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A major earthquake offshore of the Philippines sent people scrambling toward higher ground, generated a small tsunami and killed at least one person Friday, authorities said.

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No respite from rain, floods in Philippinesupdated: Thu Aug 09 2012 23:14:00

The death toll from five days of heavy rains and floods in the Philippines jumped to 60 on Friday, disaster officials said, with the forecast calling for even more showers across the main island of Luzon.

More rain pours down on Manilaupdated: Wed Aug 08 2012 12:37:00

CNN's Alex Zolbert visits one of Manila's hardest hit areas - before the rains returned once again.

More rains add to Philippines flood woesupdated: Wed Aug 08 2012 12:37:00

Millions of people in the Philippines suffered further torrential rains Wednesday, as deadly floods claimed several more lives and kept many people from returning to their deluged homes.

Flooding brings chaos to Philippine capitalupdated: Tue Aug 07 2012 11:01:00

Fueled by seasonal monsoon rains and a nearby tropical storm, widespread flooding in the Philippines worsened Tuesday, causing a landslide that killed nine members of a family, the national disaster agency reported.

Severe flooding takes aim at Philippinesupdated: Tue Aug 07 2012 11:01:00

Flooding forces tens of thousands of people from their homes. CNN's Alex Zolbert reports from Manila.

Two cyclones strike Chinese coastupdated: Fri Aug 03 2012 10:01:00

Tropical cyclones in Asia prompt the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports.

2 tropical cyclones strike Chinese coast in quick successionupdated: Fri Aug 03 2012 10:01:00

Two tropical cyclones have made landfall in eastern China, prompting the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people from coastal areas as the Philippines and Taiwan assess the damage that one of the storms left in its wake.

Typhoon Saola leaves 23 dead in Philippinesupdated: Thu Aug 02 2012 04:11:00

Heavy rains from the outer bands of Typhoon Saola, which hovered near the Philippines beginning last week, have left 23 people dead and another five injured, an official with the National Disaster Coordinating Center said Thursday.

Demonstrators in Manila protest China's stance over disputed lagoonupdated: Fri May 11 2012 03:24:00

Scores of people in the Philippine capital held a demonstration Friday to protest China's increasingly bellicose rhetoric about a monthlong naval standoff between Beijing and Manila over a disputed lagoon in the South China Sea.

Cultural mix gives Philippines art edgeupdated: Wed May 09 2012 22:05:00

After paying five homeless people outside his studio in Manila to help chew 700 pieces of bubble gum, Louie Cordero began to wonder what he had undertaken in the name of art.

Philippines' ecofriendly trikesupdated: Thu May 03 2012 22:41:00

CNN's Kyung Lah reports on how the Philippines hopes to reduce pollution, one ecofriendly motorbike at a time.

Philippines' tourism campaign hopes for boost from social mediaupdated: Thu May 03 2012 00:59:00

The Philippines Department of Tourism has a lot to boast about. The country has beautiful beaches, great scuba diving and a culture that is known for its hospitality. What it doesn't have is a lot of money for a global tourism campaign.

Philippine tourism's social media boostupdated: Thu May 03 2012 00:59:00

With a good idea but little money, the Philippines' tourism department turns to social media to attract visitors.

Ballet provides opportunity in Manilaupdated: Wed May 02 2012 23:17:00

Ballet is proving to be a route out of the shanty towns of Manila for a lucky few young dancers. Kyung Lah reports.

Families survive on tossed food scrapsupdated: Tue May 01 2012 10:05:00

In Manila's slums, the contents of fast food restaurants' trash bags are turned into whole new meals, called 'pagpag'.

'Garbage chicken' a grim staple for Manila's poor updated: Tue May 01 2012 10:05:00

Felipa Fabon waits outside a local fried chicken restaurant in Manila. Crouching near to feral cats and rubbish bins, she isn't there to meet friends for dinner but to search through the diner's trash bags.

Philippines abuzz with call centersupdated: Mon Apr 30 2012 01:08:00

A soft accent and ties to the U.S. has made the Philippines the hub for outsourced call centers.

Ringing in the changes: The Philippines' call center boomupdated: Mon Apr 30 2012 01:08:00

It is 1a.m. at the Manila offices of VXi and nearly everyone is on the phone.

'Mind Movers' show nature in scaleupdated: Wed Apr 25 2012 23:28:00

The Mind Museum in Taguig, Philippines engages visitors with a hands on approach to educational science.

