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U.S. Army, Marines reboot training to focus on waging more conventional warsupdated: Fri Jan 27 2012 22:02:00

The U.S. military has been at war for more than a decade, its longest stretch of continuous fighting ever. But the new budget released this week by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta includes a mandate for new training in how to fight a war.

CNNMoney: 'Devastating' cuts if super committee failsupdated: Sat Nov 05 2011 16:39:00

More criminals on the street. Fewer border guards. More instances of food poisoning and less reliable weather forecasts.

U.S. combat brigade to leave Iraq well ahead of scheduleupdated: Sat Oct 15 2011 19:39:00

A brigade of U.S. troops originally scheduled to be among the very last to leave Iraq is being pulled out of the country months ahead of its planned departure, military officials said Saturday.

Iraqi political leaders discuss U.S. training missionupdated: Tue Oct 04 2011 17:49:00

Leaders from Iraq's political blocs met Tuesday at Iraqi President Jalal Talabani's office to discuss "the training mission of Iraqi forces by U.S. trainers," an Iraqi government spokesman said.

Leaving too many troops in Iraq a risk, Army chief of staff saysupdated: Fri Sep 09 2011 11:50:00

The new Army chief of staff, Gen. Ray Odierno, says there would be risks in leaving a large force of U.S. troops in Iraq beyond the present withdrawal deadline of the end of the year.

Obama nominates Army head to serve as new Joint Chiefs chairmanupdated: Tue May 31 2011 07:24:00

President Barack Obama on Monday nominated Gen. Martin Dempsey, the relatively new Army chief of staff, to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Obama's new defense appointmentsupdated: Tue May 31 2011 07:24:00

President Obama announces key changes in defense personnel, nominating a new Joint Chiefs Chairman.

Iraqis take the leadupdated: Wed Sep 01 2010 11:16:00

Vice President Joe Biden presides over a transition of power ceremony marking the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Biden marks transfer of U.S. command in Iraqupdated: Wed Sep 01 2010 11:16:00

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Robert Gates helped usher in the next chapter for the United States in Iraq on Wednesday, presiding over a ceremony launching a new military operation designed to train, assist and advise the Iraqis.

Biden travels to Iraq to mark end of U.S. combat missionupdated: Mon Aug 30 2010 16:46:00

Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Iraq on Monday to participate in a ceremony marking the end of the U.S. combat mission there, according to the White House.

U.S. in Iraq beyond 2011?updated: Tue Aug 24 2010 09:49:00

Gen. Ray Odierno tells CNN that in certain circumstances "potentially, we could be [in Iraq] beyond 2011."

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq; first since last combat brigade withdrewupdated: Sun Aug 22 2010 14:09:00

An American soldier was killed in southern Iraq on Sunday, the U.S. military announced, marking the first U.S. fatality since last week's withdrawal of the last combat brigade from the country.

Gates proposes cutting Joint Forces command from defense budgetupdated: Tue Aug 10 2010 06:41:00

Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced some far-reaching proposals Monday for restructuring the massive budget at his agency, including getting rid of the U.S. Joint Forces Command.

U.S. military says weekend explosions in Basra were bombsupdated: Mon Aug 09 2010 12:38:00

The series of explosions Saturday that killed dozens of people in Basra were caused by car bombs and roadside bombs, not by an accident, the U.S. military said Monday.

Gen. Odierno reflects on Iraqupdated: Mon Aug 09 2010 11:14:00

Gen. Ray Odierno sits down with CNN's Arwa Damon for a look back at the past seven years in Iraq.

U.S. hands over control of Iraq combat operationsupdated: Mon Aug 09 2010 11:14:00

Iraqi commandos showed off skills they learned from U.S. military forces, who Saturday formally handed over control of combat operations to Iraqi security forces.

Odierno: Plan to thin out troops in Iraq on scheduleupdated: Wed Jul 21 2010 16:54:00

The top U.S. commander in Iraq said Wednesday that the United States is still on track to draw down its troops to 50,000 by September 1, when the U.S. will cease combat operations and change its mission to mainly training Iraqi forces.

Obama meets with top U.S. commander for Iraqupdated: Wed Jun 02 2010 14:50:00

President Barack Obama met Wednesday with U.S. Army Gen. Ray Odierno to get a first-hand account of conditions in Iraq from the top commander for the country.

Al Qaeda confirms death of 2 top leadersupdated: Sun Apr 25 2010 06:23:00

Al Qaeda in Iraq has confirmed in a statement posted online that two of its two most senior leaders have been killed.

