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An American student is in critical condition after undergoing two operations after chimpanzees tore at his body in front of tourists at a South African animal sanctuary, a hospital spokeswoman told CNN on Tuesday.

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Most U.S. children under 1 are minorities, Census saysupdated: Thu May 17 2012 12:32:00

U.S. minorities now represent more than half of America's population under the age of 1, the Census Bureau said, a historic demographic milestone with profound political, economic and social implications.

'Dungeon' chimps feel grass for 1st timeupdated: Sat Apr 21 2012 16:50:00

CNN's John Zarrella takes you behind the scenes as one-time research chimps are moved to a sanctuary home.

Laboratory chimps get a new lease on lifeupdated: Sat Apr 21 2012 16:50:00

Shortly after her birth, Moesha was taken away from her mother and sent to a laboratory for a life of medical testing.

Meet one of the oldest chimpanzees in captivityupdated: Sat Apr 21 2012 09:01:00

Senior citizens are common in Florida but one 74-year-old is in a class of her own: "Little Mama" is believed to be the oldest chimpanzee in captivity.

Orangutans stressed by eco-touristsupdated: Sun Mar 25 2012 23:44:00

Gorillas put off their food and stressed out orangutans, could nature tourism be bad for wild animals' health?

Why scouring sea for sunken treasures is big businessupdated: Wed Mar 14 2012 07:47:00

Deep sea treasure hunters may evoke storybook images of swashbuckling buccaneers on daring ocean adventures.

Japan's population faces dramatic declineupdated: Mon Jan 30 2012 10:10:00

Japan's population will shrink by a staggering 30% by 2060, according to a new estimate by the country's government.

Claim of octogenarian chimp prompts questionsupdated: Fri Dec 30 2011 22:57:00

A Florida primate sanctuary on Thursday maintained its chimpanzee named Cheetah, who died last week, was more than 80 years old and acted in the Tarzan movies during the 1930s, amid doubts about his age.

2010 Census shows more elderly than ever before in the U.S.updated: Thu Dec 01 2011 12:17:00

The Census Bureau released data Wednesday that shows there are more people 65 and older than ever before in the United States.

Ancient Egyptian Mummies given new lease of lifeupdated: Fri Nov 25 2011 08:56:00

Ancient Egyptian mummies kept in storage for half a century have gone on display in new state-of-the-art galleries at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Oxford.

Viking boat burial foundupdated: Wed Oct 19 2011 18:26:00

Archeologist Hannah Cobb talks about the discovery of a Viking boat burial found in the Scottish Highlands.

Echoes of Elgin Marbles: Turkey asks UK to return ancient sculptureupdated: Thu Sep 08 2011 11:08:00

Turkey's government is calling on the United Kingdom to return the head of an ancient marble statue taken more than a century ago.

Two rare archaeological artifacts found in Jerusalem digupdated: Tue Aug 09 2011 04:29:00

Israel's Antiquities Authority announced Monday that a rare Roman sword in its leather scabbard which belonged to a Roman soldier and an engraving of a Menorah on a piece of stone dating from 66 CE were found in recent days in the 2000 year old drainage system in Jerusalem which ran between the City of David and the Jerusalem Archaeological Garden.

Identical twins give back to Africaupdated: Tue May 10 2011 06:12:00

African Voices meets identical twins, Sada and Sohur Mire who, after fleeing from Somalia plan to give back to their continent.

Here today, gone tomorrow? Saving Somaliland's heritageupdated: Tue May 10 2011 06:12:00

When Sada Mire fled war-torn Somalia as a frightened teenager, the nation was descending into darkness, mired in the grip of a long civil conflict.

Hispanic population exceeds 50 million, firmly nation's No. 2 groupupdated: Fri Mar 25 2011 05:38:00

The growing Hispanic population in the United States has reached a new milestone, topping 50 million, or 16.3% of the nation, officially solidifying its position as the country's second-largest group, U.S. Census Bureau officials said Thursday.

Shipwreck exhibit stirs up storm at Smithsonianupdated: Tue Mar 22 2011 07:58:00

Though they sit quietly beneath the waves, shipwrecks are a cause of much wrangling above the surface. The issue of underwater archaeology is clouded by concerns about treasure hunting, the safety of wrecks, and the sale of finds.

Preserving Egypt's treasured artifactsupdated: Mon Mar 21 2011 22:51:00

Shahira Amin helps bring us this report on the treasured artifacts inside Cairo?s Egyptian Museum.

Cairo museum weighs up cost of protestsupdated: Mon Mar 21 2011 22:51:00

Cairo's Egyptian Museum houses some of the world's greatest ancient treasures, but last month's unrest prompted fears over the fate of its historical artifacts.