Philippines shuffles ships in maritime standoff with Chinaupdated: Thu Apr 12 2012 06:09:00

The Philippines said Thursday that it had pulled its largest naval vessel away from a remote lagoon in the South China Sea where it was engaged in an uneasy standoff with two Chinese maritime surveillance ships.

China, Philippines locked in naval standoffupdated: Wed Apr 11 2012 03:51:00

The Philippines said Wednesday that its largest naval vessel is engaged in a standoff with two Chinese maritime surveillance ships in a remote lagoon in the South China Sea.

'Amerasians' in the Philippines fight for recognitionupdated: Sat Mar 03 2012 21:06:00

When Susie Lopez, 43, was a little girl she would run outside her home in Angeles City, near the U.S. Clark Airbase in the Philippines, every time she heard a plane fly by.

Philippines revises down death toll from quakeupdated: Wed Feb 08 2012 02:22:00

The Philippine authorities have significantly revised down the death toll from a strong earthquake that shook the country's third-largest island on Monday.

Military mobilizes as death toll climbs in the Philippinesupdated: Tue Feb 07 2012 06:08:00

The death toll climbed to 48 on Tuesday from a strong earthquake that rocked the Visayas region of the Philippines, state media reported.

Aftershocks rattle Philippines; quake death toll climbs to 15updated: Mon Feb 06 2012 18:15:00

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Monday off the third-largest island in the Philippines has killed at least 15 people, the government said.

Philippines issues local tsunami alert after quake hits between islandsupdated: Mon Feb 06 2012 06:48:00

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck Monday off the third-largest island in the Philippines, prompting the country to issue a tsunami alert for the coastlines near the epicenter.

Gunmen attack fishing boats in Philippines, killing 15updated: Tue Jan 24 2012 02:28:00

Gun-wielding attackers aboard small vessels opened fire on a group of fishing boats in a restive area of the southern Philippines, killing 15 people in an apparent turf dispute between fishermen, the military authorities said Tuesday.

Manila's forgers graduate with honors from 'Recto University'updated: Tue Jan 17 2012 07:48:00

If you don't have the time, inclination and, more importantly, the money to go to university in Manila, you can still get a degree. It will cost you between $US10 and $US60, it will take about two hours to complete and it will be fake.

Security stepped up at Philippines procession after terror threatsupdated: Mon Jan 09 2012 02:11:00

Authorities in the Philippines say they have stepped up security measures for a huge religious procession taking place in Manila on Monday after receiving information suggesting it may be the target of a terrorist attack.

Dozens dead in Philippines landslideupdated: Thu Jan 05 2012 19:32:00

A landslide in a remote area of the southern Philippines kills dozens and leaves more than 100 missing.

Hundreds hurt in New Year festivities in the Philippinesupdated: Sun Jan 01 2012 05:25:00

Firecrackers and gunfire injured nearly 500 people as throngs ushered in the New Year in Manila, CNN affiliate ABS-CBN reported Sunday.

Donations pour into Philippines in wake of deadly stormupdated: Thu Dec 29 2011 22:35:00

Foreign aid to the Philippines in the wake of a deadly tropical storm has reached $12.6 million, the Philippine government announced Thursday.

Philippines flooding: Children at riskupdated: Thu Dec 29 2011 22:35:00

Mark Anthony Dasco of ChildFund Philippines talks about the recovery and children who are most at risk.

More rain forecast for storm-battered Philippinesupdated: Tue Dec 27 2011 05:33:00

The Philippine government said Tuesday that fresh rain in Visayas and Mindanao could set off flash floods and landslides, bringing the potential for more misery in places already struggling to recover from a deadly tropical storm.

More than 1,000 missing in Philippines after stormupdated: Fri Dec 23 2011 10:41:00

More than 1,000 people are missing in the aftermath of a tropical storm that wreaked havoc across the southern Philippines last weekend, the country's government said Friday, as it grappled with the mounting humanitarian crisis in the region.

Death toll from Philippines storm rises above 1,000updated: Wed Dec 21 2011 04:20:00

The death toll in the Philippines from a tropical storm that struck the south of the country over the weekend has risen above 1,000, a government official said Wednesday.

Death toll climbs in Philippinesupdated: Tue Dec 20 2011 06:37:00

Journalist Maria Ressa discusses aid and rescue efforts in the Philippines following a deadly tropical storm.

Storm death toll tops 650 in Philippines; hundreds missingupdated: Sun Dec 18 2011 20:27:00

Tropical Storm Washi moved away from the southern Philippines early Monday, but not before leaving behind a wake of destruction and at least 652 people dead, according to the Philippine Red Cross.

