

Flying dogs to freedomupdated: Sun Dec 25 2011 13:04:00

Photojournalist Burke Buckhorn introduces us to a man who has flown more than one hundred dogs to new homes.

Fun gifts to spoil your pet this Christmasupdated: Wed Dec 21 2011 07:44:00

Sixty-two percent of U.S. households have pets, according to a 2011 survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). For many of those furry friends, life is good. As the "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan likes to say, pets in the United States get to see Santa -- along with dermatologists, physical therapists and even pet sitters.

Preparing to put a puppy under the treeupdated: Fri Dec 16 2011 07:58:00

If you've got visions of a puppy wiggling under the Christmas tree this year, hold on a second. First, resist the urge to surprise your family with a cute and cuddly pet. To ensure a smooth transition, discuss routine tasks beforehand such as feeding, grooming, getting home to let the dog out, and poop patrol. If you absolutely, positively must have a puppy or kitten under the tree, then consider this your holiday pet to-do list.

Parents pull Christmas prank on kidsupdated: Fri Dec 16 2011 07:58:00

CNN''s Anderson Cooper finds some humor in Jimmy Kimmel's holiday challenge to parents.

Woman sentenced in feral cat poisoningupdated: Thu Dec 15 2011 08:26:00

An ex-National Zoo employee has been sentenced in an attempted feral cat poisoning.

Dog boom as China's attitudes on pets, palates changeupdated: Thu Sep 01 2011 11:40:00

When Shenzhen housewife Zhang Lin was growing up in rural Guangdong province, her family kept guard dogs, some of which were slaughtered for meat during the Lunar New Year.

Cool treats help dogs beat the heatupdated: Fri Aug 12 2011 08:59:00

With a little help from my friend Jojo Pera of Atlanta -- here are 20 dog treats to help your puppies beat the heat. Pera and I volunteer together, and she is my go-to friend for all things pet-related. As the owner of five dogs and three cats, she always provides great tips on how to keep pets busy and distracted while she's away at work.

Keeping your pet during the golden yearsupdated: Fri Aug 05 2011 08:37:00

When my great aunt became bedridden in her late 80s, every now and then I would visit the home she shared with relatives, accompanied by my dog, Lulu.

Your dog's oral hygiene and cheap vaccinationsupdated: Fri Jul 29 2011 11:11:00

An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure -- and that's especially true when money is tight. I learned that lesson shortly after kneeling in front of my sister's pooch one afternoon, hoping to determine the cause of her dog breath. My mother had called earlier that day insisting that there was a serious problem.

CNNMoney: Cat toilet-training kit poo poos litter boxupdated: Mon Jul 18 2011 13:17:00

The days of stinky litter boxes could be coming to an end.

Help your pet get the most out of dinnerupdated: Sat Jun 04 2011 00:49:00

Before you pop open a can of Irish lamb stew or fork out a hearty helping of Chicken De-Lite for your beloved pet, you may want to stop and read the nutrition information on the food label more carefully.

How to help a stray dogupdated: Sat May 28 2011 00:23:00

I don't remember where I was going when that stray dog weaved across a busy street near my home. But I do remember turning the car around to rescue the white pup with large tan spots that looked more like stains, except for one heart-shaped patch on her side.

5 things to know about catnipupdated: Sat Apr 30 2011 06:21:00

Everyone has a weakness. For me, it's salted caramel ice cream. For my dog, Lulu, it's expensive shoes. For most cats, it's catnip.

How to deal with an overweight petupdated: Sat Apr 09 2011 02:10:00

Plenty of people indulge their pets because it makes them happy and keeps the peace. But did you know that overweight cats and dogs can develop diabetes, just like humans do?

How to adopt a great dogupdated: Sat Mar 05 2011 03:00:00

They're cute, they're cuddly and they greet you with wet kisses when you walk through the door -- no matter how long you've been away. Dogs may even help reduce your blood pressure, enhance your mood and induce a few laughs every now and then. What's not to love about having a dog? Scottish Deerhound Wins Best in Show at Westminsterupdated: Wed Feb 16 2011 13:42:00

Five-year-old Hickory is the first of her breed to take the title

Behind the scenes at the dog showupdated: Wed Feb 16 2011 12:22:00

Pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond reveals what it's like behind the scenes at the Westminster Dog Show.