Agatha Christie's secret life as an archaeologistupdated: Mon Mar 14 2011 07:32:00

She is one of the best-known crime writers of all time but few know the extent of Agatha Christie's archaeological pedigree.

Official: Restoration work begins on damaged Egyptian artifactsupdated: Mon Feb 07 2011 07:08:00

Work to restore Egyptian artifacts damaged during anti-government protests began on Sunday, according to the nation's newly appointed minister of antiquities.

Alexandria Library savedupdated: Mon Feb 07 2011 07:08:00

Despite the chaos, volunteers and workers unite to save Alexandria's famous library. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

Egyptologists fear for relics amid unrestupdated: Mon Jan 31 2011 16:46:00

Egypt's major archaeological sites, monuments and museums were under the protection of the country's army on Monday, according to the nation's Supreme Council of Antiquities.

New Mexico chimps won't be used in additional research, pending reviewupdated: Fri Jan 07 2011 15:19:00

More than 180 chimpanzees, used in research testing for decades and set to be transferred from a New Mexico colony to a Texas research facility for possible use in further testing, will not be moved pending a review of the situation, officials said.

Study: Neanderthals cooked, ate vegetablesupdated: Wed Dec 29 2010 10:18:00

Neanderthals were more like us than we thought.

30,000-year-old girl's pinkie points to new early human speciesupdated: Thu Dec 23 2010 13:47:00

An overlooked female pinkie bone put in storage after it was discovered in a Siberian cave two years ago points to the existence of a previously unknown prehistoric human species, anthropologists say.

Don't jump to conclusions about censusupdated: Wed Dec 22 2010 05:49:00

The announcement by the U.S. Census Bureau that the population stood at 308,745,538 on April 1 is a number for which many people have been waiting.

CNNMoney: Census: 308.7 million people live hereupdated: Tue Dec 21 2010 16:34:00

The population of the United States grew 9.7% to 308.7 million people over the past decade -- the slowest rate of growth since the Great Depression -- the Census Bureau reported on Tuesday.

Latest Census results to be released Tuesdayupdated: Tue Dec 21 2010 09:52:00

The Census Bureau is expected to release results of the 2010 Census on Tuesday, the first look at how the country has changed over the last decade.

Peru's president: Yale agrees to return Incan artifactsupdated: Sat Nov 20 2010 17:11:00

Peru and Yale University have reached an agreement that will return a massive collection of pre-Columbian Inca artifacts to the South American country -- a settlement that could end a lengthy dispute over relics excavated nearly a century ago.

Richardson: USDA should halt scheduled chimp transferupdated: Thu Nov 18 2010 14:55:00

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson thinks Flo the chimpanzee needs a friend.

Ancient Roman landscape unearthed near Londonupdated: Thu Nov 18 2010 10:37:00

Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient Roman landscape beneath a park in west London, with a Roman road, evidence of a settlement, and unusual burials among the finds.

Undisturbed artifacts will detail lives of Civil War prisonersupdated: Mon Aug 23 2010 21:15:00

Nearly 150 years after it was left behind at a Civil War prison camp, the 3-inch clay pipestem still shows a Union soldier's teeth marks.

Civil War prison site brings together descendants of captor, guardupdated: Wed Aug 18 2010 20:21:00

Kevin Chapman, the college graduate student who led the team that recently unearthed Civil War artifacts at the site of a Confederate prison in Georgia, recalls two visitors who came one day to watch one of the digs.

Are these the bones of John the Baptist?updated: Mon Aug 16 2010 14:19:00

In a region already rich with archaeological artifacts, the excavation of a small alabaster box containing a few pieces of bone amid the ruins of a medieval monastery might easily have passed unnoticed.

Relics found may be John the Baptist'supdated: Mon Aug 16 2010 14:19:00

Archaeologists in Bulgaria say they have uncovered relics of John the Baptist on the Black Sea island of Sveti Ivan.

Saudi Arabian treasures in Parisupdated: Thu Jul 29 2010 07:31:00

CNN's Icon previews a new collection of Arabian artifacts, the fruit of a 40-year archeology project.

Archaeologists unearth ship at WTC siteupdated: Thu Jul 15 2010 20:39:00

Archaeologists unearth an 18th century ship in lower Manhattan. CNN's Mary Snow goes to the scene of the discovery.

Armenian cave yields what may be world's oldest leather shoeupdated: Wed Jun 09 2010 17:31:00

Get a kick out of this: Researchers reported Wednesday finding the world's oldest leather shoe in a cave in Armenia.