Aid needed for Philippines disasterupdated: Sun Dec 18 2011 20:27:00

Journalist Maria Ressa reports on the latest events on the ground in the Philippines on the aftermath of a massive storm.

At least 447 dead after storm pummels Philippinesupdated: Sat Dec 17 2011 21:40:00

The death toll from a tropical storm that pummeled the Philippines rose to at least 447 on Sunday, according to the national chairman of the Philippine Red Cross.

Kidnapped 14-year-old Filipino-American is freeupdated: Mon Dec 12 2011 18:40:00

A 14-year-old Filipino-American boy abducted in July by suspected Islamic militants in the Philippines is free, officials said.

13 killed in Philippines plane crashupdated: Sat Dec 10 2011 06:09:00

A small plane crashed near the Philippine capital Saturday after its pilot requested an emergency landing, killing at least 13 people, CNN affiliate ABS-CBN reported.

Manila's little people seek their own communityupdated: Thu Dec 01 2011 03:17:00

Crowded, gritty, and poor, Metro Manila can be a tough place to live for just about anyone; but when you stand three feet 10 inches the odds are seriously stacked against you.

Blast kills 3, injures 27 in the Philippinesupdated: Sun Nov 27 2011 23:40:00

A blast at a hotel in the southern Philippines on Sunday killed three people and wounded 27, an official said.

Philippines hit with another typhoonupdated: Mon Oct 03 2011 08:34:00

Typhoon Nalgae makes landfall, battering the Philippines. Arlene Espiritu reports from Manila.

Kidnapped American woman found on Philippine island, police sayupdated: Mon Oct 03 2011 08:32:00

A Filipino-American woman abducted in July in the Philippines was found Sunday on an island stronghold of the Islamic militant group Abu Sayyaf, police said.

Philippines hit by back-to-back typhoons that leave dozens deadupdated: Sun Oct 02 2011 04:05:00

A second typhoon in a week pounded the Philippines over the weekend, weakening Sunday only after prompting evacuations, causing severe flooding and contributing to at least one death, officials said.

Philippines hit with second typhoon in a weekupdated: Sat Oct 01 2011 20:49:00

A second typhoon in a week pounded the Philippines over the weekend, weakening Sunday only after prompting evacuations, causing severe flooding and contributing to one death.

Typhoon affects hundreds of thousands in Philippinesupdated: Thu Sep 29 2011 15:18:00

A typhoon that left at least 21 people dead in the Philippines and 33 others missing spun toward China Thursday morning, while another another tropical storm brewing in the Pacific is expected to hit the Philippines again within days, news and weather agencies reported.

Philippines rocked by typhoonupdated: Thu Sep 29 2011 09:11:00

A deadly typhoon hits the Philippines, leaving thousands displaced.

Typhoon affects tens of thousands in Philippinesupdated: Wed Sep 28 2011 01:06:00

A typhoon that left at least 18 people dead and thousands displaced in the Philippines was expected to move offshore Wednesday afternoon, the state-run Philippines News Agency reported early Wednesday.

Typhoon drenches Taiwan after claiming lives in the Philippinesupdated: Mon Aug 29 2011 10:51:00

Typhoon Nanmadol pounded Taiwan with heavy rains Monday before it was downgraded to a tropical storm and headed toward China, where hundreds of ships returned to harbor.

Typhoon reaches Taiwan after killing 7 in Philippinesupdated: Sun Aug 28 2011 21:05:00

Typhoon Nanmadol reached the southern coast of Taiwan early Sunday, according to the Central Weather Bureau there, after killing at least seven people in the Philippines.

Typhoon triggers landslide, killing 2 children in the Philippinesupdated: Sun Aug 28 2011 01:28:00

Typhoon Nanmadol triggered a landslide in northern Philippines on Saturday, killing at least two children, authorities said.

Typhoon Nanmadol expected to miss northern Philippinesupdated: Fri Aug 26 2011 04:06:00

Typhoon Nanmadol is not expected to make landfall in the Philippines, forecasters said Friday, a development that may be cheered in the places that were supposed to be in the path of the powerful storm.

Typhoon Nanmadol approaches the northern Philippinesupdated: Thu Aug 25 2011 22:57:00

Typhoon Nanmadol has strengthened in the past 24 hours and could hit the northern Philippines in the next two days, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration said Friday.