Officials: Al Qaeda in Iraq leaders killedupdated: Mon Apr 19 2010 16:44:00

The two most senior leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq have been killed in a joint Iraqi-U.S. operation, officials announced Monday.

Biden: Al-Qaeda dealt 'devastating' blowupdated: Mon Apr 19 2010 16:44:00

The White House credits Iraqi security forces with securing Iraq following the deaths of two senior al-Qaeda leaders.

U.S. envoy: Iraqis 'deserve congratulations' for voteupdated: Mon Mar 08 2010 11:39:00

Iraq's elections "really went very, very well" and the "Iraqi people deserve a lot of congratulations from us," the United States' ambassador to Baghdad said Monday.

Iraq's unresolved issuesupdated: Mon Mar 08 2010 11:39:00

CNN's Arwa Damon takes a look at Iraq's problems, and what they mean for the country's future.

Sunni party to boycott Iraqi electionsupdated: Tue Feb 23 2010 03:38:00

A key Sunni Arab party is boycotting Iraq's March 7 elections because of what it says was Iranian influence that led to the banning of participants in the upcoming race, including the bloc's leader.

Move to ban candidates sparks political crisis in Iraqupdated: Thu Feb 04 2010 16:15:00

Iraq's simmering sectarian tension boiled in recent days over a controversial decision banning more than 500 people with alleged ties to Saddam Hussein's Baath Party from running in next month's Iraqi national elections.

Fake bomb detectorsupdated: Wed Jan 27 2010 09:05:00

Iraq is investigating possible corruption in the purchase of bomb detectors experts say are fake. CNN's Morgan Neill reports

Al Qaeda-linked group claims Iraq bombingsupdated: Wed Jan 27 2010 09:05:00

Islamic State of Iraq -- an umbrella group which includes al Qaeda in Iraq -- said it had carried out a string of vehicle bomb attacks that killed at least 36 people in Baghdad Monday.

Revelations in the war zonesupdated: Thu Dec 17 2009 09:20:00

The men and women who are serving in our armed services are my heroes. I spent a week in the presence of true heroes -- men and women who live in the war zone, fight the enemy, risk their lives, and depend on our support.

Iraq sets long-awaited election dateupdated: Tue Dec 08 2009 18:21:00

Iraq has finally set a date for elections -- seen as a critical step toward the withdrawal of U.S. troops -- Iraqi officials said Tuesday.

Iraqi prime minister hails new election lawupdated: Mon Dec 07 2009 09:38:00

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has hailed the passage of a law that calls for elections seen as critical to U.S. plans to withdraw troops.

Iraq amends election law after months of disputeupdated: Sun Dec 06 2009 19:46:00

Iraqi lawmakers struck a deal Sunday night to revise the country's elections law after months of disputes that may force a delay of the country's upcoming parliamentary vote.

Iraq's civilian death toll in November is lowest since war beganupdated: Tue Dec 01 2009 14:22:00

Fewer Iraqi civilians were killed in November as a result of war-related violence than in any other month since the U.S.-led invasion began nearly seven years ago, a CNN count of Iraqi government figures shows.

Troops abroad, at home celebrate Thanksgivingupdated: Fri Nov 27 2009 12:38:00

Turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, along with a visit by the commanding general in Iraq and a phone call from President Obama, were some of the ways the White House and Pentagon helped U.S. troops overseas celebrate Thanksgiving.

Sunni leader holds fate of Iraq's newly revised election billupdated: Thu Nov 26 2009 12:12:00

The fate of Iraq's newly revised election law again hinges on the approval of the country's Sunni Arab vice president, who is under pressure to sign the much-contested plan.

January Iraq elections face obstaclesupdated: Mon Nov 23 2009 16:56:00

The Iraqi parliament passed an amended election law Monday, but it failed to address concerns of the country's Sunni Arab vice president. That raised doubts about whether nationwide elections will take place as constitutionally required in January.

Iraq elections increasingly doubtful for Januaryupdated: Mon Nov 23 2009 15:55:00

The Iraqi parliament passed an amended election law Monday, but it failed to address concerns of the country's Sunni Arab vice president. That raised doubts about whether nationwide elections will take place as constitutionally required in January.

Alleged Baath members confess in videos to Iraq attacksupdated: Mon Nov 23 2009 13:51:00

The Iraqi government has aired videos showing three men, who claim to be members of the ousted Baath Party, saying they were involved in last month's devastating Baghdad attacks.