Roman gladiator cemetery found in Englandupdated: Tue Jun 08 2010 04:24:00

Heads hacked off, a bite from a lion, tiger or bear, massive muscles on massive men -- all clues that an ancient cemetery uncovered in northern England is the final resting place of gladiators, scientists have announced after seven years of investigations.

Unearthing gladiators' graveyardupdated: Tue Jun 08 2010 04:24:00

Archaeologists discover 80 skeletons in a possible gladiators' graveyard in York, England.

Census questions answeredupdated: Fri May 14 2010 16:21:00

You've probably saw the ad campaign encouraging you to take 10 minutes to answer 10 questions and fill out your census form. The Census Bureau wanted everyone to put their completed forms in the mail by April 1, National Census Day.

Neanderthal genome shines light on human evolutionupdated: Fri May 07 2010 16:46:00

An international team of scientists that spent more than a decade studying remains of Neanderthals has drafted the first genome sequence of humans' closest extinct biological relative.

Officials to discuss Census participationupdated: Wed Apr 28 2010 05:57:00

The army of U.S. Census Bureau personnel poised to fan out across the country will find out Wednesday approximately how many doors they're going to be knocking on to complete this year's nationwide survey.

Archaeologists discover a Roman-era mummyupdated: Wed Apr 14 2010 08:57:00

A Roman-era mummy was recently unearthed in a Bahariya Oasis cemetery, about 190 miles southwest of Cairo.

Protect your identity during census seasonupdated: Thu Apr 08 2010 10:12:00

Your best bet at keeping your personal census information safe is through the lick of an envelope, not the click of a mouse.

Arab Americans' concerns about the censusupdated: Fri Apr 02 2010 14:04:00

CNN's Richard Roth reports on the effort to get Arab Americans to fill out the 2010 Census.

Arab-American leaders push census participationupdated: Fri Apr 02 2010 14:04:00

For Muslims living in the United States, the call to prayer requires a response at least five times a day. But when the U.S. Census Bureau comes calling once every 10 years, some Arab-Americans still hesitate to return the survey.

Not-so-stupid animal tricksupdated: Fri Apr 02 2010 10:05:00

For centuries, philosophers claimed that the ability to make tools separated man from beast.

Census Day questions answeredupdated: Thu Apr 01 2010 17:42:00

You've probably seen the ad campaign encouraging you to take 10 minutes to answer 10 questions and fill out your census form. The Census Bureau wants everyone to put their completed forms in the mail by April 1, National Census Day.

CNNMoney: Beware census scam artist tricksupdated: Wed Mar 31 2010 14:08:00

This week, you'll find a 2010 census survey in your mailbox. And it may be followed shortly thereafter by a call or e-mail from con artists pretending to be from the government.

CNNMoney: Census Bureau: Dallas posts biggest population gainupdated: Tue Mar 23 2010 13:39:00

Don't mess with Texas! Cities in the Lone Star State were among the fastest growing places in 2009.

Bahrain's covered historyupdated: Fri Mar 12 2010 13:52:00

The skyline of Bahrain, formed by gleaming high-rises and upscale hotels, is all it takes to convey the ambitions of the small Gulf isle.

Ancient road found in Jerusalem's heartupdated: Thu Feb 11 2010 10:26:00

Archaeologists working under the direction of the Israeli Antiquities Authority have uncovered a 1500-year-old road running through the center of Jerusalem's Old City.

Archaeologists find Byzantine era roadupdated: Thu Feb 11 2010 05:57:00

Archaeologists working under the direction of the Israeli Antiquities Authority have uncovered a 1,500-year-old road running through the center of Jerusalem's Old City.

Census chief works to calm deportation fearsupdated: Wed Feb 03 2010 09:38:00

The hardened dirt road turns off Highway 359 and runs under a simple iron archway. It's an easily forgettable entryway into one of the nation's poorest neighborhoods, the San Carlos "colonia" on the outskirts of this Texas border town.

Census sparks fear for someupdated: Wed Feb 03 2010 09:38:00

CNN's Ed Lavandera takes us to one of America's poorest neighborhoods, which Washington wants to count in the census.

CNNMoney: Don't mess with Texas: More Americans moving inupdated: Tue Jan 05 2010 11:34:00

Americans, it seems, still have a love affair with the West. Texas and Wyoming were the big winners in the Census Bureau's annual population estimates, which were released on Wednesday.

Census 2010 can count on controversyupdated: Mon Jan 04 2010 06:48:00

It's almost that time: the once-a-decade-moment when the U.S. Bureau of the Census tries to determine the population.

House uncovered in Nazareth dating to the time of Jesusupdated: Mon Dec 21 2009 14:30:00

Archaeologists in Israel say they have discovered the remains of a home from the time of Jesus in the heart of Nazareth.

