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The U.S. has returned Camp Victory. Now the Iraqis wonder what to do with its nine palaces. CNN's Martin Savidge reports.

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Saddam Hussein aide executed in Iraqupdated: Thu Jun 07 2012 14:01:00

Iraq has executed a high-ranking aide to the late ruler Saddam Hussein, a government spokesman said Thursday.

Justice for soldier killed by insurgentsupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 08:40:00

Troops go to court, rather than on the hunt, for insurgents who killed U.S. soldier. CNN's Martin Savidge reports.

Ex-Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz to be executed, Iraqi official saysupdated: Wed Dec 07 2011 08:40:00

A member of Iraq's governing coalition has told CNN he expects Tariq Aziz, Iraq's top diplomat under Saddam Hussein, to be executed next year.

U.S. hands over Saddam-era officials to Iraqisupdated: Fri Jul 15 2011 12:47:00

The U.S. military has handed over five condemned members of Saddam Hussein's regime, including two of the former dictator's half-brothers, to Iraqi authorities, a Justice Ministry spokesman said Friday.

2003: The day Saddam's statue fellupdated: Sat Apr 09 2011 16:55:00

A look back at the day the Saddam Hussein statue was toppled in Central Baghdad, symbolizing the end of Saddam's regime.

New round of blasts in Tripoliupdated: Mon Mar 28 2011 05:48:00

CNN's Nic Robertson says tracer fire can be seen above central Tripoli, where least six explosions were heard on Sunday.

Lesson for Libya fight: You go to war to winupdated: Mon Mar 28 2011 05:48:00

From July 2002 to May 2003, I was in charge of a CIA base in the mountains of Kurdistan, running intelligence collection operations and covert action directed at the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Rumsfeld doesn't support sending U.S. troops into Libyaupdated: Wed Mar 09 2011 09:21:00

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday he would not support sending U.S. troops into war-torn Libya, pointing out what he calls a key difference between leader Moammar Gadhafi and Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

Cable reveals details about Saddam Hussein's 'hastily run' executionupdated: Tue Dec 07 2010 06:24:00

A January 2007 State Department cable published by WikiLeaks reveals new details about what happened before and during the controversial execution of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Iraqi court sentences Tariq Aziz to deathupdated: Wed Oct 27 2010 06:31:00

Tariq Aziz, one of the best-known faces of the Iraqi government for more than two decades, was sentenced to death Tuesday by the Iraqi High Tribunal for his role in eliminating religious parties during Saddam Hussein's regime, court officials told CNN.

Mission accomplished in Iraq?updated: Wed Sep 01 2010 05:16:00

On May 1, 2003, aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, President George W. Bush announced "major combat operations" in Iraq had ended. The defeat of Saddam Hussein, he told the American people, was "a crucial advance in the campaign against terror."

What September 1st means to U.S. troopsupdated: Wed Sep 01 2010 05:16:00

CNN's Chris Lawrence embeds with U.S. troops, who put perspective on their fight in Iraq and the official end to the war on September 1st.

Purported audio message from Saddam regime official surfacesupdated: Sat Jul 31 2010 07:35:00

An audio message purportedly from the highest-ranking at-large member of Iraq's Saddam Hussein regime has been released.

Dismantling Saddam's nuclear secretsupdated: Tue May 18 2010 23:16:00

CNN's Fred Pleitgen reports on the trouble Iraq is having with its old nuclear plants.

Iraqi technicians dismantling Hussein's nuclear plantsupdated: Tue May 18 2010 23:16:00

The shell of former Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein's efforts to produce a nuclear bomb is being slowly dismantled along the banks of the Tigris River, but its radioactive legacy lingers on.

Saddam cousin 'Chemical Ali' given fourth death sentenceupdated: Sun Jan 17 2010 06:22:00

Saddam Hussein's cousin Ali Hassan al-Majeed, also known as Chemical Ali, was sentenced to death Sunday for involvement in a poison gas attack that killed about 5,000 Iraqis in 1988, an official with the Iraqi High Tribunal said.

Iraq bans group visits to Saddam Hussein's graveupdated: Tue Jul 07 2009 09:42:00

The Iraqi government says it has banned all organized visits to Saddam Hussein's grave amid concern over support for the late dictator's former party.