Vice president's veto threatens Iraq electionupdated: Wed Nov 18 2009 13:49:00

Iraq's Sunni Arab vice president vetoed the country's newly passed election law Wednesday, a move that threw the nation's electoral process and political system into "crisis" mode.

Outrage in Baghdadupdated: Thu Oct 29 2009 15:56:00

The Iraqi government vows to improve security after suicide attack. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Unique program brings injured vets back to Iraq -- to healupdated: Mon Oct 19 2009 11:12:00

Edwin Salau knew coming back would be hard. But he had to do it. The retired U.S. Army first lieutenant needed to know that his sacrifice was worth it.

Vets find closure in Iraqupdated: Mon Oct 19 2009 11:12:00

Wounded American soldiers return to Iraq for closure, part of 'Operation Proper Exit.' CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Odierno: May not be possible to declare victory in Iraqupdated: Thu Oct 01 2009 23:00:00

It isn't clear whether the United States will ever be able to declare victory in Iraq, the top U.S. commander there said Thursday.

4,000 U.S. troops expected to leave Iraq in Octoberupdated: Wed Sep 30 2009 02:28:00

The United States will withdraw another 4,000 troops in Iraq by the end of October, the U.S. military commander in Iraq said in prepared testimony for a congressional hearing Wednesday.

Baghdad's International Zone attacked as Biden visitsupdated: Tue Sep 15 2009 16:10:00

The highly fortified International Zone in Baghdad came under fire the same day that Vice President Joe Biden paid a surprise visit, an Interior Ministry official told CNN.

Scores killed in multiple Iraq bombingsupdated: Thu Sep 10 2009 09:23:00

Four bombing attacks in Iraq killed at least 26 people and wounded more than 80 others, officials said Thursday.

Gulf War officer's remains to be buried in Floridaupdated: Wed Aug 05 2009 16:30:00

The remains of the first American officer shot down in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, identified on August 2, will be taken to Jacksonville, Florida, for burial, said a family spokeswoman.

Gates sees chance for quicker troop withdrawal from Iraqupdated: Wed Jul 29 2009 10:40:00

A "modest acceleration" of U.S. troop withdrawal plans in Iraq could occur, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday.

'Important day' in Iraqupdated: Wed Jul 01 2009 13:51:00

Gen. Ray Odierno discusses the importance of American troops pulling out from Iraqi towns and cities.

Iraqi troops ready to secure major cities, top U.S. general saysupdated: Mon Jun 29 2009 09:57:00

Despite some high-profile bombings in recent days, Iraq's security forces are ready to take over for U.S. forces this week to stabilize the nation's major cities, the U.S. commander in Iraq told CNN on Sunday.

King: Health care, climate change top talk agendaupdated: Mon Jun 29 2009 09:39:00

A late June Sunday stirred memories of sparring of 16 years ago on the issue that was then, and is now, center stage in the nation's policy and political debates: health care reform.

Baghdad market bombing adds to soaring death tollupdated: Fri Jun 26 2009 12:55:00

A market bombing in central Baghdad killed 15 people Friday morning, continuing the spike in violence as the deadline approaches for the United States to withdraw combat troops from Iraqi cities.

Iraq: Death toll from huge suicide blast soarsupdated: Sun Jun 21 2009 11:59:00

The death toll from Saturday's suicide truck bombing in northern Iraq -- the deadliest single attack this year -- has risen to 80, a police official said.

In Iraq, Colbert gets military haircut to show his solidarityupdated: Mon Jun 08 2009 20:23:00

Stephen Colbert left no doubt about his solidarity with American troops when he taped the first of four Comedy Central shows he'll produce in Iraq this week.

With exit deadline looming, U.S. battles insurgents in Mosulupdated: Fri May 08 2009 19:59:00

As the deadline nears for U.S. troops to exit major Iraqi cities, units in Mosul are in the midst of a months-long operation to sweep out extremist fighters.

Commentary: A week with the heroesupdated: Tue Apr 28 2009 11:22:00

I spent a week during the congressional recess in the presence of true heroes -- men and women serving in our armed forces who live in the war zone, fight the enemy, risk their lives and depend on our support.

Clinton in Baghdad: Attacks won't derail stabilityupdated: Sat Apr 25 2009 13:24:00

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday deplored the recent bombings in Iraq, but said the "terrible and tragic events" haven't stopped the nation from making strides in security.

Two days of mass killings in Iraq; many victims Iranianupdated: Fri Apr 24 2009 14:30:00

Suicide bombers killed 60 people near a holy Shiite shrine in Baghdad on Friday and a car bomber left seven people dead in Diyala, according to security and medical officials.

