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What was once Tropical Storm Emily has diminished into a low pressure system, but heavy rain and potential flooding still threaten hundreds of thousands of Haitians living in temporary quarters.

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Soccer salvation: How Haitian football is healing after its earthquakeupdated: Wed Mar 30 2011 09:57:00

When an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010 a quarter of a million people lost their lives, homes were flattened and communities torn apart. The capital Port-au-Prince became a sea of devastation in which shelter was hard to find.

Industrial park project will create 20,000 new jobs in Haitiupdated: Wed Jan 12 2011 10:05:00

Haiti's economy is getting a boost thanks to a venture with one of Korea's largest companies that promises to bring 20,000 garment industry jobs to a new industrial park in the north of the country.

Trapped for six daysupdated: Thu Dec 23 2010 13:51:00

A young woman survives being trapped under the rubble for six days with nothing to eat or drink.

After 6 days in university's rubble, student's prayers answeredupdated: Thu Dec 23 2010 13:51:00

Writhing in pain in the fetal position, Falone Maxi prayed fiercely for someone to find her beneath the ruins of what was once her university. She forced herself to stay conscious. Her sister visited the leveled site each day in hope of hearing her voice.

Trash overwhelms Haitian capitalupdated: Tue Nov 09 2010 20:05:00

Hundreds of open dumps in Haiti's capital worsen a cholera outbreak. CNN's Paula Newton reports.

Tomas aftermath raises concern over worsening cholera outbreakupdated: Tue Nov 09 2010 20:05:00

In the wake of Hurricane Tomas, cholera has reached the congested capital of Port-au-Prince, where as many as 73 people have come down with the potentially deadly infection.

UN: Cholera cases in Haiti's capital are a 'worrying development'updated: Sun Oct 24 2010 13:24:00

The confirmation of five cholera cases in Haiti's capital is a "very worrying development," a U.N. spokeswoman told CNN.

Haiti's cholera outbreakupdated: Sun Oct 24 2010 13:24:00

An aid worker talks to CNN's Asieh Namdar about Haiti's cholera epidemic.

Death toll rises from Haitian cholera outbreakupdated: Sun Oct 24 2010 00:08:00

Five cases of cholera have been confirmed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, a U.N. spokeswoman told CNN Saturday, as public health officials worked to keep the country's cholera outbreak from spreading to the capital.

Four months after 'the catastrophe,' Haitians still in emergency modeupdated: Wed May 19 2010 18:04:00

Horror has given way to acceptance; it can be seen on people's faces. But desperation surfaces everywhere:

Haiti launches effort to shrink tent cities housing earthquake victimsupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 09:09:00

The Haitian government has launched a new effort to thin out the tent cities around Port-au-Prince that are home to hundreds of thousands of people displaced by last month's earthquake.

O'Brien: Rain, aftershocks compound misery in Haitiupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 03:01:00

We had not been in Port-au-Prince in a month, not since those horrible days following the earthquake when the city looked like wreckage.

Commercial flights to Haiti to resume Fridayupdated: Tue Feb 16 2010 17:23:00

American Airlines announced Tuesday it will resume commercial flights into Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Friday, making it the first airline to do so.

Mourners gather in Haitian capital one month after deadly quakeupdated: Fri Feb 12 2010 15:35:00

It was as if the giant crowd were celebrating a joyous occasion -- not a coming-together one month after a deadly earthquake.

Haiti a month after earthquakeupdated: Fri Feb 12 2010 15:35:00

Aisha Bain of the International Rescue Committee discusses Haiti one month later.

Donated circus tents could shelter Haiti's governmentupdated: Thu Feb 11 2010 21:27:00

Several large circus tents previously used by Cirque du Soleil are on their way to Haiti to be used as a temporary headquarters for the Port-au-Prince government, according to the man donating them.

CNNMoney: Rebuilding a shattered economy, $50 at a timeupdated: Thu Feb 04 2010 18:13:00

As Haiti continues to dig out from the earthquake that leveled Port-au-Prince, local microlenders are gearing up to begin rebuilding the country's shattered economy.