FBI interviews detail Saddam Hussein's fear of Iran, WMD bluffupdated: Thu Jul 02 2009 23:19:00

In 2004, even after being captured by U.S. forces, Saddam Hussein told an FBI interrogator he believed Iran was a greater threat to Iraq than the United States, according to newly released FBI documents.

Cheney: No link between Saddam Hussein, 9/11updated: Tue Jun 02 2009 13:05:00

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that he does not believe Saddam Hussein was involved in the planning or execution of the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Guantanamo 'a good facility'updated: Tue Jun 02 2009 13:05:00

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says the prison at Guantanamo Bay is a "good facility."

Huge Baghdad rally marks 6-year anniversary of Hussein's fallupdated: Thu Apr 09 2009 10:52:00

Thousands of followers of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr rallied in Baghdad on Thursday to mark the sixth anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime.

Officers in alleged Iraqi plot released from jailupdated: Sat Dec 20 2008 11:37:00

Twenty-three Iraqi military and security officers accused of conspiring with former Saddam Hussein supporters to overthrow the government have been released from jail, according to an official with Iraq's Interior Ministry.

A tour of Hussein's yachtupdated: Mon Nov 03 2008 01:26:00

CNN's Jim Bittermann tours one of Saddam Hussein's yachts that could be up for sale soon.

Source of Iraq WMD intelligence tells his storyupdated: Fri Oct 10 2008 20:12:00

His phone number was published in a German phone directory -- Rafid Alwan, whose claims that Saddam Hussein was producing biological agents helped launch the Iraq war.

'Curveball' intelligenceupdated: Fri Oct 10 2008 20:12:00

CNN's Frederik Pleitgen interviews 'Curveball' the man at the center of the 'biggest intelligence failure in history.' Abu Ghraib: Saddam-Abuse Museum?updated: Thu Sep 04 2008 17:00:00

The notorious Abu Ghraib prison is getting a facelift: work to reopen the facility and construct a museum documenting Saddam Hussein's crimes -- but not the abuses committed there by U.S. guards

Heads of 3 Iraqi tribes killedupdated: Tue Jun 10 2008 11:31:00

Three prominent tribal leaders, including the head of Saddam Hussein's Sunni tribe and two others who had been working for national reconciliation, were killed over the past 24 hours in northern Iraq.

Former Hussein general arrestedupdated: Mon May 19 2008 11:35:00

A top militant who once served as a general in the military under Saddam Hussein was arrested on Monday, Iraqi officials said.

Hussein's deputy on trial over executionsupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 22:05:00

Court proceedings in the trial against Tariq Aziz, one of the best-known faces of Saddam Hussein's former regime in Iraq, and several co-defendants have ended after being in session only briefly Tuesday.

Sentencing judge condemns Hussein's executionupdated: Tue Apr 29 2008 11:48:00

The judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death has condemned the manner in which the notorious dictator was executed.

Tour of prison reveals the last days of Saddam Husseinupdated: Thu Mar 27 2008 13:22:00

The guards at the Baghdad detention facility called their prisoner "Vic," and let him plant a little garden near his cell.

Saddam's final daysupdated: Thu Mar 27 2008 13:22:00

CNN's Kyra Phillips steps inside Saddam Hussein's cell for an exclusive look at his last days. Feds: Saddam Funded Lawmaker Tripupdated: Thu Mar 27 2008 12:00:00

Saddam Hussein's intelligence agency secretly financed a trip to Iraq for three U.S. lawmakers during the run-up to the U.S.-led invasion, federal prosecutors said Wednesday

Car explodes in Baghdadupdated: Fri Mar 14 2008 11:40:00

A parked car bomb explodes in central Baghdad, killing at least 11 and wounding dozens.

Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda not linked, Pentagon saysupdated: Fri Mar 14 2008 11:40:00

The U.S. military's first and only study looking into ties between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda showed no connection between the two, according to a military report released by the Pentagon.

U.S. awaits Iraqi request to turn over 'Chemical Ali' for executionupdated: Wed Mar 05 2008 14:13:00

U.S. authorities haven't received a request from Iraq for the release of Ali Hassan al-Majeed, the one-time Saddam Hussein henchman awaiting execution, an American military spokesman said Wednesday.

