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Sci-fi writer Harry Harrison, whose book inspired movie 'Soylent Green,' dies at 87updated: Wed Aug 15 2012 22:44:00

Popular science-fiction author Harry Harrison, whose book "Make Room! Make Room!" was the basis for the 1973 film "Soylent Green," about a futuristic society and its fictional food, has died, his publisher said Wednesday. He was 87.

'Sorry Please Thank You' skewers sci-fiupdated: Tue Jul 24 2012 09:04:00

Author Charles Yu hopes you like his new book, but if not, an apology is built right into the title. "Sorry Please Thank You" is his new collection of mind-bending, moving and sometimes melancholy stories arriving in bookstores July 24.

1997: Bradbury's humble love of booksupdated: Sat Jun 09 2012 12:19:00

Author Ray Bradbury recalls his humble love of books, writing and meeting his wife when honored with a lifetime award.

Bradbury was a writer of perils, possibilities and wonderupdated: Sat Jun 09 2012 12:19:00

You could likely count on one hand the number of writers who could scare the daylights out of you as effectively as they could cheer you up. And there aren't too many fingers on that hand representing those writers who could do both in the same story or even on the same page and convince you that they know what they're doing.

Ridley Scott returns to sci-fi with 'Prometheus'updated: Thu Jun 07 2012 14:55:00

In the three decades since he directed his first feature film, "The Duellists," filmmaker Ridley Scott has crafted a diverse filmography, serving up everything from the classic "Thelma & Louise" to the Oscar-winning "Gladiator."

Ashes of 'Star Trek' actor on private rocketupdated: Thu May 24 2012 18:04:00

In the end, it was Scotty who got beamed up.

Stephen King's 'Eyes of the Dragon' in development at Syfyupdated: Tue Apr 24 2012 16:05:00

Stephen King's fantasy novel "Eyes of the Dragon" could at last become a movie or miniseries.

Erotic book gains popularity in suburbsupdated: Fri Apr 06 2012 09:56:00

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is getting a lot of attention in suburbia. Dr. Drew and guests discuss the book's popularity.

'Fifty Shades of Grey' shines light on erotic fan fictionupdated: Fri Apr 06 2012 09:56:00

Does "Fifty Shades of Grey's" love affair between a dominant man and vulnerable young woman feel a tad bit familiar?

J.J. Abrams signs on to direct 'Star Trek 2'updated: Wed Sep 14 2011 11:16:00

J.J. Abrams is ready to engage.

Sony rolls out 'personal 3-D' goggle setupdated: Wed Aug 31 2011 18:25:00

A shiny headset that lets you watch 3-D video, play video games or listen to music -- not to mention looking at home on an extra from your favorite sci-fi film -- is on the way.

Sci-fi women more than hot babesupdated: Wed Jul 20 2011 15:24:00

"Women and men of the fleet: This is your president. We have come to a crossroads in our long and painful journey," Laura Roslin tells the survivors of humanity's near-destruction while a mutiny rages on.

'Torchwood: Miracle Day' steeped in fandom, libido and relationshipsupdated: Fri Jul 08 2011 17:45:00

Any time there's a change in the Whoverse (the intergalactic space that occupies the storylines of British sci-fi show "Doctor Who" and its spinoffs, "The Sarah Jane Adventures" and "Torchwood"), fans of the franchise get nervous.

Despite the naysayers, woman goes from Trekkie to NASA engineerupdated: Thu Jul 07 2011 12:23:00

Candy Torres drove nonstop for 21 hours to see the launch of space shuttle Challenger in June 1983. She had seen shuttle launches before, but this trip from Princeton, New Jersey, to Cape Canaveral, Florida, was different: Sally Ride was about to become the first female U.S. astronaut to leave the Earth's atmosphere.

The uncharted journey of Ronald D. Mooreupdated: Wed Jun 29 2011 14:25:00

Getting the details out of his head and on to paper was Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore's most important priority of the day.

Science fiction writer Harlan Ellison to be inducted into Hall of Fameupdated: Wed Jun 22 2011 15:09:00

Renowned speculative fiction writer Harlan Ellison is about to be inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, recognizing a career that has spanned more than five decades in which he's made contributions to literature, television and film.

Can 'Falling Skies' save American sci-fi TV ?updated: Fri Jun 17 2011 18:38:00

American sci-fi fans are missing something.