Typhoon fuels monsoon in the Philippinesupdated: Wed Aug 03 2011 02:47:00

A typhoon some 1,600 kilometers (994 miles) from the Philippine capital is supercharging summer monsoon rains, which have flooded parts of Manila and could trigger flash floods and landslides across other parts of the country, forecasters said Wednesday.

Typhoon-fueled monsoons pound Philippinesupdated: Tue Aug 02 2011 22:25:00

A typhoon off the coast of the Philippines is fueling monsoon rains, which flooded the capital city of Manila and could trigger flash floods and landslides, forecasters said on Wednesday.

Slow-moving tropical storm kills 27 in Philippinesupdated: Thu Jul 28 2011 00:57:00

A tropical storm moving through the Philippines on Wednesday has killed 27 people and left more than 60 injured or missing, according to a government disaster response agency.

Gunmen abduct 2 Americans in Philippinesupdated: Tue Jul 12 2011 12:52:00

Gunmen abducted two American citizens along with their Filipino relative from a southern Philippines island Tuesday, police said.

Strong earthquake rattles the Philippinesupdated: Mon Jul 11 2011 17:46:00

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines early Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Flash floods kill 25, damage 264 homes in the Philippinesupdated: Wed Jun 29 2011 15:21:00

Flash floods in the Philippines have killed 25 people and damaged 264 homes, government officials said.

Tropical storm in Philippines kills 11, forces 40,000 out of homesupdated: Fri Jun 24 2011 05:12:00

Heavy rains and high winds from Tropical Storm Meari lashed the Philippines Friday, killing at least 11 people and displacing 40,000 people, an emergency management agency said.

Bodies of WWII airmen brought home more than 60 years after crashupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 16:14:00

The bodies of five U.S. airmen who went missing when their plane crashed in the Philippines during World War II have been recovered and identified, the Defense Department announced Wednesday.

2009: Massacre probe broadensupdated: Wed Jun 15 2011 05:44:00

A Filipino government official tells CNN that police officers are among the suspects in a massacre that killed dozens.

U.S. issues terror-related travel warning for Philippinesupdated: Wed Jun 15 2011 05:44:00

U.S. citizens should "exercise extreme caution" when traveling to the Philippines, the U.S. State Department said Tuesday in a statement.

New world's shortest man certified in the Philippinesupdated: Mon Jun 13 2011 12:26:00

A man from the Philippines was certified as the world's shortest man this weekend as he reached his 18th birthday, Guinness World Records announced.

Landslide kills at least 10 in southern Philippinesupdated: Fri Apr 22 2011 15:19:00

The army took over rescue efforts Friday after a landslide swept through a small mountain village in the southern Philippines, killing at least 10 people and leaving dozens missing.

Philippines' Taal Volcano shows new lifeupdated: Mon Apr 18 2011 20:27:00

Volcanologists in the Philippines are closely monitoring a volcano on Luzon Island close to the capital, Manila, after a sudden spike in seismic activity.

Philippine authorities: Text on radiation danger is hoaxupdated: Tue Mar 15 2011 12:29:00

Filipino authorities sought to calm panic unleashed among some residents after a hoax text message warned that radiation from Japan may affect the Philippines.

25 years on, Philippines offers lessons for Egyptupdated: Fri Feb 25 2011 16:51:00

When you live under a dictator, you follow the rules. Why? Because you're afraid -- for your job, your family, your life. Your neighbors are afraid. It creates a culture of fear and silence.

Philippines' evolving terrorism threatupdated: Tue Feb 01 2011 05:45:00

Last week's bus bombing in the Philippines highlights how bomb-making techniques brought into the country by al Qaeda and its associate groups can be harnessed by multiple interests.

Death toll climbs to 5 in bus bombingupdated: Wed Jan 26 2011 03:14:00

The death toll from a bus bombing in Manila's financial district climbed to five Wednesday as officials pointed to terror and crime groups in the country's south as a likely source of the attack.

71 dead in Philippines after weeks of floodingupdated: Tue Jan 25 2011 14:06:00

A month of sustained rains have now killed at least 71 people in the Philippines, disaster authorities said Tuesday.

Bus explodes in Manila financial districtupdated: Tue Jan 25 2011 05:27:00

A powerful bomb exploded on a passenger bus Tuesday afternoon in Manila's financial district, killing four people and injuring 15 others, police said.

51 dead from flooding in the Philippines; 1.6 million affectedupdated: Mon Jan 17 2011 06:51:00

Some 51 people are dead in the Philippines after weeks of intense rain caused severe flooding across the Asian nation, the country's national disaster agency said early Monday.