Saving Sumatra's orangutansupdated: Sun Nov 22 2009 22:45:00

CNN's Arwa Damon joins some orangutans at a jungle rehabilitation center.

Saving orangutans before extinction in Sumatraupdated: Sun Nov 22 2009 22:45:00

A loud crack echoes throughout the canopy as two young orangutans come tumbling down, grasping at branches along the way to break their fall. They recover and sheepishly scamper back up.

Anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss rememberedupdated: Wed Nov 04 2009 14:49:00

Anyone who has taken an anthropology course has probably heard of Claude Levi-Strauss, who died recently at age 100.

Census will report same-sex couples, gay groups see opportunityupdated: Wed Oct 28 2009 22:21:00

Peter Dziedzic and his husband, Jay Judas, aren't quite sure yet which of them will be designated the head of household when they fill out the 2010 census form in April.

Goodall: Chimps' plight inspired Jackson's 'Heal the World'updated: Sat Oct 24 2009 11:43:00

A famed primatologist says the plight of chimpanzees helped inspire Michael Jackson to write the song "Heal the World."

Roman Coliseum unearthedupdated: Fri Oct 16 2009 06:20:00

Archeologists have made an exciting discovery in Italy; ruins at the ancient Mediterranean port of Portus. CNN's Paula Newton reports.

Archeologists unearth 'lost' mini Roman Coliseumupdated: Fri Oct 16 2009 06:20:00

Under a canopy of elegant Italian pines, the foundations of a mini Roman Coliseum are at once unmistakable and exhilarating.

Stone circle suggests Stonehenge part of burial complexupdated: Thu Oct 15 2009 09:41:00

Stonehenge, an enigma to visitors and scientists alike for so many years, became less of a mystery after a discovery announced to the world this week.

Oldest human skeleton offers new clues to evolutionupdated: Wed Oct 07 2009 12:16:00

The oldest-known hominid skeleton was a 4-foot-tall female who walked upright more than 4 million years ago and offers new clues to how humans may have evolved, scientists say.

U.S. immigrant population flat, Census numbers showupdated: Fri Oct 02 2009 18:51:00

After nearly 40 years of recorded increases, the number of immigrants living in the United States remained flat between 2007 and 2008, recent statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau show.

Tunnel links continents, uncovers ancient historyupdated: Mon Sep 21 2009 08:58:00

It's a common sight in the traffic-clogged streets of Istanbul, a city that straddles two continents.

Transcontinental Tunnelupdated: Mon Sep 21 2009 08:58:00

Turkey is constructing a subway tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait. Engineers have discovered incredible archaeological history.

'Massive' ancient wall uncovered in Jerusalemupdated: Mon Sep 07 2009 02:44:00

An archaeological dig in Jerusalem has turned up a 3,700-year-old wall that is the largest and oldest of its kind found in the region, experts say.

Ancient wall unearthedupdated: Mon Sep 07 2009 02:44:00

Excavators in Jerusalem discover massive parts of ancient wall which dates back 3,700 years. CNN's Kevin Flower reports.

Bubbles lives retiree lifeupdated: Thu Jul 02 2009 17:06:00

CNN's John Zarrella reports Bubbles, Michael Jackson's one-time pet chimp, is living happily in a Florida sanctuary.

Jackson's chimp Bubbles enjoys life out of public eyeupdated: Thu Jul 02 2009 17:06:00

Bubbles gained fame over two decades ago as Michael Jackson's simian companion. Now at age 26, Bubbles has retired to the Center for Great Apes outside Wauchula, Florida.

Astronauts pay respects to 'space chimps'updated: Fri May 01 2009 13:51:00

The chimpanzees could sense something was different.

Archaeologists show off rare Roman findupdated: Wed Apr 29 2009 12:09:00

Archaeologists excavating a site in East London have made an "extremely rare and unprecedented" find -- a delicately detailed dish made of hundreds of pieces of tiny glass petals, the Museum of London Docklands announced Wednesday.

Charting the psychology of evil, decades after 'shock' experimentupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 14:59:00

If someone told you to press a button to deliver a 450-volt electrical shock to an innocent person in the next room, would you do it?

Brain breakdownupdated: Thu Apr 02 2009 14:59:00

Why do good people do bad things?'s Elizabeth Landau talks about some famous psychology experiments.

What makes you happy?updated: Thu Apr 02 2009 14:58:00

Psychological research suggests that experiences make people happier than possessions. Elizabeth Landau reports.