CNNMoney: 'Super 8' sneak preview tickets hyped on Twitterupdated: Wed Jun 08 2011 15:53:00

"Super 8" has much buzz ahead of its release, thanks to the big names behind it: writer/producer J.J. Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg. The hype factor increased even more Wednesday, when Paramount Pictures began advertising on Twitter about a one-day-early sneak preview of the film.

'Fringe' renewed: Can fan passion trump ratings?updated: Mon Mar 28 2011 18:15:00

Not so long ago, TV shows like "Firefly," "Wonderfalls," "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and "Dollhouse" were mourned by science fiction fans as having been canceled before their time, due -- as it always is -- to low ratings.

When will sci-fi tech become real? Sooner than you thinkupdated: Fri Mar 25 2011 12:18:00

Growing up, physicist Michio Kaku had two heroes.

Star Wars or Star Trek? Questions you just might hear in the interviewupdated: Mon Mar 21 2011 21:12:00

As someone who doesn't know a Klingon from a Jedi, I've watched in bewilderment, as friends have debated which franchise is superior: "Star Wars" or "Star Trek."

Capt. Kirk wakes up shuttle crewupdated: Mon Mar 07 2011 13:13:00

At the intersection of science-fiction and science-fact was William Shatner on Monday.

Discovery crew wakes to Shatnerupdated: Mon Mar 07 2011 13:13:00

The shuttle Discovery crew got a wakeup call from actor William Shatner.

Kepler space telescope spots five Earth-sized planets in our galaxyupdated: Wed Feb 02 2011 20:18:00

Are we alone in the universe? Findings by NASA's Kepler space telescope are making that seem less likely.

NASA finds six planets orbiting starupdated: Wed Feb 02 2011 20:18:00

NASA's Kepler Mission Team says the discovery shows astronomers are closer to finding a galaxy similar to the Milky Way.

Jane Espenson: Writer, sci-fi thriller, one nerdy ladyupdated: Sat Jan 29 2011 15:55:00

If Jane Espenson were to write a personal profile for an online dating service, it might read something like this:

'Alien' artist Giger: Monsters came from my nightmaresupdated: Wed Jan 19 2011 11:12:00

It is fitting that the creator of one of the most heinous and iconic movie monsters of all time should have once been plagued by nightmares.

Merry Christmas, Doctor Whoupdated: Thu Dec 23 2010 16:49:00

Love regenerating alien time travelers who never leave home without a sonic screwdriver?

Get your geek girl onupdated: Fri Dec 10 2010 12:57:00

The story of Katie Goldman is one that young and (ahem) older "girls" all over the country can relate to.

'The Force' is with you, Katieupdated: Fri Dec 10 2010 09:28:00

Katie Goldman's universe extends from her home to her first-grade classroom. She is a big sister to Annie Rose and Cleo, a piano player, a Spanish student, a wearer of glasses. She loathes the patch she has to wear for one lazy eye. She loves magic and princesses and "Star Wars," an obsession she picked up from her dad.

Saturday night on Syfy: A campy, guilty pleasureupdated: Mon Dec 06 2010 17:53:00

The Syfy Channel is known for a certain kind of escapist fun.

'Space-time cloak' could conceal eventsupdated: Tue Nov 16 2010 11:03:00

New materials with the ability to manipulate the speed of light could enable the creation of a "space-time cloak" capable of masking events or even creating an illusion of "Star Trek"-style transportation, according to scientists in London. Leonard Nimoy Recovering from Abdominal Surgeryupdated: Fri Oct 22 2010 18:09:00

The legendary Star Trek actor reportedly undergoes "benign abdominal surgery"

How to escape a time loopupdated: Tue Sep 07 2010 15:32:00

What would you do if you ran into a future version of yourself?

How to keep your love clicking alongupdated: Wed Aug 18 2010 09:01:00

"And if you think you're too busy to Twitter, you need to --"

Popular Australian tourist destination adds Klingon toursupdated: Thu Jul 29 2010 04:53:00

A popular sightseeing destination in Australia is boldly going where no tourist attraction has gone before -- by offering audio tours in the Klingon language.

How to speak Klingon: Aliens at Comic-Conupdated: Fri Jul 23 2010 12:28:00

With San Diego Comic-Con little more than a day away, a group of Klingons gathered at the Gaslamp Quarter trolley stop at 6 a.m. They watched as English signs were replaced with placards written with the Klingon language.

'Spock' goes Terminator at E3updated: Thu Jun 17 2010 08:39:00

Actor Leonard Nimoy shows CNN how to step into a movie with Yoostar 2 at E3 in Los Angeles.

