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Research about the deadly bird flu virus was published in a scientific journal. Elizabeth Cohen explains.

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SeaWorld trainers: Working with killer whales is a calculated riskupdated: Wed Nov 16 2011 05:35:00

SeaWorld employees on Tuesday testified at a federal job safety hearing that, while the behavior of killer whales is is extremely predictable, the job of working with a 6-ton marine mammal carries a calculated risk.

Court views earlier SeaWorld deathupdated: Wed Nov 16 2011 05:35:00

CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to author David Kirby about new developments in the SeaWorld hearing.

Money Magazine: Holiday travel: 3 hotel dealsupdated: Fri Nov 04 2011 19:33:00

Hotel room prices, on average, are up 5% over last year, but these destinations are shaping up to look like real deals in late December.

PETA lawsuit alleges SeaWorld enslaves killer whalesupdated: Wed Oct 26 2011 17:45:00

Can killer whales sue SeaWorld for enslavement?

Is whale to blame for trainer's death?updated: Tue Sep 20 2011 06:04:00

CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to experts about a killer whale that killed a trainer at SeaWorld.

Hearing begins in death of SeaWorld trainerupdated: Tue Sep 20 2011 06:04:00

A federal hearing began Monday to determine whether SeaWorld Orlando should be charged with a willful violation in the 2010 death of killer whale trainer Dawn Brancheau.

Orca that killed trainer returns to SeaWorld showupdated: Wed Mar 30 2011 21:40:00

Tilikum, the killer whale that killed a SeaWorld trainer last year, has returned to the stage at the Orlando, Florida, theme park. Tilikum made his return appearance Wednesday morning in front of an audience in the "Believe" show.

Whale in trainer death returns to showupdated: Wed Mar 30 2011 21:40:00

The killer whale involved in the death of Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau returns to work.

Killer whale returns to SeaWorld showupdated: Wed Mar 30 2011 13:19:00

Tilikum, the killer whale that killed SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau last year, has returned to the stage at the Orlando, Florida theme park.

SeaWorld to reopen 'Dine with Shamu' showupdated: Fri Jan 14 2011 19:09:00

SeaWorld says its "Dine with Shamu" killer whale show is reopening, nearly a year after it closed following the death of a trainer.

Visitor to SeaWorld water park in Florida found deadupdated: Mon Oct 04 2010 17:03:00

A guest at SeaWorld's water park Aquatica in Orlando, Florida, was pulled from a pool and later pronounced dead over the weekend, park officials said.

SeaWorld shows to resume after killer whale deathupdated: Wed Sep 08 2010 08:23:00

Shows at SeaWorld in San Diego, California, are expected to resume on schedule Wednesday, a day after a 12-year-old male killer whale died.

Killer whale dies at SeaWorldupdated: Wed Sep 08 2010 08:23:00

Workers load the body of a 12-year-old male killer whale on to a truck after it passed away.

Killer whale dies at San Diego SeaWorldupdated: Tue Sep 07 2010 19:46:00

A 12-year-old male killer whale, who showed signs of being ill only the day before, died Tuesday afternoon at SeaWorld in San Diego, California, the park announced.

Whale trainer laid to restupdated: Mon Aug 23 2010 22:52:00

Dawn Brancheau, the trainer who was killed at Sea World in February, was laid to rest Chicago.

SeaWorld fined $75,000 for safety violationsupdated: Mon Aug 23 2010 22:52:00

SeaWorld has been fined $75,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for three safety violations, including one classified as willful, after an animal trainer was killed in February. David Beckham's Boys-Only Weekendupdated: Tue Aug 10 2010 12:11:00

• Even before spending time at the Teen Choice Awards, David Beckham was keeping things youthful. The soccer stud spent a boys-only weekend with his sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, as well as good pal Gordon Ramsay and his son Jack. The guys went camping in San Clemente, Calif., then invaded San Diego, where they checked into the Hard Rock Hotel and also grabbed some Pinkberry yogurt. Next, it was off to SeaWorld, where the group got a VIP tour. The guys capped off their day with dinner at Nobu inside their hotel followed by one more trip to Pinkberry.

