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Fortune: New iPhone no threat to the Flip camcorderupdated: Wed Jul 15 2009 13:57:00

With the launch of the Flip video camera in May 2007, the camcorder market has never been the same. Flip brought video creation and sharing to the masses, which meant even more footage of cats riding skateboards. (We can't thank them enough for that.)

Unlocking the unlocked cell phone marketupdated: Fri Jul 03 2009 16:06:00

Nokia and Sony Ericsson are targeting the U.S. with a new set of unlocked phones. But without hefty carrier subsidies, will they ever be able to crack the U.S. market?

Tweets on the farmupdated: Fri Jul 03 2009 09:55:00

A farmer from Nebraska talks about his twitter page, which has more followers than the population of his town.

Twittering from the tractor: smartphones sprout on the farmupdated: Fri Jul 03 2009 09:55:00

As he rolls across the wheat fields of his Nebraska farm, Steve Tucker often has his hands not on the wheel of his tractor, but on a smartphone.

For games, no big rush to speedy iPhone 3GSupdated: Tue Jun 30 2009 10:11:00

The iPhone 3GS is already wooing game developers with its faster, more powerful platform, but don't expect a ton of games fully taking advantage of it to flood the App Store -- yet.

10 things I love about the iPhone 3GSupdated: Thu Jun 25 2009 11:59:00

Another summer, another iPhone hardware update. This one's worth getting, too -- especially if you have an original iPhone or the iPhone 3G.

Fortune: Intel gets some wireless credupdated: Tue Jun 23 2009 14:47:00

In order to crack the smartphone market it covets -- but has failed thus far to crack -- the world's largest computer chip maker Intel realized it needed a partner in the cell phone business. It ended up snagging the world's largest handset maker, Nokia.

T-Mobile announces second Google phoneupdated: Tue Jun 23 2009 14:23:00

Competition in the smartphone market is heating up this summer as one new hot smartphone after another hits the street. The latest is T-Mobile's next Google Android device, called the myTouch.

10 things to love about iPhone's OS 3.0updated: Tue Jun 23 2009 14:01:00

Last week, Apple released a free update for iPhone users, pushing them to the third iteration of their mobile operating system. (Yes, iPod Touch users are welcome to upgrade, too, at a very reasonable cost of $10.)

New iPhone 3GS heats up smartphone warsupdated: Sat Jun 20 2009 00:55:00

When Apple starts selling what it bills as the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet on Friday, the company's latest entry will only heat up the already sizzling smartphone landscape.

iPhone 3GS launch has app developers seeing goldupdated: Fri Jun 19 2009 15:10:00

Friday's launch of the iPhone 3GS could usher in an innovative and lucrative new era for those who create applications for the popular device, developers and industry observers say.

CNNMoney: It's time: Apple's iPhone 3G S debutsupdated: Fri Jun 19 2009 14:36:00

Apple is hopeful that the new iPhone 3G S, which was launched Friday, will help it fend off the increasing competition in the smartphone world.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry maker sales outlook disappointsupdated: Thu Jun 18 2009 18:28:00

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. said Thursday that its quarterly profit rose on strong smartphone sales, but a disappointing revenue outlook sent the company's stock lower in after-hours trading.

iPhone 3G S hits stores Friday: Will the crowds follow?updated: Thu Jun 18 2009 12:38:00

Despite the intense amount of interest in Apple's third-generation iPhone, this Friday's launch of the device may not bring out the hordes of Apple fans like it has in years past.

CNNMoney: New BlackBerry Tour joins smartphone frayupdated: Wed Jun 17 2009 17:49:00

The smartphone wars are heating up with recent launches of the Apple iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre, and Research In Motion is determined to stay in the game.

CNNMoney: BlackBerry is still leader of the packupdated: Wed Jun 17 2009 10:09:00

Apple's iPhone 3GS and Palm's Pre has captured a lot of hype but don't count out Research in Motion's BlackBerry just yet, say experts.

Can Apple beat the too-expensive rap?updated: Thu Jun 11 2009 12:03:00

SAN FRANCISCO --The big knock on Apple -- whether or not it's always been accurate -- is that its products are more expensive than most of its competitors.

Fortune: Apple has to try harderupdated: Wed Jun 10 2009 09:51:00

Now that the dust has settled from Apple's iPhone 3GS announcement -- video camera! compass! better battery life! -- it's time to face facts. Though Apple still leads rivals in style and technology, it's not the breakaway frontrunner it once was. The new phone is cool and all, but now Apple is looking over its shoulder -- and it will have to make some adjustments.

