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Mexican crime reporter found killed in Sonora stateupdated: Mon May 21 2012 10:49:00

The body of a crime reporter who had been abducted Thursday in northwest Sonora State was found Friday inside a plastic bag south of Sonora, Notimex reported.

Legendary war photojournalist dies at 79updated: Fri May 11 2012 13:10:00

Renowned photojournalist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Horst Faas, who spent years covering war's human dramas in the world's hotspots, has died, The Associated Press said Friday.

Opinion: Why Instagram photos cheat the viewerupdated: Wed Feb 22 2012 20:18:00

It started on Facebook, then spread to Twitter. Now Hipstamatic and Instagram-style pictures are everywhere, including the news media.

Life, in black, white and colorupdated: Sun Jan 15 2012 09:05:00

Winston Churchill, glaring, resolute, combative, left hand on hip, stares straight off the page -- a moment, and an image, like no other.

Photojournalism pioneer Eve Arnold dies at 99updated: Tue Jan 10 2012 15:26:00

Eve Arnold, known for her intimate portraits of stars such as Marilyn Monroe as well as her groundbreaking photojournalism work, has died in London, at the age of 99 Magnum Photos said Thursday.

At least two dozen arrested in New York while protesting police policyupdated: Fri Oct 21 2011 21:44:00

At least two dozen people were arrested on Friday in the New York neighborhood of Harlem, where they blocked the entrance to a police precinct in protest of a policy they say discriminates against minorities.

Don McCullin's last warupdated: Tue Oct 11 2011 06:32:00

After 30 years chasing wars from Vietnam to the Middle East, the photographer's current battle is for peace of mind.

Don McCullin's war with guiltupdated: Tue Oct 11 2011 06:32:00

Don McCullin is best known for the unwavering gaze of his war photography.

How to take good pictures with different camerasupdated: Thu Sep 22 2011 09:43:00

In photojournalism, good hardware can go a long way in helping you capture high-quality images, but someone who can properly use a cellphone camera is just as likely to take great photos as a novice equipped with a top-of-the-line DSLR. Knowing whether you're trying to capture spot news or shooting a photo essay is only half the battle: You also need to know how to use different cameras and which tool is appropriate for which situation.

Photographers honor one of their own killed in Libyaupdated: Wed Sep 07 2011 22:52:00

Photographers are honoring one of their own with an online benefit sale Monday aimed at helping the children of South African photojournalist Anton Hammerl, who was reportedly killed in Libya in early April.

Gadhafi's son reaches outupdated: Wed Sep 07 2011 22:52:00

Saadi Gadhafi, a son of fallen Libya leader Moammar Gadhafi, calls CNN's Nic Robertson.

CNN photojournalists share their tricksupdated: Tue Sep 06 2011 13:54:00

Whether you are shooting with a DSLR or a smartphone, one goal all photographers strive for is photographing a scene that quickly gets to the heart of the story without explanation or embellishment.

Rights groups call for release of photographer's body, investigationupdated: Sat May 21 2011 15:32:00

Rights groups are calling for the release of the body of a South African freelance photojournalist and investigation into the role Moammar Gadhafi's forces played in his death in the Libyan desert.

Veteran photojournalist killed in Libyaupdated: Thu Apr 21 2011 21:02:00

Award-winning photojournalist Tim Hetherington was killed while documenting the violence in Libya

Bodies of two photographers killed in Libya arrive in Benghaziupdated: Thu Apr 21 2011 21:02:00

The ship carrying the bodies of a U.S. and a British journalist killed Wednesday in Misrata reached port Thursday night in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

Journalists gave their lives to bear witnessupdated: Thu Apr 21 2011 19:48:00

It is a bitter irony that Chris Hondros, the prize-winning photographer killed in Libya on Wednesday alongside Oscar-nominated photojournalist Tim Hetherington, was to due to speak in New York next week on the dangers of covering conflict. Restrepo Director Tim Hetherington Killed in Libyaupdated: Thu Apr 21 2011 09:28:00

Hetherington, 41, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary, dies during fighting

Woman alleges Libyan forces raped herupdated: Sun Mar 27 2011 21:42:00

A woman is dragged out of a hotel after shouting to journalists that she'd been raped for 2 days by 15 men.

CNN cameraman faces gun, has camera smashed in Libya hotelupdated: Sun Mar 27 2011 21:42:00

CNN photojournalist Khalil Abdallah was having breakfast Saturday in a Tripoli hotel that houses foreign press when a woman burst into the restaurant, screaming that she had been raped and beaten for days by Moammar Gadhafi's brigades.

Mexican journalists shot Thursday may not have been intended targetsupdated: Fri Sep 17 2010 21:22:00

The Chihuahua attorney general's office said Friday it is investigating whether the car in which two photojournalists were shot Thursday in northern Mexico belonged to a human-rights activist who may have been the intended target.

Fearless to the end: Remembering Margaret Mothupdated: Mon Mar 22 2010 17:25:00

Simply put, Margaret Moth made an impression.

A friendly voice late at nightupdated: Thu Mar 11 2010 18:02:00

You can always find a friend on the radio - even if you are working all night. Photojournalist Bob Bikel has the story.

Altered photos removed from New York Times Web siteupdated: Fri Jul 10 2009 06:34:00

All the news that's fit to print -- the motto of The New York Times -- does not necessarily apply to photos.

Place of 'miracle' for Afghanistan's amputeesupdated: Thu May 14 2009 21:55:00

Award-winning photojournalist James Nachtwey was one of five photographers commissioned by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to capture images of life in some of the world's most troubled countries.