10 arrested with 33 children at Haiti-Dominican borderupdated: Sat Jan 30 2010 23:04:00

Ten people, including Americans and Dominicans, carrying 33 children were arrested along the Haitian-Dominican Republic border Saturday, according to Mario Andresol, chief of Haitian National Police.

Massive food distribution to begin Sunday in Port-au-Princeupdated: Sat Jan 30 2010 22:12:00

Massive food distribution coordinated by the World Food Programme, international aid agencies and the Haitian government will begin Sunday in the quake-ravaged capital.

Lights still out in Haitiupdated: Thu Jan 28 2010 13:12:00

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on efforts to return electricity to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

U.S. general: Mobility hinders getting aid to Haitiansupdated: Thu Jan 28 2010 13:12:00

Not all of the earthquake-traumatized Haitians are receiving the aid they need, a U.S. general said Thursday, partly because displaced residents are moving from place to place.

Traffickers targeting Haiti's children, human organs, PM saysupdated: Wed Jan 27 2010 22:21:00

Trafficking of children and human organs is occurring in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated parts of Haiti, killed more than 150,000 people, and left many children orphans, Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said Wednesday.

Quake spared island, but fallout hasn'tupdated: Wed Jan 27 2010 09:19:00

The fishing boat speeds over blue waters of the Caribbean, leaving behind the devastation of mainland Haiti. Pods of dolphins and flying fish dart over the frothy waves. Ahead lies an island of pristine beaches.

The forgotten islandupdated: Wed Jan 27 2010 09:19:00

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on how Haiti's earthquake has effected an island that escaped the ravages of the quake.

Doctors crowd Haitian hospitalupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 22:02:00

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta checks in on doctors who are preparing to treat injured patients in Haiti.

Haiti awash in doctors; nurses in short supplyupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 22:02:00

So many doctors are answering Haiti's call for medical aid that the largest hospital in Port-au-Prince has a new problem: organizing and finding good use for them all.

Haitian radio station becomes post-quake lifelineupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 20:19:00

In the aftermath of Haiti's devastating earthquake, a small radio station became an informational lifeline for people in Port-au-Prince and beyond.

Haitians turn to radioupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 20:19:00

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on a Haitian radio station that filled the information vacuum after the earthquake.

Faith played role in Mom's survival in Haiti, son saysupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 16:59:00

Ena Zizi was participating in a prayer group at the national cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, when the structure came down on her during the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit the island on January 12.

Hope and horror on the Webupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 16:53:00

CNN's Errol Barnett looks at dramatic iReport video from Haiti, and notes people using social media to find loved ones.

Are they alive? In waiting, families grieve for loved ones missing in Haitiupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 16:53:00

Is she hurt? Is she getting help? Is she even alive?

Doctors: Haiti medical situation shamefulupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 16:47:00

Four years ago, the devastating Hurricane Katrina affected millions in the United States. The initial medical response was ill-equipped, understaffed, poorly coordinated and delayed. Criticism was fierce.

Slow medical care is one more thing for quake victims to surviveupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 16:41:00

Nearly a third of the patients at a makeshift hospital in earthquake-ravaged Haiti will die without immediate surgery, a doctor warned Saturday.

Medical facilities scarceupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 16:41:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen explains how the lack of surgical facilies in Haiti is leaving the seriously injured suffering.

Haiti pier opensupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 16:40:00

One of two piers at the port serving the Haitian capital has re-opened, clearing a route for aid to enter Port-au-Prince.

Survivor, apparently unhurt, rescued from rubble after 11 daysupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 16:36:00

French rescue workers pulled a 24-year-old man alive from the rubble of a hotel in Haiti on Saturday, 11 days after an earthquake devastated much of the country.

Man pulled to safetyupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 16:31:00

A man trapped beneath a collapsed grocery store was pulled to safety after 11 days. CNN's Hala Gorani reports.

Families to Haiti: Don't give up, keep searching for quake victimsupdated: Tue Jan 26 2010 16:31:00

Thousands of people were pushing for rescue efforts in Haiti to continue Sunday, after a 24-year-old man was pulled alive from the ruins on Saturday, 11 days after the nation's devastating earthquake.

Haiti textile factory fireupdated: Sat Jan 23 2010 14:29:00

A fire burns at a textile factory in downtown Port-au-Prince.

