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Racial Profiling

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is retraining some workers after allegations of racial profiling by officers assigned to look for people behaving suspiciously, a spokesman said.

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TSA confiscates cannonball, dead snakesupdated: Thu Aug 23 2012 09:51:00

HLN takes a look at some of the unusual items that have been found at airport security checkpoints.

TSA to investigate racial profiling claimsupdated: Tue Aug 14 2012 16:58:00

A federal program designed to uncover potential terrorists before they board airplanes is under internal investigation after employees claimed some of their colleagues at Boston's international airport are engaged in racial profiling.

TSA rescues kidnapped woman at airportupdated: Tue Aug 14 2012 16:58:00

TSA agents rescue a kidnapped woman in Miami and assist in the capture of her two accused abductors.

Civil suit over Ariz. 'racial profiling'updated: Fri Jul 20 2012 09:55:00

A group of Hispanics sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio for anti-illegal immigration patrols they say violate their civil rights.

Supreme Court mostly rejects Arizona immigration law; gov says 'heart' remainsupdated: Tue Jun 26 2012 11:21:00

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday struck down key parts of an Arizona law that sought to deter illegal immigration, but let stand a controversial provision allowing police to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws.

Trayvon Martin shooting wasn't a case of racial profilingupdated: Wed May 30 2012 07:51:00

Ever since the Trayvon Martin case came to national attention, George Zimmerman has been described by some as having racially profiled the 17-year-old before he was shot and killed.

When courts pretend it's not about raceupdated: Fri May 25 2012 20:10:00

The United States has a dignity problem. The concept of dignity is recognized by law in countries all over the world. It is a cornerstone of both international humanitarian law, which governs the treatment of prisoners of war, and international human rights law.

Racial profiling law passes in Connecticut updated: Tue May 08 2012 05:38:00

A few months after four East Haven police officers were arrested for allegedly targeting and harassing Latinos, Connecticut's state legislature passed a bill Monday to beef up safeguards against racial profiling.

Connecticut priest helps Latinosupdated: Tue May 08 2012 05:38:00

CNN's Susan Candiotti profiles an East Haven, Connecticut, priest who fights discrimination against Latinos.

Justice, not revenge, for Trayvonupdated: Tue Mar 27 2012 15:56:00

As the rallies for Trayvon Martin grow, as the media coverage surrounding the tragedy deepens and as the calls for justice get louder, we all must remember one thing: Revenge and justice are not the same thing.

Bounty put on Trayvon Martin shooterupdated: Tue Mar 27 2012 15:56:00

A member of the New Black Panthers believes in 'an eye for an eye' even if Trayvon Martin's family doesn't.

Poll: Majority of New Yorkers approve of NYPD surveillance of Muslimsupdated: Tue Mar 13 2012 19:25:00

Most New Yorkers believe the city's police act appropriately in dealing with Muslims, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday.

Conn. cops accused of racial profilingupdated: Thu Jan 26 2012 12:17:00

Dermot Lynch, Yale Law student, and Father James Manship, arrested by the New Haven police, discuss the officer's behavior.

Perry's wrong turn: Defending Sheriff Joeupdated: Thu Dec 29 2011 17:28:00

I bet it sounded like a good idea at the time. Now, not so much.

Rochester, N.Y., officials vow to improve police, community relationsupdated: Mon Aug 15 2011 05:36:00

After months of allegations of racial profiling and poor relations between the police force and populace, officials in the New York city of Rochester are vowing to tackle the issues head-on, a city councilman said Saturday.

Progress in Rochester police controversyupdated: Mon Aug 15 2011 05:36:00

After its police force is accused of making unfair arrests, the city of Rochester, New York, seeks to make changes.

Mexican government: Alabama law could promote racial profilingupdated: Fri Aug 05 2011 20:29:00

A new Alabama immigration law could lead to racial profiling and adversely affect the rights of Mexican nationals living in or visiting the state, Mexican officials said Friday.

Report: Newark airport screeners targeted Mexicans and Dominicansupdated: Wed Jun 15 2011 11:37:00

Security screeners at Newark Liberty International Airport singled out Mexican and Dominican passengers for nearly two years, according to a federal report obtained by The Star-Ledger newspaper.

Settlement veils police department accused of racial profilingupdated: Thu Apr 14 2011 17:36:00

A police department accused of racially profiling Latinos has reached a settlement with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. In exchange for agreeing to several policy changes, the identity of the police force is not being made public.

Groups plan immigration law protest for Georgia Capitolupdated: Thu Mar 24 2011 15:54:00

Two groups against a tough immigration law now before the Georgia legislature say thousands will show up at the state capitol in Atlanta Thursday to protest it.

Arizona immigration showdownupdated: Sun Jul 25 2010 11:01:00

The federal government takes Arizona to court over the state's immigration law. CNN's Casey Wian reports.

Judge hears two challenges to Arizona immigration lawupdated: Sun Jul 25 2010 11:01:00

With only a week to go before it takes effect, a federal judge Thursday heard arguments about Arizona's new immigration law and whether it violates the U.S. Constitution or is a legitimate response to insufficient federal enforcement.

