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It is the implicit bargain every moviegoer makes.

Latest Stories Roger Ebert: I Tweeted Too Soon About Ryan Dunn's Deathupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 07:29:00

"I have no way of knowing if Ryan Dunn was drunk at the time of his death," the critic says

Ebert's Facebook page deleted amid 'Jackass,' Olympian scrapsupdated: Tue Jun 21 2011 16:56:00

It's been a scrappy day on social media for Roger Ebert.

Are our small screens making big stars little?updated: Sun Jun 05 2011 10:27:00

It is one of the most famous exchanges of dialogue in the history of movies.

Roger Ebert: Remaking my voiceupdated: Sun Apr 17 2011 11:17:00

When film critic Roger Ebert lost his lower jaw to cancer, he lost the ability to speak, but he didn't lose his voice.

Computers let Roger Ebert be himselfupdated: Sun Apr 17 2011 11:17:00

For a man whose life has been built around communication, the loss of the ability to speak is a particularly cruel fate. But it's one that film critic Roger Ebert demonstrated that he could overcome, in a talk at the TED 2011 Conference in Long Beach, California, in February.

Upgraded Twitter search helps you find new people to followupdated: Tue Apr 05 2011 09:01:00

Twitter has rolled out an update to its search tool that makes it easier to find new people to follow. Roger Ebert Shows Off New Faceupdated: Sat Jan 22 2011 13:47:00

The movie critic, stricken with cancer, gets a prosthetic jaw

Critic Roger Ebert to show his facial prosthesisupdated: Fri Jan 21 2011 07:45:00

Longtime film critic Roger Ebert, who lost much of his jaw to thyroid cancer, will show off his new face -- thanks to a prosthesis -- when his PBS show debuts this weekend.

2010: Roger Ebert gets new voiceupdated: Fri Jan 21 2011 07:45:00

From March 2010: New technology allows film critic Roger Ebert to regain the voice he lost four years ago.

Did the 'Airbender' adaptation ever have a chance?updated: Mon Dec 06 2010 18:06:00

"An agonizing experience," wrote Roger Ebert.

The 10 most annoying smartphone habitsupdated: Fri Oct 22 2010 10:53:00

In the ever-growing world of smartphones and smartphone users, one thing has become fairly clear: We all love our own phone, but we hate yours.

Christine O'Donnell's ad and youupdated: Fri Oct 08 2010 13:22:00

Perhaps it would be unwise to call a campaign ad "enchanting" or "spellbinding," especially one that begins with "I am not a witch."

Christine O'Donnell: I've maturedupdated: Fri Oct 08 2010 13:22:00

CNN's Jim Acosta talks with Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell about her campaign. Roger Ebert's Coming Back to TV - with a Computer Voiceupdated: Fri Sep 10 2010 20:08:00

The popular film critic, who lost his voice in 2006, will be back on TV screens next year

Who says video games aren't art?updated: Tue Aug 31 2010 09:12:00

According to Merriam-Webster, the word "art" can be defined as "the conscious use of skill and creative imagination, especially in the production of aesthetic objects."

Fortune: Why 3-D is already dyingupdated: Tue Jul 27 2010 06:16:00

Back in the day, the knock on Hollywood was that it produced too many two-dimensional characters. Now moviegoers are beginning to grumble about paying up to see them in the third dimension as well.

Roger Ebert, Chatroulette honored at Webby Awardsupdated: Tue Jun 15 2010 11:12:00

Film critic Roger Ebert and the founder of the website were among the honorees on Monday night at the 14th annual Webby Awards in downtown Manhattan.

The most disturbing movie ever made?updated: Tue May 11 2010 12:31:00

If the title alone isn't enough to make you squirm, a brief rundown of the premise for the indie horror movie, "The Human Centipede," certainly will. Any film involving three humans sharing a single digestive tract obviously isn't aiming to be easy on the eyes.

Roger Ebert finds his voice and appetite onlineupdated: Thu May 06 2010 11:59:00

Although Roger Ebert has lost his ability to eat and speak aloud, his appetite for communication with his rabid fan base is being fed in a fresh new way. Brad Pitt and Jim Carrey (and More) Score Webby Awardsupdated: Tue May 04 2010 13:09:00

Pitt's activism site and Carrey's chatter with fans are among those recognized by the annual Webby Awards Roger Ebert's Wife Reveals Couple's Secret to Coping with Cancerupdated: Tue Apr 20 2010 17:52:00

Chaz Ebert says hope and optimism have gotten them through her husband's devastating illness

Can talent outweigh size in Hollywood?updated: Thu Mar 11 2010 18:29:00

Not even a full week has passed since Gabourey Sidibe attended the 82nd Annual Academy Awards as a best actress nominee and we're already questioning whether her career is over.