Apple's big dayupdated: Tue Jun 09 2009 09:45:00's Dylan Tweney has the latest news about Apple's big announcement.

Stronger, faster iPhone 3GS will hit stores June 19updated: Tue Jun 09 2009 09:45:00

A new, faster version of the popular iPhone will hit stores June 19, Apple said Monday.

CNNMoney: Apple unveils new iPhoneupdated: Mon Jun 08 2009 16:27:00

Apple on Monday unveiled a new, faster iPhone, lowered the price on its existing model to $99, and released details of its revamped operating system.

What to expect from Apple at WWDC 2009updated: Mon Jun 08 2009 09:30:00

Even without Steve Jobs emceeing, this year's Worldwide Developers Conference sold out in record time.

Fortune: Palm Pre review: To Pre or not to Pre?updated: Thu Jun 04 2009 14:02:00

Here's how we are going to break this review down. I am Michael Copeland -- I'm a BlackBerry user. I have the Bold. It's a silly name, but I never reference it in public ("Where's my bold?" See -- silly). My colleague Jon Fortt is an iPhone user/lover. The reason I point this out, is that BlackBerry users and iPhone users are likely to have different reactions to Palm's shiny new Pre.

Fantasy features of an Apple tabletupdated: Tue Jun 02 2009 13:29:00

Apple is rumored to be working on something bigger than an iPod Touch, but smaller than a MacBook. Past patent applications filed by the company and whispers from contract manufacturers point to a midsize gadget with a screen of 7 to 8 inches in the works, perhaps scheduled to debut early next year.

Fortune: Palm fights back (against Apple)updated: Tue May 26 2009 04:16:00

Not much rattles Apple. Disciplined and focused, the company lavishes attention on its own elegant products and rarely deigns to discuss rivals. Yet here was Tim Cook, Apple's chief operating officer and designated stand-in for ailing CEO Steve Jobs, erupting during an earnings call in late January at the mere mention of a pip-squeak competitor.

Fortune: The wizards of appsupdated: Wed May 13 2009 09:42:00

After six months in development, Zillow's new iPhone application - a data-intensive program that marries the gadget's GPS functionality with the real estate site's property-value estimates, or Zestimates - was finally ready for the light of day.

Can a Palm Pre multitask better than an iPhone?updated: Thu May 07 2009 08:36:00

Palm's comeback attempt rests squarely on the notion that it has found a better way to manage your complicated digital life.

Apple plots course for middle of mobileupdated: Wed Apr 29 2009 11:46:00

Is the world finally ready for the mobile minitablet? It's become quite clear over the last several months that Apple is ready to bridge the mobile computing gap, with plans to develop a device that fits somewhere in between the iPhone and the MacBook.

CNNMoney: Apple gets huge iPhone boostupdated: Wed Apr 22 2009 19:51:00

Apple Inc. said Wednesday that a surge in iPhone sales helped offset a decline in Mac sales as the company reported quarterly profit and revenue that thrashed Wall Street forecasts.

BlackBerry users experience e-mail outageupdated: Tue Apr 14 2009 13:23:00

BlackBerry users around the country were without e-mail for about 3 hours in a nationwide outage that affected users on all major wireless networks.

Moisture, cold irritate some smart phone usersupdated: Tue Apr 14 2009 09:01:00

When the earphone jack on her iPhone started acting buggy, Kristile Cain took the phone in to her local Apple store.

Report: AT&T ready with no-contract iPhone offerupdated: Thu Mar 19 2009 13:04:00

AT&T may be getting ready to offer the iPhone 3G at a very expensive yet no-commitment price.

Microsoft readies smartphone assault on Appleupdated: Tue Feb 10 2009 09:14:00

Microsoft is gearing up to take on rival Apple in the smartphone market.

Obama to get spy-proof smartphoneupdated: Fri Jan 23 2009 02:02:00

Self-confessed BlackBerry addict President Barack Obama may not have to kick the thumbing habit after all, despite the concerns of a notoriously technophobic White House.

Fortune: Palm eyes a comebackupdated: Tue Jan 20 2009 09:30:00

Before the iPhone or the BlackBerry Storm, there was the Treo, the original smartphone. When device maker Palm released the Treo 650 in 2004, early adopters gushed over it in much the way they now salivate over Apple's iPhone. But ask gadget heads what they think of Palm today, and the answer is likely to be, "I don't."