Adviser: Obama wants GOP votes on immigrationupdated: Sun Jul 11 2010 14:59:00

Despite cynicism on both sides of the aisle that a broad overhaul of U.S. immigration laws will not happen this year, President Barack Obama continues to push for a bipartisan way forward on the issue, senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday.

Debating Arizona's immigration lawupdated: Sun Jul 11 2010 14:59:00

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Arizona Rep. Trent Franks discuss Arizona's new immigration law.

Report: Harvard prof, police sergeant share blameupdated: Thu Jul 01 2010 08:18:00

A white police sergeant and a black Harvard University professor both made mistakes in a confrontation last year that led to an arrest and a national debate on racial profiling, a report said.

Chicago man accuses feds of racial profilingupdated: Fri May 28 2010 14:42:00

A 32-year-old Puerto Rican recruiter for a cosmetology school in Chicago, Illinois, accused federal immigration authorities on Thursday of throwing him in jail over the weekend as a result of racial profiling.

Rhode Island House speaker kills immigration billupdated: Tue May 25 2010 15:21:00

Days after a boisterous protest on Rhode Island's House floor, a state official decided that a bill copying Arizona's immigration law will not be heard by lawmakers this session.

Arizona violating treaty ratified by U.S.updated: Fri May 21 2010 10:51:00

On the heels of the passage of Arizona's racial profiling law, tens of thousands of people from all over the country have marched in support of human rights and against the legislation.

Is Arizona ban too subjective?updated: Sun May 16 2010 00:56:00

CNN's Josh Levs looks into a controversial new Arizona law banning some ethnic studies courses but not others.

Palin to Obama: 'Do your job, secure our border'updated: Sun May 16 2010 00:56:00

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin joined the national battle over Arizona's controversial new immigration law Saturday, appearing with Gov. Jan Brewer in Phoenix to denounce the Obama administration's criticism of the law.

Los Angeles approves Arizona business boycottupdated: Thu May 13 2010 18:54:00

The Los Angeles City Council overwhelmingly approved a boycott of Arizona-based businesses and governments Wednesday unless the state repeals a new law giving police the power to question a detainee's immigration status.

Rubio's troubling immigration flip-flopupdated: Thu May 13 2010 18:21:00

For much of this election season, I saw a lot to admire in Marco Rubio. I liked the independence and courage he showed in going against the Republican Party establishment by challenging Gov. Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate race in Florida. And when Rubio was viciously and unfairly attacked by presumptuous white liberals for not being authentically Latino, I liked him even more.

Arizona limits ethnic studies in public schoolsupdated: Thu May 13 2010 13:12:00

Fresh on the heels of a new immigration law that has led to calls to boycott her state, Arizona's governor has signed a bill banning ethnic studies classes that "promote resentment" of other racial groups.

Holder: Law may lead to racial profilingupdated: Tue May 11 2010 22:22:00

Attorney General Eric Holder says the Arizona state law on immigration may increase racial profiling.

Cop-watchers look for racial profiling on the streets of Phoenixupdated: Tue May 11 2010 22:22:00

Margarito Blanco trains his camcorder on the officer approaching a Chevy pickup, while his friend Andrew Sanchez furiously scribbles notes on a pad.

Holder: Feds may sue over Arizona immigration lawupdated: Sun May 09 2010 14:06:00

Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday that the Justice Department was considering a federal lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law.

Obama: Our immigration system is brokenupdated: Sun May 09 2010 14:06:00

President Obama says the way to fix the broken immigration system is through comprehensive immigration reform.

Boycotts put Arizona's reputation on the lineupdated: Fri May 07 2010 20:19:00

As the voice of opposition to Arizona's controversial immigration law gets louder, the state's reputation can expect to take a hit.

Latino rights group, others call for Arizona boycottupdated: Thu May 06 2010 14:40:00

A Latino rights group and other immigrant and labor organizations called Thursday for a national boycott of Arizona over the state's new immigration law, which allows police to ask anyone for proof of legal U.S. residency.

Obama calls on Congress to work on immigration reformupdated: Thu May 06 2010 11:44:00

President Obama on Wednesday called on Congress to work on comprehensive immigration reform this year, saying it would be the best way to fix the nation's broken immigration system.

Stop profiling on terrorism and in Arizonaupdated: Thu May 06 2010 10:20:00

Michael Bloomberg is out a quarter. That's how much New York's mayor, who has an estimated net worth north of $15 billion, wagered that he knew exactly what type of person would try to set off a car bomb in Times Square.

At odds over Arizona immigration lawupdated: Wed May 05 2010 13:31:00

CNN's Tony Harris talks to two iReporters who disagree about Arizona's new immigration law.

Two Arizona cities to sue over immigration lawupdated: Wed May 05 2010 13:31:00

The city councils in two of Arizona's largest cities have voted to file suit over the state's controversial new immigration law, which allows police to ask anyone for proof of legal U.S. residency.