'Spock' promotes 'movie karaoke' at E3updated: Thu Jun 17 2010 08:39:00

What could bring Leonard Nimoy out of his newly minted retirement?

Five robots we wish were real ... and five we're glad aren'tupdated: Thu Apr 22 2010 12:12:00

It's National Robotics Week, a time when students, scientists and others in the technology community celebrate the increasingly important role that real-world robots are playing in our lives.

A four-hour trip through 'Riverworld'updated: Thu Apr 15 2010 15:35:00

If life were filled with historical figures facing perilous situations along an endless, winding river, then Syfy's "Riverworld," premiering this Sunday, would certainly promise an action-packed trip.

Oscar for best picture?updated: Fri Feb 26 2010 20:20:00

A look inside the 10 movies up for the coveted best picture Oscar.

Oscars could see David vs. Goliath battleupdated: Fri Feb 26 2010 20:20:00

"Avatar," watch your back. You too, Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep.

Ex-'Growing Pains' actor missingupdated: Mon Feb 22 2010 18:13:00

When former "Growing Pains" actor Andrew Koenig missed his flight home to Los Angeles from Vancouver, British Columbia, last week, his father became worried.

'Avatar' creator: Failure's OK, fear isn'tupdated: Sun Feb 14 2010 12:36:00

A lifelong fascination with science fiction and the ocean has driven "Avatar" director James Cameron's career, he told the TED2010 conference Saturday.

Landau on 'Avatar' at Oscarsupdated: Sun Feb 14 2010 12:36:00

Producer Jon Landau talks about Oscar nominations for 'Avatar' and what it's like working with director James Cameron.

'Mass Effect 2' kicks off big 2010 for gamersupdated: Fri Feb 12 2010 11:07:00

OK, so you've exhausted most of those video games you got for Christmas. And you've got a gift card or two burning a hole in your pocket.

How 'Avatar' fans took over the worldupdated: Tue Jan 19 2010 13:58:00

Obsessive, overenthusiastic, fanatical -- call them what you will. Avatar's Zoe Saldana Is Proud to Be a Geekupdated: Mon Dec 21 2009 23:49:00

The Avatar actress says she's always been drawn to material with nerd appeal Chris Pine to Play CIA Hero Jack Ryanupdated: Wed Oct 14 2009 15:29:00

The hottie will fill shoes worn by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck

'Nerd love'updated: Tue Sep 08 2009 14:13:00

Dragon*Con -- it's where fandom goes to breed. The search for relationships at the convention.

Geeks find love at Dragon*Conupdated: Tue Sep 08 2009 14:13:00

It's the year 2000, and Eric Olsen is a medieval knight sheathed in armor with sword in hand.

'District 9' determined not to stick to formulaupdated: Thu Aug 13 2009 08:05:00

Science fiction flicks featuring aliens can be a little formulaic: Aliens invade American territory, mass destruction ensues, and nine times out of 10, Will Smith rides to the rescue

David Bowie's son releases space oddity 'Moon'updated: Tue Jul 21 2009 11:21:00

"This is ground control to Major Tom," sang David Bowie about a fictional astronaut lost in orbit in 1969. Now, 40 years later Bowie's son Duncan Jones has released his own space oddity.

Fortune: Syfy: Not your father's sci-fiupdated: Tue Jul 07 2009 15:12:00

At 6 a.m. today, the Sci Fi Channel officially became Syfy, and if fans commenting on its site are to be believed, science-fiction lovers everywhere went into a self-satisfied state of mourning, convinced that the corporate makeover of their fringe fantasyland was at last complete. As one fan wrote, "NBC is what happened to Sci Fi."

Sci Fi Channel becomes Syfy; will viewers tune in or drop out?updated: Mon Jul 06 2009 18:30:00

Dave Howe, the president of the Sci Fi Channel, knows that many people will be upset.

Why our 'amazing' science fiction future fizzledupdated: Fri May 29 2009 13:31:00

At the 1964 New York World's Fair, people stood in line for hours to look at a strange sight. Deborah Gibson Becomes a Viral Video Starupdated: Fri May 15 2009 18:49:00

The trailer for her low-budget sci-fi flick, Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus, is an online hit

Philip Jose Farmer, science-fiction writer, dies at 91updated: Thu Feb 26 2009 18:02:00

Author Philip Jose Farmer died in his sleep Wednesday, according to a message on his Web site.