Agent: Hussein was surprised U.S. invadedupdated: Sun Jan 27 2008 22:16:00

Saddam Hussein let the world think he had weapons of mass destruction to intimidate Iran and prevent the country from attacking Iraq, according to an FBI agent who interviewed the dictator after his 2003 capture. How I Got Saddam's Flagupdated: Tue Jan 22 2008 12:00:00

A change to the country's national banner reminds a veteran of TIME's Baghdad coverage of the good old, bad old days in Iraq

Iraq bill allows some Baathists back into governmentupdated: Sat Jan 12 2008 22:03:00

The Iraqi parliament passed legislation Saturday that would pave the way for some members of Saddam Hussein's Baath party to return to public life, an Iraqi lawmaker told CNN.

Fortune: What the Iraq war will cost the U.S.updated: Fri Jan 11 2008 12:11:00

The Iraq war has already cost the lives of nearly 4,000 U.S. troops, but there is another cost that is not so readily quantifiable: the economic toll. Forecasts of the cost to the U.S. have reached into the trillions of dollars, fueling a controversy over the impact on the budget and the economy. Missing from the debate until now has been the man who famously sparked it: Lawrence Lindsey, then President Bush's chief economist, who gave an estimate in 2002 that sent the Bush administration into sticker shock. Less than three months later he was out of the White House.

Hussein-linked 'terrorist' caughtupdated: Tue Aug 28 2007 06:42:00

Iraqi forces detained the suspected leader of a terrorist cell network believed to be funded by Saddam Hussein's eldest daughter, who is wanted by Iraqi authorities on terrorism charges, the U.S. military announced Monday.

Former Saddam Hussein commanders on trialupdated: Tue Aug 21 2007 07:39:00

Saddam Hussein's cousin known as "Chemical Ali" and 14 others faced charges of crimes against humanity for the brutal crushing of a Shiite uprising after the 1991 Gulf War Tuesday as Iraq's third trial against former regime officials began with three of the defendants already sentenced to death in another case.

Saddam Hussein's vice president hangedupdated: Tue Mar 20 2007 15:44:00

Taha Yassin Ramadan, the former vice president under Saddam Hussein, was hanged just before dawn Tuesday, according to a source close to Iraq's High Tribunal.

Former vice president under Saddam Hussein hangedupdated: Mon Mar 19 2007 06:47:00

Taha Yassin Ramadan, the former vice president under Saddam Hussein, was hanged just before dawn Tuesday, according to a source close to Iraq's High Tribunal.

Witness: Executed man's 'head just snapped off' updated: Mon Jan 15 2007 00:05:00

A journalist who saw videotape of the Monday hangings of Saddam Hussein's half-brother and the dictator's former chief judge has described how one of the men was decapitated.

Officials: Bush upset by Hussein hanging videoupdated: Wed Jan 10 2007 13:23:00

President Bush was upset after watching the video of Saddam Hussein's execution, comparing it to how he felt after seeing the photographs of Iraqi prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, White House officials said Wednesday.

Iraqi PM says he refused U.S. request to delay executionupdated: Tue Jan 09 2007 13:57:00

Iraq's prime minister said Tuesday that he turned down a U.S. request to delay Saddam Hussein's hanging because he wanted to show Iraqis that no deal would let the former dictator escape punishment.

Video apparently showing Hussein wounds emergesupdated: Mon Jan 08 2007 17:03:00

A new video apparently showing Saddam Hussein after his execution with a gaping neck wound and facial bruising is posted on the Internet.

Second guard held in Hussein video investigationupdated: Thu Jan 04 2007 07:17:00

A second security guard who witnessed Saddam Hussein's execution was detained for questioning Thursday in the investigation into a cell phone video of the hanging, an aide to the Iraqi prime minister told CNN.

Your e-mails: 'More of a lynching than an execution'updated: Wed Jan 03 2007 12:48:00

Saddam Hussein was executed Saturday for his role in the 1982 massacre of Shiite villagers in Dujail.

Iraq probes Hussein executionupdated: Tue Jan 02 2007 01:18:00

Iraq has launched an investigation into who recorded and distributed images of the execution of Saddam Hussein, as well as the taunting of the former leader just prior to his death, according to a government spokesman.

