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China's space plans are ambitious, incremental and extensive. Should Americans be worried that China will overtake us in both space exploration and military capability in space?

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Satellite falls to Earthupdated: Sun Oct 23 2011 11:08:00

Tariq Malik of talks to CNN about the German satellite and other space debris falling to Earth.

Satellite debris entered atmosphere over southern Pacific Oceanupdated: Tue Sep 27 2011 19:22:00

In the early morning hours Saturday, surviving remnants of a NASA satellite re-entered Earth's atmosphere over a remote stretch of the southern Pacific Ocean, the U.S. space agency said Tuesday.

Where did that satellite land?updated: Tue Sep 27 2011 19:22:00

A NASA satellite came through the atmosphere, but they're not sure where the pieces went. CNN's Reynolds Wolf explains.

NASA: Location of satellite debris not determinedupdated: Sat Sep 24 2011 19:58:00

Kris Rakowski put the dog out late Friday and looked to the skies above his Maple Grove, Minnesota, residence.

U.S. in falling satellite's strike zoneupdated: Fri Sep 23 2011 22:59:00

CNN's John Zarrella reports the U.S is an unlikely but potential target of the satellite falling from space.

NASA: Re-entry of satellite into atmosphere imminentupdated: Fri Sep 23 2011 22:59:00

A defunct satellite plummeting toward Earth is expected to re-enter the atmosphere between 11:45 p.m. Friday and 12:45 a.m. Saturday ET, NASA reported late Friday evening.

NASA not sure where space junk will come downupdated: Thu Sep 22 2011 17:25:00

A satellite whose orbit is degrading will fall back to Earth Friday afternoon, but only some of its pieces will survive the fiery ride through the atmosphere, NASA scientists said Thursday.

Space debris threat 'at tipping point'updated: Fri Sep 02 2011 09:44:00

Satellite failures could become more commonplace, scientists have warned, as the amount of space debris reaches a "tipping point."

NASA: debris is 'closest' ever to space stationupdated: Wed Jun 29 2011 13:41:00

Tuesday's space debris incident at the International Space Station was the "closest anything has come to the space station," NASA said Wednesday.

NASA: Space junk no threat to ISS crewupdated: Tue Apr 05 2011 17:24:00

NASA says a piece of space junk won't pose a threat to the space station crew. CNN's John Zarrella reports.

NASA: Space junk passes less than 4 miles from space stationupdated: Tue Apr 05 2011 17:24:00

A piece of space junk, determined a couple hours earlier not to be a threat to the crew aboard the International Space Station, passed within four miles of it Tuesday, NASA said.

Debris that worried scientists no longer threat to space stationupdated: Thu Jul 29 2010 13:24:00

The debris that scientists were concerned about earlier Thursday is now not expected to come too near the International Space Station, NASA said.

Scientists baffled by unusual upper atmosphere shrinkageupdated: Mon Jul 19 2010 10:45:00

An upper layer of Earth's atmosphere recently shrank so much that researchers are at a loss to adequately explain it, NASA said on Thursday.

NASA: Debris no threat to space stationupdated: Tue Dec 01 2009 16:04:00

A piece of space debris is not expected to pose any danger to the two crew members aboard the international space station, a NASA spokesman said Tuesday.

Shuttle, space station crews have record-setting rendezvousupdated: Sat Jul 18 2009 06:26:00

It's the biggest meeting ever so far from Earth.

Endeavor docks with Space Stationupdated: Sat Jul 18 2009 06:26:00

Space Shuttle Endeavour docs with the International Space Station.

Spacecraft to use 'sails' for more speedupdated: Fri May 15 2009 18:43:00

The humble sail is undergoing a revolution and is set to be thrust into outer-space for use on satellites, rockets and other spacecraft.

Officials: Light, booms in sky likely falling Russian boosterupdated: Tue Mar 31 2009 09:49:00

The mysterious burst of light in the sky and loud booms witnessed Sunday night by residents along the Mid-Atlantic coastline was likely caused by a Russian rocket booster re-entering the atmosphere, said an official at the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Discovery docks at international space stationupdated: Tue Mar 17 2009 21:29:00

The space shuttle Discovery safely docked at the international space station on Tuesday, a welcome smooth maneuver during a mission that was delayed by a gas leak and threatened by hurtling chunks of space junk.

Discovery docks with ISSupdated: Tue Mar 17 2009 21:29:00

Space Shuttle Discovery successfully docks with the International Space Station.

Satellite debris passes by space stationupdated: Thu Mar 12 2009 14:00:00

The crew of the international space station had a close call with a spent satellite engine in Earth orbit Thursday, forcing the crew to take shelter aboard its return capsule before the object passed harmlessly, NASA said.

Fireball flashes in the skyupdated: Mon Feb 16 2009 18:58:00

CNN's Sandra Endo reports on the mystery fireball seen or heard by hundreds of Texans last week.

'I don't know what I saw,' videographer says of fireballupdated: Mon Feb 16 2009 18:58:00

Just like some U.S. officials looking into the mystery, the man who captured video of an apparent fireball plunging from the sky over Texas on Sunday is perplexed about what it was.

Texans report fireball in sky, sonic boomsupdated: Mon Feb 16 2009 14:57:00

Sonic booms and at least one fireball in the sky were reported in Texas on Sunday, less than a week after two satellites collided in space and a day after the Federal Aviation Administration asked U.S. pilots to watch for "falling space debris," authorities said.

Russian, U.S. satellites collide in spaceupdated: Thu Feb 12 2009 19:02:00

Two satellites, one Russian and one American, have collided some 800 kilometers (500 miles) above Siberia, the Russian and U.S. space agencies, said Thursday.

Officials: U.S. to try to shoot down errant satelliteupdated: Fri Feb 15 2008 16:49:00

The U.S. military may try within days to shoot down a failed satellite using a missile launched from a Navy ship, officials announced Thursday.

Spy satellite shootdownupdated: Fri Feb 15 2008 16:49:00

President Bush orders the U.S. Navy to shoot down a broken spy satellite. CNN's Jamie McIntyre reports

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