Maintaining peace between dogs and kidsupdated: Tue Feb 08 2011 08:45:00

Recently my inbox has been flooded with news of one awful attack after another from various breeds, particularly pit bulls.

How to adopt a great catupdated: Tue Feb 01 2011 09:04:00

While dogs offer wet kisses to just about anyone within licking distance, the feline persuasion prefers that you earn their purrs and cuddles. Since the American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that about 38 million U.S. households have cats, plenty of people are working overtime to please their feline houseguests. Are you ready to join the ranks? Here are a few tips for how to adopt a cat: 5 Things to Know About the National Dog Showupdated: Fri Nov 26 2010 11:49:00

The second-oldest annual U.S. canine competition airs on Thanksgiving Day Katherine Heigl Pledges $1 Million to Help Animal Sheltersupdated: Fri Sep 24 2010 18:50:00

The actress and her foundation are taking part in a spaying and neutering initiative to help the pet population of Los Angeles

How 12 dog breeds got their namesupdated: Sat Aug 21 2010 18:17:00

Every dog owner knows why they gave their dog its name, but how well do you know the story behind their breed names? Let's take a look at where a handful of common breeds found their monikers.

Smuggling Fido into your carry-onupdated: Thu May 13 2010 10:35:00

There's an unwritten rule in travel journalism that any story about pets on planes must contain at least one Chihuahua anecdote. I know, because I've written many of them. So let's get right to Charlotte Coan and her travel companion, Cricket.

Pets and people buried togetherupdated: Wed Feb 24 2010 11:57:00

Like many people, widow Penny Lally plans to be buried alongside her family. But in her case, that includes a menagerie of family pets.

Pet vaccinations are no longer one-size-fits-allupdated: Mon Feb 22 2010 11:30:00

When Linda Thomas of Frederick, Maryland, found out her 2-year old beagle, Henry, had Lyme disease, she was pretty upset. Her dog hardly went outside. But after his diagnosis, Henry's vet told Thomas that Lyme disease, which is transferred to pets by deer ticks, is fairly common in Maryland, and Henry probably should have been vaccinated for it.

War dogs remembered, decades laterupdated: Fri Feb 12 2010 14:48:00

Maybe it was the sound of the wind cutting through the wire. Perhaps he caught a small vibration with his keen eyes. Or it could have been a slight difference in the air's smell.

Pet products get the tech treatmentupdated: Thu Dec 17 2009 03:48:00

Gadgets are not soft and cuddly, and there are no downloadable upgrades for slobbering mutts. But with enthusiasm for pets growing unabated, and technology digging ever deeper into our lives, the two seemingly unrelated worlds increasingly touch. Britney Spears Buys a Parakeetupdated: Fri Oct 02 2009 09:34:00

"She settled on a yellow parakeet," a source confirms to New York Man Accuses Gerard Butler of Hitting His Dogupdated: Thu Aug 27 2009 08:26:00

But Butler's rep says the man's greyhound attacked the actor's little pug, Lolita

Your family dog may be smarter than your toddlerupdated: Sat Aug 08 2009 07:03:00

Your dog may not actually be smarter than somebody's honor student -- popular bumper stickers aside. But your canine companion might well be smarter than their toddler, according to a growing body of research on how dogs think.

Puppies train to smell bombs, narcotics and missing peopleupdated: Thu May 28 2009 12:41:00

Meet Kaden, bomb-sniffing dog in training.

Dogs search for cash, cows in heat, whalesupdated: Fri Mar 27 2009 09:38:00

A story surfaced about authorities finding $3 million in cash on a bus bound for Mexico recently. How did they find such a large sum of money hiding on the bus? With a cash-sniffing dog. Wait, dogs can sniff out cash? Specially trained ones can. Westminster Winner Barks Back from Near-Deathupdated: Wed Feb 11 2009 13:06:00

Stump, a 10-year-old Sussex spaniel, is named the Kennel Club's Best in Show

One in three smokers would kick habit to protect petupdated: Wed Feb 11 2009 10:47:00

Pet owners will often go to any length to protect the health of their furry and feathered friends. Now a new survey suggests that one in three smokers would consider kicking the habit after learning that smoking poses a danger to pets.