Protests against Arizona immigration law go nationwideupdated: Sat May 01 2010 19:08:00

Thousands of protesters in cities across the United States waved American flags as they rallied Saturday against Arizona's tough new immigration law and pushed for national immigration reform.

Arizona governor signs changes into immigration lawupdated: Sat May 01 2010 14:46:00

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill Friday that makes changes to a controversial new state immigration law, saying the changes should ease concerns about racial profiling.

Ariz. officer sues over immigration lawupdated: Sat May 01 2010 14:46:00

CNN's Sanjay Gupta interviews the Arizona officer who is suing over the new immigration law. See full interview on AC360.

Group plans protests for immigrants' rights as immigration law changesupdated: Fri Apr 30 2010 20:12:00

Demonstrations in support of immigrants' rights are scheduled Saturday in at least 21 states, the District of Columbia and two Canadian provinces. In all, protests are planned for 47 cities.

Arizona police officer sues over immigration lawupdated: Fri Apr 30 2010 11:38:00

A police officer in Tucson, Arizona, asks that local law enforcement be exempt from enforcing the state's new immigration law in a lawsuit filed in federal court on Thursday.

Officer sues over immigration lawupdated: Fri Apr 30 2010 11:38:00

A Tucson police officer and his attorney discuss the suit they filed to block Arizona's new immigration law.

Arizona immigration law a sin?updated: Thu Apr 29 2010 16:30:00

Some religious leaders are calling Arizona's new illegal immigration law a sin. KGUN reports.

Rights groups announce challenge to new Arizona immigration lawupdated: Thu Apr 29 2010 16:30:00

Four groups that advocate for immigrant rights said Thursday they will challenge Arizona's new immigration law, which allows police to ask anyone for proof of legal U.S. residency.

Democrats call for elimination of Arizona's new immigration lawupdated: Wed Apr 28 2010 23:11:00

Congressional Democrats made an impassioned plea on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday for Arizona's new immigration law to be overturned, citing constitutional concerns and other implications for the country.

Ariz. the 'Show me your papers state'updated: Wed Apr 28 2010 23:11:00

Democratic members of Congress denounce Arizona's new immigration enforcement law.

New immigration law won't hurt economy, Arizona governor saysupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 09:08:00

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday deflected concerns that the state's new immigration law will hurt economic development, saying many businesses have long wanted tougher action.

Arizona governor: New law helps economyupdated: Tue Apr 27 2010 09:08:00

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer answers critics who say the recently passed immigration law will hurt Arizona businesses.

Arizona cops: We won't profileupdated: Mon Apr 26 2010 11:50:00

Arizona police chiefs call fears of racial profiling under a new immigration law unfounded. CNN's Casey Wian reports.

Arizona immigration bill becomes lawupdated: Sun Apr 25 2010 09:41:00

Governor Jan Brewer says the new law will strengthen security within Arizona's borders.

Arizona governor signs immigration billupdated: Sun Apr 25 2010 09:41:00

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill Friday that requires police in her state to determine whether a person is in the United States legally, which critics say will foster racial profiling but supporters say will crack down on illegal immigration.

Arizona immigration law sparks debateupdated: Sun Apr 25 2010 09:29:00

Opponents of a controversial Arizona legislation on immigration call on the state's governor to veto the bill.

Latino lawmakers urge veto of Arizona immigration lawupdated: Sun Apr 25 2010 09:29:00

Latino members of Congress Tuesday called on Arizona's governor to kill a state bill that would require police to determine whether people are in the United States legally, arguing that it unconstitutionally authorizes discrimination.

Lawmaker defends immigration billupdated: Fri Apr 23 2010 07:02:00

An Arizona lawmaker admits his idea is tough, but says it will not encourage racial profiling.

Arizona had to take charge on immigrationupdated: Fri Apr 23 2010 07:02:00

There's no doubt that there has been much controversy surrounding Arizona's Senate Bill 1070, known as the "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act," which I voted for last week.

Arizona bill tells police to check immigration statusupdated: Tue Apr 20 2010 13:57:00

The Arizona state Senate on Monday passed an extensive immigration bill that is widely considered to be some of the toughest immigration legislation in the nation, requiring police officers to determine whether a person is in the United States legally.

Bollywood star causes stirupdated: Mon Mar 01 2010 11:33:00

CNN's Neil Curry reports on the European premiere of a Bollywood film that has a message far beyond India.

Shah Rukh Khan: 'My job is to make people smile'updated: Mon Mar 01 2010 11:33:00

Putting a smile on millions of faces is all in a day's work for the reigning king of Bollywood.

Body scanners hit Heathrowupdated: Wed Feb 03 2010 12:45:00

CNN's Ayesha Durgahee visits London's Heathrow Airport for the rollout of full-body security scanners.

Airport screening for 'Flying while Muslim'updated: Wed Feb 03 2010 12:45:00

It seems that now someone called "Barack Hussein Obama" can be pulled aside and patted down merely because of his name. But while our president has the benefit of Air Force One, millions of us with a "funny name" (Muslim and otherwise) do not. Like me.

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