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Sierra Leone

The first former head of state to be convicted of war crimes since World War II was sentenced to 50 years in prison Wednesday by an international court in The Hague, Netherlands.

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Reactions to Taylor's guilty verdictupdated: Thu May 10 2012 06:05:00

Charles Taylor's guilty verdict brings relief in justice to Sierra Leone. CNN's Atika Shubert reports.

Charles Taylor's defense to counter prosecutor sentencing recommendation updated: Thu May 10 2012 06:05:00

The defense for Charles Taylor is expected to submit its counter-recommendation Thursday after prosecutors said the former Liberian president deserves an 80-year sentence for a war crimes conviction.

Prosecutor recommends 80 years for Charles Taylorupdated: Thu May 03 2012 17:20:00

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor should receive an 80-year sentence for his conviction for aiding and abetting war crimes in neighboring Sierra Leone's civil war, the chief prosecutor in the international court case recommended Thursday.

The alleged crimes of Charles Taylorupdated: Mon Apr 30 2012 06:29:00

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor on trial for war crimes. CNN's Nima Elbagir reports.

Charles Taylor guilty of aiding rebelsupdated: Sat Apr 28 2012 05:24:00

An international war crimes court finds ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor guilty of aiding militias in Sierra Leone.

For victims in Sierra Leone, Taylor's verdict brings reliefupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 21:02:00

Jabati Mambu has lived all his adult life without his right hand.

Verdict brings hope to war crime victimsupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 21:02:00

David McKenzie explains why war crime victims around the world can be hopeful after Charles Taylor's conviction.

Court finds Charles Taylor guilty of aiding war crimesupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 19:14:00

In a landmark ruling, an international tribunal found former Liberian President Charles Taylor guilty Thursday of aiding and abetting war crimes in neighboring Sierra Leone's notoriously brutal civil war.

Taylor verdict: Why peace must accompany justiceupdated: Thu Apr 26 2012 11:48:00

Millions of people will breathe a sigh of relief that Charles Taylor has finally been held to account for the years of violence, misery and suffering that he brought to the people of West Africa.

Charles Taylor verdict 'momentous'updated: Thu Apr 26 2012 11:48:00

CNN's David McKenzie explains the significance of the Charles Taylor verdict for those in and outside Africa.

Girls at risk: Starting a revolution for teenage mothers updated: Thu Mar 08 2012 09:28:00

Sierra Leone and Liberia have some of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, with 15-24 year olds accounting for 40% of such deaths) and two years ago, agencies IPPF and FORWARD listened to hundreds of African voices talking about sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Court to issue verdict in Charles Taylor trial next month updated: Fri Mar 02 2012 07:09:00

An international tribunal will issue a verdict in the war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor next month, the United Nations said.

What are 'conflict diamonds?'updated: Mon Dec 05 2011 10:07:00

A major international environmental group has pulled out of the process to guarantee that diamonds do not come from conflict zones, saying the Kimberley Process had refused "to evolve and address the clear links between diamonds, violence and tyranny." So why are so-called "conflict diamonds" so controversial?

Russian convicted in arms conspiracy plotupdated: Wed Nov 02 2011 21:55:00

Convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout could face life in prison after a federal jury returned guilty verdicts Wednesday on four counts related to a conspiracy to kill Americans, acquire and export anti-aircraft missiles and provide material support to a terrorist organization.

President: Sierra Leone will become aid donor in next 50 yearsupdated: Mon Oct 24 2011 07:54:00

Sierra Leone's economy was tarnished by a decade-long civil war, but the resource-rich African nation is now ready to bounce back, according to the country's president.

Bringing business to Sierra Leoneupdated: Mon Oct 24 2011 07:54:00

Sierra Leone's President, Ernest Bai Koroma aims to move on from the country?s long civil war and attract investment and tourism.

South Africa launch Cup of Nations appealupdated: Mon Oct 10 2011 12:33:00

The South African Football Association (SAFA) have appealed to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) after the country failed to qualify for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations due to misinterpreting the tournament's rules.

'Pirate' fishermen looting West African watersupdated: Thu Jun 30 2011 07:51:00

"Pirate" fishermen are roaming the seas along West Africa and looting marine treasure from some of the world's poorest countries.

Sierra Leone's hopes of fruit revivalupdated: Wed Jun 29 2011 08:31:00

Sierra Leone hopes to once again bear fruit - with the help of juice.

Juice factory could bear fruit for Sierra Leoneupdated: Wed Jun 29 2011 08:31:00

A decade-long civil war wrecked Sierra Leone's economy, but now a juice business could provide a blueprint of how to add value to the country's exports.

