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A patient in need of medical care was en route Thursday from a research station in Antarctica to Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Prince William puts in baby practiceupdated: Fri May 04 2012 06:23:00

Have the Prince William and Kate Middleton got the baby bug? The pair put in parental practice at an event in London.

South Pole engineer stranded after stroke focuses on restoring full visionupdated: Sat Oct 29 2011 08:20:00

An American engineer who was stranded in the South Pole for weeks after suffering a stroke will be discharged from a Maryland hospital Saturday, the woman told reporters.

Antarctic Stroke Victim Waits to get to hospitalupdated: Tue Oct 25 2011 06:29:00

Women at South Pole continues to wait for plane ride to hospital to get treatment for stroke.

Researcher stranded for weeks is back in the U.S. for treatmentupdated: Tue Oct 25 2011 06:29:00

The American researcher, who was stranded in the South Pole for weeks after suffering a stroke, is finally back on American soil.

Stranded American researcher evacuated from South Pole updated: Mon Oct 17 2011 12:29:00

After weeks of waiting, an American researcher who suffered a suspected stroke while working at the South Pole has arrived in New Zealand for evaluation and treatment, a National Science Foundation official confirmed Monday.

Stranded American researcher rescued from South Pole updated: Mon Oct 17 2011 04:42:00

After weeks of waiting, an American researcher who suffered a suspected stroke while working in the South Pole flew out Monday.

A megayacht built for seeking adventureupdated: Wed Mar 02 2011 06:34:00

What happens when an owner with bold ideas commissions a 45-meter yacht to venture where few have gone before? The result is "Big Fish," a new yacht that's bringing fresh meaning to go-anywhere yachting. PHOTO: Paris Hilton's Sexy Christmas Cardupdated: Sun Dec 19 2010 23:09:00

"Happy holidays to everyone!" says the heiress with the skin-baring greeting

Action man of adventure exploring ways to preserve the planetupdated: Thu Oct 08 2009 23:10:00

"The Earth is just too small," sighed South African adventurer Mike Horn, one of the few people on the planet who can get away with saying such a statement.

Doctor rescued from Antarctica in 1999 dies at 57updated: Tue Jun 23 2009 20:57:00

Nearly a decade after she was rescued from a remote Antarctic research station after diagnosing herself with breast cancer, Dr. Jerri Nielsen died early Tuesday, her brother said. She was 57.

Two NASA space probes reach moon's orbitupdated: Tue Jun 23 2009 11:28:00

Two unmanned NASA spacecraft reached the moon's orbit Tuesday morning and began the process of mapping its surface for future missions. Doctor Once Stranded at South Pole with Cancer Still Fighting for Lifeupdated: Thu Apr 09 2009 12:53:00

A decade ago Dr. Jerri Nielsen's ordeal riveted the nation - and it's not over

The polar explorer searching for green warriorsupdated: Sun Mar 22 2009 21:58:00

Robert Swan's life reads like a boy's own adventure tale with a modern eco-twist.

To boldly grow where no one has grown beforeupdated: Tue Jan 06 2009 14:29:00

When Neil Armstrong took one small step onto the moon in 1969, it seemed only a matter of time before the advent of thriving space colonies and summer vacations on distant planets. But after an initial flurry of moon landings, manned lunar expeditions dwindled: the last time an astronaut left his footprints on the moon was in 1972.

New rifts form on Antarctic ice shelfupdated: Sat Nov 29 2008 15:52:00

Scientists have identified new rifts on an Antarctic ice shelf that could lead to it breaking away from the Antarctic Peninsula, the European Space Agency said.

Walking to the South Poleupdated: Tue Apr 01 2008 12:23:00

When Sibusiso Vilane became the first black African to climb Mount Everest, the 2003 expedition made headlines around the world.

Massive ice shelf on verge of breakupupdated: Wed Mar 26 2008 19:36:00

Some 220 square miles (570 square kilometers) of ice has collapsed in Antarctica and an ice shelf about the size of Connecticut is "hanging by a thread," the British Antarctic Survey has said, blaming global warming.