Green Solutions in Focusupdated: Mon Apr 20 2009 10:33:00

In observation of Earth Day, CNN photojournalists look at solutions to address the issues affecting the planet. From saving the Chesapeake Bay to addressing the Los Angeles water crisis, people are trying to make a difference before it's too late. "Green Solutions in Focus" is the sixth installment in the multi-platform, award-winning "In Focus" series.

'The future's bright' -- a local's Johannesburgupdated: Wed Apr 01 2009 13:00:00

Neil McCartney is 31 years old and has lived in Johannesburg nearly all his life. He is a photojournalist for Johannesburg newspaper The Citizen, and has a blog showing his images of the city.

International Correspondents blogupdated: Wed Mar 18 2009 11:37:00

This month on International Correspondents, model, muse and famous war photographer, the glamourous Lee Miller was one of the only female photojournalists documenting World War Two.

FSB: E-commerce success fuels photojournalism fundupdated: Thu Jan 22 2009 11:56:00

According to a Native American myth, crows look back with one eye and into the future with the other. Serial entrepreneur Andy Patrick, 47, applied that philosophy to create FiftyCrows Foundation, a nonprofit that funds photojournalists who document injustices throughout the world.

Memories of WWIIupdated: Mon Nov 10 2008 20:10:00

We must never forget the stories of past wars. Photojournalist Jim Castel sits down with a WWII vet to reminisce.

Journalists kidnapped in Somaliaupdated: Sun Aug 24 2008 05:55:00

Two international journalists, along with their Somali colleague and a driver, were kidnapped Saturday, a journalists' organization in Somalia said.

Photojournalists train lenses on sports' wide worldupdated: Mon Aug 11 2008 20:17:00

Eyes are on Beijing, China, for the Summer Games, with an estimated 4 billion people expected to tune in to watch the world's top athletes seek the ultimate recognition: an Olympic gold medal.

Underwater Rugbyupdated: Mon Aug 11 2008 20:17:00

These rugby players take the already intense game to a new level - under water. Photojournalist Bob Crowley shows us.

Americans' relationships with gunsupdated: Thu Jun 26 2008 14:06:00

Americans have varied feelings about guns. In Focus: Guns in America is a series of stories by CNN photojournalists that looks at the complex views and emotions that surround this controversial subject. Photojournalist Cornell Capa Diesupdated: Fri May 23 2008 16:00:00

Pioneer photojournalist Cornell Capa, who used his pictures to illuminate social and political causes and also founded the International Center of Photography has died

Iraqi police beat news photographer updated: Sat May 17 2008 11:30:00

An Iraqi photographer working for Reuters news agency was hospitalized Friday after police beat him at the scene of a suicide bombing, officials told CNN.

U.S. military frees Iraqi journalistupdated: Wed Apr 16 2008 14:34:00

An Iraqi photographer for The Associated Press has been freed after two years in U.S. military custody, an American military official said Wednesday.

U.S. military: Photographer to be releasedupdated: Tue Apr 15 2008 01:22:00

The U.S. military says it will release Wednesday an AP journalist who was arrested two years ago for alleged ties to terrorists. Iraqis Free Accused Photojournalistupdated: Wed Apr 09 2008 16:00:00

A news photographer, detained two years by the US military on terrorism allegations, has been set free by an Iraqi judicial committee

Lost negatives may shed new light on famed photographerupdated: Mon Feb 04 2008 14:03:00

Thousands of photographic negatives documenting the Spanish Civil War by famed photographer Robert Capa, presumed lost for decades, have found a permanent home at a photography center founded by Capa's brother.

'The Mexican Suitcase'updated: Mon Feb 04 2008 14:03:00

Thousands of photo negatives have been recovered, showing photographer Robert Capa's images of the Spanish Civil War.

CNN photojournalist shares travel secretsupdated: Fri Jun 15 2007 14:16:00

Whether driving over fallen trees on highways to uncover the devastating effects of a hurricane or getting on a flight at a moment's notice to keep up with a breaking story, Chris Davis, a veteran photojournalist, is not the average business traveler.

Fortune: Fortune's greatest photo archivesupdated: Mon Apr 23 2007 10:45:00

Fortune invented magazine photojournalism, hiring luminaries like Ansel Adams and Walker Evans. The photos featured here represent some of the best examples of that tradition.

'This wasn't a job for him, it was his life'updated: Mon Aug 14 2006 17:25:00

Dan Young, director of CNN/US's field operations, died Sunday after a battle with leukemia. He was 47. During 24 years at CNN, he worked as a photographer on some of the biggest and most dangerous assignments of his time.

Fortune: New Orleans: A year in a ruined city | September 2005updated: Mon Aug 14 2006 15:49:00

September 2005 In the days after Hurricane Katrina, a flooded New Orleans, and many of its residents, lay sweltering in the heat. Photos taken by Paolo Pellegrin for Fortune in September of 2005 show a city almost entirely uninhabitable, with the few dry areas covered with debris, and most of the city under water.

Through the war photographer's lensupdated: Fri May 14 2004 11:04:00

Award winning photojournalist Odd Anderson's images of the war in Iraq have been printed and broadcast around the world.

Fortune: FORTUNE's Early Eye Photography has always been at the core of FORTUNE. But if that commitment hasn't changed, updated: Mon Mar 06 2000 00:01:00

When FORTUNE first appeared in February 1930, only one name got special billing on the table of contents: Margaret Bourke-White. In those days Henry Luce, co-founder of Time Inc., didn't give write...

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