Bye, bye bulldogupdated: Thu Jan 15 2009 09:51:00

Britain's bulldog undergoes a makeover for its health. CNN's Atika Shubert reports.

Unhealthy British bulldog to get makeoverupdated: Thu Jan 15 2009 09:51:00

The classic English bulldog, a symbol of defiance and pugnacity often likened to wartime leader Winston Churchill, is set to breathe a little easier under revised breed standards issued in Britain. What happened to Michael Vick's dogs ...updated: Wed Dec 24 2008 09:35:00

Since being rescued 20 months ago from the dogfighting ring financed by Michael Vick, all but a few of the abused pit bulls have been recovering in sanctuary, foster care and adoptive homes. Now even the most traumatized of them can have a happy new year.

729 cats and the people they ownupdated: Wed Nov 26 2008 11:21:00

Murphy bounds up the stairs, down the stairs, over the hurdles, through the tunnel and stops. He cautiously sidesteps the large white ring in front of him and sits down.

Mortgage meltdown results in pets going to poundupdated: Fri Nov 21 2008 17:38:00

Furry signs of a down-trending economy peer dolefully from every kennel at the Broward County Humane Society shelter in Florida and hundreds of others across the country.

Shop at a shelter for your new best friendupdated: Fri Oct 24 2008 11:19:00

George Augustin is looking for "the one." He strolls past the 50 cinder block and glass cages that stretch across the Atlanta Humane Society's large dog room, just as he has many times before.

Need some love? Try a shelterupdated: Fri Oct 24 2008 11:19:00

Millions of dogs need forever homes. Gail Buchwald of the ASPCA tells Headline News why shelter dogs make great pets. At Doggyspace, Social Networking Goes to the Dogs updated: Wed Aug 06 2008 11:00:00

A crossbreed between MySpace and YouTube, Doggyspace allows dog owners from all over the world to come together, create profiles, and share photos and videos of their pups

Quest for man's best friendupdated: Fri Mar 28 2008 14:22:00

This month on Quest, a modern insight into our enduring bond with man's best friend... the humble dog.

Even your dog has a blogupdated: Fri Mar 21 2008 09:16:00

It goes without saying that Max, a 3-year-old golden retriever can't talk. But that doesn't stop him from chronicling his dog's life -- as told to his owner Aubrey Jones -- on the blog Max the Golden Retriever.

Numero 'Uno'updated: Wed Feb 13 2008 06:42:00

An adorable beagle named 'Uno' wins the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Big bucks in shaggy dog storyupdated: Wed Jan 02 2008 00:16:00

Maureen Lafferty is anti-fur. Anti-fur in her tub. Anti-fur on her towels. And anti-fur in the drain. A Personality Test for Petsupdated: Fri Dec 14 2007 14:10:00

Do you want a dog who's a "couch potato" or a "free spirit"? A growing number of animal shelters are using tests to match prospective owners with just the right pet

CNNMoney: How much is the kitty in the window? $22,000updated: Fri Nov 02 2007 15:07:00

Goodbye Goldendoodle. Designer dogs are so last season. Now animal lovers are clamoring for cat crossbreeds -- and they are sparing no expense on the latest "it" pet.

Do you need pet insurance?updated: Thu Oct 25 2007 11:17:00

When David Quilty of Santa Monica, California, took his cat Damon to the vet for a checkup, he didn't expect to spend $1,000 to get two of Damon's teeth pulled because of cavities. Ellen's Pooch Problem -- and Oursupdated: Thu Oct 18 2007 10:15:00

Viewpoint: So she gave the dog to another family. Is this any reason for a talk-show host to get America in an uproar?

Are you 'loving' your pet into an early grave?updated: Wed Sep 26 2007 16:13:00

The growing obesity problem doesn't exclude pets.