Iraq violence, insurgent arrestupdated: Fri Apr 24 2009 14:30:00

Two suicide bombings kill more than 70 in Iraq and the Iraqi military says a top insurgent has been captured.

Bombings kill nearly 90 in Iraqupdated: Thu Apr 23 2009 17:19:00

Suicide bombers in Iraq launched two deadly attacks Thursday, killing at least 55 people in Diyala province and at least 28 people in Baghdad, an Interior Ministry official said.

John King: Big news doesn't take a holidayupdated: Mon Apr 13 2009 08:16:00

Easter Sunday saw important news developments, including the rescue of a U.S. ship captain from his Somali pirate captors, an extensive conversation with the U.S. commanding general in Iraq and comments from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar about the need for more oil exploration in waters off the U.S. coast.

General: U.S. should be out of Iraq by late 2011updated: Sun Apr 12 2009 22:41:00

Gen. Ray Odierno, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq, said Sunday he believes U.S. troops will be out of the country by the end of 2011.

Top U.S. general on Iraqupdated: Sun Apr 12 2009 22:41:00

Gen. Ray Odierno, the top U.S. military commander on the ground in Iraq, speaks with CNN's John King about Iraq.

U.S. troops to keep lower profile in Iraqupdated: Fri Dec 05 2008 10:37:00

U.S. troops in Iraq will gradually reduce their visibility after a new security pact takes effect, but they won't lose the "fundamental ability to protect" themselves, the top U.S. general in Iraq said Friday.

Coalition returns province to Iraqi controlupdated: Wed Oct 29 2008 16:06:00

Coalition troops formally handed over control of Iraq's Wasit province to the Iraqi government Wednesday.

Part of Iraq 'Triangle of Death' back in Iraqi controlupdated: Thu Oct 23 2008 16:14:00

Coalition troops formally handed over control of Iraq's Babil province to the Iraqi government on Thursday.

U.S. official has new evidence of Iranian meddling in Iraqupdated: Tue Oct 14 2008 19:41:00

The United States has new intelligence indicating Iran is reorganizing in an effort to assert its influence inside Iraq and may be behind several recent attacks, according to a senior U.S. official who spoke with CNN Monday.

New commander in Iraqupdated: Thu Sep 18 2008 06:32:00

CNN's Cal Perry reports on the challenges facing Gen. Ray Odierno, the new commander of U.S. troops in Iraq.

Iraq: Seven U.S. soldiers killed in chopper crashupdated: Thu Sep 18 2008 06:32:00

A U.S. military helicopter crashed in southern Iraq early Thursday morning, killing all seven U.S. soldiers on board, the military said.

New U.S. commander takes over in Iraqupdated: Wed Sep 17 2008 10:53:00

Gen. Ray Odierno on Tuesday took command of U.S. forces in Iraq, marking the end to Gen. David Petraeus' tenure, which saw a reversal in the country's rising violence. Gen. Petraeus Leaves Iraq After 20 Monthsupdated: Tue Sep 16 2008 11:00:00

Gen. David Petraeus, whose strategy for countering the Iraq insurgency is credited by many with rescuing the country from all-out civil war, stepped aside Tuesday as Gen. Ray Odierno took over as the top American commander of the conflict General Raymond Odiernoupdated: Mon Sep 15 2008 20:00:00

As Gen. David Petraeus, the architect of the U.S. surge policy in Iraq, leaves to

Gates arrives in Iraq to oversee command changeupdated: Mon Sep 15 2008 17:12:00

U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates flew into Iraq on Monday to oversee a change of command of American forces.

Senate OKs Petraeus as head of Mideast forcesupdated: Thu Jul 10 2008 18:02:00

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Gen. David Petraeus as the new chief of U.S. Central Command, placing him in charge of American forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Top U.S. general plans further troop reductions in Iraqupdated: Thu May 22 2008 11:40:00

Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq who has been nominated to head American forces in the Middle East, said Thursday he hopes to make recommendations for further troop reductions in Iraq before he moves to his new post in September.

Surge or splurge in Iraq?updated: Wed Mar 19 2008 14:35:00

On the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq, with nearly 4,000 American lives lost, is Iraq really on a path to peace? Al-Sadr's Fragile Peaceupdated: Wed Feb 20 2008 15:00:00

The warlord is threatening to lift his cease-fire against American forces, Sunnis and his Shi'ite rivals. The U.S. says it's not worried, but perhaps it should be

General's Iraq updateupdated: Sun Dec 02 2007 19:13:00

Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer about a recent decrease in fighters entering Iraq from Iran and Syria.