40 people killed in flooding in the Philippinesupdated: Wed Jan 12 2011 08:49:00

Forty people have died as massive floods continued to hit areas of the Philippines, emergency officials said Wednesday.

Philippines' electric dreamsupdated: Mon Jan 03 2011 03:44:00

Manila's electric jeepneys aim to spark a green revolution on the Philippines capital?s traffic-choked streets.

Philippines hotel fire kills 15updated: Sun Dec 19 2010 07:52:00

A fire ravaged a hotel in northern Philippines on Sunday, killing 15 people, most burned beyond recognition, authorities said.

Bus explosion kills 10 in Philippinesupdated: Thu Oct 21 2010 12:13:00

At least 10 people were killed Thursday when a bomb blew up on a bus in the southern Philippines, police said.

10 killed in bus blast in the Philippinesupdated: Thu Oct 21 2010 09:55:00

At least 10 people were killed and 30 others wounded Thursday when a bomb blew up on a bus in the southern Philippines, the Philippines News Agency reported, citing police.

5 dead as Typhoon Megi strikes the Philippinesupdated: Mon Oct 18 2010 20:41:00

With memories of last year's killer typhoons still fresh, Typhoon Megi roared across the Philippines on Monday, ripping through roofs and cutting off electricity.

Philippines on alert as Super Typhoon Megi nears landfallupdated: Sun Oct 17 2010 21:58:00

Emergency crews in the Philippines were on standby Monday morning as the island nation braced for a "super typhoon" that could trigger flooding and landslides.

Powerful typhoon bearing down on Philippinesupdated: Sat Oct 16 2010 21:55:00

The Philippines could begin feeling the effects of a powerful typhoon churning toward the island chain as early as Sunday, forecasters said Saturday.

Just back from: Palawan, Philippinesupdated: Mon Oct 11 2010 09:30:00

Dazzling beaches, pulsing jungles, rich underwater life and friendly locals greet visitors to the Philippines' Palawan province, made up of about 1,700 islands along the country's western edge.

Quake hits off Philippinesupdated: Sun Oct 03 2010 22:53:00

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 struck Monday off the northern Philippines, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

Squatters square off against police, demolition crew in Philippinesupdated: Thu Sep 23 2010 06:27:00

Hundreds of squatters in the Philippine capital faced off against authorities Thursday, in a bid to stop the demolition of their makeshift homes to make way for development.

Police leaders, reporters 'liable' in Philippine bus standoffupdated: Mon Sep 20 2010 07:38:00

An investigative committee looking into last month's bungled bus standoff in the Philippines has recommended criminal or administrative charges against former top police officials and three television networks, President Benigno Aquino told reporters Monday.

Botched Manila hostage crisis probedupdated: Mon Sep 20 2010 07:38:00

A report into the Manila hostage crisis is expected to recommend charges against several people. Anna Coren reports.

Bus hostage drama ends in Philippinesupdated: Thu Sep 09 2010 20:10:00

A dramatic hostage situation comes to a close in Manila.

Surviving the Manila bus standoffupdated: Fri Aug 27 2010 00:35:00

A bus survivor talks about the bravery of her husband and how he gave his life to stop the gunman.

Manila hostage crisis mishandled?updated: Thu Aug 26 2010 22:46:00

CNN's Anna Coren has the latest on the investigation into a deadly hostage situation in Manila.

Manila siege: Disbelief amid the gunfireupdated: Thu Aug 26 2010 22:46:00

I could hear the rapid gun fire. There were several loud cracks, and it was distressing to know that each time the gun discharged behind the bus curtains, an innocent person could have been killed or seriously injured.

Manila hostage siege: What went wrong?updated: Wed Aug 25 2010 21:25:00

CNN's Kristie Lu Stout examines moments during the Manila hostage crisis being criticized by security experts.

Hong Kong mourns victims of bus hijacking in the Philippinesupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 21:25:00

As the bodies of eight tourists killed in a bus hijacking in the Philippines arrived in Hong Kong, China, on Wednesday, the Hong Kong government urged citizens not to take their grief and anger out on Filipinos despite "the poor way" the hijacking was handled by authorities.

Survivors describe terrifying ordeal inside busupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 07:08:00

The wife of one of the victims of the Philippines bus gunman has told reporters that she pretended to be dead in order to survive.

Analysts: Philippine leadership wilts under crisis spotlightupdated: Wed Aug 25 2010 02:44:00

An isolated incident involving a lone gunman in Manila has turned into an international incident that is proving the first real test of newly elected President Benigno Aquino.

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