Top Iraqi source: U.S. tried to delay execution updated: Mon Jan 01 2007 19:30:00

U.S. officials reportedly tried to delay last week's execution of Saddam Hussein, fearing it would fuel perceptions the death of the former Iraqi dictator was more about Shiite retribution and less about justice.

Hussein's execution brings tears, jubilation and fear updated: Sun Dec 31 2006 14:14:00

A 40-year-old Iraqi Shiite cried as she recounted the hanging of Saddam Hussein, saying the new Iraqi government offered him as a "sacrifice" to Iran and the United States. Just a few blocks away, a 70-year-old woman showed no remorse. "Good riddance," she said.

Hussein buried in same cemetery as sonsupdated: Sun Dec 31 2006 07:01:00

About 100 mourners gathered at the flag-draped grave of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein who was buried Sunday in Awja, near Tikrit.

Your e-mails: 'They've made a martyr out of a villain'updated: Sat Dec 30 2006 09:08:00

Saddam Hussein, who spent his last years in captivity after his Baathist regime was toppled by the U.S.-led coalition in 2003, was executed Saturday for his role in the 1982 massacre of Shiite villagers in Dujail.

Celebrations in Iraq follow Hussein's hangingupdated: Sat Dec 30 2006 08:55:00

A witness to Saddam Hussein's execution in Baghdad said that celebrations broke out after the former dictator died, and that there was "dancing around the body."

Witness: Saddam Hussein argued with guards moments before deathupdated: Sat Dec 30 2006 04:53:00

Defiant to the end, Saddam Hussein mocked Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr moments before he was hanged, a witness said Saturday.

Bush: Credit Iraqis for fair trial of Husseinupdated: Fri Dec 29 2006 23:40:00

President Bush, able to claim few victories in the war in Iraq, issued a satisfied but measured statement about 90 minutes after former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was executed.

Hussein execution: World reactionupdated: Fri Dec 29 2006 23:24:00

While many countries and rights groups around the world said they did not support the death penalty, most expressed the hope that the execution of Saddam Hussein would prove a turning point for the people of Iraq.

Hussein was symbol of autocracy, cruelty in Iraqupdated: Fri Dec 29 2006 22:07:00

Saddam Hussein, the former dictator of Iraq who spent his last years in captivity after his ruthless Baathist regime was toppled from power by the U.S.-led coalition in 2003, has been executed -- hanged for crimes during a brutal crackdown during his reign.

Celebrations follow Hussein's hangingupdated: Fri Dec 29 2006 22:03:00

A witness to Saddam Hussein's execution in Baghdad said that celebrations broke out after the former dictator died, and that there was "dancing around the body."

Hussein executed with 'fear in his face'updated: Fri Dec 29 2006 03:23:00

Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator who spent his last years in captivity after his ruthless regime was toppled by the U.S.-led coalition in 2003, was hanged before dawn Saturday for crimes committed in a brutal crackdown during his reign.

U.S. officials: Hussein execution this weekend updated: Thu Dec 28 2006 08:29:00

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is expected to be executed "this weekend," Bush administration officials told CNN on Thursday.

Iraqi appeals court upholds Hussein death sentence updated: Tue Dec 26 2006 04:08:00

The Iraqi High Tribunal's appellate chamber on Tuesday upheld Saddam Hussein's death sentence in the Dujail massacre case, Judge Aref Shaheen announced.

Hussein trial 'fundamentally unfair' updated: Mon Nov 20 2006 00:43:00

Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's trial in the killings of nearly 150 Shiite Muslim villagers in 1982 was "fundamentally unfair," and the death sentence he received earlier this month was "indefensible," a leading human rights group said Sunday.

Hussein to Iraqis: Forgive each other, reconcileupdated: Tue Nov 07 2006 06:23:00

Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, speaking in court two days after being sentenced to death for crimes against humanity, has called on Iraqis to forgive each other.

Hussein defense team calls death sentence 'null'updated: Mon Nov 06 2006 04:09:00

Sentences returned against former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and six co-defendants in their trial for torturing and killing civilians are "null" and a "mockery" of justice, defense lawyers said Monday.

Mixed world reaction to death penalty for Hussein updated: Sun Nov 05 2006 15:49:00

President Bush Sunday said the trial that led to the conviction and death sentence of Saddam Hussein is "a major achievement for Iraq's young democracy."