10 days after quake, Israeli workers rescue buried survivorupdated: Sat Jan 23 2010 14:29:00

Israeli rescuers pulled a 22-year-old man from the ruins of a three-story building on Friday, 10 days after the massive earthquake killed tens of thousands of people.

Haiti pier opens, road laid into Port-au-Princeupdated: Thu Jan 21 2010 22:03:00

The U.S. price tag for relief in Haiti has hit $170 million, the federal government announced Thursday as ton after ton of relief supplies headed into the island nation through a crucial reopened pier.

Haitians seek cash as banks stay closedupdated: Thu Jan 21 2010 21:31:00

The longest and most visible lines in Haiti's capital are not for food, water or gas. They are for money.

Haiti: A day in the lifeupdated: Thu Jan 21 2010 21:31:00

CNN's Louis Carlos Velez follows one Haitian family to see how they're surviving.

Port-au-Prince showing more signs of lifeupdated: Thu Jan 21 2010 21:15:00

Long truck convoys inched their way through heavy traffic in Haiti's capital Thursday, bringing relief efforts into full view in parts of Port-au-Prince.

8 days after Haiti quake: More survivors, 5.9 aftershockupdated: Wed Jan 20 2010 22:21:00

Rescuers were still finding survivors trapped in the ruins of collapsed buildings in earthquake-ravaged Haiti on Wednesday, and relief officials said efforts to get aid into the hands of survivors were improving.

Alternate supply routes could open Haiti aid bottleneckupdated: Wed Jan 20 2010 16:42:00

The United States and Canada stepped up efforts to open other aid routes Wednesday after a leading relief agency complained that air traffic congestion in Port-au-Prince was costing lives on the ground.

Why are supplies turned away?updated: Wed Jan 20 2010 16:42:00

CNN's Kiran Chetry discusses claims by some aid organizations that they can't get aid to the streets of Haiti.

Aid workers frustrated with relief effortupdated: Wed Jan 20 2010 11:18:00

Anger boiled over on the streets of Haiti's capital Tuesday -- not just from residents who have gone a week without food and water, but from the people who are supposed to be providing it.

Devastation in another townupdated: Wed Jan 20 2010 09:28:00

CNN's Soledad O'Brien reports on the relief effort in Haiti's cultural capital of Jacmel.

Quake sets Haiti back years, experts sayupdated: Tue Jan 19 2010 22:26:00

Already hamstrung by generations of poverty, environmental catastrophe and strongman rule, Haiti will need years to recover from the devastation inflicted by last week's earthquake, according to U.S. and Canadian analysts.

Haiti's tent cities offer respite, stoke fearsupdated: Tue Jan 19 2010 12:15:00

In the best of times, the Champs de Mars square in downtown Port-au-Prince was an awe-inspiring sight for Haitians. The broad boulevard was home to the majestic presidential palace, the seat of the country's power and prestige.

Tight airspace, poor communications hinder aid effortupdated: Tue Jan 19 2010 11:11:00

Limited runway space and battered telecommunications networks are hindering efforts to get food, water and medical aid into the hands of desperate Haitians amid the devastation of last week's earthquake, relief agencies said Monday.

Desperation in Haitiupdated: Tue Jan 19 2010 11:11:00

Desperation for food and water is growing in Haiti. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports.

Haiti police ill-equipped to handle crisisupdated: Tue Jan 19 2010 01:11:00

A crowd plunders buildings crumbled by last week's earthquake, hauling off water, food, candles and anything else recoverable. Suddenly, a pickup truck hauling a half dozen armed policemen squeals to a halt.

Survivors still being pulled from Haiti rubbleupdated: Mon Jan 18 2010 22:47:00

Nearly a week after a massive earthquake leveled much of Haiti, rescues of victims who survived without food or water have not abated.

Injured boy helped from sceneupdated: Mon Jan 18 2010 20:27:00

A boy is injured during looting in Haiti's streets. A CNN crew with Anderson Cooper was nearby as it unfolded.

'A frenzy of looting' seen in Haiti's capitalupdated: Mon Jan 18 2010 20:27:00

With the people of Haiti hungry, desperate and frustrated nearly a week after a powerful earthquake, sporadic violence and looting are erupting in the badly damaged capital.