SeaWorld killer whale dies giving birth; calf is stillbornupdated: Mon Jun 07 2010 01:17:00

A killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando died Sunday while giving birth, the theme park said. The calf was stillborn.

Disney and deluxe digs in Orlandoupdated: Mon May 24 2010 17:10:00

Orla Duffy brought her three daughters to Orlando for a "girls' weekend" but they weren't planning to ride a single roller coaster, or even set foot in a theme park.

OSHA warned whale would killupdated: Fri Apr 09 2010 15:40:00

CNN's Randi Kaye reports on why OSHA recanted a report warning of killer whale attacks at SeaWorld.

Free the killer whaleupdated: Fri Apr 09 2010 15:40:00

When it comes to animal exploitation -- follow the money. Using animals for entertainment is big business, plain and simple. The killer whale Tilikum has helped SeaWorld sell millions of dollars worth of tickets.

Victim's mom says showing grisly photos adds to griefupdated: Tue Apr 06 2010 13:17:00

Recent court fights over the videotape of a killer whale attack at SeaWorld in Florida and a writer's request for investigative photos of a slain Georgia hiker's body are rekindling a familiar debate.

Autopsy: SeaWorld trainer died from drowning, traumatic injuriesupdated: Thu Apr 01 2010 10:36:00

An autopsy report released Wednesday confirmed that a SeaWorld trainer killed after a 12,000-pound killer whale pulled her underwater died of drowning and traumatic injuries to her body, including her spine, ribs and head.

SeaWorld death video debateupdated: Thu Apr 01 2010 10:36:00

Should a Florida judge release to the public video and photos showing the death of a SeaWorld trainer?

Mediation ordered in SeaWorld death video caseupdated: Fri Mar 26 2010 08:27:00

A judge ordered mediation Thursday for all parties wanting access to videos showing the death of a SeaWorld trainer, court documents say.

Attack video public record?updated: Wed Mar 24 2010 14:14:00

A Florida judge considers whether video tape of the whale trainer's death at SeaWorld is public record.

SeaWorld joins trainer's family in fight to keep videos out of public eyeupdated: Wed Mar 24 2010 14:14:00

Security cameras were rolling when a killer whale at SeaWorld's Florida park grabbed a trainer by her hair and pulled her underwater, leading to her death. Witnesses Say Trainer Was Pulled from Whale's Mouthupdated: Tue Mar 02 2010 17:33:00

SeaWorld colleagues describe their desperate efforts to rescue Dawn Brancheau

Captured dolphins aren't smilingupdated: Tue Mar 02 2010 16:53:00

Before I started working on the documentary "The Cove," I assumed like many others that dolphins and orcas enjoyed living at Sea World and other marine parks. They always seemed to be smiling, jumping merrily around their tanks, eager to put on a show for human spectators.

How to free a killer whaleupdated: Tue Mar 02 2010 15:57:00

In 2002, a male killer whale, or orca, who had been on public display in concrete tanks for 19 years, swam off on his own into the Atlantic Ocean.

What caused SeaWorld death?updated: Tue Mar 02 2010 08:27:00

CNN's Kiran Chetry talks to a SeaWorld official about why one of its killer whales turned on his trainer.

Biologists: Killer whales 'neurotic' in captivityupdated: Tue Mar 02 2010 08:27:00

Killer whales can weigh up to 22,000 pounds, and may be as long as 32 feet, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They often travel in groups of up to 50, being highly social.

SeaWorld victim talks whalesupdated: Tue Mar 02 2010 08:25:00

Dawn Brancheau, the SeaWorld trainer killed by a whale, talked with WESH in 2000 about working with the creatures.

Whale trainer remembered at funeralupdated: Tue Mar 02 2010 08:25:00

Mourners packed into a church in Illinois Monday to remember a woman whose death made headlines worldwide. SeaWorld Trainer Laid to Rest in Illinoisupdated: Mon Mar 01 2010 20:50:00

Friends and family remember Dawn Brancheau as a woman who loved her life's work

SeaWorld whale shows resumeupdated: Fri Feb 26 2010 19:51:00

SeaWorld announces that whale shows will resume Saturday, but trainers will not be in the water.