Your e-mail: Saddam Hussein found guiltyupdated: Sun Nov 05 2006 10:37:00

Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to hang for crimes against humanity. Defense attorneys said they see little hope of winning an appeal of Sunday's verdict. One of Hussein's lawyers has suggested the death of Hussein will open "the gates of hell" for U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq.

World divided over Hussein sentenceupdated: Sun Nov 05 2006 08:57:00

In a world sharply divided on Iraq since the U.S.-led war began in 2003, Saddam Hussein's death sentence Sunday unleashed fears of fresh violence, European condemnation of capital punishment and new questions about the fairness of the tribunal that ordered him to hang.

No time limit on Hussein appealupdated: Sun Nov 05 2006 07:47:00

The death sentences handed down Sunday against former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and two of his co-defendants triggers an automatic appeal to the Iraqi Criminal Tribunal.

Hussein verdict greeted with joy, angerupdated: Sun Nov 05 2006 01:51:00

About 2,000 protesters took to the streets of Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit on Sunday, defying the government's curfew to support of Hussein, while in other Iraqi towns residents celebrated the former dictator's death penalty sentence.

Iraqis react with joy, anger to Hussein death sentenceupdated: Sun Nov 05 2006 01:30:00

Many Iraqis reacted with jubilation to Saddam Hussein's death sentence Sunday, while others took to the streets in protest.

Hussein trial featured comedy, tragedy and chaosupdated: Sat Nov 04 2006 13:13:00

The Iraqi and U.S. governments have touted the trial of Saddam Hussein, who was sentenced to death for war crimes in the town of Dujail, as an example of the new government's efforts to bring the former regime leaders to justice.

Saddam Hussein to hear his fateupdated: Sat Nov 04 2006 10:59:00

Saddam Hussein could be sentenced Sunday to death by hanging for his role in a brutal crackdown nearly 25 years ago in Dujail -- the once obscure Iraqi town that is now a symbol of his regime's cruelty.

Iraq's leader: I hope Saddam gets what he deservesupdated: Sat Nov 04 2006 03:42:00

Iraq is bracing for judges to give their verdict -- and a possible death sentence -- to Saddam Hussein at the end of his war crimes trial on Sunday.

Iraq prepares for violent reactions to Hussein verdictsupdated: Fri Nov 03 2006 04:07:00

In a new month already shaken by a spasm of killings, the Iraqi military is bracing for more violence Sunday with the expected verdicts in the Saddam Hussein case.

Hussein lawyer walks out of trialupdated: Mon Oct 30 2006 09:35:00

Following a brief appearance before the court, Saddam Hussein's chief defense lawyer has again walked out after chief judge Mohammed al-Ureybi refused to grant the attorney's list of demands.

Hussein lawyer to Bush: Conviction will worsen Iraq strifeupdated: Sun Oct 29 2006 10:15:00

The chief lawyer for Saddam Hussein warned U.S. President George W. Bush in a letter that if his client is found guilty in the Dujail trial, there will be more strife in Iraq and the region.

Hussein, co-defendants ejected in rowdy sessionupdated: Tue Oct 10 2006 05:42:00

The chief judge in the genocide trial of Saddam Hussein ejected the former Iraqi leader and his co-defendants in a stormy session Tuesday morning.

Sunni, Shiite politicians rally around Iraq peace planupdated: Tue Oct 03 2006 08:58:00

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday gained the backing of leading Sunni and Shiite politicians for his four-point plan "to stop the bloodshed" in the midst of widespread sectarian violence.

Hussein judge brother-in-law shot deadupdated: Fri Sep 29 2006 05:42:00

Gunmen in western Baghdad have shot dead the brother-in-law of the new chief judge in the Saddam Hussein trial, police told CNN.

Judge ejects Hussein and co-defendantsupdated: Tue Sep 26 2006 05:09:00

For the second day in a row and the third time in a week, former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was ejected from the courtroom for disrupting his genocide trial.

Hussein ordered from courtroomupdated: Mon Sep 25 2006 04:44:00

For the second time in a week, the chief judge in the Saddam Hussein genocide trial ordered the deposed leader from the courtroom. Hussein was also ejected on Wednesday.