Trouble's $12M trust fund part of new legal trendupdated: Thu Aug 30 2007 22:31:00

Leona Helmsley's decision to leave $12 million to her dog so it could live out its life in luxury proved once and for all that she was not one of the little people.

One lucky dogupdated: Thu Aug 30 2007 22:31:00

One lucky dog

Fighting dogs face grim future updated: Sat Aug 25 2007 08:29:00

Dogs bred for the fighting pit have only one thing in their future: death. Fighting dogs may die in the ring or at the hands of their owners. If they are confiscated in a bust, they are almost always euthanized, experts say.

Michael Vick's dogsupdated: Sat Aug 25 2007 08:29:00

Michael Vick's dogs

CNNMoney: Burial business breathes life into pet industryupdated: Tue Aug 21 2007 08:22:00

With spa treatments, day care, designer clothes and even special room-service menus, there's no shortage of amenities for beloved balls of fur.

Dog fighting horrorupdated: Tue Jul 24 2007 21:56:00

Dog fighting horror

Analysis: Vick's situationupdated: Wed Jul 18 2007 03:17:00

Analysis: Vick's situation Saving Pets from Another Katrinaupdated: Tue Jun 12 2007 18:30:00

Amid all the planning for another hurricane emergency, New Orleans officials now have to make provisions for animals too

FDA: Melamine-tainted poultry, fish safe for humansupdated: Fri May 18 2007 17:04:00

Approximately 80,000 chickens exposed to feed tainted with the industrial chemical melamine have been declared safe for human consumption, federal health officials said Friday.

Feds: Millions have eaten chickens fed tainted pet foodupdated: Wed May 02 2007 11:56:00

People have eaten millions of chickens that were given feed tainted with recalled pet food, federal officials said Tuesday, though they said the threat to human health is minimal.

CNNMoney: Animal feed provider recalls ingredientupdated: Thu Apr 19 2007 19:12:00

Wilbur-Ellis, an animal feed provider, announced the recall Thursday of rice protein it shipped to a number of pet food companies because it may contain melamine, an agent toxic to animals.

FDA expands pet food recall updated: Wed Apr 18 2007 10:49:00

The nationwide pet food recall was expanded Wednesday to include products containing rice protein laced with melamine, a toxic agent, the Food and Drug Administration said.

One possibility: Pet food adulterated on purposeupdated: Fri Apr 06 2007 07:16:00

Contaminants that led to a massive recall of pet food could have been added intentionally, according to one theory being considered by the Food and Drug Administration.

CNNMoney: Chinese firm disputes FDA in pet deathsupdated: Tue Apr 03 2007 09:20:00

The Chinese company accused by a U.S. government agency of supplying hazardous materials found in recalled pet food shot back Tuesday, calling claims by U.S. officials "rumors" and reporting that samples of the substance had been sent to labs for testing.

Dog owner bites policemanupdated: Tue Apr 03 2007 08:46:00

The owner of a pit bull bit a policeman after his dog ran away during a confrontation with officers, Portuguese daily Diario de Noticias reported on Tuesday.

CNNMoney: Purina joins pet food recallupdated: Sat Mar 31 2007 14:53:00

Nestle Purina PetCare Company is voluntarily recalling all sizes and varieties of its ALPO Prime Cuts in Gravy wet dog food, adding those products to a growing list of pet food tainted with wheat gluten containing the toxic agent melamine, Purina said.

CNNMoney: Hill's Pet Nutrition dry food added to recallupdated: Fri Mar 30 2007 16:44:00

The wet pet food recall that has killed at least 14 animals and sickened hundreds extended into the dry pet food market Friday.

CNNMoney: Rat poison found in recalled pet foodupdated: Fri Mar 23 2007 18:20:00

A chemical used in rat poison was found in recalled pet food that has killed several animals and sickened hundreds of others, the food laboratory of New York state and the Animal Health Diagnostic Center at Cornell University said in a news conference Friday.

Newman: NASCAR racer goes to the dogsupdated: Wed Oct 11 2006 15:47:00

I have always been around dogs.

U.S. is a nation of 360 million -- petsupdated: Fri Mar 10 2006 09:35:00

Pets outnumber people in the United States by about 60 million, with furry, feathered and scaly inhabitants numbering about 360 million, according to the pet industry.