CNN Student News One-Sheet: Women's History Monthupdated: Sun Mar 01 2009 19:40:00

March is Women's History Month, a federally recognized, nationwide celebration that encourages all Americans to reflect on the ways in which women have shaped U.S. history. But how did this celebration come to be, and why is it held in March?

CNNMoney: Economists: Just get through next 6 monthsupdated: Mon Feb 23 2009 05:55:00

A survey of leading economists finds them now forecasting a far deeper and more painful recession ahead in the first half of the year, but a modest pickup in the second half of 2009, followed by a solid recovery in 2010.

CNNMoney: Economists see deeper pain, followed by gainupdated: Mon Feb 23 2009 00:07:00

A survey of leading economists finds them now forecasting a far deeper and more painful recession ahead in the first half of the year, but a modest pickup in the second half of 2009, followed by a solid recovery in 2010.

Official: Even chimps in tutus can be viciousupdated: Fri Feb 20 2009 12:17:00

Images of chimpanzees on television or in the movies depict cute, cuddly and smart animals. So it's no wonder that some people, perhaps those with exotic tastes, may seek them out as pets.

Chimp sanctuaryupdated: Fri Feb 20 2009 12:17:00

CNN's John Zarrella visits the Save the Chimps facility in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Crime labs need major overhaul, study findsupdated: Wed Feb 18 2009 21:22:00

Those slick, intricate tests used by forensic investigators on shows like "CSI" look infallible, but that is the stuff of television. In the real world, forensic tests are much more ambiguous and rarely demonstrate a definite tie between an individual and a crime.

Therapists seeing more 'collateral damage' from economyupdated: Fri Jan 23 2009 11:17:00

Stacey Rosenberg, a former marketing manger in Boston, knows the catastrophic feeling of a layoff. She has lost her job twice in the midst of the recession.

Fortune: Saving Easter Islandupdated: Tue Jan 13 2009 15:32:00

It's the tail end of the rainy season in the farthest reaches of the South Pacific, and a wind-blown mist falls on the planet's most remote civilization, Rapa Nui, known as Easter Island. Sonia Haoa, a 55-year-old native with olive skin and a long ponytail pulled through a baseball cap, pokes the earth with a walking stick as she considers the scene before her.

Digging for historyupdated: Fri Dec 26 2008 13:17:00

CNN's Ben Wedeman trails Egypt's world-famous archaeologist, Zahi Hawass.

Satellites unearthing ancient Egyptian ruinsupdated: Fri Dec 26 2008 13:17:00

Archaeologists believe they have unearthed only a small fraction of Egypt's ancient ruins, but they're making new discoveries with help from high-tech allies -- satellites that peer into the past from the distance of space.

Britain's oldest human brain unearthedupdated: Fri Dec 12 2008 06:43:00

Archaeologists have discovered what they say is the oldest surviving human brain in Britain, dating back at least 2,000 years to the Iron Age.

New pyramid discoveredupdated: Tue Nov 11 2008 14:04:00

Archaeologists discover a 16-foot tall structure under the sand in Egypt is part of an unknown pyramid.

Archeologist finds 3,000-year old Hebrew textupdated: Thu Oct 30 2008 15:37:00

An Israeli archaeologist has discovered what he says is the earliest-known Hebrew text, found on a shard of pottery that dates to the time of King David from the Old Testament, about 3,000 years ago.

Fortune: Really old moneyupdated: Thu Oct 23 2008 12:10:00

The antiquities trade has been making headlines, and they are weird ones: "Eulogy for the Euphronius Krater." (What in the world is a "krater"?) "Museum to Show Off Fake Egyptian Sculptures." (That's ridiculous, isn't it?) "Antiquities Dealer Gets Prison Time." (A nice old man with a pince-nez comes to mind, dragged off to the clink for some tragicomical offense, no doubt.) Psychologists Vote Down Interrogation Roleupdated: Thu Sep 18 2008 11:00:00

The nation's leading psychologist's association has voted to ban its members from taking part in interrogations at the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and other military detention sites 4,500 Years: Egyptian Boat Locatedupdated: Sat Jul 19 2008 15:00:00

Archaeologists will excavate hundreds of fragments of an ancient Egyptian wooden boat entombed in an underground chamber next to Giza's Great Pyramid Artifacts from 1700s Found in NOLAupdated: Wed Jul 16 2008 19:00:00

The first archaeological dig at one of the nation's oldest cathedrals has turned up a mix of new finds in the heart of the French Quarter

Archaeologists find remains of Washington's boyhood homeupdated: Tue Jul 08 2008 10:22:00

After nearly three years of excavation, archaeologists have confirmed the discovery of the site of George Washington's boyhood home near the banks of the Rappahannock River in northeast Virginia.

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