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At least 26 protesters were killed and more than 550 were injured, hundreds by gunshot, when security forces fired live bullets and tear gas at a massive demonstration in Yemen's capital Sanaa on Sunday, a medic said.

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Emergency declared in Yemen as violence ragesupdated: Fri Mar 18 2011 16:10:00

At least 40 people were killed and more than 100 hurt Friday in clashes between tens of thousands of anti-government protesters and security forces outside Sanaa University in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, medical officials on the scene said.

Shooting, tear gas reported at Yemeni protestupdated: Mon Mar 14 2011 06:01:00

For the second time in two days, security forces fired live ammunition and lobbed tear gas during protests in Change Square outside Sanaa University on Sunday, Ala'a Al-Khowlani, a witness at the scene, said.

Beleaguered president offers vote on new constitution in Yemenupdated: Thu Mar 10 2011 10:22:00

Under pressure from ongoing protests against his government, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh pledged Thursday to bring a new constitution to a vote by the end of the year and transfer government power to an elected parliamentary system.

Yemen protester dies of injuries after anti-government rallyupdated: Wed Mar 09 2011 12:20:00

A Yemeni man injured in protests at Sanaa University died of his wounds early Wednesday morning, a medical official said.

Witnesses describe use of force outside Sanaa Universityupdated: Tue Mar 08 2011 18:11:00

Dozens of anti-government demonstrators were wounded Tuesday when security forces fired into the air and shot tear gas into a crowd of tens of thousands of protesters who had massed in front of Sanaa University, witnesses said.

Witnesses: Security forces kill 2 in Yemen protestsupdated: Fri Mar 04 2011 09:00:00

Security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters in northern Yemen on Friday morning, killing two people and injuring nine others, witnesses said.

Protests continue in Yemenupdated: Fri Feb 25 2011 12:30:00

Thousands of demonstrators, mostly students, lined the streets Friday outside Sanaa University as anti-government protests continued.

Yemen president calls for new national unity governmentupdated: Wed Feb 23 2011 18:19:00

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh is calling for an end to the protests in that country and said he supports the creation of a national unity government to oversee upcoming parliamentary elections, the state-run news service Saba reported Wednesday.

Witnesses: Government loyalists attack sit-in, several injuredupdated: Tue Feb 22 2011 16:56:00

Pro-government loyalists attacked and opened fire on anti-government sit-in participants in Sanaa, Yemen, Tuesday night, with at least three sit-in participants critically wounded and several more injured, according to sit-in participants and observers at the scene.

Government supporters, foes clash again in Yemenupdated: Tue Feb 15 2011 03:42:00

For at least the fourth day in a row, clashes broke out between pro- and anti-government protesters in Yemen's capital Monday morning.

Yemen follows Egypt in protestsupdated: Tue Feb 15 2011 03:42:00

CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports from Yemen, where anti-government demonstrators fill the streets.

Yemeni students call for more opportunities at protestupdated: Thu Feb 10 2011 10:18:00

Students protested Thursday at the site of a massive anti-government demonstration a week ago, calling for more opportunities for young people.

Protesters hit Yemeni streets, despite concession from presidentupdated: Thu Feb 03 2011 20:58:00

What seemed like thousands of anti-government protesters gathered near Sanaa University in Yemen's capital early Thursday morning, a clear indication that many in the country were not satisfied with President Ali Abdullah Saleh's recent announcement that he would not seek re-election.

Students, activists stage rival demonstrations at Yemeni universityupdated: Sun Jan 23 2011 09:40:00

Hundreds of students and activists staged rival demonstrations Saturday at Sanaa University in Yemen's capital, the editor of the Yemen Post said.

Police confine student rally to school in Yemeni capital; four heldupdated: Wed Jan 19 2011 15:19:00

Police in Yemen's capital of Sanaa thwarted a demonstration by students and activists at Sanaa University on Wednesday, the fifth rally since the Tunisian people forced their president to leave office and the country.

Untold Stories: Wedlocked Pt 1updated: Fri Apr 09 2010 17:31:00

10-year-old divorcee, Nujood Ali talks to CNN in the shocking documentary on child Marriage in Yemen.

Yemeni girl, 12, dies in painful childbirthupdated: Tue Sep 15 2009 07:25:00

A 12-year-old Yemeni girl, who was forced into marriage, died during a painful childbirth that also killed her baby, a children's rights group said Monday.

Child bride dies giving birthupdated: Tue Sep 15 2009 07:25:00

A 12-year-old Yemeni girl died during a prolonged childbirth that also killed her baby. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom reports. Dinosaur Tracks Found in Arabiaupdated: Thu May 22 2008 12:00:00

Scientists say they have found dinosaur tracks on the Arabian Peninsula, a discovery they say may shed more light on where dinosaurs lived, their migration patterns and how they evolved they way they did

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