Haiti earthquake: Monday news updatesupdated: Mon Jan 18 2010 15:21:00

Monday, January 18 3:17 p.m. -- CNN's Anderson Cooper provides more detail on the looting he saw in downtown Port-au-Prince on Monday: Several hundred people broke into a damaged supply store, and some of them -- young men holding two-by-fours with nails hammered into them -- began attacking each other. One boy collapsed onto the street in a pool of blood, Cooper said. Some people came with money, buying supplies from looters -- in some cases hopinh to sell for more somewhere else.

Glitches remain, but aid reaching Haiti earthquake victimsupdated: Mon Jan 18 2010 11:00:00

At least one organization attempting to deliver aid to Haiti continued to be plagued Sunday by delays and logistical problems, but aid was getting to those who need it most, officials said.

Logistical challenges In Haitiupdated: Mon Jan 18 2010 11:00:00

CNN's Brian Todd reports from the USS Carl Vinson on the logistical problems with supplying aid to Haiti.

O'Brien: Desperation abounds in the streets of Port-au-Princeupdated: Mon Jan 18 2010 01:00:00

Five days after the earthquake in Port-au-Prince, the fear of going back inside has subsided. But the plazas and the parks are still full.

More survivors at grocery storeupdated: Sun Jan 17 2010 23:06:00

Rescuers continue to work at the site of a collapsed grocery store where three victims have been found alive.

5 rescued from grocery store rubbleupdated: Sun Jan 17 2010 23:06:00

Five people were rescued Sunday from the rubble of a grocery store, officials told CNN, 24 hours after the effort to reach them began.

Haitians sing, chant, marchupdated: Sun Jan 17 2010 18:17:00

Amidst the destruction and devastation, Haitians come together for a peaceful march.

Reporter's notebook: Nothing can mask smell of deathupdated: Sat Jan 16 2010 15:29:00

Here are some observations four days after Tuesday's massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti's capital:

Desperation grows: Mass grave found outside Port-au-Princeupdated: Sat Jan 16 2010 11:07:00

Scores of bodies were found in a mass grave outside the capital city of Port-au-Prince on Friday, a sign of Haitians' desperation three days after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated the impoverished nation.

Where bodies go after natural disastersupdated: Sat Jan 16 2010 09:21:00

Four days after Haiti's massive earthquake, efforts are under way to bury the dead as thousands of bodies crumpled in the streets of Port-au-Prince lay exposed to the sun or draped in sheets and cardboard.

Outside Port-au-Prince, 'towns are absolutely destroyed'updated: Fri Jan 15 2010 22:31:00

Jacmel was the artsy town Kathryn Bolles would travel to on weekends, a respite from the bustle of Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince.

Searching for Haiti's missingupdated: Fri Jan 15 2010 22:31:00

Gabriela Frias shows us some of the websites used to help locate the missing in Haiti.

Satellite images show devastation after Haiti earthquakeupdated: Fri Jan 15 2010 11:49:00

Updated satellite imagery of Port-au-Prince has helped to reveal the full extent of the widespread devastation caused by Tuesday's 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

Google images show devastationupdated: Fri Jan 15 2010 11:49:00

Newly released images show the true scale of the devastation after the earthquake in Haiti.

Haiti developments -- Thursdayupdated: Fri Jan 15 2010 10:08:00

10:24 p.m. -- An Icelandic search-and-rescue team has freed a woman who was entombed -- uninjured -- for 50 hours in the ruins of the Caribbean Market in Port-au-Prince, CNN's Gary Tuchman reports. The team, having heard her voice, had been trying to reach her for about 24 hours. The team rescued at least one other person there; many other people were killed as a result of the building's collapse.

iReporter describes devastationupdated: Fri Jan 15 2010 09:11:00

iReporter Jonathan de la Durantaye describes the destruction in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

'People were dying below me'updated: Fri Jan 15 2010 03:27:00

CNN's Anderson Cooper watches as a young girl is rescued from the rubble in downtown Port-au-Prince.

Haitians dig themselves out as quake damage slows outside aidupdated: Fri Jan 15 2010 03:27:00

Haitians took recovery efforts into their own hands Thursday as aid workers trickled into the quake-battered capital where impassable roads, damaged docks and clogged airstrips slowed the arrival of critically needed assistance.