Too heavy for Hollywood?updated: Thu Mar 11 2010 18:29:00

HLN's Joy Behar and her panel discuss reports that casting directors say Gabourey Sidibe is too obese to get parts. Ryan O'Neal Disappointed by Oscars' Farrah Fawcett Snubupdated: Tue Mar 09 2010 06:49:00

But an Academy Award spokeswoman says, "We can't include everybody" in the tribute montage

Intriguing people for March 2, 2010updated: Tue Mar 02 2010 14:50:00

Jerry Brown: California's attorney general on Tuesday launched his bid to regain the top office in Sacramento. Brown was California's governor for two terms from 1975 to 1983. His father, Edmund G. "Pat" Brown Sr., was also a two-term governor.

Roger Ebert debuts his 'new voice' on 'Oprah'updated: Tue Mar 02 2010 13:06:00

Renowned film critic Roger Ebert hasn't been able to speak for the past four years, but that doesn't mean he's been silent.

Oral cancer's toll cruelupdated: Fri Feb 19 2010 15:46:00

It brought a tough, All-Star NBA coach to tears this week. And it stilled the voice of a famous film critic. Roger Ebert Silenced by Jaw Cancer, Surgeryupdated: Wed Feb 17 2010 08:46:00

The 67-year-old movie reviewer has found other ways to communicate and give his thoughts on films

Carey Mulligan braves 'It Girl' statusupdated: Thu Jan 14 2010 16:51:00

There was a time when the name Julia Roberts would have drawn a blank stare from movie fans.

Mildly cranky critic looks over weekendupdated: Sat Apr 04 2009 08:44:00

Welcome to April -- or, as the studios think of it, January with better weather. Ebert on Scorseseupdated: Wed Oct 29 2008 19:00:00

Scorsese By Ebert is a film-by-film chronicling of the professional, yet passionate, relationship between America's top critic and one of his favorite directors Ebert & Roeper to Leave At the Moviesupdated: Mon Jul 21 2008 16:48:00

The two veteran reviewers are moving on before the debut of next season's show Roger Ebert: The Final Thumb?updated: Mon Jul 21 2008 15:05:00

Amid health problems and a very public battle with Disney over the "thumbs-up/thumbs-down" trademark, Ebert announces that his show is no more

The wild and wonderful world of Cannesupdated: Mon May 12 2008 13:56:00

The first Le Festival de Cannes opened September 1, 1939, an attempt to extend the tourist season and bring a little film flash to the little French Riviera town. Recovering Roger Ebert Aims to Make Festivalupdated: Mon Apr 21 2008 17:00:00

The film critic, still recovering from hip surgery, hopes to make it to his annual namesake film festival this week Roger Ebert Back in Hospitalupdated: Thu Jan 24 2008 13:44:00

Film critic Roger Ebert, who has been fighting a lengthy battle with cancer, re-entered the hospital Thursday, he announced on his Web site. Thumbs Up for Roger Ebertupdated: Thu Jun 28 2007 11:55:00

A happy, healthy birthday to Roger Ebert, America's movie critic

Movies have been in on this for a long timeupdated: Thu May 18 2006 08:54:00

Ron Howard had an interesting point.

Review: Two films better heard than seenupdated: Tue Dec 27 2005 15:17:00

One of the less happy facts of filmmaking is that some really strong music can be overlooked because it's created for a film that doesn't knock over the box office. Or even slash a big "Z" on the concession stand.

Money Magazine: How To Buy Happiness. Cheap.updated: Fri Oct 01 2004 00:01:00

Make love, not money. That was the most unusual message of a research note this summer from stock strategist James Montier at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, urging his well-heeled clients to set a...

Now playing at the Zeitgeist Odeonupdated: Wed Jun 23 2004 13:18:00

The Germans have a word for it: "zeitgeist," or the "spirit of the age."

Long-awaited 'Passion' hits screenupdated: Tue Feb 24 2004 13:37:00

After months of debate, speculation and curiosity, Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" opens Wednesday.

Fortune: Box Office Bombsupdated: Mon Dec 30 2002 00:01:00

Movie studios make plenty of bad films: For every E.T., there's a Waterworld. But it's a rare clunker that forces the parent company to reshoot its financial picture. Disney's Treasure Planet was t...

Fortune: The Dude's Film School An independent film can be worth nothing, or it can be worth millions. It's all in how you perceive it. Mupdated: Mon Oct 25 1999 00:01:00

Last year, more than 2,000 feature-length independent films were produced. Of those films, 97%, give or take, were dreadful, bad, or mediocre. Around 50 were actually pretty good. And one of them w...

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