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CNNMoney: $585 million LCD price-fixing fineupdated: Wed Nov 12 2008 16:05:00

Three major electronics manufacturers have agreed to plead guilty to a price-fixing conspiracy and pay $585 million in criminal fines for their roles in the pricing of LCD display panels, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

CNNMoney: Sharp, Pioneer forge business-boosting allianceupdated: Thu Sep 20 2007 05:51:00

Japanese electronics makers Sharp Corp. and Pioneer Corp. announced a capital and operations tie-up Thursday that will make Sharp the top shareholder in its Tokyo-based peer.

CNNMoney: EU expands informal DVD probeupdated: Tue Jul 03 2007 07:59:00

The European Commission has expanded an informal probe into whether the licensing strategies of two rival groups of DVD developers are anti-competitive by seeking information from film studios, the EU executive said.

Money Magazine: 7 steps for a successful solo careerupdated: Sat Mar 17 2007 12:27:00

Being your own boss has a lot of advantages, but making the transition from the traditional corporate world takes work.

Transcript: Katsuhiko Machida, President of the Sharp Corp. updated: Fri Aug 11 2006 09:45:00

This is today's frontline in the battle of the electronics giants. Flat screen TVs are among the fastest moving consumer electronics products in the world. For one company flat-screens are more than a hot product, they're a virtual corporate life-saver. Sharp is now the world's biggest maker of liquid-crystal display televisions. But it wasn't that long ago that the company based in Osaka, Japan had lost its way. Profits had fallen sharply, the brand was limp and the future looked bleak. What it needed was radical corporate surgery and the doctor and savior as it turned out was the new president. Katsuhiko Machida spent 29 years at Sharp before taking the top job in 1998. And he took a huge gamble early on in his presidency by deciding to focus Sharp on flat-screen televisions and shut down many other product lines. He spoke to CNN's Andrew Stevens.

Nikkei leads Asian stock plungeupdated: Tue Jun 13 2006 02:37:00

Stock markets took another battering in Asia, with Japan's Nikkei plunging more than 4.1 percent, its biggest one-day fall in two years.

CNNMoney: Sharp posts record quarterly profitupdated: Wed Feb 01 2006 06:28:00

Japan's Sharp Corp said Wednesday quarterly earnings rose to an all-time high on strong sales of liquid crystal display televisions, mobile phones and solar batteries.

Fortune: YULE LOG JAMupdated: Mon Dec 13 2004 00:01:00

It's two hours before quitting time, and Mickey Main's cellphone won't stop ringing. His longshoremen, the unionized dockworkers who staff Los Angeles and Long Beach's seaports, don't let up. Some ...

Fortune: Taxing Unfairly... Brand Mascots... Slotting Wars... The Genetic Jerkupdated: Mon Mar 06 2000 00:01:00

Singled Out? Not everyone is buying the IRS's less oppressive image. Dozens of Asian-American entrepreneurs in Los Angeles say the IRS has unfairly targeted them for audits and has selectively char...

Fortune: Take Your Online Music Offline MP3 meets the walkmanupdated: Mon Feb 07 2000 00:01:00

Digital music players that fit in your shirt pocket have gotten a lot of ink lately, but they're not exactly flying off the shelves. There's a good reason: Though you can download music from the In...

FSB: IRS Bias?...George, Jeeves, And Simon...Race Matters... Patents...Corporate Refugeeupdated: Tue Feb 01 2000 00:01:00

Not everyone is buying the IRS' less oppressive image. Dozens of Asian-American entrepreneurs in Los Angeles say the IRS has unfairly targeted them for audits and has selectively charged an "ozone ...

Fortune: On The Road To get the job done without going to the office, telecommute.updated: Mon Dec 01 1997 00:01:00

Perhaps it's not your idea of a dream vacation, but handheld digital gadgets are making it easier to keep up on your work as you climb a mountain in Colorado or stroll the Nantucket shoreline. Toda...

Fortune: PRODUCTS TO WATCHupdated: Mon Jan 11 1993 00:01:00

PEN-BASED WIZARD Many overworked execs have been awaiting a hand-held gizmo that's part computer and part secretary. Apple Computer's John Sculley put forward the idea of a personal digital assista...

Fortune: FRESH FROM LAS VEGAS . . .updated: Mon Feb 10 1992 00:01:00

City father Bugsy Siegel would be proud of the thousands of new products displayed at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. The exhibits included those pictured here: rain- and dog-proof ou...

Money Magazine: WHAT DO ALL THOSE CONFUSING MUTUAL FUND LABELS MEAN?updated: Sun Sep 01 1991 00:01:00

Q I'm confused about the terms used to describe mutual funds. You hear about aggressive growth funds, growth funds, growth and income funds, balanced funds, equity income funds, flexible income fun...

Fortune: PRODUCTS TO WATCHupdated: Mon Jul 29 1991 00:01:00

HEAT-BEATING CHOCOLATE It's summer, and chocolate not only melts in your mouth, it also melts all over your shirt, hands, and children. Last year Hershey came up with a chocolate bar for the soldie...

Fortune: IS FEDERAL EXPRESS STOCK ABOUT TO DELIVER?updated: Mon Apr 23 1990 00:01:00

Talk about a bumpy ride. For the past four years stockholders of Federal Express have been rocked by one jolt after another. In 1986 the company lost more than $300 million on its ill-starred facsi...

Fortune: KEEP ANTITRUST PRO-CONSUMER A Supreme Court decision on retail pricing continues the trend. But a bill now in Congress would revupdated: Mon Jul 04 1988 00:01:00

Is antitrust law designed to advance consumer welfare? There should not be any doubt about the answer, but the U.S. has been equivocating over it since the first federal antitrust statute, the Sher...

Fortune: Faxinationupdated: Mon Mar 14 1988 00:01:00

Americans' infatuation with facsimile machines is growing deeper. Faster than a bicycle messenger and cheaper than Federal Express, faxes send and receive written and graphic information by regular...

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