Fortune: Nokia's North America problemupdated: Mon Jan 12 2009 09:47:00

A few hours before the global launch of Nokia's latest high-end phone, the company gave a sneak peek at the gadget to a dozen bloggers and journalists gathered at its swank Midtown Manhattan concept store. With an elegant touchscreen that slid open to reveal a full keyboard, the device evoked lust in even the iPhone disciples present.

Fortune: Can iPhones go corporate?updated: Wed Jan 07 2009 06:12:00

Don't believe the hype. The iPhone still has some real shortcomings, especially as a business tool. So if you tell your IT manager you want to ditch your BlackBerry, expect him to hand you this list of iPhone shortcomings:

Fortune: BlackBerry maker battles backupdated: Fri Nov 14 2008 08:00:00

As the first snow of the season dusts the Research in Motion campus next to the University of Waterloo, an hour southwest of Toronto, Mike Lazaridis polishes a tiny BlackBerry screen, places it on the table, and sends it whipping foosball-style through a sea of smartphone components. The company's co-founder and co-CEO then pulls out a circuitboard and points to an encased chip the size of a Scrabble tile.

Google's iPhone rival goes on saleupdated: Thu Oct 30 2008 10:42:00

The first mobile phone powered by Google has gone on sale in the UK -- its first foray into the European market. Sonos: My Favorite Music Solutionupdated: Tue Oct 28 2008 02:00:00

As good as it is, the Sonos music system got a little bit better today with the unveiling of a variety of upgrades and a new, free iPhone application.

Review: Google's HTC Dream phone -- That's it?updated: Mon Oct 27 2008 14:44:00

It's been a little more than a year since Google Android was announced and rumors of a little device called the HTC Dream started to leak onto the Web. Google-Phone Review: Brains Over Beautyupdated: Thu Oct 16 2008 19:00:00

T-Mobile's new G1 may well be the top tech gadget of 2008

Fortune: Ad industry eyes the iPhoneupdated: Thu Oct 09 2008 12:47:00

Where there are eyeballs, there are usually ads. And the most eye-catching gadget of late has been the iPhone, which can now run thousands of software programs available at Apple's App store. BlackBerry Storm Preview: What the iPhone Will Envyupdated: Wed Oct 08 2008 01:50:00

The BlackBerry Storm, which goes on sale next month, has one really cool, novel feature: the entire screen doubles as giant, clickable button BlackBerry's Storm Aims to Blow the iPhone Awayupdated: Tue Oct 07 2008 19:00:00

Research in Motion is reportedly gearing up to launch a hot new phone that will make iPhone junkies do a double-take Google vs. iPhone: Is Steve Jobs Reliving Past Mistakes?updated: Tue Sep 23 2008 19:00:00

The new open-platform, third-party-developer-friendly Google Phone may spell the downfall of Apple's iPhone. Does this sound familiar? The 'Google Phone': A Challenge to the iPhone?updated: Tue Sep 23 2008 16:00:00

Google and T-Mobile unveiled the hotly anticipated G1 smartphone, the first handheld device to run Google's Android operating system Android: Google's Dream, Apple's Nightmare?updated: Mon Sep 22 2008 11:00:00

On Tuesday, Google will unveil its new iPhone competitor: the HTC Dream smartphone from T-Mobile, which will run the Android operating system. How do the two match up? Electric Shock: Apple Recalls iPhone Adaptersupdated: Fri Sep 19 2008 18:00:00

Apple Inc. on Friday advised iPhone 3G users in many countries to replace the device's power adapter following reports that metal prongs broke off and stuck in power outlets, creating a risk of electric shock Even Critics Give Apple a Pass on iPhone 3G Woes updated: Fri Aug 29 2008 10:00:00

Even as iPhone griping rages online, it looks like Apple's sterling reputation will emerge untarnished

Fortune: Phonemakers fight for software developersupdated: Tue Aug 19 2008 14:26:00

Phone companies have long battled each other for customers, but now they're also fighting for the loyalty of developers: coders who create bite-sized software applications for mobile devices. Best Buy is First Independent iPhone Retailer updated: Wed Aug 13 2008 11:00:00

Best Buy Co. will start selling the iPhone on Sept. 7, becoming first U.S. chain to do so outside of Apple Inc.'s and AT&T Inc.'s own stores Can the iPhone Rule Gaming? updated: Mon Aug 04 2008 11:00:00

With hotly anticipated new titles coming, the iPhone is eyeing a mobile market dominated by Nintendo and Sony

Review: iPhone 3G lives up to the hypeupdated: Tue Jul 15 2008 15:06:00

Just over a year after Apple birthed the first iPhone, the long-awaited, next-generation iPhone 3G has arrived bearing a mildly tweaked design and a load of new features. The iPhone: Second Time's a Charmupdated: Tue Jul 15 2008 00:00:00