Thousands of Libyans flee to Italyupdated: Sat May 14 2011 08:51:00

Libyan refugees say they made the treacherous trip by sea to escape fighting in their country. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

Boat crammed with refugees from Libya reaches tiny Italian islandupdated: Sat May 14 2011 08:51:00

Shortly after dawn, an open blue wooden fishing boat from Libya limped its way into the port of this tiny island, crammed with at least 166 shivering passengers, all of them apparently migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Global cocoa trade complicit in Ivory Coast atrocitiesupdated: Wed Apr 20 2011 11:08:00

The capture of Laurent Gbagbo, whose refusal to concede the presidency of the Ivory Coast to challenger Alassane Ouattara despite his internationally recognized election loss nearly five months ago, is being accompanied by calls for him and his associates to face justice. But it is unclear what form this justice will take.

Gbagbo stepdaughter: Fight not overupdated: Wed Apr 20 2011 11:08:00

Marie Antoinette Singleton tells CNN that Laurent Gbagbo stands for the truth and that the fight for Ivory Coast isn't over.

Milan go five points clear as Strasser scores winner at Cagliariupdated: Thu Jan 06 2011 17:22:00

Sierra Leone international Rodney Strasser scored a vital goal five minutes from time to send AC Milan five points clear as Serie A resumed Thursday after its short mid-winter break.

Guinea's new president is namedupdated: Sat Dec 04 2010 03:02:00

Guinea's Supreme Court has ruled Alpha Conde the winner of a November 7 presidential runoff election, the court's president announced Friday in the country's capital city.

President: Sierra Leone's 'blood diamonds' in the pastupdated: Tue Oct 12 2010 08:05:00

Ernest Bai Koroma is the fourth president of Sierra Leone, a nation still very much living in the shadow of a brutal decade-long civil war that only ended in 2002.

Ernest Bai Koroma on economic growthupdated: Tue Oct 12 2010 08:05:00

CNN's African Voices talks to Sierra Leone president Ernest Bai Koroma about the country's economical development.

U.N.: Sanctions against Sierra Leone liftedupdated: Wed Sep 29 2010 20:20:00

The United Nations Security Council has ended sanctions against Sierra Leone, restrictions originally imposed during the nation's brutal civil war, the Security Council announced Wednesday.

The African faces of American footballupdated: Tue Sep 21 2010 13:17:00

They're the faces of Africa in the United States National Football League.

Sierra Leone tourists to build their own eco-resortupdated: Wed Sep 01 2010 12:12:00

For many people, the name Sierra Leone still conjures up images of the country's decade-long civil war and subsequent war crimes trials.

Tribe wanted in Sierra Leoneupdated: Wed Sep 01 2010 12:12:00

Eight years after the end of the civil war in Sierra Leone Tribewanted founder Ben Keene aims to help bring back tourists.

From Sierre Leone to Yankee Stadium, war survivor making a differenceupdated: Tue Aug 24 2010 21:11:00

The last thing 18-year-old Mohamed Kamara from Sierra Leone expected was to be honored by the New York Yankees, but there he was, tossing out the first pitch at a Yankees-Detroit Tigers game last week.

The supermodel, warlord and dirty little diamondsupdated: Wed Aug 11 2010 10:47:00

When international supermodel Naomi Campbell took the witness stand Friday in the trial against Liberia's former President Charles Taylor, Western media outlets showered unprecedented attention on this largely ignored war crimes trial.

Did Naomi Campbell lie in court?updated: Wed Aug 11 2010 10:47:00

Did Naomi Campbell lie about receiving blood diamonds? CNN's Anderson Cooper investigates.

Supermodel's war crimes testimony could be delayedupdated: Mon Aug 02 2010 11:33:00

The defense in the war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor filed an emergency motion to delay supermodel Naomi Campbell's testimony against him, the court announced Monday.

Idris Elba is ready for his close upupdated: Tue Jul 13 2010 09:51:00

Actor Idris Elba is enjoying an interesting kind of fame right now.

Peace Corps to return to Sierra Leoneupdated: Tue Nov 03 2009 08:09:00

U.S. and Sierra Leone government officials have agreed to re-establish a Peace Corps program in Sierra Leone after a 15-year absence, the Peace Corps said Monday.

Charles Taylor refutes 'malicious' accusations at war crimes trialupdated: Tue Jul 14 2009 12:41:00

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor expressed his incredulity at the testimony against him at his war crimes trial Tuesday, saying "there is no way" he is guilty of any of the charges.

Taylor: 'I am not guilty'updated: Tue Jul 14 2009 12:41:00

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor rejects the war crime charges against him. CNN's Phil Black reports.

Green business blog: The devastating cost of diamondsupdated: Mon Jun 22 2009 09:33:00

Growing up surrounded by generations of jewelry wearing tradition, I was drawn to the brilliance and transparency of diamonds from an early age. Later, it was the fact that diamonds are a unique resource, evoking beauty and eternal love that lead me to found DIAZ Fine Jewelry.