Iain M Banks: Part 1updated: Tue Jan 06 2009 14:24:00

Science fiction author Iain Banks talks about space, drug glands and the future of humanity.

Author Iain M. Banks: 'Humanity's future is blister-free calluses!'updated: Tue Jan 06 2009 14:24:00

Author Iain M. Banks, whose "Culture" novels have made him one of science fiction's leading lights, has created a utopian universe where altruistic robot spaceships care for genetically-enhanced humanoids, where no one wants for anything and where people are freed from the chores of daily life to express themselves as they choose.

'Sex Olympics' and other TV show predictionsupdated: Fri Nov 14 2008 07:42:00

Sitting around watching television might not be as useless as you think. Certain shows have been remarkably accurate in their forecasts of the future.

Seattle: What to seeupdated: Wed Nov 05 2008 07:10:00

Seattle's character and history are closely linked to its waterside location, so it makes sense to start your sightseeing at the Waterfront.

Fortune: Sci Fi Channel warns of voting machine hackingupdated: Mon Oct 27 2008 10:41:00

People don't go to the Sci Fi Channel for its political coverage. They'd rather watch an "X-Files" rerun.

Regrowing body partsupdated: Tue May 27 2008 15:59:00

New surgeries could lead to the regrowth of missing body parts. CNN's Barbara Starr reports (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED).

Salamander-inspired therapy may aid injured vetsupdated: Tue May 27 2008 15:59:00

Last week in an operating room in Texas, a wounded American soldier underwent a history-making procedure that could help him regrow the finger that was lost to a bomb attack in Baghdad, Iraq, last year.

Down to the Davidsupdated: Thu May 15 2008 14:36:00

Syesha Mercado is eliminated from American Idol, setting up the showdown between David Archuletta and David Cook. Sci-Fi Writer Arthur C. Clarke Diesupdated: Tue Mar 18 2008 20:00:00

Arthur C. Clarke, a visionary science fiction writer who won worldwide acclaim with more than 100 books on space, science and the future, died Wednesday in his adopted home of Sri Lanka, an aide said. He was 90 Steven Spielberg's Stand Draws Fire in Chinaupdated: Wed Feb 20 2008 10:03:00

Steven Spielberg's decision to withdraw from his position as an artistic director for this summer's Beijing Olympics over the country's policies in Darfur is drawing fire from China's state-controlled media and its public, reports the Associated Press. Will Smith Gets Lost in His Legendupdated: Fri Dec 14 2007 02:00:00

I Am Legend paints an appropriately gloomy picture of postapocalyptic New York, says Richard Corliss -- but it's an odd locale for one of Hollywood's most winning actors

Real science-fiction in Seoulupdated: Tue Oct 16 2007 04:38:00

CNN's Kristie LuStout speaks with author Tomi Ahonen about how South Korea established itself as a technology leader. Inside A Museum for Sci Fi Fansupdated: Wed Jul 25 2007 10:00:00

The House of Elsewhere in Switzerland explores space travel, parallel worlds and alien life forms

Omega-3 fatty acids key to cell healthupdated: Mon Jul 09 2007 03:01:00

The name sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, but omega-3 fatty acids are a necessary part of our diet. "Every cell in the body requires omega-3 to function normally," says Dr. Andrew Stoll, author of "The Omega-3 Connection." "They are a class of fats, good fats that are actually as essential as vitamins to our health."

Health Minute: Fatty acidsupdated: Mon Jul 09 2007 03:01:00

Health Minute: Fatty acids

Your e-mails: 'Childhood was filled with' 'Star Wars'updated: Thu May 24 2007 09:16:00

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ..."

The rights and wrongs of robotsupdated: Mon Mar 19 2007 11:22:00

From rebellious mechanoids taking over our lives to subservient droids that do our bidding, concepts of robots are often stuck in versions of fictional dystopia. But as fanciful as it seems, the issue of robot rights to protect both them and us is currently being debated by scientists and governments. But can robots ever know good from bad and what should we be more concerned about, robots abusing us, or bringing out our worst traits?

Robot science in reach for humansupdated: Thu Nov 16 2006 16:35:00

The 19th Century American lawyer turned author Christian Nestell Bovee once said, "It is the nature of thought to find its way into action."

List of major Emmy nominationsupdated: Thu Jul 06 2006 10:04:00

Nominees in major categories for the 58th annual Primetime Emmy Awards announced Thursday by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences:

showbuzzupdated: Mon May 22 2006 12:05:00

Keith Richards has returned to the United States after being treated for a head injury in New Zealand, his publicist said Monday.