Review: Forget the rocky launch. Once you get the iPhone 3G up and running, it lives up to expectations

Fortune: Glitches mar Apple's iPhone debutupdated: Sat Jul 12 2008 10:28:00

The new Apple iPhone went on sale Friday morning, but early reports of software problems overshadowed the debut of the faster, cheaper device.

iPhone hits Japanupdated: Fri Jul 11 2008 08:27:00

iPhone welcomed to Tokyo by its top tech fans. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

Compact smartphone packs lots of powerupdated: Fri Jun 27 2008 11:40:00

When it comes to touch-screen phones, there are those who dig them and those who want to bury them.

Fortune: RIM's expanding BlackBerry pieupdated: Wed Jun 25 2008 05:15:00

Research in Motion is set to show whether it can keep defying the slumping economy and the slowdown in mobile phone sales, and withstand the looming threat of Apple's iPhone.

Fortune: Selling big business on the iPhoneupdated: Fri Jun 20 2008 12:13:00

Steve Jobs has won over legions of new customers since he returned to Apple, but one key group has stubbornly eluded him: big business. The iPhone's Next Frontier: Pornupdated: Wed Jun 18 2008 21:00:00

Steve Jobs says he won't have anything to do with smut, but porn purveyors are lusting to exploit Apple's updated device

New iPhone not perfect, but there's a lot to likeupdated: Mon Jun 16 2008 10:22:00

Almost one year after the original Apple iPhone went on sale, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced a 3G version of the device, finally putting to rest months of rumors and speculation.

Fortune: Apple announces faster, cheaper iPhoneupdated: Tue Jun 10 2008 09:37:00

Apple announced on Monday a much faster iPhone that's half the price of the current model. iPhone 3G Price to Hurt AT&T Profitupdated: Mon Jun 09 2008 20:00:00

AT&T Inc.'s profits for the next two years will take a hit as it subsidizes the new low price of the latest iPhones, the company said Monday

Fortune: U.K. price cuts seen for Apple's new iPhoneupdated: Mon Jun 02 2008 12:24:00

European telcos are likely to subsidize Apple's new version of the iPhone, say analysts.

Smart phone warsupdated: Tue May 13 2008 11:01:00

CNN's Poppy Harlow reports RIM and Apple are both expected to come out with improved smart phones.

FSB: Last word on MacWorldupdated: Fri Jan 18 2008 14:03:00

I'm no Apple lover. Sure, I dig the design coup that is the iPod Touch, the lovely software interface of the Apple operating system, the content of the iTunes service. And I truly believe Steve Jobs is a living, breathing American genius. But Apple's hardware has always been frustratingly limited, particularly for small businesses.

Fortune: The iPhone's broken connectionsupdated: Fri Nov 16 2007 04:10:00

Nearly five months have passed since Steve Jobs unleashed his flashy iPhone upon the world, and the sleek, do-everything gadget has met his ambitious initial sales targets and then some -- so far, more than 1.5 million have been sold.

Commentary: Why you should avoid the iPhoneupdated: Thu Nov 15 2007 10:38:00

So, Apple's much hyped iPhone is finally available in Europe. Well, in the UK and Germany at least. French readers will have to wait just a few more days until they can get their hands on one.

Fortune: Smackdown: Nokia's N95 vs. Apple's iPhoneupdated: Fri Oct 05 2007 18:25:00

When Apple's iPhone debuted, it seemed to have it all - sleek hardware, a revolutionary user interface, and a cult following. But flash-forward a couple of months, and it's getting flak for being chained to AT&T's slowpoke network and for blocking non-Apple software programs.

CNNMoney: Apple giving $100 credit to early iPhone buyersupdated: Thu Sep 06 2007 06:37:00

After receiving hundreds of emailed complaints from existing Apple iPhone customers angry about a steep price drop, chief executive Steve Jobs says the company will give a $100 credit to certain customers who bought the gadget.

CNNMoney: Apple unveils new iPod with Wi-Fiupdated: Wed Sep 05 2007 23:00:00

Apple announced Wednesday the first major overhaul of its popular iPod music digital players in nearly two years and slashed the price of its new iPhone.

CNNMoney: Hacking the iPhoneupdated: Tue Sep 04 2007 22:16:00

Hacking the iPhone

Code to unlock iPhone crackedupdated: Sat Sep 01 2007 05:01:00

A group of anonymous software developers said they will soon start selling a program that will allow iPhone owners to use the hugely popular device on cell phone systems around the world and not just with AT&T.