Committing to changeupdated: Sun May 03 2009 22:36:00

American actor Isaiah Washington discovers his roots in Sierra Leone and finds a deep connection to its people.

Isaiah Washington: Discovering African rootsupdated: Sun May 03 2009 22:36:00

American actor Isaiah Washington discovered he had roots in Sierra Leone and took dual citizenship. CNN explores one man's journey of discovery and his impact on a country with a troubled recent history.

Sierra Leone rebels jailed for crimes against humanityupdated: Wed Apr 08 2009 12:59:00

Three former guerrilla leaders -- who helped command what one activist called "one of the most brutal rebel movements in modern days" -- were sentenced Wednesday in Freetown, Sierra Leone, for crimes against humanity.

Fortune: The new blood diamonds?updated: Fri Mar 27 2009 16:32:00

First there were "blood diamonds," the gems that fueled conflict and human rights abuses in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Then there was "conflict cocoa," the chocolate source that's harvested by children and funds civil war in Ivory Coast. Now concern is rising about the minerals that go into common consumer electronics. Could that be a BloodBerry or a Conflict Cell in your pocket?

The battle for Sierra Leoneupdated: Wed Feb 25 2009 14:46:00

CNN's Jim Clancy reports on the long and brutal battle for Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone rebel leaders found guiltyupdated: Wed Feb 25 2009 14:46:00

Three former leaders of Sierra Leone's brutal Revolutionary United Front guerrilla movement were found guilty Wednesday of crimes against humanity including murder, rape, sexual slavery and forced marriages, the Special Court for Sierra Leone announced.

Commentary: When joy of pregnancy turns to heartbreakupdated: Thu Jan 22 2009 11:21:00

Every day in the United States, thousands of women and families experience one of the most joyous occasions in their lifetime -- the birth of a child.

Commentary: What unites James Bond and dead monkeysupdated: Mon Dec 15 2008 10:59:00

I am watching a 10-year-old boy carefully burn the fur off a dead monkey. And I'm learning again why nature is the ultimate safety net for the world's rural poor, about one sixth of the world's population.

WHO slams global health care, calls for universal coverageupdated: Tue Oct 14 2008 10:53:00

In a Nairobi slum, more than one in four children under 5 will die, but in a wealthier part of the Kenyan capital, the mortality rate is one in almost 67, according to a World Health Organization report released Tuesday.

Donovan, Beckham salvage draw for Galaxy updated: Sun Apr 20 2008 19:54:00

David Beckham supplied two trademark passes for a Landon Donovan brace as the Los Angeles Galaxy held two-time defending champions Houston Dynamos to a 2-2 home draw in Major League soccer action on Saturday night. David Beckham 'Humbled' by Africa Visitupdated: Fri Jan 25 2008 12:05:00

David Beckham's trip to West Africa made a profound impression on the soccer star. David Beckham Visits Sierra Leone for UNICEFupdated: Tue Jan 22 2008 16:45:00

David Beckham made a secret trip to West Africa's Sierra Leone last weekend on behalf of the international children's charity UNICEF.

Taylor war crimes trial resumesupdated: Tue Jan 08 2008 00:15:00

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor appeared in court Monday at the resumption of his war crimes trial, six months after boycotting the opening session and calling the trial a "charade." Charles Taylor Trial Startsupdated: Mon Jan 07 2008 13:00:00

The first witness in the trial of hte former Liberian President talks, not about atrocities, but about "blood diamonds"

Sierra Leone leader warns of possible state of emergency updated: Mon Aug 27 2007 22:53:00

Sierra Leone's President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah has warned he could declare a state of emergency across the former British colony if violence ahead of next month's presidential run-off vote worsens.

Run-off in Sierra Leone presidential pollupdated: Sat Aug 25 2007 07:17:00

Sierra Leone will hold a presidential election run-off on September 8 after no candidate won 55 percent of the vote in the first round, the West African country's electoral commission said on Saturday.

Taylor war crimes trial delayedupdated: Mon Aug 20 2007 08:48:00

Judges on Monday postponed until January 2008 the war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor on charges of directing atrocities in Sierra Leone after his defense asked for more time to prepare.

Sierra Leone votesupdated: Mon Aug 13 2007 01:54:00

Sierra Leone votes Isaiah Washington: Sierra Leone Kept Me 'Sane' After Grey'supdated: Fri Aug 03 2007 09:04:00

Isaiah Washington says he found solace doing charity work in Sierra Leone after being fired from Grey's Anatomy in June.

Taylor boycotts 'charade' trialupdated: Mon Jun 04 2007 05:44:00

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor on Monday boycotted the start of his U.N.-backed court war crimes trial in The Hague, calling it a "charade" in a letter read by his court-appointed lawyer who later walked out.