SeaWorld CEO says shows with killer whales will resume Saturdayupdated: Fri Feb 26 2010 19:51:00

SeaWorld will resume killer whale shows while the company and two federal agencies investigate the death of a whale trainer at SeaWorld Orlando, company and federal officials announced Friday. Killer Whale Shows to Resume Saturdayupdated: Fri Feb 26 2010 15:49:00

But trainers won't get in the water with them until the investigation into Dawn Brancheau's death is finished Whale Trainer's Family Speaks Out About 'Tremendous Loss'updated: Fri Feb 26 2010 10:27:00

"She loved her job, and she loved her animals," they say in a statement after the fatal killer whale attack

'Cove' director: SeaWorld death preventableupdated: Fri Feb 26 2010 09:36:00

The director of an Oscar-nominated documentary about dolphin slaughter says the SeaWorld killer whale attack that left a trainer dead earlier this week could have been prevented.

SeaWorld trainer died from traumatic injuries, drowning, officials sayupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 22:41:00

A whale trainer at SeaWorld died from "multiple traumatic injuries and drowning" after a 12,000-pound killer whale grabbed her ponytail and pulled her underwater in front of shocked onlookers at Shamu Stadium, the Orange County Sheriff's office said Thursday.

SeaWorld trainer: No warningsupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 22:41:00

HLN's Chuck Roberts asks SeaWorld's head whale trainer about events surrounding the tragic death there.

Whale trainer had 'dream job,' sister saysupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 20:18:00

She lived the life of a little girl's dream. Killer Whale Yanked Trainer into Tank by Her Ponytailupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 19:12:00

Dawn Brancheau died of "multiple traumatic injuries and drowning," an autopsy finds

Was killer whale just playing?updated: Thu Feb 25 2010 16:57:00

Killer whale experts say the whale that killed its trainer may have just wanted to play. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.

SeaWorld trainer killed by killer whaleupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 16:57:00

A killer whale killed a trainer Wednesday afternoon at SeaWorld's Shamu Stadium in Orlando, Florida, a public information officer for the Orange County Sheriff's Office said. SeaWorld Trainer 'Loved Her Job,' Says Her Motherupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 13:49:00

The killer whale who attacked Dawn Brancheau was also involved in the deaths of two others SeaWorld Trainer Dies in Killer Whale Attackupdated: Thu Feb 25 2010 09:29:00

The whale pulled 40-year-old Dawn Brancheau into the tank and thrashed her around until she drowned Freida & Dev's Romantic Poolside Getawayupdated: Wed Nov 18 2009 05:47:00

• Slumdog Millionaire sweethearts Freida Pinto and Dev Patel arrived for a romantic getaway at San Diego's Hard Rock Hotel "wrapped arm in arm, whispering in each other's ears," an onlooker says. Patel carried his girlfriend's bag into their suite before stepping out for dinner a deux at Nobu. The duo also swung by SeaWorld, where over the weekend they took a VIP tour and fed the animals. Before checking out, the couple relaxed at Float, the hotel's poolside lounge, then took a train back to L.A.

Florida airport tests hydrogen enginesupdated: Wed Dec 31 2008 13:12:00

Some Florida amusement park visitors may enjoy space-themed roller-coasters, but the first vehicle they board at Orlando International Airport may be the most futuristic ride of their vacation.

Orlando's new Aquatica and other splashy parksupdated: Mon Jun 16 2008 11:06:00

For once, we're glad it's not a perfect blue-sky vacation day.

Money Magazine: TRAVEL CLUBS CAN CUT YOUR VACATION COSTS IN HALFupdated: Mon Feb 01 1993 00:01:00

Now that buying at discount is clearly the '90s way to shop, it's little wonder that clubs and services that sell consumers discounted travel are gaining favor. The majority, says Ed Perkins at Con...

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