Saddam Hussein ejected from trialupdated: Wed Sep 20 2006 03:25:00

The chief judge in Saddam Hussein's genocide trial has ejected the ousted Iraqi leader from the courtroom for refusing to sit down moments after hearings began.

Tyrrell: Disturbing the peace for peaceupdated: Thu Sep 14 2006 09:41:00

Our liberal friends are in a fury of indignation once again! This cannot be good for their health. A couple weeks back the source of their anger was the administration's repeated references to the 1930s, which is apparently a very sore spot with them. Now they are again indignados, owing to our suave president's mention of Iraq during a speech commemorating the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Presumably, we could prevent these unseemly eruptions if the Republicans would clear their speeches with Dr. Howard Dean. Of course, if the volcanic doctor had to vet all of them he might suffer some sort of seizure, though how would anyone know? He seems to be in extremis much of the time.

U.S.: Anfal campaign included poison gas, 'savage attacks'updated: Mon Aug 21 2006 09:11:00

The Anfal campaign is regarded by the United States as "one of the great atrocities against the Iraqi people" by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Hussein refuses to enter plea in genocide trialupdated: Mon Aug 21 2006 03:23:00

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein went on trial Monday for genocide and crimes against humanity in the so-called Anfal campaign, the deadly assaults in 1988 in the Kurdish region that included the former regime's alleged use of poison gas.

Saddam facing poison gas chargesupdated: Sun Aug 20 2006 06:52:00

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein will go on trial Monday accused of genocide and crimes against humanity in the so-called Anfal campaign of 1988.

4 die as mortars hit Iraq mosqueupdated: Fri Jul 28 2006 09:47:00

Four worshippers were killed and two wounded after two mortars exploded outside a Sunni mosque in southern Baghdad Friday, Iraqi emergency police said.

Next up for Hussein: Verdict in Octoberupdated: Thu Jul 27 2006 05:38:00

The trial of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has been adjourned until October 16, when the verdict will be announced, the court's chief judge said Thursday.

Hussein: Shoot me if found guiltyupdated: Wed Jul 26 2006 05:58:00

Saddam Hussein used his day in court Wednesday to call on Iraqis to oust the Americans from Iraq and to request execution by firing squad -- not a hangman's noose -- if he is sentenced to death.

Hunger-strike Hussein in hospitalupdated: Sun Jul 23 2006 02:44:00

Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein has been taken to the hospital after suffering from the effects of a hunger strike, launched in protest of his ongoing trial, the chief prosecutor in his trial said.

Hussein's wife, daughter on new 'wanted' listupdated: Sun Jul 02 2006 00:35:00

Iraq unveiled a list of the country's most-wanted fugitives Sunday, including Saddam Hussein's wife and daughter.

Ramsey Clark: Impossible to prepare a defense for Husseinupdated: Tue Jun 27 2006 20:41:00

Saddam Hussein's trial for crimes against humanity is coming to a close. In August the former Iraqi leader faces a separate genocide trail. One of his attorneys, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, says Hussein has no more chance of getting a fair trial in August than he did in the current trial in Baghdad.

Saddam Hussein faces second trialupdated: Tue Jun 27 2006 05:47:00

The second trial of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein will begin on August 21 on genocide charges stemming from a deadly campaign against Iraqi Kurds in the late 1980s, the Iraqi High Tribunal has announced.

Lawyer for Saddam Hussein found slainupdated: Wed Jun 21 2006 03:25:00

Iraqi police Wednesday discovered the bullet-riddled body of Khamees al-Ubaidi, a lead defense attorney for former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Behind closed curtains, Hussein still boastfulupdated: Thu May 25 2006 13:29:00

The trial for Saddam Hussein and his seven co-defendants is over for the day and, as usual, the curtains are drawn to mark the session's end. Only this time, the curtains aren't fully drawn. Where the curtains should meet is a gap wide enough to allow a view into the courtroom.

Aziz takes stand for Husseinupdated: Wed May 24 2006 03:28:00

Tariq Aziz, once the public face of the former Saddam Hussein regime, took the stand Wednesday as a defense witness in the trial of Hussein and seven co-defendants, saying the government acted properly in responding to an assassination attempt against Hussein.

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