Adebayor worried by death threatsupdated: Sun Mar 25 2007 05:50:00

Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor said he was considering his international future after receiving death threats before Togo's 3-1 win over Sierra Leone in an African Nations Cup qualifier on Saturday.

Fortune: Tracing African roots through DNAupdated: Fri Feb 16 2007 15:50:00

One of the many joys of the World Cup is engaging in a 30-day frenzy of flag-hugging nationalism. Many Americans root for more than one team: the U.S. and the country of their ancestors. If you're ...

Fortune: Lettersupdated: Mon Jan 22 2007 00:01:00

Conflict Diamonds

Blood diamonds: Miners risk lives for chance at richesupdated: Tue Dec 12 2006 10:57:00

At a bend in a tributary of the mighty Congo River, dirt-poor villagers feverishly pan for the shiny stones that have proved as elusive as they are rare -- diamonds.

Fortune: Diamonds aren't foreverupdated: Fri Dec 08 2006 12:28:00

The $60-billion-a-year diamond industry looks very different from Sierra Leone, where the average man earns $220 a year and dies at age 39.

EW review: 'Blood Diamond' doesn't make cutupdated: Fri Dec 08 2006 09:48:00

Righteous indignation is exhausting in a movie -- maybe not for the indignant, but certainly for the unsuspecting moviegoing bystander in the path of all that onrushing rectitude.

Fortune: Diamond mines are foreverupdated: Mon Oct 02 2006 13:28:00

Conflict diamonds, the stones sold to finance some of the bloodiest wars in Africa, should be history. But a recent USAID report on Sierra Leone - where these men were sifting old mine tailings for...

CNNMoney: Jewelers sweat a 'Blood Diamond' holidayupdated: Mon Sep 11 2006 07:24:00

As U.S. jewelry merchants see it, "Blood Diamond" could mean a blue Christmas.

Prosecutors seek quick start to Taylor trialupdated: Wed Jun 21 2006 05:36:00

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor spent his first night in a Dutch prison as prosecutors prepared to move quickly to bring him to trial on 11 war crimes charges.

Taylor taken to Hague for trialupdated: Tue Jun 20 2006 07:27:00

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor arrived Tuesday in the Netherlands, where he will stand trial on 11 war crimes charges, an International Criminal Court spokeswoman said.

UK willing to jail Charles Taylorupdated: Thu Jun 15 2006 09:18:00

Britain has promised to hold Liberia's Charles Taylor in jail if he is convicted of war crimes, paving the way for the West African country's former president to be tried in the Netherlands.

Sierra Leone amputees in a league of their ownupdated: Mon Apr 03 2006 11:47:00

It's 8 a.m., and a soccer game is under way on a makeshift field by the exotic beaches of Sierra Leone, along the Atlantic Ocean.

Dutch asked to host Taylor trialupdated: Thu Mar 30 2006 08:35:00

A U.N.-backed court in Sierra Leone has asked the Dutch government to stage the war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor in the Netherlands, the Dutch Foreign Ministry said Thursday, and the government has set conditions for that to happen.

Charles Taylor: A wanted manupdated: Wed Mar 29 2006 12:15:00

Liberian President Charles Ghankay Taylor -- known as "Pappy" to his band of child soldiers -- is a wanted man in West Africa.

Taylor to face war crimes chargesupdated: Wed Mar 29 2006 04:11:00

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor, captured while trying to flee his home-in-exile in Nigeria, has arrived in Sierra Leone, where he was taken into custody on war-crimes charges and will face court.

War crimes suspect Taylor missingupdated: Tue Mar 28 2006 08:27:00

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor has vanished from the Nigerian villa where he was living in exile, days after Nigeria said Liberian authorities could repatriate the man wanted for war crimes, a Nigerian government spokesman said Tuesday.

U.N. sends 'signal' to Liberia's Taylorupdated: Fri Nov 11 2005 16:51:00

U.N. peacekeepers in Liberia now have the authority to arrest former President Charles Taylor and transfer him to Sierra Leone for trial should he return to the country.

Striker Kallon signs Monaco dealupdated: Wed Jul 21 2004 14:32:00

Inter Milan's Sierra Leone striker Mohamed Kallon has signed a four-year contract with Champions League finalists Monaco.

Fortune: Why War Zones Love Monopoliesupdated: Mon May 31 2004 00:01:00

Macartan Humphreys has a gig teaching game theory at Columbia University, but you're just as likely to find him in a dingy drinking hole in Sierra Leone, or Colombia, or any number of other war-rav...

S. Leone war crimes court opensupdated: Wed Mar 10 2004 05:31:00

Sierra Leone's U.N.-backed war crimes court has been inaugurated amid tight security and concerns over whether it can deliver justice after the country's decade-long war.

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