Antarctic ice collapseupdated: Wed Mar 26 2008 19:36:00

A giant chunk of Antarctic ice collapses leaving scientists worried about climate change. CNN's Emily Chang reports. John Rolfe: Olympics are dysfunctional family picnicupdated: Wed Mar 19 2008 18:04:00

That sound you hear is China crackin' heads and takin' names in Tibet as it tidies up and puts on its best face before the guests arrive in August. But not everyone is willing to ignore the sound of servants being beaten in the back room while cocktails and horse doovers are served, so calls for a boycott have arisen from folks who are more than passively concerned about human rights. UN Climate Chief to Visit Antarcticaupdated: Tue Jan 08 2008 19:00:00

The next report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should deal with the "frightening" possibility that both Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets start melting at the same time, the chief U.N. climate scientist said Tuesday

What's your love type?updated: Fri Nov 16 2007 08:36:00

According to relationship wizard Helen Fisher, PhD, there are four personality types -- Explorer, Builder, Negotiator and Director. She says that once you know who you are, you'll know why you're attracted to certain people. You'll also see who might make for a good match (not to mention, who you might want to offer that rain check).

Quest for explorationupdated: Thu Oct 25 2007 15:47:00

This month we're on the trail of the modern adventurers who risk their lives in the name of discovery.

Himalayan valleys and peaks of Tibetupdated: Thu Oct 25 2007 15:47:00

CNN's Richard Quest travels in the Himalayan valleys and peaks of Tibet with Wong How Man, president of the China Exploration and Research Society. Japan, China in Moon Raceupdated: Fri Aug 24 2007 16:00:00

With Asia's biggest powers set to launch their first unmanned lunar missions -- possibly as early as next month -- the countdown has begun in the hottest space race in decades

The insider's guide to Norwayupdated: Thu Nov 09 2006 11:26:00

Norway is the world's best place to live, according to the United Nations Human Development Index. Here's everything you'd want to know about the Scandinavian paradise.

Sharon: Never forget Nazi killersupdated: Thu May 05 2005 09:50:00

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has told thousands at a march in Poland recalling the Holocaust to "always remember the victims and never forget the murderers."

New guide for scientific explorersupdated: Thu Dec 02 2004 11:25:00

If you've ever wrestled a grizzly bear while running naked to the South Pole, then you are probably hallucinating, quite possibly under the influence of dimethyl tryptamine, a mind-bending substance from the Brazilian Amazon.

Fortune: Watch This And now, a different kind of investment...updated: Mon Jun 16 2003 00:01:00

The two big watch shows, held in Switzerland (Basel and Geneva) in April, are something else. For the Basel exhibition, the makers construct elaborate, multistory pavilions with cafes inside. Rolex...

Fortune: Updateupdated: Mon Apr 02 2001 00:01:00

Club Med celebrated its 50th anniversary in an unusual fashion, winning a sailboat race with a record circumnavigation: 62 days, six hours, 56 minutes, and 33 seconds.

Fortune: AMERICA'S EXPORT SURPRISE updated: Mon Apr 04 1994 00:01:00

Just months ago, the experts were writing off exports. Yes, U.S. manufacturers had become competitive on price and quality, but recession-ridden Europe and Japan simply didn't have much reason to b...

Money Magazine: An anesthetist seeks to invest her profit sharingupdated: Tue Sep 01 1987 00:01:00

Nearly as long as she can remember, Louise Weizer, 36, has wanted to take exotic vacations and to live in a home built to her own design. To achieve both goals, she worked 70 to 80 hours a week for...

Money Magazine: MIND-BLOWING CRUISES TO THE EARTH'S ENDS You can board a floating classroom this winter and head for Krakatoa or the South Pole.updated: Sat Nov 01 1986 00:01:00

Now voyager, here's your choice: You can set sail on a cruise liner with a thousand people you don't have much in common with and tax your mind sunbathing and shuffleboarding. Or you can sail to sp...

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