Medical advances not science fictionupdated: Wed Oct 19 2005 09:17:00

Some of the biggest medical discoveries have come in the last 25 years -- everything from Viagra to laser vision correction.

'Worlds' of his ownupdated: Wed Jun 29 2005 13:55:00

There's a reason certain stars get eight figures to appear in a film, and it's not talent.

Buildings that lift the spiritupdated: Thu May 12 2005 12:28:00

CNN talks to architectural luminary Will Alsop about modern architecture's expanding horizons.

showbuzzupdated: Mon May 09 2005 14:36:00

No, says director Mike Nichols, he wasn't trying to create a cultural icon or even a film that would captivate some members of the under-30 generation in 2005 just as powerfully as it had in 1967.

Review: New 'Ringworld' a treat for fansupdated: Thu Sep 23 2004 10:11:00

One of the most intriguing places in the universe doesn't actually exist. It is an artificial world, constructed as an enormous ring, 600 million miles in circumference, occupying the entire orbit of an Earth-like planet.

I, exploding, bullet-riddled robotupdated: Wed Jul 14 2004 12:56:00

Like most people, all I've seen of "I, Robot" is the trailer and some commercials.

Review: 'Riddick' big, boomy, badupdated: Fri Jun 11 2004 09:48:00

OK, it's summer. Befitting the blockbuster season, Hollywood has already destroyed most of the world in "The Day After Tomorrow." What could be next?

Fortune: Biology's Bad Boy Is Back Craig Venter brought us the human genome. Now he aims to build a life form that will updated: Mon Mar 08 2004 00:01:00

The moment was vintage Craig Venter: Biology's bad boy stood before a crowd of reporters in Washington, D.C., trumpeting his latest achievement, with a beaming Spencer Abraham, the U.S. Secretary o...

The new Martian chroniclesupdated: Wed Jan 14 2004 16:19:00

They've invaded Earth, tried to steal our air, and attacked Bugs Bunny. For Pete's sake, they've even kidnapped Santa Claus.

Fortune: An Ode to Joy Sun legend Bill Joy reflects on his career and moving on.updated: Mon Sep 29 2003 00:01:00

"To be honest, I can't believe I lasted this long," says Bill Joy. "It seems like I've been working on the same basic problems since college."

FSB: Every Startup Needs a Story Never mind the science fiction. These days reality is in.updated: Mon Jul 01 2002 00:01:00

Tell me you don't find this story utterly irresistible: At five on a frigid November morning, Keith Anderson gathered a group of his neighborhood friends to help him launch what turned out to be a ...

Fortune: Electronic Books Are Coming At Last! They've left the shelf of science fiction, and soon you'll see them at the beach. At a costupdated: Mon Jul 06 1998 00:01:00

Jack Christie wants to take a load off the backs of Texas schoolchildren. At a meeting this spring to discuss new technology, the chairman of the Texas board of education posed an intriguing questi...

Fortune: Would You Please Take My Money? It's a historically great time to start your own business: So much cash is out there chasing briupdated: Mon Mar 16 1998 00:01:00

So you've been saying for ages that no one in your industry really understands technology. What you ought to do, you keep repeating, is start a company with a high-tech edge and make a killing. Or ...


The prospect of freezing people and later thawing them out has long factored large in the American imagination. It's a staple of science fiction novels. It's been a plot device in numerous movies, ...


Squinting into his crystal ball, futurist Adrian Berry envisions a revenge of the nerds: They--not politicians --will henceforth shape history. Berry suggests that's actually nothing new, since ner...

Fortune: WAY OFF WALL STREETupdated: Mon Feb 05 1996 00:01:00

I WAS SITTING in a bikers' strip bar in Salem, Oregon, next to a naked young woman named Shelby when it struck me that this wasn't turning out to be a typical FORTUNE research project.

Money Magazine: The Finns battled to get their HMO to okay a specialistupdated: Sat Oct 01 1994 00:01:00

To a casual observer, Geneva Finn, 15, who appears in the center of the photo at right, looks like any number of young women her age. But for two years, this Minneapolis teen has been afflicted by ...

Fortune: Cutting out for space reasonsupdated: Mon Jan 04 1988 00:01:00

As the Chicago Mercantile Exchange gains notoriety for its index futures contracts, its trailblazing chief, Leo Melamed, is thinking adventurously about a future of a different kind. In his first s...

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