Numbers drop for civilian deaths, foreign fighters in Iraqupdated: Sun Dec 02 2007 19:13:00

Two indicators of the state of the war in Iraq appeared favorable in November, when fewer fighters entered Iraq from neighboring countries and fewer Iraqi civilians killed, according to two reports on Sunday.

Insurgents become copsupdated: Thu Nov 01 2007 12:20:00

Sunni tribesmen once fighting the U.S. military receive basic police academy training. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports

U.S. general: Fight against Iraqi insurgents showing progressupdated: Thu Nov 01 2007 12:20:00

The No. 2-ranking U.S. commander in Iraq said Thursday U.S. and Iraqi forces are making progress in the fight against insurgents. Has the Surge Reached Its Limits? updated: Tue Oct 30 2007 15:45:00

Analysis: Two more grisly episodes in Diyala province are signs that the U.S. successes can only go so far in controlling Iraq's violence

Iraq war deaths show sharp declineupdated: Tue Oct 30 2007 14:01:00

The number of U.S. military and Iraqi civilian deaths has dropped dramatically, according to recent reports, although American military officials said it is too soon to declare a turning point in the conflict.

Deaths down in Iraqupdated: Tue Oct 30 2007 14:01:00

U.S. and Iraqi deaths are down. So, is Iraq seeing progress? CNN's Nic Robertson reports

Explosives from Iran weakening security in Iraq, commander saysupdated: Thu Aug 09 2007 08:54:00

An increasing number of attacks using an Iranian-based explosive is undermining security in Iraq, a senior U.S. military commander said Wednesday.

Leaders may meet to resolve Iraqi political turmoilupdated: Sun Jul 29 2007 08:39:00

With the country's largest Sunni political bloc threatening to leave the Cabinet, top Iraqi leaders are hoping to sit down soon to settle the friction and finger-pointing among Sunni Arabs, Shiites and Kurds, officials told CNN on Saturday.

General: Death toll down as U.S., Iraq forces take controlupdated: Wed Jul 25 2007 21:50:00

The U.S. troop casualty figures in Iraq that jumped this spring have been gradually dropping because U.S. and Iraqi forces are stabilizing volatile and dangerous areas, a U.S. commander said Thursday.

Lowering the bar in Iraqupdated: Fri Jul 20 2007 00:30:00

Lowering the bar in Iraq Turning on al-Qaeda in Baqubaupdated: Sat Jun 23 2007 05:00:00

As the U.S. pursues its offensive against al-Qaeda in Iraq, one promising sign is that Sunni insurgents are helping

U.S. reports dozens of al Qaeda militants killed in Iraqupdated: Fri Jun 22 2007 08:48:00

U.S. and Iraqi troops killed dozens of al Qaeda militants in Iraq's Diyala province over the past four days, the U.S. military reported on Friday. Being Careful of Your Friends in Iraqupdated: Wed Jun 06 2007 05:05:00

Viewpoint: The U.S. says it wants a cease-fire with insurgents. But do they hate al-Qaeda more than they hate America?

Market, bridge bombings kill dozens in Iraqupdated: Sat Apr 14 2007 03:39:00

Bombings in Karbala and the Baghdad area killed at least 56 people and wounded scores of others Saturday morning, police and medical officials said.

U.S.: Al Qaeda in Iraq 'probably' tied to bombingupdated: Fri Apr 13 2007 04:18:00

A U.S. Army commander on Friday said authorities still can't verify who bombed the Iraqi parliament complex on Thursday, but al Qaeda in Iraq probably was involved.

U.S.: Iraq bomb factory raid nets deadly chlorine supplyupdated: Thu Feb 22 2007 04:25:00

A U.S. military commander Thursday said a raid outside Falluja two days ago discovered a home-grown factory for car bombs that included a metal shop, explosives and cylinders of toxic chlorine gas and other chemicals.

Bush: 'Do not know' if Iran leaders tied to Iraq weaponsupdated: Wed Feb 14 2007 12:37:00

Below is a transcript from President Bush's Wednesday news conference with links to key points, as well as links to a selection of topics from the question and answer session:

A top U.S. commander's view from the groundupdated: Mon Jan 08 2007 00:28:00

Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno returns to Baghdad with perhaps the most difficult job in the U.S. military -- to stop Iraq's brutal insurgency and help pave the way for Iraqi troops to take over their country's security.

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