CNNMoney: Hackers say they've unlocked iPhoneupdated: Fri Aug 24 2007 05:16:00

Hackers have found a way to use Apple's iPhone on networks other than AT&T Inc's., opening up the coveted device to rival carriers and overseas customers, according to a Web report Friday.

Business 2.0: A smartphone's BFF: Teens and tweensupdated: Thu Aug 23 2007 23:25:00

Forget checking email on your cell phone - that's soo 2004. Today's teens are doing much more with their mobile devices. Speed texting with their eyes closed is only the beginning, and the technology can barely keep up with their rising demand for new features.

CNNMoney: AT&T drops huge iPhone billsupdated: Thu Aug 23 2007 01:07:00

The most widely-mocked accessory of the popular Apple iPhone - an incredibly detailed bill that can run hundreds of pages - is being dropped by AT&T, the wireless phone provider that offers service on the phone.

Fortune: Can Nokia beat iPhone at its own tunes?updated: Thu Jul 26 2007 07:48:00

By the time Apple's iPhone hits Europe later this year, CEO Steve Jobs can expect a serious counterattack from the world's biggest handset vendor, Nokia. Just as Apple is marching onto Nokia turf with its first-ever phone, Nokia will reciprocate with its own long-anticipated online music service. Apple Shares Fall on IPhone Numbers updated: Wed Jul 25 2007 19:15:00

AT&T Inc. wiped some of the glow off Apple Inc.'s iPhone on Tuesday, releasing numbers that showed fewer people than expected signed up for service in the first two days of the multimedia cell phone's release

CNNMoney: Hacker says he can use iPhone, sans AT&Tupdated: Thu Jul 05 2007 21:50:00

A well-known hacker claims to have overcome restrictions on Apple Inc.'s iPhone, allowing highly technical users to bypass AT&T Inc.'s network to use the phone's Internet and music features.

Business 2.0: iPhone 5.0: What's nextupdated: Thu Jul 05 2007 21:29:00

Settle down, kids. The iPhone's much-heralded revolutionary ride has only begun.

CNNMoney: Apple shares up on estimated iPhone marginsupdated: Tue Jul 03 2007 04:51:00

Apple Inc.'s iPhone could deliver a profit margin of more than 55 percent after hardware and manufacturing costs, research firm iSuppli said Tuesday, sending shares in the company up nearly 5 percent.

Fortune: How the iPhone will change computingupdated: Sun Jul 01 2007 02:53:00

Two weeks ago, I asked Steve Jobs if he was surprised by the growing frenzy about his upcoming iPhone. (I happened to be talking to him in a social situation.) He told me he wasn't really surprised that the device has captured the world's imagination, because even two years ago, which was one year into the project, he and his colleagues realized this was what a phone had to eventually become. He did concede that he didn't necessarily expect the world to get it so fast, however.

CNNMoney: The wait is overupdated: Fri Jun 29 2007 23:08:00

The Apple iPhone, the most-anticipated gadget debut in years, went on sale Friday in the United States, ending months of waiting for diehard Apple fans and signaling the start of what could be the company's biggest test yet.

CNNMoney: In London, what iPhone?updated: Thu Jun 28 2007 00:21:00

The debut of Apple's iPhone has become perhaps the most hyped product launch in U.S. history, but across the pond, the excitement around the gadget is decidedly more muted.

Fortune: Behind the iPhone musicupdated: Tue Jun 26 2007 05:46:00

Apple CEO Steve Jobs isn't the only executive girding himself for the iPhone's release June 29. Stanley Sigman, CEO of AT&T Mobility, has been getting his team ready for iPhone mania for months. Sigman, a wireless industry veteran who is credited with turning around Cingular (as AT&T's wireless unit was previously was known) five years ago, recently spoke with FORTUNE's Stephanie N. Mehta about his company's hot new device, AT&T's partnership with Apple -- and why the iPhone could be bigger than Caller ID. Here are excerpts from their conversation:

Fortune: Right phone, right timeupdated: Thu Jun 21 2007 23:47:00

The launch of Apple's iPhone is just a week away, and much of the tech world seems to agree that the device will be the greatest thing since, well, the telephone itself. "I think the iPhone may really change the whole phone industry," CEO Steve Jobs modestly predicted during a CNBC interview shortly after he announced the product.

CNNMoney: Apple iPhone promised battery life beats rivalsupdated: Mon Jun 18 2007 02:17:00

Apple's iPhone will have a longer lasting battery than originally expected, exceeding those in rival phones, the company said on Monday.

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