Police call off dog-gone search for Westminster whippetupdated: Thu Feb 16 2006 03:45:00

Such is life -- police called off the search Thursday for award-winning show dog Bohem C'est La Vie, who bolted from her travel cage at a New York airport after she took a breed award at this week's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

CNNMoney: Pet care costsupdated: Wed Feb 15 2006 11:36:00

A dog may be man's best friend, but that pup has a price tag. Vet visits and surgery cost dog owners almost $800 and cat owners $500 last year, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.

Pet rescuers race against timeupdated: Thu Sep 08 2005 16:15:00

On the flooded streets of New Orleans you can hear the dogs barking for miles. They are trapped -- in houses, on roofs, tied to porches. They are frightened and hungry.

Money Magazine: Man's Best Blendupdated: Mon Aug 01 2005 00:01:00

My daughter Julia and I often go to a local pet store to play with the puppies. Usually we see Labs, beagles, maybe a schnauzer and a bunch of Yorkies, all sleeping in a big pile of fluff. Not the ...

CNNMoney: Big bucks in muzzling dog breathupdated: Fri Jul 29 2005 09:32:00

Dog breath. Whew!!!

CNNMoney: Man's best blendupdated: Thu Jul 14 2005 11:30:00

My daughter Julia and I often go to a local pet store to play with the puppies. Usually we see Labs, beagles, maybe a schnauzer and a bunch of Yorkies, all sleeping in a big pile of fluff.

CNNMoney: When Fido hits the roadupdated: Thu Dec 16 2004 11:36:00

Can't bear the thought of looking at those sad eyes when leaving your pet at the kennel during vacation? You may not have to leave your four-legged friend behind.

Dogs take a lead over children updated: Fri Mar 05 2004 06:17:00

"Mommy loves you," cooed Charlotte (Kristin Davis) in a recent episode of "Sex and the City." She was not referring to her child, but to her dog, Elizabeth Taylor.

Dogs take a lead over childrenupdated: Thu Mar 04 2004 10:39:00

"Mommy loves you," cooed Charlotte (Kristin Davis) in a recent episode of "Sex and the City." She was not referring to her child, but to her dog, Elizabeth Taylor.

FSB: Rich Marino, President, And Scott Reisfield, COO, Active Life Pet Products, Boulder Organic chow for the house updated: Sun Jun 01 2003 00:01:00

Fancy lunches, luxe sweaters, regular day spa visits: Dogs and cats have it pretty good these days. "We are seeing more people pamper their pets the way they would pamper themselves," says Lee Avar...

Fortune: Go, Dog, Go!updated: Mon May 12 2003 00:01:00

I'm a normal guy. I like to walk around my neighborhood naming other people's dogs under my breath. I once called a pit bull Mighty Aphrobitey. My wife pegged a poodle Bebe Rebozo. Then there was t...

Money Magazine: Dog Owners Under Attackupdated: Mon Mar 01 1999 00:01:00

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. With dog-bite incidents accounting for almost a third of liability claims against homeowners policies, insurers are increasingly canceling or refusing to ...

Money Magazine: The Wild New World of Health Care for Your Pet From CAT scans to doggy braces, almost every procedure for humans can now be requupdated: Fri Apr 01 1994 00:01:00

Soaring medical bills. Limited insurance coverage. Expensive care for the aged and critically ill. Sounds like the familiar list of problems being addressed in Washington, D.C., right? Not so fast....

Fortune: HAVE A BEER WITH THAT FISH HEADupdated: Mon Aug 09 1993 00:01:00

In Europe, where specially prepared home-cooked meals were often the norm for every member of the family, the rise of the working woman was greeted for years with snarls and whimpers. Dogs and cats...

Money Magazine: My Life with a Dog You've heard of Turner and Hooch. Well, this is about Tyler and pooch. Specifically, how the author has spentupdated: Mon Jan 01 1990 00:01:00

There's no one named Wally at our house. Or Ward, or June or the Beav. But there is a certain suburban sitcom quality to life these days at 28 Waterbury Rd. Call it Leave It to the Retriever (and i...

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