Child pulled from rubble two days after quake; searches go onupdated: Thu Jan 14 2010 20:40:00

Her braids, dusty from the rubble around her, poked out from the small opening where she lay crying in pain, her right leg pinned under a heavy piece of metal.

Aid deliveries face logistical nightmaresupdated: Thu Jan 14 2010 17:37:00

A large crane used to load and unload containers from cargo vessels, was bent, twisted and leaning toward the water at the main port for Haiti's capital city on Thursday.

Airlines organizing Haiti earthquake aidupdated: Thu Jan 14 2010 17:02:00

Airlines, uncertain about when commercial service to disaster-ravaged Haiti will resume, are organizing relief flights and offering incentives to customers who donate to aid organizations.

Haiti halts flights into overburdened airportupdated: Thu Jan 14 2010 16:28:00

The Haitian government has halted flights into the Port-au-Prince airport for now, because ramp space is too crowded, and there is no fuel, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday.

Haiti appeals for aid; official fears 100,000 dead after earthquakeupdated: Wed Jan 13 2010 22:57:00

Rescue workers struggled to clear rubble and bodies Wednesday from the streets of Haiti's "flattened" capital, where a government official said the death toll from Tuesday's 7.0-magnitude earthquake may exceed 100,000.

Daughter trapped but now 'okay'updated: Wed Jan 13 2010 16:44:00

The parents of an aid worker tell the story of their daughter's rescue after she was trapped by wreckage from the quake.

Ambassador: Capital in ruinsupdated: Wed Jan 13 2010 10:59:00

The Haitian ambassador to the U.S. says the Haitian capital is devastated after Tuesday's earthquake.

U.N. chief calls on world to help crisis-hit Haitiupdated: Wed Jan 13 2010 10:59:00

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued an urgent call Wednesday to the international community to assist Haiti, as the Caribbean island counted the cost of a devastating earthquake the day before.

Haitians in U.S. watch earthquake news and worryupdated: Wed Jan 13 2010 10:19:00

With phone lines down and communication cut, Haitians living in America are "sick with worry" and scrambling for information about Tuesday's earthquake, while fretting about their troubled homeland and their loved ones.

7.0 quake hits Haiti; 'Serious loss of life' expectedupdated: Wed Jan 13 2010 09:51:00

A major earthquake struck southern Haiti on Tuesday, knocking down buildings and power lines and inflicting what its ambassador to the United States called a catastrophe for the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation.

Officials not expecting more survivors in Haiti school collapseupdated: Mon Nov 10 2008 20:32:00

Rescue officials said Monday they don't expect to find any more survivors at a Haitian school that collapsed last week, indicating efforts will now be focused on recovering bodies.

Death toll climbs as search continues in Haiti collapseupdated: Sat Nov 08 2008 23:20:00

The death toll rose to 84 Saturday night in the collapse of a Haitian school as international aid crews continued sifting through the wreckage, a local journalist said Saturday night.

Rescue continues into the night after Haiti school collapsesupdated: Fri Nov 07 2008 21:13:00

At least 50 people have died in a school collapse in in Petionville, near the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, officials said Friday night. Tropical Storm Forms in Caribbeanupdated: Mon Aug 25 2008 16:00:00

Haitians were told to prepare for evacuations as Tropical Storm Gustav formed quickly in the Caribbean

Rebels enter police headquarters in Haitian capitalupdated: Mon Mar 01 2004 01:10:00

Greeted by hundreds of cheering supporters, heavily armed Haitian rebels drove into Port-au-Prince on Monday, entering the headquarters of the national police, the stronghold of supporters of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

U.S. accuses Aristide of orchestrating violenceupdated: Sat Feb 28 2004 08:38:00

The White House accused Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of orchestrating the violence that has gripped the capital, Port-au-Prince, for days.

Anarchy grips Haitian capitalupdated: Fri Feb 27 2004 04:02:00

With rebels claiming to have surrounded the Haitian capital -- where President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was holed up and vowing to stay -- armed gangs have taken to the streets, leaving deaths, looting and fires in their wake.

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